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RP: In Costco, Aldi's, and on the Street, Even Donald Trump's Remaining Supporters HATE What He Does for My KENAN FAMILY and CHRISTIANITY -- Donald's Supporters Just DON'T BELIEVE He Does What He DOES (the DEFINITION of Christian Devil Possession!!!):

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Most important to know is that Wilmingtonians of all stripes seem to be finding COMMON GROUND with each other -- REGARDLESS Political or Religious Affiliations. The first group of three women I spoke with at length in Costco were CHEERING what I told them of what I am doing to EXPOSE the Drug Trafficking and White Supremacy Crimes of Thomas S. Kenan III, his stepmother, Betty (Price) Kenan and their near-relatives -- despite their mostly EXCELLENT Charities. 

But then when I said they put Trump into power to profit from Russia's Oil and promote their Episcopal Church Klan Robes, and my Catholic-side's Swastikas, they said that is TERRIBLE, but Donald Trump is NOT a RACIST, and is doing God's Work.

I tested out my NEW approach: to begin by getting agreement that we do NOT honor Benedict Arnold or other 18th Century Traitors with statues, so WHY would we honor those who SPIT on the US Constitution as well as the Teachings and Values of Jesus Christ with Slavery, Racism, etc. The South supported HIDEOUS Christian Sins like these, and those valiant fighters (including my only two ancestors who were here then), were TRAITORS -- and LOST, anyway.

This goes over well with only about half of Trump's continuing supporters -- but it SHUTS UP the others REALLY WELL!!!

Here is someone I'm PROUD to have SHUT UP and gotten KNOCKED OFF FOX NEWS about 2012 as their MEDIA DEFENDER of the TEXAS DEATH PENALTY:

That is Dudley C. Sharp III on the right.

When I was 30 and working for Tennessee Williams, his best friend in Key West was "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp -- at that time Moldawer -- and later McNamara. Kate's first husband, Dudley II, was the SON of President Eisenhower's Secretary of the Air Force (although he'd served in the Navy), and wrote the United States' FIRST LAWS governing Nuclear Warfare in Outer Space. 

Dudley I was ALSO Eisenhower's TOP ALLY in fighting the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, but after Ike's term ended, Dudley's FAMILY was threatened and he RECANTED.

Oddest, is that while Kate told me and Tennessee Williams this, Dudley III claimed he had NEVER heard of that.

Texas Kate between Tennessee Williams and Tenn's sister Rose Williams, 1979.

1. Dudley I and Howard Hughes were best friends growing up, their fathers were partners in the Sharp-Hughes Tool Company (for oil drilling), later known as "TOOLCO".


Frank and his brother, "Uncle Jimmy" -- in LATER life. 

Frank moved his family to Durham before Thomas S. Kenan III was born, I believe.

Kate grew up in Atlanta, and her family was very close friends with the family of Frank Hawkins Kenan and James Graham Kenan, which is WHERE Kate learned to act like "the richest woman in the world", and WHY Tennessee based the character Babe Foxworth (who WAS that), on her in his last full-length play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere.

And the character Mac, a tall, observing, black Homosexual, was based on me.

What is ALSO peculiar, is that I just discovered that Dudley III -- who disappeared from Fox and other TV media right after I blogged that he is Tennessee William's ONLY God-Child (Episcopal), and Tenn being GAY, Dudley DISAPPEARED (even back then I made certain key decision-makers got copies of my blog).

This is MUCH LIKE what happened to Tom Fetzer, Head of the North Carolina Republican Party in 2010 -- until they discovered his GAY LIFE and HE disappeared -- LOL!!! 


Well, I have found his RECENT (internet only), rantings supporting the Death Penalty that ended in March 2015 from his org called "Justice Matters" -- but its phone number is disconnected, and I will soon test his email address from there.

Click to enlarge.

Here is the article Dudley wrote and sent to the TOP Catholic Publications in the USA

Original Article (This is riddled with corruption according to Windows Defender, but you CAN read it here)

Advocate Dudley Sharp has written the four Catholic and pseudo-Catholic publications who this week made joint declaration against the death penalty in the name of the Church.

ENOUGH of that -- and I have to test Dudley's old and newer email addresses, or contact him through his siblings who are NOT so Political and easy to contact.

They will not BELIEVE what-all I've been through since I was in touch with them years ago. I had NO IDEA then that my distant Kenan Family -- whom their Mom knew so well -- was (and IS) more evil than the DEVIL!!!


1. MOST important is that when I took Jonathan Deputy to Court, charging him with CYBERSTALKING (it was one day later that he committed me to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital on LIES, and then got D.A. Benjamin R. David to LOSE my charge, which I got re-instated)Prosecutor Kimberly Overton misunderstood me, and said EVERYBODY gets this kind of call -- but they DON'T. She mentioned that LOTS get fake calls that they owe the IRS money from scammers who will take their money to stop something that is NOT HAPPENING.

You could do THAT to nearly anyone -- but NO ONE could scam money off the type call that I got, so WHAT other compelling motivation is as good as BIG MONEY???

Ms. Overton gets emails of ALL my postings, including this one.

I got two calls a few days before Jon committed me -- but the emails show he was THREATENING to commit me several days before he did. THOSE calls both claimed to be from the FBI, and that they had an ARREST WARRANT for me, but if I called them, I might not get ARRESTED(The number to call was DEAD, and I documented all of that in this blog at the time.)

Almost NO ONE would get upset over such an absurd claim -- except ME, since Jon Deputy claims he works WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!

2. I have been contacted by FIVE people from in the last four days -- when one every three or four months is typical -- with BOGUS CLAIMS of knowing me and wanting to have sex with me -- simple distractions that they think any gay guy would jump for.

But Readers all know that that was how Bush Cousin Bill Toups contacted me October 2016, and then we spent the night together "fornicatin' and discussing" the Kenan and Bush Family Crimes of the last many decades:

Bill Toups had to grow his hair TOTALLY DIFFERENTLY and move to ANOTHER STATE after our meeting because the Bush Family is STILL trying to kill him.

And I also met the guy now retired to North Carolina who worked for Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo's UNCLE in the fashion industry in NYC for thirty years, who said "Uncle Saffo" RUNS the Saffo Mafia of NYC and gives Bill ALL HIS ORDERS!!!:

"Hot Greek Man" is his handle on SilverDaddies.

And a few minutes ago, I got a NEW BILL from the mental hospital doctors' billing, claiming I owe them nearly $200.00 -- which was FORGIVEN three weeks ago, and they verified that TWICE and that I don't owe them another CENT -- but when I checked for the bill on Epic Systems' "My Chart", it said I owe then nearly $300.00 -- so NOW I have to straighten that out AGAIN -- and I honestly believe that they are DELIBERATELY HARASSING ME at this point.

If this happened COMMONLY, their entire BILLING SYSTEM would be in MELT DOWN.

Dudley C. Sharp I was a HANDSOME Secretary of the Air Forceno???

Sadlythe same can't be said of Dudley III -- even if he has NICE CHEST HAIR, it is NOT enough to REDEEM HIM!!!

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