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RP: Kimberly Overton is the PERSONIFICATION of the Song in My Heart: "Liberty, Justice, and Opportunity for ALL"!!!

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My Prosecutor, yesterday, Kimberly Overton, is a VIXEN!!! She told me NOTHING about herself yesterday, but as we parted, she casually said she was sure I could find her on the internet. I only looked this morning, the internet LIGHTING UP with results and I had not even put "Wilmington" or anything else behind her name!!!

This is only the LAST paragraph of four from her profile linked to above:

Additionally, Kimberly serves on the North Carolina Bar Association Board of Governors and the Criminal Justice Section as Immediate Past Chair, the North Carolina Joint Legislative Taskforce on Fraud Against Older Adults Prosecution Subcomittee, the Professionalism Committee for the Wake County Bar Association, the Executive Board for both the National District Attorneys Association and the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network, Advisory Committee Chairman of NC MADD, International Association of Chemical Testing Ethics Committee Chairman, as the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators Highway Safety Committee Chairman and on the Discovery Taskforce for the American Bar Association.  She also served her community as a past Executive Board member with the Woman’s Missionary Union of NC and a leader with their Professional Women’s Section.

So NOW my THANKS to District Attorney Benjamin Randall David of last night must be AMPLIFIED A THOUSAND FOLD!!!


OK, my day began by -- after some coffee -- calling my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh:

Mom, me, and Dad's flag

I had called Mom as soon as I got home from Court yesterday -- after I settled my nerves a little -- to let her know the result and why it went the way it did. Although she as always wished me luck on wherever it goes from here, her tone of voice was if she had been SERIOUSLY WOUNDED. And while I have AVOIDED this for some time -- from a deep understanding of the Commandment "Honor Thy Mother and Father" -- why I have blogged and emailed all my siblings many times that I will NOT push for Federal or other Prosecution of Mom for her NAZI/Catholic Crimes -- but I will SUPPORT FULLY any Government Agency that does.

So for the first time PERFECTLY CLEARLY, I told her I am FAR BEYOND SHOCKED that both she (insistent without yelling), and my brother Mike literally SCREAMED at me repeatedly to TAKE MY LITHIUM just after my release from New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital ("The Oaks"), when they BOTH KNEW -- and neither had pushed me toward Lithium-taking for at least a couple of years -- that my shrink of eight years took me OFF Lithium in 2009, saying she'd NEVER seen a sign of Bipolar in me -- and then I got an INDEPENDENT EVALUATION in the summer of 2011 from Southeast Solutions, Inc., then in the 2500 block of S. 17th Street, but no longer there, and they TOO said I did NOT appear Bipolar, or needing any psychoactive drug, but that Counseling would be helpful, but Counselling was NEVER paid for by NC State -- unless Psychoactive Drugs were being prescribed and taken, so that was THAT!!!

Also, that until they all admitted their errors, I could NEVER trust them again. My sisters Jane and Julie had BOTH called Stone Mountain Police in spring 2010 claiming I needed IMMEDIATE COMMITMENT -- prompted by Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA (whom I am CERTAIN called Allen Rosen who in turn called Jane). Patrick DISTRIBUTES the hard drugs flown into Maxwell AFB to the entire East Coast, especially Wilmington and Atlanta -- and my sisters were TWO of the five who tried to get me committed. Problem was that NEITHER of my sisters had had any contact with me in well over a week at those times, and so had NO RIGHT to claim I was RIGHT THEN in danger of hurting myself or others!!!

I have NO IDEA who pushed Julie to do that (and although Police said the call came from her, Julie has NEVER admitted she did it), but Jane told me that my then roommate of 12 years, Allen Rosen of http://www.allenrosenproductions.com/ -- who ALSO spied on Tyler Perry for the CIA, and whom I caught changing my computer's Security Settings over the wifi as he sat in his truck in my driveway, anyway, Jane said Allen had called her in a PANIC and insisted she make the claim to police that I had to be committed.

Jane has ADMITTED that this happened this way, but REFUSES to acknowledge she made a GRAVE ERROR -- although she also wrote me in an email that is preserved in this blog that she UNDERSTANDS why I might NEVER EVER speak with her again for doing it -- she FEELS SHE DID THE RIGHT THING!!!

As I've said, my siblings were ALL brainwashed by my HATE-FILLED Catholic mother, so I'm more understanding of their hateful words and actions -- but we are ALL over 55 years old now and it is time for them to GROW THE FUCK UP and take responsibility for their OWN words and actions.

However, I had just returned from one of my THREE trips to Puerto Vallarta that YEAR, and Allen lived far more with his wife Linda (Beasley) Rosen, who was BLOOD CONNECTED to one of the TOP Republican Judges in Alabamaand Linda often JOKED (including in front of me), that since Allen REMAINED an "unrepentant JEW", when the RAPTURE came, she'd be GONE, but he'd be stuck HERE!!!

Linda and Allen Rosen. Linda has the biggest, shapeliest BREASTS you could hope for on a woman of her age -- and Allen was TOTALLY ADDICTED TO BREASTS PORNOGRAPHY for beating off when he spent more than a couple of days in my house. He kept a bottle of lotion by his bed and had a lot of soiled tissues.

Well, Mom went into her "growling-rumble" mode of speaking, and forcefully said twice"I CANNOT LISTEN to this", and then hung-up on me as I began CUSSING HER OUT (for the first time in I think nine months). 

