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RP: Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's DORK!!! / SPONTANEOUS Protest Just Now at Pedestal for "Silent Sam" on UNC Campus / I Smoked BAD POT Last Night (and slept it off)!!!

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Neither party will save us...

"No-Armed Bob" was the FIRST thing I saw on Facebook this morning, but since I could NOT post it to my high-school friend Bob Jones's page -- I still banned from posting, commenting, etc. on Facebook for about another 10 days, because I posted THIS to Facebook

Bob Jones and his wife, Diane Catrambone, STILL have all their arms (even if two of them don't show here), and Bob (who was our Class President and I was very active in his campaign for that), is up to THIS, which I am in NO POSITION to attend (and technically I graduated Whetstone HS in Columbus, OH, anyway):
Just a reminder that our Class of 1969 picnic is coming up Saturday September 8th. Hope to see lots of classmates there. Thanks to Bob Jones for providing the location at his property. Let's make this one the most attended picnic yet.
Coatesville, PA, United States
8 people interested

Well, it was just announced, and I BET many more of my Classmates will be interested and attend!!!

Sandy Mader Holladay, BANNED me from Whetstone's 50th HS Reunion next year, because:

1. I refused to LIE about what I am currently doing, and Whetstone, which had only TWO black students and ridiculed them and ostracized them, is still SOLIDLY Christian White Supremacists. While I have NO REASON to think the six or seven of my classmates I was in contact with -- including Sandy -- actually are Racists, I was KICKED OFF because the Donald Trump supporters (the great majority of my class), were ANGRY AT ME, claimed I was posting LIES. They were trolling me we as bad as anyone else ever has -- because they HATE THE TRUTH!!!

2. Also, I talked not only about my being GAY, starting the first Gay Group at Denison University in 1972 with Dean Hansell, who went on to co-found GLAAD, be Attorney General of Illinois, a Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, and now Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles -- in its TOP DOWNTOWN COURTHOUSE:

It is NOT ALLOWED to discuss sexuality outside Christian Heterosexuality on Whetstone's Reunion site -- and of COURSE they did not like my reminding them that Basketball Coach Jim Ferrell had caught the ENTIRE Varsity Team in a GAY ORGY the season before we moved to Ohio -- LOL!!!

And also, several players tried to get me to have sex with them -- and I WOULD HAVE if I had understood my own nature BETTER that year!!!

Remember, too, that THIS is the main intersection in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where I spent my MOST formative years -- LOL!!!

I will just mention that I got TOO HIGH last night on pot I bought from "Jim", my close neighbor -- a high like I've NEVER BEFORE KNOWN, and I lost balance three times, but went to bed to sleep it off, which worked and no lingering problems from it. I threw out the rest of it, and may stop smoking it -- although my doctors in the USA and Mexico recommend I smoke for "tension".

It must have been cut with Fentanyl or similar -- I have NEVER experienced such EUPHORIA before, it seemed I had DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN, but was almost TOO PLEASURABLE to ENDURE!!!

Also, "Jim" came down this morning to use my toilet since HIS WATER HAS BEEN CUT OFF for non-payment. He claims he hopes to move out in two weeks, but has no place yet -- the SAME CLAIM he's told me for TWO MONTHS NOW.

I just left a detailed message on Landlady Gold Walker's voicemail about that -- and with Apartment Manager Jonathan Deputy AWOL -- perhaps she will TAKE ACTION!!!

Jonathan Deputy:


TWENTY PERCENT of American Colonists OPPOSED the American Revolution and were LOYALISTS to the British Monarchy, and we do NOT raise memorials to them -- to keep from HURTING THEIR DESCENDANTS' FEELINGS!!!

My OWN progenitors on my mother's Meyer side landed in Southeast Indiana in the 1880s, so AFTER the Civil War. On Dad's Kenan side, Juliana Moore was the OLDEST LIVING CONFEDERATE WIDOW in North Carolina, and my 4th cousin Allan Gurganus made a FORTUNE telling her story 
(extremely loosely) in book, Broadway Play, and TV Movie that earned many Emmys in 1989:

And my other Kenan Great-Grandfather, Murphy Kenan, was a physician's assistant in Burgaw, NC -- saved up and bought and immediately FREED a slave pair, but still enlisted for the South and his big toe was shot off at the Battle of Malvern Hill (aka the Battle of Poindexter's Farm).

THEY WERE TRAITORS to the US CONSTITUTION and it is TIME all the GLORIOUS MEMORIALS to them were either DESTROYED, or placed in MUSEUMS and similar -- but AWAY from places of Honor. 

Demonstrators today at the site of "Silent Sam" on UNC Chapel Hill campus

But MOST SHOCKING OF ALL is this video that I got from the above-linked article (THANK YOU CNN!!!)

As my Readers all know, when I first lived in Wilmington in 2011, I met Thom Goolsby's parents and wife -- who LATER invited me into Thom's house at Dock and Fifth Streets -- BEFORE Thom decided for his SAFETY he needed to move to a GATED COMMUNITY!!!

And later, when I confronted Thom through the front glass door of his Law Office, the NEXT DAY I was arrested on one of the FALSE CHARGES that D.A. Benjamin R. David later was FORCED TO ERASE!!!

Thom, a closet-case Homosexual, partied FREQUENTLY at Ryan Lee Burris's GAY HOUSE on Fifth Avenue near the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge -- where Mayor Bill Saffo, Councilman Charlie Rivenbark, and others BIG IN HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING partied.

Ryan Lee Burris with Jeff Mills -- both in Leadership of Cape Fear Equality -- and until recently, Ryan also was 3rd Vice Chair of New Hanover County Democrats!!!

Thom had to RESIGN IN DISGRACE his position as Republican in the NC Senate -- due to FINANCIAL FRAUDS that would have at least gotten him DISBARRED (if not into Prison), in ANY OTHER STATE, but he was PROTECTED by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan and put on the BOARD of UNC System!!!

North Carolinians should GO TO THE SOURCE and TAR & FEATHER my wealthy Kenan relatives and RIDE THEM OUT OF THE COUNTRY on a RAIL!!!


I have their addresses.

Tom and Betty are right and center.

And at 3:47 PM (just now), I left a 4:04 message on Thom Goolsby's Law Office voicemail that was SCORCHING!!!

You can call Thom there at (910) 262-7401 to ask THOM what I said -- HA!!!

And then I got a RECEIVED RECEIPT from Thom Goolsby's Law Office email address since I ADDED Thom to my LIST!!!


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