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RP: "Happy TRAILS to You . . . " and Other Surprises of the Morning:

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DAMN, James Lucius -- you brought me to TEARS by posting this!!! 

When I was 2.5 - 6, we lived on Ebenezer Road in Cincinnati, Roy Roger's cousin lived next door, and Roy and Dale often visited, dressed in character, and entertained the kids in the neighborhood. Then, about 2009, I met Roy Rogers Oldenkamp on Facebook, asking if he was related to his namesake (no), but it turned out that Mr. Odenkamp lives in Tennessee Williams's (my former employer's), old apartment in West Hollywood -- and even owns one of Tennessee's COLLAGES!!! 

And this "movie" was first posted on June 16, my birthdayDAMN!!!

The Fabulous Fifties
June 16

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp bears resemblance to his namesake in the face -- and here is that Tennessee Williams Collage:

Scott Kenan shared a video.
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Tim Denham: I don't know what James Lucius is up to, but moments ago, I found he had posted something on Roy Rogers and Dale Evans -- whom I knew when I was 2.5 - 6 years old, and NOW this started off with a Venus Flytrap -- which grows ONLY within 50 miles of Wilmington, NC where I now live. 

WHAT will Mr. Lucius next post that relates so personally to ME??? That is MY question -- LOL!!!

And NOW, Tim Denham Facebook Friended me -- HIS birthday is one day after mine -- June 17 -- now believed by Bible Scholars to have actually been Jesus's birthday -- HA!!!

True Facts
May 8
"Like my mom used to say: 'if you need calcium, eat a milkman...' Yup. That's what she said."


Facebook APPEARS to be DOWN -- I could NOT post this there, but it ALSO does NOT look like the SEVEN TIMES Facebook kicked me off for a month within an 18-month period, ending this past March.

"Their food was awfully good, but they NEVER served me what I ordered, and then charged me for things I NEITHER ordered nor was served -- but the PRICE was near the same, so I just paid and left -- LOL!!! UNFORTUNATELY, this space is owned by my apartment Landlord, Gold Walker, and the RENT she collected from the restaurant was IMPORTANT to her -- so I hope it rents again QUICKLY!!!" 

And now Facebook is WORKING AGAIN (and I am NOT in "Facebook Jail", again) -- HA!!!

Unfortunately, it was Gold Walker's son Allen of and his Republican Lawyer Girlfriend (who Gold claims pays ALL of Allen's bills -- despite his renting Walker World nearly BOOKED SOLID, at $600.00 per night, and it is owned OUTRIGHT).

I found a three-night hole this month, and here are the charges:

Press the down arrow key to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

Press the down arrow key to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

1 guest
$600 x 3 nights
Cleaning fee
Service fee
Occupancy taxes and fees

But the story on 141 North restaurant is that the chef/owner closed due to his HEALTH -- but he already secured a Chef position in another restaurant -- a HIGH STRESS, LONG HOURS job. The merchant neighbors I've spoken with said the problem there was DRUG ABUSE, and just like 141 messed up my order totally, Brad Corpening's Chops Deli across the street, TOTALLY blew my order the two times I tried it -- and I just got WORD that they TOO, have had to close one of their FOUR locations:

Brad Corpening and his partner

Scott Kenan shared a link.
Just now

About this article

Brand says closing one location will save three others.

MY recommendation to Gold Walker is to NEVER AGAIN accept tenants just because Allen Walker and his Republican Lawyer Girlfriend VOUCH FOR THEM!!!

And here on OTHER ANTI-JESUS "Christians":

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In 2012, a Postal Inspector who was a FB friend of mine, told me that 95% of Pornography in US Mails originates in the same zip code in NC as Billy/Franklin Graham Ministries

He said they are certain that the Grahams's Ministry is making the money from it, but it is NOT illegal, so they haven't really tried to prove anything. And also THIS is important to remember: while 10% of American men are ADDICTED to pornof CHRISTIAN men, that balloons to 21%!!!

“U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that the Department of Justice is creating a religious liberty task force. He said the goal of the new task force will be protecting religious groups from persecution. He cited ‘a dangerous movement’ aimed toward stripping away the First Amend...

Here at Gold Walker's Spofford Mills Executives' Playhouse apartments, Rob has STILL not moved out of apartment One -- and begged me to buy pot for him yesterday -- he AFRAID to buy in the "Brotherhood", where I am always comfortable, but refused to do so. I guess his USUAL supplier and former roommate Aaron Gallimore was not around.

To my knowledge, Rob has NOT YET been served EVICTION PAPERS by Jonathan Deputy -- but then maybe they worked something out. I don't really care.

But I BELIEVE Sherry Hall Spivey has moved a TRAILER right adjacent to the OTHER side of her former house that my friend Chad now owns and is renovating. It's been raining so much, no one is in the yard, but before that, Sherry had been hanging out on the front porch at this house -- DANCING AROUND as if on METHyelling at Chad and me -- and giving me the FINGER -- LOL!!!, as if SOMEHOW Chad will soon be FORCED OUT by the Drug Mafia and she can move back. 

This temporarily freaked Chad out -- but he, like me, was soon LAUGHING about it too:

Sherry Hall Spivey's recent Mug Shot

This trailer was parked at 1202 Spofford Circle only one week ago.

And I have NOT gotten to ANYTHING I had planned to blog about this morning -- I was so INUNDATED with interesting new NEWS!!! 

I'll take those things up in my next posting.

Scott Kenan
That includes the deposed speaker of the House in Kentucky, who despite an ethics commission reprimand is running unopposed.

About this article

In total, 25 state lawmakers have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct and are running for re-election.

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About this article

The Fox News Christmas party is going to be awkward this year.

Scott Kenan
Oh LOOK!!! My friend Rob Reiner, whose first cousin Jonathan Reiner made me an "Honorary Jew" in 2010, after I first blogged that my parents were LITERALLY America's top NAZIS, is now ALSO promoting Jack Bryan's film "Active Measures", like I did after seeing Mr. Bryan on Morning Joe this morning!!! 

And I have Rob Reiner's Admin's number on my phone's speed-dial (just two from my RETIRED Nazi mother's number). See link in comments below:

Q: "How does Russia launder money into America" Michael McFaul (Ambassador to Russia 2012-2014): "Everything I know that's interesting I can't tell you." Evan McMullin (CIA Operative 1999-2010): "Putin realizes if we are divided as a nation, we cannot protect ourselves from threats within and withou...


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