Thursday, August 2, 2018

RP: BINGO!!! As Predicted by a Stranger in Peachtree Battle Park, Atlanta, in 1990: I Have Found the KEY to STOP the Trump/Kenan/Christian HATRED OF GOD!!! (Jonathan Deputy, Rep. Deb Butler, "Sen." Thom Goolsby, Mayor Saffo, and Councilman Rivenbark Can Kiss FREEDOM Good-BYE!!!):

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Scott Kenan
Yes, now that I KNOW about him, it is time for me to contact Jack Bryan!!!

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How Jack Bryan parlayed rich-kid know-how into Active Measures, the very first feature-length documentary about Trump and Russia.
BINGO!!! The writer who with me will TAKE DOWN DONALD TRUMP and my Kenan Family as well!!!

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A documentary filmmaker appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday to talk about what he’s found while researching “Active Measures,” his new movie about Russian connections with President Donald Trump. Specifically, filmmaker Jack Bryan told the program that Trump didn’t really sta...

In 1990, I met the drunk Bob Jenkins in Dixie Grill, he wearing a kilt, and paid him $25 for a one-man Kenan Family Tour of downtown

This was the FIRST I learned of the POWER and DOMINANCE of my Swastika/Klan Robes loving HYPER-WHITE SUPREMACIST Kenan Family!!! 

And then I met him again in 2011, when he was TOTALLY TRASHING Roman Catholics to the people he was giving a tour to -- LOL!!! 

Bob actually started his OWN RELIGION a few years ago -- but it never caught on.

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Bob Jenkins, who gave history tours of downtown Wilmington for years, has passed away. Here are some pictures of him. Have more? Email them to

Scott Kenan
Just now

Given that Urban Meyer is Catholic and from Ohio like so many of my mother's relatives, and Mom, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, is from Brookville, Indiana 50 miles from Cincinnati and raised us with Swastikas and is PROVEN to have been America's TOP NAZI and connected to Coach Lou Holtz, John Boehner, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and got her ORDERS from Catholic Popes Pius XII - Francis I -- the ONLY real person I ever heard of named Urban before (other than a Pope), was one of my mother's COUSINS

I BET I am related to this guy of a YOUNGER generation fairly CLOSELY!!!

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Ohio State University placed its head football coach, Urban Meyer, on paid administrative leave on Wednesday as it investigates whether he was aware of domestic violence allegations against fired assistant coach Zach Smith.

NOW, to write my Letter to Jack Bryan, which I will send, then post on this blog!!!

"Yep!!! Scott and I have nearly FINISHED our current project!!!"


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