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RP: Let's Just Take a BREATHER, and REMEMBER We Have a LONG HISTORY of CARING (at least for White People), in the USA -- and It Is Time to Become More DEMOCRATIC about That, No???

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Shirley Temple discovers the great spirit

And HERE is part of a Facebook Thread in which someone was TEASING ME about Kenan Thompson:

Mark Hills "Scott KenanYour last name is my first, dude!"Manage

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Scott Kenan Oh Mark Hills: I used to blog about that a lot years ago -- LOL!!! Kenan is a very popular Arab and/or Muslim first name. Kenan was 4th in line from Adam to Noah in Chronicles I in the Old Testament that is SHARED by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. According to the Bible Dictionary, it means "The Sadness" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness" -- fair to say about my Chapel Hill relatives who control Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan and put Trump into power -- Kenans wanting to use those two companies to PROFIT from Russia's Oil

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And as you can SEE, he's as ASSERTIVE as ME!!!

While I have been writing this, I've been in a SPIRITED discussion of my Whetstone High School Class's 50th Reunion next year:

Scott Kenan But let's be realistic if possible, and given so many grads are so loyal to OSU football, at least TRY to avoid conflict with those games.

Lydia Titus Kihm Absolutely agree. I was just saying that Columbus football isn't like football anywhere else!

Lydia Titus Kihm I can't imagine how hard it must have been to start a new school when you were a senior, Scott Kenan

Scott Kenan So TRUE -- about OSU football and starting as a senior (why I probably came off as stand-offish -- I was a "fish out of water")!!! 
Back then, Woody Hayes who had gone to Denison -- like Jim Buchan, Liz Blees, and I soon did -- was head coach. And Asst. OSU Coach Lou Holtz lived across Larwell Drive from us and was my parents' best friend -- he later a TOP Republican Strategist, but I know not to go into politics here. Google my name to find my political blog that has gotten over 1.3 million hits so far.


Well, Jim Buchan was kind enough to LIKE my last comment, above, so I am going to tell a FUNNY STORY that does NOT involve Politics.

Rev. Jim Buchan preaching in Charlotte, NC several years ago.

For the first semester freshman year at Denison, Jim lived across the hall from me, and we often got into very serious philosophical and theological discussions -- he a Born-Again Christian, and me having recently rejected my Catholic roots, as well as about to realize I am Gay. We had our disagreements, but I ALWAYS knew that Jim was SINCERE in his beliefs -- as I was in mine.

One day, I sat on his bunk and noticed what felt like it had to be a HEROIN SYRINGE embedded in his blanket -- and I was HORRIFIED, but simply could not believe Jim was an ADDICT -- I knew him too well and that simply was not in him.

It was only after Denison graduation in 1973, that I discovered it had to have been a transformer in an electric blanket -- LOL!!! 

Scott Kenan shared a post.

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Look, I think that despite his flawsBarack Obama was our best President since JFK and Eisenhower, but making claims he was "faithfully married" when Huffington Post frequently published articles during his early years in the Presidency on his top "body man" (personal servant)Reggie Love, travelling with Obama when Michelle did NOT -- and I have friends who have seen both Obama and Rahm Emanuel in Man's Country private gay baths in Chicago when O was an IL State Senator, only strengthens this crazed "Protestant Puritanism" we have in this country. 

Michelle knew about it all -- even before they married -- and she played her role as FLOTUS really WELL!!! 

ALL the world is a STAGE, as Mr. Shakespeare knew and my former boss Tennessee Williams certainly knew -- but ENOUGH of all the sexual Puritanism already!!! 

WHOOPS -- maybe playing the role of husband and father very well is all that matters, and most people actually cheat on their spouses. Maybe we should just ADMIT to America's Sexual Hypocrisies, or must we go on pretending . . .

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Don't know who wrote this, but it's perfect, and going viral.

[Update: It was written by Dr. Jonathan Giftos, the Chief Resident for the Primary Care/Social Internal Medicine residency training program at Montefiore Medical Center. I saw it posted by some guy in Spain, and he had over 18,000 shares already. Well done, sir!]


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