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RP: Letter to a High School Classmate Who "Worked the American System" and Got RICH!!!

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Whetstone Class of 1969

Hi Les – LONG time, no contact!!!

Sandy Holladay was kind enough to give me your email address, and this email is likely to be quite surprising – possibly even shocking – but bottom line, is that like my Kenan Family that controls more carbon energy than anyone else in the world, YOU founded a scholarship when you got rich, too. THANK YOU!!!

Education is the HALLMARK of my Kenan Family (no matter HOW Corrupt and Traitorous):, as well as this one that I am now associated with: And then this, which last I heard is still the largest privately-funded NGO in the world:

I knew almost NOTHING of the Kenan Family’s wealth and influence back then, except for co-founding UNC Chapel Hill in 1789, inventing the world’s first Public University – and while I knew my distant relatives had inherited a lot of Standard Oil stock from Henry Flagler in 1913, I had NO IDEA they had inherited CONTROL of it.

To begin with, when my father was transferred to Columbus right before my senior year, I had NO IDEA what was up – it was to live across the street from Coach Lou Holtz who with his wife Beth were my parents’ best friends. We had the Swastikas on our dinner china then, Mom was getting her orders from Catholic Popes, and she eventually got Holtz his first dream job coaching at Notre Dame for his services to NAZISM. Other close friends of my parents over the years included Sen. Jesse Helms, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I eventually knew well too), Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich’s best friend.

In 1990, top Jewish Businesspeople in Atlanta first told me my parents were literally America’s TOP NAZIS. When I first blogged that in 2010, the Reiner Family of Hollywood (one of whom I already knew), made me an “Honorary Jew” – and all hell broke loose, with my parents, my employer of 20 years, my sisters and others trying to commit me to a Mental Hospital five times in one month, but my very close friend, Army Col. Dottie Newman, retired, who had introduced me to many active US Generals and even the Secretary of State of Argentina and his wife, got me to Political Exile in Mexico.

Dottie had been Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer when Colin was Secretary of State, and KNEW that the Republican Party of Georgia with the CIA intended to murder me for what I knew, I choosing Puerto Vallarta because I had been Tennessee Williams’s last assistant and The Night of the Iguana was filmed in Mismaloya, a few miles south of P.V.

There, in 2010, I was held hostage by Drug Mafia five times, they ALL working for the CIA, Hillary Clinton State Department, Bush and Cheney Families, and of course Rex Tillerson, lifelong Kenan employee who since then GUTTED the State Department under Kenan-installed Donald Trump. The Kenan Family’s TOP ALLY is Vladimir Putin, and all the wealthy Kenans are Ku Klux Klan members, while my poorer Catholic branch are Papist NAZIS.

Also, a retired Exxon-Mobil Exec told me how my Kenan Family with Rex Tillerson, the CIA, and US State Department put Enrique Pena Nieto into the Mexican Presidency. Pena Nieto then changed the Constitution so Kenans and others could again get Mexican Oil, and the Kenans, CIA, US State Department, Clinton, Bush, and Cheney Families -- plus Episcopal Church USA -- split the Hard-Drugs Trafficking.

I’ll paste in some links to letters-of-significance I have recently sent out that should fill you in with many details of my life, after telling you my funny story about you and your family. I need to get on to write the top of Kenan Advantage Group,

You should know that my Political Blog now has had nearly 1.5 million registered hits:, and I have a list of 230 Press, Law Enforcement, Government, Religious Leaders, and “Friends of Tennessee Williams” who get every posting emailed to them.

Anyway, I remember we had a friendship at Whetstone and I believe you – without being at all obnoxious – used to encourage me to play better basketball, which I HATED. And it was complicated since Coach Jim Ferrell had caught the ENTIRE Varsity Team in a GAY ORGIE in the showers the year before I arrived. I got hit on frequently by a lot of basketball players there but did NOT yet understand I was gay.

Well, I DID have a HUGE ATTRACTION to your thickly-haired, muscular legs, and ALL this time until today, I thought YOU were gay, and when I researched you some years ago and saw your first born is Scott – I figured you named him for me, the one who got away.

But TODAY, thinking again, I know you NEVER showed a sign of homosexuality – in fact your friend – I think his first name was Donny – had hard-core straight porn that was THEN still illegal and the two of you LOVED IT!!!

And then I saw you made a lot of money off NOT farming much of your acreage, and later FRACKED IT. How’s the water table/supply doing today???

As I said, my Kenan Family has done FAR WORSE THINGS, but TODAY, we are challenged to all find a way to live together in Harmony with God’s World, and carbon energy and most of all FRACKING have to be stopped as soon as possible.

That’s the story, and I hope to see you at our 50th Reunion!!! Here are Letters that link to many others I’ve recently sent top Trump Cabinet Members as well:

My memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, including both Professional and Amazon Customer reviews:

And in my office hang two very important things to me: a beach towel I bought in Key West in the mid-1970s showing eight Andy-Warhol-like images of Albert Einstein. Andy Warhol gave Tenn’s friends Jane Smith, Pulcharia St. Just -- whose husband was architect of the New Factory -- and her mother, Maria St. Just (nee: Britneva), a native-born Russian whose Morgan-Grenfell Bank became the International Banking Core of Deutsche Bank, the BIGGEST creditor of the Trump Family, and conduit of Vladimir Putin’s cash to the Trumps – and ME a several hour tour of both the Old and New Factories in March 1983.

The other is this yarn painting that I bought in 2013 in San Blas, Nayarit State, Mexico from the niece of the artist – she having a small gallery there. I think if you understand Mexican symbols – which are pretty obvious – you see it is the KEY to how PEACE IS ACHIEVED!!!

Anyway, you are one from our class who DID SOMETHING out of the ordinary with his life, and I would LOVE to talk with you about all of that or other things. Both my email addresses are on this email, and my cell is (910) 200-XXXX.

All best, and I am THRILLED to be back in touch with you and to realize your actual sexual orientation – LOL!!!



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