Saturday, August 11, 2018

RP: It Ain't the Calla Lilies that Are in BLOOM -- Katherine Hepburn -- It's the MOON FLOWERS!!!

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Right before sundown -- and then right as DUSK set in -- SEVEN of them -- a Biblical Number meaning "COMPLETION" -- like 40 means "As long as it takes" (Jews wandering in the DesertJesus tempted in the desert by the Devil):

Rob came down tonight to bum a tobacco cigarette -- he claimed the yardman had thrown away his empty-looking pack that contained three. I, having a FRESH PACK, gave him three to replace those, and he then said that he was CANNED from his dish-washing job, just barely two weeks old, but gave me his prices for the moment for from a gram to a pound of marijuana -- and they sounded fair.

I offered him a FAIR SNORT of Tequilla Reposada, explaining the importance of 100% Blue Agave, and WHY I prefer that over Blanco or Enejo -- you can sip it like Cognac -- or Mix It!!!!

And although he ASSURED me his roommate Aaron Gallimore is SUPER-STRAIGHT, I invited them back later this evening for a SERIOUS SNORT. I also ASSURED HIM that he and AARON are not OLD ENOUGH for me -- but that I REALLY PREFER Aaron's FATHER, James Gallimore:

Ex Military,  TOO hot to HANDLE -- WOOF!!!

"Yes, Frank . . . sometimes on Saturday Night I DO IMBIBE!!!"


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