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RP: Letter to Jonathan Deputy, Gold Walker, and Oliver Carter III (and I'll snail-mail Gold a copy) / Some OTHER Things Facebook Kicked Me Off for a MONTH for -- HA!!!

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This was the FIRST of SEVEN THINGS Facebook kicked me off for posting over an EIGHTEEN-month period that ended in March 2018. The next thing, too, was deemed Criticism of Christianity.

Then there is THIS -- with the only prurient thing in the imagination of the viewer -- and it is TRUE (and last week, I saw someone else had posted this on Facebook with a long thread of discussion and NO PROBLEM)!!!

Now THAT is a real "TAR-ASS" -- rather than a Tar Heel -- all that sticky pine sap up the poor guy's butt!!!

This is a PAINTING -- like Michelangelo's "David" (allowed) is a STATUE!!!

And ONCE I was kicked off not for a MEME or an Image -- but for simply saying I'd been held hostage by two of El Chapo Guzman's sons, Martin and Alberto, in "Toro's" CRACK HOUSE in Puerto Vallarta for five weeks in 2010.

Facebook actually told me I was being KICKED OFF for spreading FAKE NEWS!!! This for something it would be EASY for me to prove actually happened. Military Intelligence sure was interested in it!!!

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August 9, 2018

Dear Jonathan Deputy, Gold Walker, & Oliver Carter III,

I thought I should let you know that the New Hanover Regional Physicians Group has FORGIVEN the remaining debt charged to me for Jon’s illegal commitment of me to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital (“The Oaks”), back in March. The rest of the over $25,000.00 charge was paid primarily by Medicare, then me – but with the Hospital forgiving $1,200.00 or so (I pled financial need coupled with FALSE COMMITMENT by someone I had just filed a Criminal Charge against), I actually only paid about $350.00 myself – most of that months ago.

So now with all financial pressure off, I’m prepared to write more of a FUN LETTER!!!

As Jon should remember, the only thing he disputed (correctly), that I had blogged (having to do with him, a smoke haze, and wine), I quickly took off. And ALL of you, really, have YOURSELVES written your true story that I will feature, and if you really think I must, I could change your names/identities before publishing as a magazine article or in a book.

But I don’t recommend that. Andy Warhol gave me with others a tour of his Old and New Factories in early 1982, and as he famously pointed out, “All publicity is GOOD publicity,” and in Wilmington, even the most PIOUS Law-Abider would be LOST without all our colorful local characters. Besides, no one has complained that my blogging has HARMED their business(es).

So, if we can all just get along, I see no problems for the future, but that said, I am owed compensation for my lost ten days as well as my personal financial costs – but at this time, I am loosening up and not DEMANDING that. A voluntary offer of your (not Oliver’s), peace offering would be welcomed.

I must admit that I learned a LOT while in the bin – to be more ASSERTIVE (rather than aggressive), and that ALL the staff (although I did NOT ask any licensed-to-prescribe), agreed that MOST of the people there would do better smoking marijuana (those who can handle alcohol could do that too), rather than what they had to prescribe. But THAT with the important caveat that pot being ILLEGAL here, it is usually cut with other drugs, which can be harmful.

And then from the BRILLIANT Prosecutor that Ben David paired me with, I learned that to be in LEGAL trouble, I would need to be MORE ASSININE than Jon Deputy was when he claimed I molested children, had never met Tennessee Williams, and that like D.A. Ben David and others, he TOO could steal copyright to any book(s) I write. And the thing that Kimberly Overton said would have been MOST prosecutable was that Jon wrote that I needed to stop being a complete embarrassment to my mother -- and that I should leave her alone.

I’ve never said ANYTHING as absurd about either of you (Oliver’s not a part of this). But it looks like I could get away with that LEGALLY (but I have Ethics, so won’t try).

In other news, this evening, I spoke with Rob from apartment One, who stopped over trying to sell me a gram of pot for $20.00 – that he claimed was the strongest he’s ever had. He said he only had the one extra gram, and once he sold it, it would be gone.

As I explained to him, last I bought anything like that (in the “Brotherhood” which Rob is deathly afraid of), it was half that price, but who knows, maybe I would later be interested. He said he hopes to be able to sell it within a WEEK – LOL!!!

I’m afraid that boy is more a NUMB-SKULL than a Numb-Nuts (like most young bucks his age)!!!

He did say that Aaron Gallimore is now there again, and that he, Rob, intends to move out within two weeks, but has found no place to go yet. This is BEGINNING to sound like when Andre Tyler Breton (who worked for Jon Deputy’s good friends at DDT Outlet just above Hampstead), who told Gold or Thomas as well as me, that he would move out of the 4th Street apartment when I did, but remained, refusing Mr. Deputy’s BRIBE to move out, and after wasting ten days WRONGLY trying to EVICT HIM, Gold had to file a Trespassing Charge.

Rob has told me that exact same two-weeks-move-out story three times over the last 1.5 months, so I recommend you get Oliver -- or perhaps Allen Walker’s girlfriend who is a lawyer -- to write him a very official-looking Letter on Lawyer-Stationary that is right scary – and with LUCK avoid any costs of actual Eviction – if he has in fact not paid up his rent.

Chad Wagner, who now owns Sherry Spivey’s house next-door and I are working on removing the Kudzu from the fence between “our” properties – including using as little as possible Round-Up to get the roots.

And although it is now dusk on Thursday, the gang from apartment Two who had Sunday’s fun Water-Slide party, still have not removed their chairs, coolers, table, etc. from the seriously overgrown grass for the yardman to mow it. I pointed that out to them once, but they have NO CONSIDERATION for anyone but themselves. YOUNG PEOPLE!!! No???

The only other thing I wanted to say is that because Mr. Deputy was so difficult about this whole matter which began after Pete and Allie got a bunch of under-aged kids drunk last December, and I hollered at them twice, at 2:30 AM on a Monday, then later at 4:00 AM – no one getting hurt (or driving home before mid-afternoon), and no Police called to file any charges on Pete and Allie for being providers.

That should have blown over EASILY within ten days.

But, because it did NOT, I had to figure out what else was going on. When I have reported details on all these things to Prosecutor Overton and others, I have said that Gold Walker has a Heart of Gold, but it appears that Jon Deputy pulled the wool over her eyes. I know that John Gray Hunter and Thomas, Gold's employee, agreed with me on that.

Well, let’s all look forward to a BETTER FUTURE!!!


Scott D. Kenan

JESUS has arrived!!! Time to BEGIN.


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