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RP: Jonathan Deputy Replies -- Sooner than Expected -- and CLEARLY!!!

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Sheriff Ed McMahon with some REAL Deputies!!!

First, my earlier emailed Letter to Mr. Deputy:

July 11, 2018

Hi Jon,

Now that you have been served my Court Summons, I hope that we can re-find the way we got on together before the night about eight under-aged kids got drunk in an apartment here, and because I went out and hollered at them for partying outside and making a ton of noise – twice (after 2:00 AM on a Monday morning in late December 2017). Before that, we had enjoyed each other’s company, and I greatly appreciated your help in moving my larger things!!!

I hope we can reach an agreement so I can drop the charge, but I am more than happy to go to Court – especially since both Magistrates I filed it with, it having disappeared after I first filed, were so enthusiastic to file it for me. I actually don’t know what you want at this point – you stopped pushing me to move out early, months ago now. No more threats to evict me. I get on well with those who live here now, although we share few interests and don’t really socialize.

And I have found a way to live here without making any more of my NOTORIOUSLY poor decisions on choosing roommates. I would like to live here “indefinitely”.

I can tell you what I am looking for. I actually spent a lot of time and effort in getting the Mental Hospital bill down to ZERO, and the few remaining bills cannot be further reduced. I did not need – nor did I ask for -- the Commitment (although I was very pleased to see that New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital is EXCELLENT at handling those in “crisis situations” and I have even PROMOTED their services as highly competent on my blog). The total bills remaining are only $300.60, and I believe that you should pay that.

I also think that given the disruption and inconvenience of it, and that you and I had had no “incident” for you to claim I needed commitment – as well as my truly fearing you after you came here last December – or maybe that was later -- and got so in my face claiming I had to “Play nice OR ELSE”, was STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to speak with any other tenant here, and that other tenants would LIE in Court and you would EVICT me -- if I did not move out almost immediately (and then later, with the surprise commitment, I feared Police or Deputies would “out of the blue” arrest or commit me again – with NO REASON).

I am past much of that fear since Wilmington Police came to ask me about Seth Wayne George – and told me upfront that they KNOW I am not a criminal and I can relax. But I STILL worried about thugs coming to rough me up – until about two weeks ago, when Rob in the front apartment became genuinely friendly again. Rob is no thug or criminal at all, but his first roommate for about two months, Aaron Gallimore, hung with the hard-drug crowd, bringing not just pot (which no one cares about, and is commonly used here – or so it seems, sometimes, if you sniff the air), but LSD, CRACK, and a crack-whore named Leah, several times. He is gone now and all the mess he brought.

So, given my anxieties over all these things, and that you “intimidated” me while doing official apartments manager duties, that I should be compensated with two free months’ rent – possibly four months at half rent, to make that easier, and I am open to some negotiation. 

I, Ben David, the Prosecutors, and Judges would PREFER we settle out of Court, and why wait to do that??? We can save the taxpayers some money.

Please let me know what you think of this – or send a counter-proposal – at your earliest convenience. I will NOT publish this email on blog – unless you don’t at least acknowledge receiving this by noon tomorrow (7/12/18), in some fashion – that shows you are considering this in “good faith” and can give me some kind of an answer soon.

I will copy both Landlady Gold Walker and her Attorney-of-Record, Oliver Carter III.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope that we will find our old friendly attitude toward each other ASAP!!!


Scott Kenan



My attorney has advised me not to respond to any communications on this matter, until it has been litigated.

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals

* * *

From    Scott Kenan
To reservations, goldwalker, oliver

Cc scott, benjamin.r.david

Thank you for being more prompt than I had expected -- and perfectly clear as well.

That first hearing, Monday a week, is pretty minor, but I'll be able to appraise your lawyer in person there. What is his or her name??? I might need to contact them.

It will be fun in Court. It's been too long since I've been there, and I miss all the Judges and Sheriff's Deputies -- even Corporal Duffy Baker!!! I bet I'll get to see Jennifer Harjo, Buddy Allard (whose pen I carry everywhere), Bruce Mason, Thom Goolsby, Woody White -- maybe Deb Butler and Julia Olson-Boseman. Of course I know or at least have dealt with all but one or two of the Judges. It'll be like OLD HOME WEEK -- I having seriously improved my ability to entertain an entire Court Room!!!

And let me just say: "Ben David -- Fear NOT!!! I'll have YOU cracking up too!!!"

But seriously, I do look forward to this -- see you in Court.


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