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RP: For the LOVE of SCOTLAND (if not necessarily of Scott):

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Bob Lamb
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We cannot compete with this. The Scots are on a whole other level of cursing. Pure genius. We bow down to them in awe.

We needed some good news!!!

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The head of Scotland's government will be the first serving prime minister or first minister in the UK to march in a pride parade.

Right now I am OVERWHELMED by my own good fortune -- as well as the stupidity of Jonathan Deputy. We will meet in Court Monday July 23 for him to face my Cyberstalking Charge, but neither Judge nor Prosecutor have yet been assigned.

And what I REALLY want to do is to write three women I know from Whetstone High School, to explain myself a little. I'm afraid I came on like a surprise meteor, and have overwhelmed THEM a bit. I'll do that after this posting (I expect).

I woke up this morning at 7:22 -- and Chad had already removed all the plywood covering his doors and windows next-door -- and an hour later, he had a crew of three FINE, strappin' 40-ish men -- two of them CLEARLY well-haired (the only thing Chad is missing to be a perfect male -- but he's straight, anyway), one of those, PERFECTLY HAIRED: 

"Hairy Helper" next-door is of a more slender build -- but this hairy!!!

And by 11:00 they had filled several trailers with mattresses, an ancient refrigerator, electric skillets, blenders, etc. -- and OODLES of junk and trash -- and had begun stripping out old plumbing, including the bathtub!!!

I DID go over once, just as Hairy Helper stepped out for a smoke, and like me, he HATES Wilmington's Christians who know NOTHING of what Jesus Taught and just want to make PROFITS FROM ADDICTING CITIZENS TO HARD DRUGS.

SUCH a nice guy to be walking around in such tempting packaging -- but I didn't leer ONCE.

Then, several hours later, I called across the fence to COMPLIMENT them on what a GREAT JOB they are doing, and Chad -- AGAIN perfectly amazing me -- KIDDED ME in DOUBLE ENTENDRE about my REALLY wanting to have sex with all his helpers, which ALL of them heard and it went right over their heads.

I had to tell Chad that my mother is the only person I ever met (knew fairly well), who was smarter than me -- but at 95, her mind has slipped enough that I've taken the lead. But HE might top ME (in smarts, all ye of EVIL MIND) -- at least we are of the SAME CLASS. 

I ALSO mentioned that I'm looking for someone who can MANAGE my stand-up comedian career (one I'm considering), and did he have any experience in THAT. 

And just now, I found Chad on Facebook and then his writing page:

Chad Wagner in 2012

I would say that Chad is a MASTER at Science of Mind (Religious Science), although I don't know that he ever studied it.

Chad built this in 2012 and titled it "Creating Heaven on Earth".

And here is his public website that is a collection of his writing

THIS is the kind of friendship Chad and I seem to be developing . . . 

* * *

Trying to look as serious and determined as possible without appearing psychotic.

Scott Kenan Liz Pearson (Liz Blees Pearson): I've even BLOGGED about your kisses more than once -- and my blog (too Political and into Religion/Spirituality for this group), has now gotten more than 1.3 million hits.


Jim Major This is quite a mathematical coincidence. Your blog has 1.3 million hits. My blog has 1.3 hits. That is 1.3 hits or, just slightly less than one and 1/3 hits.


Sandy Mader Holladay Jim Major I've been there a number of times. Even left you comments Jim Major

Scott Kenan Jim Major: I was just looking for a Mad Hatter meme to toss at you when Sandy Mader Holladay brought me back to my senses. In my own case, I attribute all my hits to my having the BEST understanding of how WRONG THINKING PEOPLE put our Society together (and also the RIGHT THINKING PEOPLE's contribution), and given my distant family's extraordinary Financial and Political Power -- helps a LOT!!! And I worked for Tennessee Williams, which OPENED that world to me. Also, I'm tenacious and stubbornnever give up, and LEARN from my errors. Anyway, here is a hat. It is ME when I flew to NYC to deliver my final manuscript to my publisher, and I was STUCK FOR DAYS due to a blizzard that shut all airports for several days. And then my book -- scheduled as the FEATURED hard-cover of 30 to be released by Alyson Books in spring of 2010 -- was TANKED!!! (I published it elsewhere):


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