So I called her back this morning, told her I am sorry things had gotten out of hand -- and I had had NO INTENTION to go to that subject, but it "just sort of happened". Mom said, "I accept your . . . explanation" (clearly consciously knowing it was NOT an apology). Then she said that the Left is at LEAST as wrong as the Right, and making CLEAR she is still a FULL-FLEDGED REPUBLICAN/NAZI PAPIST.

But we talked of other things and ended amicably.

ONE THING funny to ALL in Court yesterday, was that AFTER Gold Walker's Attorney (whom I copy on all important emails to her and Jonathan Deputy), Oliver Carter III, when we passed in a narrow aisle first thing, REFUSED TO SHAKE MY HAND, and then sat right in FRONT of Jon Deputy.

Oliver Carter III of http://carterandcarterlaw.com/

Oliver is a TOTALLY PUSSY-WHIPPED CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL -- by temperament, if not actions -- which is obvious to anyone who ever meets him. And it is by his MOTHER (not his wife, whom I've always found charming). And Gold Walker always refers to Oliver's mother as "That HATEFUL OLD BITCH!!!"

Oliver is in GOOD COMPANY in Wilmington, as Ernest Trice Thompson, Pastor of First Presbyterian while I was a member in 2011, not ONLY told me EXACTLY how he chased interested BLACK PEOPLE away (and chased two friends of mine away, a retired Full Colonel in the US Army and his wife), declared his sexual desire for me -- but said he had to honor his commitment to his wife:

Ernie Thompson

And the SAME THING HAPPENED with my friend Danny Sinatra, whose mother Patricia SPILLED ALL THE SINATRA POLITICAL BEANS to me, telling me how much they HATED my Kenan relatives for turning their Bank of America NAZI!!!

Danny Sinatra with his wife the Goth Actress Phoebe Dollar, and their daughter, from when I knew Danny in 2011 and 12.

I just checked his Facebook Profile and Danny is STILL in California Prison for METH-RELATED offenses -- while Phoebe adds to his Facebook Page to make it LOOK like he is NOT in prison: https://www.facebook.com/danny.sinatra2

When Kimberly Overton spoke to Jonathan Deputy, he claimed he did NOT have a lawyer and did NOT have a witness, but she went back to double-check after I then explained the situation, but Oliver was there on entirely different business, and we ALL laughed over that!!!

What was TELLING was that Mr. Deputy said I was an IDEAL TENANT -- and enumerated many reasons -- and said he and I had NEVER had any problems, except over those kids getting drunk back in December, and it was really NOTHING!!!

Now, if he REALLY thought I was so crazy he had to COMMIT ME (which he did not mention), even if he didn't state that, he would have said something about that -- PROVING it had to be "Political" -- or another attempt to cover up what is TYPICAL CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA ACTIVITY!!!
And there was Oliver Carter playing HIS role in THAT!!!

emphasized these things to Prosecutor Overton:

1. Property Owner Gold Walker smokes TOO MUCH POT and her house is full of clouds of smoke most frequently -- but NO ONE cares about personal use of marijuana -- which she absolutely agreed with.

2. THAT causes her to be CONFUSED enough to not only vote for and continue to support Donald Trump, but to be CONTROLLED by Jonathan Deputy and her son Allen Walker whose http://www.walkerworldnc.com/, is suspected of being one of the LARGEST Drug-Importation Ports in the area.

3. That Gold's tenants in 205 S. 4th Street (next-door to Oliver Carter's home), were HUGE in DRUG-DEALING, Sa'ant "Sam" Samuel Celia, Jr., who BRAGGED of having supplied his personal friend Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead with LSD from his Lab -- and also Dr. Timothy Leary, as well as Leary's Homosexual Lover, Theodore P. Druch, who was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group in 2010, and also 2013 - 2014, and Ted Druch did a LOT of Hard-Drug Trafficking with the then Governor of Nayarit State, and when HIS GOONS tried twice in a week to KILL ME, I fled back to the USA!!!

The other is the 6' 3" tall Denise Renee Wood, who told me of her 43 Felony convictions and 13 Misdemeanors as an International Drug Mule of about 20 years ago -- and that she NOW works with Mayor Bill Saffo -- LOL!!!

I just checked and this is CURRENT TODAYhttp://www.buzzfile.com/business/The-Perfect-Painter-910-226-7139

Well, I DARE SAY that Kimberly Overton -- who fell in LOVE with my writing ability and KNOWLEDGE when she read through the emails yesterday, then said she could not WAIT to get out of Court to EXPLORE THIS BLOG -- has LOTS OF NEW INFO on exploring the Allen Walker/Jonathan Deputy possible DRUG MAFIA CONNECTION -- assuming that Gold Walker is really just too STONED to know how they've used her.

Also, Rob in apartment One here, yesterday, opened up about what Jonathan Deputy has and has NOT being doing and saying behind my back -- and also that his first roommate, Aaron Gallimore, was MORE a friend of Mr. Deputy, and how Aaron and his CRACK WHORE LEAH had had some AMAZING VISITS to Sherry Hall Spivey's house next-door and Aaron and Leah did LOTS OF DRUGS WITH THEM THERE!!!

I'm now ready for an original John Waters' HAIRSPRAY (1988)LINE DANCE -- aren't YOU???

That time I met John Waters at the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival -- where I ALSO had two meetings with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' and he knew ALL ABOUT the Kenan Family Corruption of Atlanta!!!


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