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RP: Letter Just Emailed to Gold Walker and Her Attorney-of-Record, Oliver Carter III (soon to also be snail-mailed) / What I Have Reported on THIS BLOG Is NOW Coming Out in the PUBLIC RECORD (by other people)!!!

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Gold Walker's PRIMARY residence in Wilmington. She also maintains an apartment in town to escape to -- and a condo on Carolina Beach.

>>> AND THEN @ 7:19 PMI called "Gold Walker Properties'" landline and left message for Gold to check her email for this -- about the accident here, "and a couple of other things."

Gold Walker
Gold Walker Properties

July 2, 2018

Dear Gold,

I trust Jonathan Deputy has reported the accident this morning at 1210 Spofford Circle. No one was hurt, but the front awning and crepe myrtle suffered damages, as Kelsey Holmes and her lover Mary moved out of apartment 2, leaving Allie, her boyfriend Pete, and their two dogs and a cat. When Thomas was here recently changing air filters, he saw they had the small white dog and the cat, but not Pete’s medium German Shepherd mix, who goes to work with Pete, but lives here.

It was one of the two guys hired to move them via U-Haul van who hit the awning and tree, and I heard Kelsey say they had insurance, so they had no reason not to let Mr. Deputy know about it. The upright pole that has been bent slightly is now more bent, and the front half-moon piece of awning now has a 1.25” tear in it, with at least one of the poles behind that being significantly bent.

Although the CRACK was really loud when the tree was hit, it was a thick but only 2.5’ branch with some leafy side-branches that was broken off, and they placed it at the base of the Crepe Myrtle. The youngish men being heavily tattooed, they may well have been high while driving – but that is just my prejudice, and not EVERYONE hugely tattooed is on drugs (or still on them).

In the matter of Mr. Deputy threatening me, forbidding me to speak with any other residents here, and trying every trick in the book to get me to move out ASAP – including spreading LIES that I am a child molester, never even MET Tennessee Williams, and that he will STEAL THE COPYRIGHT to any new book I write – just like D.A. Ben David did to my Tennessee Williams memoir in 2013, I DID file Cyberstalking Charge against him, and the next day he had me committed on LIES to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital, but I got out ten days later – only to discover that AS PROMISED, Jon is PROTECTED by the Hard Drug Mafia, and got Ben David’s Office to TRASH that Summons to Court, but I immediately re-filed it, and now Sheriff Ed McMahon is ALSO protecting Jonathan, and for over three months has REFUSED to serve Jon.

Saturday, I had a several minute conversation in person with Rep. Deb Butler, whose Politics are “far left”, while Jon’s are “Rock-Ribbed Republican”, but she even told me she DOES protect Drug Trafficking – they are so protected here that they do not mind speaking about it openly – and that Jonathan Deputy works with her. I tried to get her to at least condemn his cyberstalking me and lying to throw me in the nut-house, but she would not, and said that I should have learned my lesson and SHUT UP.

As you know, my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Republican Party, and “Clinton Democrats” runs all the Drug Trafficking in Wilmington with most elected officials of both Parties as well as many Christian churches. My family put Donald Trump into power to destroy Democracy and to profit from Russia’s Oil – and have admitted to my FACE that my Kenan relatives around Chapel Hill hate only Jews more than “Niggers”.

BUT, for half a year, my mother, who always votes Republican, has seen the HELL Trump and Republicans have caused and has changed her allegiances, so we get along GREAT now.

The total charge that Mr. Deputy owed for falsely committing me was well over $25,000.00, but Medicare paid all but $1,305.60, and I was able – after telling the hospital about what Mr. Deputy did to me and also my financial position – to get them to FORGIVE the entire hospital part, leaving a remainder of $300.60, owed to several who billed separately. Today, I tried to get forgiveness from them as well, but NONE of them would do a thing, so that is what is still owed by Mr. Deputy.

The way I see it, if you continue to contract with someone who breaks the Law in his apartment management duties, then if I can’t get it from Jon, I’ll have to take you to Court – which I REALLY don’t want to do, but I never give up on these things, as you should have noticed by now.

NO ONE has seen Mr. Deputy on this property since the day in late December that he threatened me. WHAT does he DO here??? I assume he gets my rent checks and sends your net to you.

Also, your yardman who is GREAT, said it is not his responsibility to remove Kudzu and other vines except from the property fence, so a week ago I got it out of the huge azalea on the fence separating us from the house seized by the City – and from some of the trees.

Well, none of this needs attention before the July 4 Holiday – and I hope that you and your family have a GREAT ONE, but we need to get these things straightened out soon.

All best,

Scott Kenan

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Here it IS -- from someone other than ME. I've been publishing this for YEARS and how my Kenan Family is TOTALLY BEHIND IT with our Bush, Cheney, and Clinton Family allies!!!

Nat Turner

It's comin' up FIREWORKS TIME!!!


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