Wednesday, August 22, 2018

RP: THAT Was Once AMERICA -- but so that CHRISTIAN White-Supremacist, Drug-Trafficking, GREED-BOTS Led by My Kenan Family of Chapel Hill Are Not OFFENDED . . .

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I went to bed at 8:45 PM last night, after spending much of the afternoon on the beach -- and missing all the "Trump-Friend Newses" as they came out. And I had spent MUCH of my time on a couple of errands as well as at the beach talking to people about my Kenan Family and how DEVASTATED they are due to Silent Sam having been toppled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus:

I was like a DANCING VICTOR, and while a FEW White Christians wearing the Cross of Jesus on chains around their necks were simply SULLEN and SILENT, MOST people of ALL STRIPES were also CELEBRATING!!!

Then I saw that my blog had been hit by MORE CANADIANS than Americans overnight -- a FIRST, EVER. And that ALSO EVERYONE'S CAR was here overnight -- except for John Gray Hunter's partner Bill's car. That's Rob and Aaron Gallimore in apartment 1, Pete's Dealer's Plate car (he sells used cars in between his frequent trips home and out during the workday), Allie's recently repaired car from a "T-Boning", and NOW, I see that Gray's only a few months old car has a huge scrape to the driver's side rear panel, and Allie's sister's car has major scrapes front to back on the passenger side, and the back corner of the driver's side. Her boyfriend Jack's car is clean of scrapes. 

LOT of BAD DRIVERS live here, no???

And then I discovered that one of my tires is low of air. Now since I last bought "new used tires" in May of 2017, I have NOT needed to add air even once, and while it COULD just be coincidence that I have a low tire today, letting air out of my tires or SLASHING THEM is a COMMON STRATEGY of the Drug Mafias of both Mexico and Wilmington. The last MAJOR event of that was when Jennifer McCracken of apartment 67 in Carolina Apartments SLASHED two of my tires, summer of 2015, in front of Anthony Humphrey, even admitting it to him when he was astonished that she would do it in front of him.

And Anthony Humphrey told my defense attorney (Jennifer having accuse me of a crime -- but did NOT show in Court when Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther was NOT the judge, so it was DISMISSED -- after I paid Bruce Mason $1,800.00 for my defense), that he would testify to that UNDER OATH if necessary.

Jennifer McCracken is now on so many Psych Drugs, you would not recognize her -- nor does she speak well, but she ALSO knew all about the Drug Mafia Murder of Colin Stuart Hamilton in Puerto Vallarta and how the CIA forced Mexican Authorities to RELEASE the murderer after he led them to the buried body five hours away -- and Jennifer insisted to me that she is PROTECTED by her brother of both the CIA and Sheriff Ed McMahon's Deputies.

Jon Deputy

I still have heard NOTHING from Apartments Manager Jonathan Deputy about WHEN he will have someone REPAIR the security lights for our parking lot and front entrance (or about the residents of apartment 2 clearing all their JUNK from the yard and the walkway by my door) -- although Jon had claimed he would have someone come out to FIX THE LIGHTS Monday of LAST WEEK.

And getting back to how Politicians of BOTH PARTIES use Psychiatric Drugs to MUZZLE people who interfere with their DRUG TRAFFICKING, not only did Jonathan Deputy commit me on lies to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital in March ONLY because I had filed a Criminal Charge against him the day before -- and then Jon got District Attorney Benjamin R. David to LOSE that charge (although I easily got it re-filed after being sprung from The Bin), but in 2011, my friend Deb Baratta -- who was a TOP SCIENTIST in the Research Triangle, making $200,000.00/year -- walked across Snow's Cut Bridge to get her car parked on the other side of it, and she was ATTACKED by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies and CIA Agents in unmarked cars.

Deb Baratta -- I still have her, her husband's, and her daughter's phone numbers, but have NOT wanted to bother them (but Law Enforcement might want to speak with them).

They thought she had seen one of the mini-subs unloading POWDER DRUGS under the bridge that those in cars would never be able to see. She had NOT.

Deb told me -- and the staff at what then was called "The Oaks" -- that they questioned her, DRUGGED HER, RAPED HER REPEATEDLY (her thighs from beneath her short-shorts to her knees were ENTIRELY purple), then booked her on some charge (likely drug possession, since they had PLENTY to plant on her), and committed her to The Oaks.

I spent a lot of time with Deb on Carolina and Kure Beaches when she got out of the Oaks, but they SOON put her on such strong PSYCH MEDS that she now remembers NOTHINGCANNOT WORK her high-skilled/high-paid job, and ONLY remembers knowing me FONDLY -- but FORGOT that she had given ME a total of $2,000.00 to help me when I was homeless.


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