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RP: My Letter to Jack Bryan Emailed through Tom Roston/Vanity Fair, Concerning Kenan/Trump Family TRAITOROUS Crimes in Concert with Vladimir Putin:

RE-PRINTED from here

Jack Bryan

Tom Roston

August 2, 2018

Dear Mr. Roston,

This morning, I turned on Morning Joe on MSNBC to catch the last minute of Jack Bryan talking about his documentary, Active Measures, but NO INFO was given how to SEE it (perhaps they gave that earlier). For reasons I will soon give you, Mr. Bryan might well be my long-lost Spiritual/Political Brother, I a shirttail scion of the Kenan Family that co-founded UNC Chapel Hill, came to control Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson, and later, Bank of America, but ALWAYS the Ku Klux Klan, and put Trump into power so Kenans could profit developing Kenan Family Friend Vladimir Putin’s Oil Reserves.

I could find no way to contact Jack Bryan directly, and the maze to get through to Vanity Fair’s editorial was beyond daunting, although a circulation operator gave me Elliot Knudsen’s number, but calling it just gets the most UNPROFESSIONAL voicemail of a Media Outlet I have even experienced – and I speak with and email a LOT of them – so I trust you will forward this to Jack Bryan. And you might have a few questions for me yourself.

I am the 6’ 11” last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, so got to know most of JFK’s family (I knew Jackie Kennedy Onassis best of them), the Reagans had me to the White House, and later I met Frank Sinatra’s heirs who told me not only how at Old Joe Kennedy’s request (Congressman Joe Kennedy III, whose office I’ve spoken with, is a Pharmaceuticals Industry WHORE, and needs to go, and his grandfather RFK, Jr. is the ONLY Kennedy today worth anything), they had friends in Chicago stuff ballot boxes to steal the 1960 election from Nixon – and also how SHE, Patricia Sinatra of Ontario, CA, had engineered selling their Bank of America to my wealthy relatives, but NOW hate the Kenans for turning BoA NAZI.

Because I first blogged in 2010 that in 1990 top Atlanta Jews (and I can give names privately, at least one is still alive), told me my parents are America’s TOP NAZIS, and Mom (still alive but now retired at 95), got her orders from Popes Pius XII through Francis I, IMMEDIATELY tried to commit me to a mental hospital in Georgia five times in one month. 

My close friend Col. Dottie Newman (retired Chief Protocol Officer for Secretary of State Colin Powell), had to get me to Political Exile in Mexico, where I had to live most of 2010, and then also summer 2012 – June 2015.

And because of my height, I can NEVER hide, so I have gotten in everyone’s faces with my blog So far I have nearly 1.5 million registered hits, and each posting is emailed to what is now 230 Political Contacts as seen here:

Recently, I have become ALLIED with a top North Carolina Prosecutor, Kimberly Overton, to BUST Politicians, Christian Churches, and especially members of my Kenan Family centered around Chapel Hill for RUNNING International Hard-Drug Trafficking with the CIA, Bush, Cheney, Clinton, and Kenan Families – as well as their White Supremacist Crimes, one old example of which is America’s ONLY SUCCESSFUL coup d'é·tat, the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898,

That was actually led by William Rand Kenan, Sr., who earlier had been the ONLY Confederate to take a shot at President Lincoln inside Washington, DC, but he missed and killed Lincoln’s Aide.

Kenan was then an Elder at First Presbyterian here in Wilmington, which today harbors many White Supremacists, Drug Traffickers, our District Attorney, THREE Judges, and even produced Woodrow Wilson, who RE-segregated the US Military, etc., Woodrow growing up while his father was Pastor of First Prez – and it is TOTALLY ENDOWED by my Kenan relatives.

Now, I can privately give you cell numbers for Patricia Sinatra and Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’. I had two meetings with Russel at the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, where he told me he knew ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family’s corruption of Atlanta, Georgia -- or he can be contacted through his

I had an all-night date with George Bush’s cousin Bill Toups 1.5 years ago, and after all the fun and frivolity, we were up all night discussing the Traitorous, Drug-Trafficking, and White Supremacy Crimes of the Kenan and Bush Families together over DECADES!!! I have his contact info too.

I will, rather than typing it all out again, link to some recent Letters I have sent. I ALWAYS keep proof of receipt so that NONE of these people can EVER claim under Oath that I did NOT warn them!!!

This Letter I got to both of my NC Senators – then called and spoke with one of Sen. Kamala Harris’s top Aides, and got it to her:

And this one to Gina Haspell includes links to MANY fact-rich emails and blog postings – including my Letters with received receipts from Trump Cabinet Members Mike Pompeo, Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, etc.:

>>> ADDED @ 8:31 PM, EDT: ONCE AGAIN I got  PUNKED by Kenan/Putin/Republican Party Hackers. What I had TRIED to paste in was this: 

I will call and leave a message on Elliot Knudsen’s line, (212) 286-44XX, in appreciation of them publishing your piece on Vanity Fair. You can contact me at either email address (on this email), by cell: (910) 200-XXXX, or mail me at XXXXXXXXXX, Wilmington, NC 29403 28403.

This Letter will be published here:, before being emailed to all my Contacts.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you or Mr. Bryan, soon.

Scott David Kenan

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This was sent to me today by a HIGH RANKING Male Clergy-Person in the United Methodist ChurchBrett Webb-Mitchell!!!

“Being an openly gay minister in the Presbyterian Church and knowing the United Methodist Church, I thought this was such a novel experience,” Webb-Mitchell said. “This will be a great opportunity to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to another denomination.”

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Awkward Family Photos
"Wendy’s after they remodeled in my hometown of Beaver, PA."

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Charley RickettBoth you and Barack Obama will LOVE THIS (although I still have to write and send my Letter to Jack Bryan):

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Oren Jacobson
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Not real. But super funny. And there’s at least an 60% chance he said this to Uncle Joe Biden on a call, right?


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