Sunday, July 22, 2018

RP: Ready to Prosecute Jonathan Deputy Tomorrow / Relaxing, after All the Organizing:

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As you might imagine, the email trail that is the backbone of my case is SCATTERED all over the place -- and I am VERBOSE -- so it was a big effort, but my evidence is even BETTER than I had remembered.

No point in discussing it further BEFORE Court, but ONE thing I discovered is that the sheet I have from D.A. Ben David's Office listing what to expect for those filing charges against someone on their own, states very CLEARLY some things that are NOT how at least MY CASE is being handled.

1. At a first Hearing, the Defendant is advised of rights, chooses a Lawyer, and a Court Date is chosen -- but the Complainant need not be there.

2. The Complainant is usually Subpoenaed and must appear at the SECOND Court Date, and be prepared with Evidence, Witnesses, etc., for trial, which he/she must be ready to Present and Proceed (be the Lawyer whether trained or not).

Well, I am ready to proceed and present, BUT if there WAS an initial hearing, I have not known about it -- and Jonathan Deputy is not listed as having an Attorney, so I doubt that occurred.

MUST be there tomorrow or my case is THROWN OUT and NEVER reinstated by D.A. David's policy -- but I was NEVER subpoenaed nor was I even CALLED by anyone to let me know that I'm scheduled!!! !!! !!!

GOOD THING I've been watching the COURT SCHEDULESno???

And WHY did it take Sheriff Ed McMahon THREE AND A HALF MONTHS to serve Mr. Deputy???

>>> But back to relaxing in my "Spiritual Puerto Vallarta":

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Mismaloya, Mexico during filming of Tennessee Williams's The Night of the Iguana.

The Hotel still STANDS, and an assistant to Director John Huston gave me a TOUR OF THAT PROPERTY:


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