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RP: PROGRESS on Drug-Trafficking Row (Nun St. and 4th St.) -- Home to Susi Hamilton, Deb Butler, and Gold Walker's Drug-Corrupted Tenants!!!

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The William Rand Kenan, Sr. House at 110 Nun Street

To start off, I called my mother in Raleigh, and she is STILL very torn up over the Catholic Priests Scandal in Pennsylvania, and recognizes that our US Government is just as caught up in BONE-CHILLING scandals, but Mom is certain the Catholic Church and Donald Trump and his like will prevail -- in the NAME OF JESUS the Savior!!!

Yesterday, I got my two-month water/sewer/trash bill, and all the water of mine that John Gray Hunter had used to pressure-wash full tilt for over two hours did NOT make a blip in the bill at all -- probably because it's rained so much I've barely watered for two months -- so that was a BIG RELIEF.

I took the bill to Benefits Management, Inc., downtown, then decided to take a look at the now competed brick-street-restoration of 4th Street -- which looks great -- and as I passed Gold Walker's house at Orange Street, I saw her car was parked in front of her "hideaway apartment" on 4th Street -- and Steven's car was also there, so he's still living in the apartment adjacent to Gold's.

Steven Rose and his wife Madison "Maddy" (Holland) Rose -- Maddy had been Gov. Roy Cooper's highest paid campaign staffer in the Wilmington area in 2016.

And while Denise Renee Wood, "Denise the Perfect Painter", the 6' 3" former International Drug Mule with 43 Felony and 13 Misdemeanor Convictions from 20 years  ago -- who now works with Mayor Bill Saffo -- and lives downstairs from MY former 205 S. 4th Street apartment ALWAYS complained of DRUG TRASH visiting Steven and Maddy's apartment day and night (and I could hear them from my apartment, but never looked to see them), I guess I have to ASSUME that Denise is in COMPETITION with the Rose Team.

I had refused to believe this until about the day I moved out, but when THIS posting went VIRAL several months ago, I knew SOMETHING had to be up!!! See my Letter to Maddy Rose halfway down here:

I also wanted to see if anything had changed with the boarded-up Kenan House on Nun St., so continuing down 4th, I realized that Democratic NC Rep Deb Butler's house at 401 S. 4th, is right on the corner with Nun:

Photo of Deb Butler (on right), that I took at the Immigration Policy Protest -- right after Deb Butler told me she DOES Drug-Traffic with Jon Deputy -- but JOKINGLY, so she STILL must be pinned down, but I had previously met Deb THROUGH Jon Deputy, and he, a rock-ribbed Republican claims that Deb is his MENTOR, so if they DISAGREE on Politics, I ASSUME this must be about Drug Trafficking!!!

After getting around the street work which prevented me from turning onto Nun Street there, I passed Susi Hamilton and her husband's house at 206 Nun -- less than a block from the WR Kenan, Sr. House

Susi Hamilton's 206 Nun Street. Susi Hamilton, before Gov. Cooper took her into his Cabinet, was our Democratic NC Representative, and partnered with now disgraced Republican NC Senator Thom Goolsby in Drug Trafficking -- Thom escaped PRISON for his financial frauds (as well as escaped losing his Law Licence), and was hired by Thomas S. Kenan III and others to the BOARD of UNC SYSTEM, where he intimidated the Head to leave so that Kenans could hire George W. Bush's TOP Domestic Adviser Margaret Spellings.

Susi Hamilton and her partner Thom Goolsby

And then I parked across the street from the Kenan house -- because an "official-looking guy" was on his phone while in the front yard of the Kenan house, so I figured he might know something, so since he seemed really tied up, I spoke with another neighbor -- just living on the block for a few months, he from Brooklyn, NY and knowing nothing, really.

By then the other guy had disappeared to the back of the property, and not wanting to violate the NO TRESPASSING SIGNS, I met a couple in their late 30s, and the guy said he'd met me three years ago and remembered me WELL!!!

They live right there, and said they doubt ANY HOUSE in Wilmington was ever BIGGER in Hard Drug-Trafficking when the Berrys owned it. It was Anna Berry who first showed me the downstairs interior and offered to rent me a room -- and then without saying ANYTHING explaining herself, got a RESTRAINING ORDER against me without a hearing, and then falsely got me CONVICTED of breaking it. This was ERASED by D.A. Ben David in 2013 -- because there was NO EVIDENCE against me for ANY CRIME.

Curtis Thompson was LONG Wilmington's "Reigning Drag Queen", but about 2014, BUTCHED IT UP to only distribute drugs.

This posting is more on the Kenan House Drug Corruption, and Curtis Thompson (long a clerk at the Village Market at Dock and 2nd Streets), being VERY MUCH PART OF THAT (as well as having slept with many "Straight Wilmington Men"). Curtis later PHYSICALLY THREATENED ME for what I've written in this blog -- but not before "Yah-Yah" , who runs Village Market, had told me that Philip Rosario would be a perfect roommate, and I took Phil on in my 4th Street Gold Walker apartment for about four months -- until I caught him with two friends splitting up a LARGE quantity of pot, trading large rolls of $100.00 bills, and smoking CRACK in the apartment.

Philip Rosario even told me how for THIRTY YEARS he had run TONS OF DRUGS and MANY WHORE HOUSES -- always under the DIRECTION of Father Robert J. Kus of St. Mary's -- right around the corner!!!

But Father Bob ESCAPED TO HONDURAS last month -- LOL!!!

Linda Lavin performing in Kenan Auditorium with her husband Steve Bakunas.

This posting shows some of how Anna Berry RAN Linda and Steve OFF (back to NYC), and then Lindsey McKee Luther bought their house and ran her Judgeship campaign from there:

And we ALL know the crimes of Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther -- LORDY!!!:

CurrentlyJudge McKee is an ELDER at First Presbyterian

And then the man came out from behind the William R. Kenan, Sr. house and was off his phone. He's from the bank that held the Berrys' mortgage, and said they MIGHT have a buyer who will RENOVATE THE HOUSE!!!

He expects that it would take a minimum of $600,000.00 to renovate the house, and nothing is yet firm. He knew SOME things, and I filled him in on the History of the House (although he DID know it had been a HUGE DRUG-TRAFFICKING CENTER). And when I LEFThe, and the two other parties I had spoken with had ALL gotten how to find this blog to find out MORE -- and what I write up about them -- HA!!! 

Amarosa with Wilmington Native Lara (Yunaska) Trump

You would THINK that with Lara and her husband Eric Trump keeping their residence on Wrightsville Beach -- and Lara even had her Baby Boy Shower in downtown Wilmington -- and both the Wilmington Star News and Port City Daily having just LOVED LARA AND ERIC TRUMP "to death", that they would have had this latest story of Lara's TRYING to BUY OFF Amarosa on the FRONT PAGE -- or at least among the dozen or so stories in their twice-daily emails of TOP STORIES.

But they have NOT!!!

Even Donald Trump's fingers aren't as small as Jesse Davis's!!!

Jesse Davis HOSTED Lara's Shower in Wilmington, told me he HATED THE TRUMPS' POLITICS when I ran into him in the supermarket -- then TOTALLY BLOCKED ME on Facebook -- as well as my emails to him directly.


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