Friday, August 3, 2018

RP: Sorry, I Just couldn't RESIST THIS!!!:

RE-PRINTED from here

Scott Kenan
The 10 Top "Search Keywords" of the past 30 days that led to my blog -- linked to in a moment -- is a TOTAL HOOT to me!!!:

1. Even in her most SPARKLY DAZESherry Hall Spivey weren't never no OFFICER:

2. Dean HansellLos Angeles Judge:

3. Jamie Lee SutherlandAmeriprise:

4. Kenan Family Wilmington NC:

5. Hillary Clinton Emails:

6. 2018 Email Contact "Addreses of Ha . . . "

7 - 9. Ari Melber, Melber Body, and Melber Images:

This is the BEST I can do for now -- so WHY NOT enjoy Jake Sherman of Politico for now???

10. Chris Cuomo Shirtless -- That we can DEFINITELY DO!!!:


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