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RP: Time for a STRAIGHT ON SALVO against Wilmington Councilman Charlie Rivenbark!!! / My Mother's CATHOLIC MELTDOWN on the Phone This Morning -- HA!!!

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Chris Harrje -- whose DORK was well known to be proportional to his NOSE -- was the STAR of that club -- and here are two OTHERS who performed:

The one on the LEFT is Joe Mayo.

Charlie Rivenbarklongest-serving elected-person in Wilmington, North Carolina City Government

Charlie Rivenbark's Christian Drug-Trafficking Family supports him -- but WHY NO WIFE???

Charlie's somewhat distant cousin, the noted HUMOR COLUMNISTCelia Rivenbark, seems to HATE HIM -- HA!!!

Councilman Charlie Rivenbark
Wilmington, North Carolina

August 15, 2018

Dear Councilman Rivenbark,

As I’m sure you will remember, we met in person only ONCE, in Mayor Bill Saffo’s outer-office, and in front of his Admin, Dawn Grants – in early 2017 -- when you came in, I introduced myself, and you – KNOWING I had been knocked 12 feet out of the pedestrian crosswalk in front of City Hall and the New Hanover County Court House by a Time/Warner truck just a month before that, the driver, Rhys, did not see 6’ 11” me (in full sunlight), until he felt the impact of my body – and YOU said, “I hope you buy a DOG – and IT is RUN OVER BY A CAR!!!”

You quickly exited – not bothering with whatever you had come to Saffo’s office about – and Dawn Grants (who can say how she remains so young and attractive looking – she in that position LONGER than Saffo’s been Mayor), and Dawn and I looked at each other and BARRELLED OVER IN LAUGHTER!!!

Our FIRST contact was about five years ago, when I called YOUR cell phone from MY cell phone while I was living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You answered, confirmed your identity, and when I ACCUSED YOU OF DRUG TRAFFICKING, who cussed me out and then hung up – HA!!!

Well, buddy, NOW the FEDS are after YOUR ASS, although unlike me – when I am thoroughly convinced of a thing, I go ahead and blog about it – Law Enforcement must have Court-admissible evidence before they pounce, and that takes time and a lot of work. I’d be surprised if you remain in office until this fall’s election.

I have much more important things to do today, so will NOT bother finding old blog postings that document your and my relationship over these years, but Readers can find them by googling, easily.

But for YOU to try to pressure Wilmington’s FIRE DEPARTMENT was just STUPID!!! I learned they are the ONE (actually, the ambulance services also qualify), agency that is HONEST and PROFESSIONAL always. About two months after I arrived in Wilmington in June 2015 -- or maybe it was actually back in 2011 -- a sedan with four young women was stuck in traffic right in front of the larger Port City Java on Front Street on a weekend night about 10:00 PM. A young white man ran out from across the street and dropped something that was burning BLUE into their air vest at the top of the hood where the windshield runs up from, and soon enough, more and more smoke as it BURNED deeper into the engine compartment.

Soon, the Fire Department was there, and I IMMEDIATELY ran up to the man clearly in charge to let him know it was likely Phosphorous or maybe metallic Lithium, and water would NOT put it out. Within a few minutes the entire car was engulphed in flames, and eventually water DID put out most of that and it was towed away.

THIS happened possibly at about the same time -- and actually, the Phosphorus (Lithium burns yellow, I believe)Fire was in 2011, while the fanciful "Fairy Tails" Sex-O-Rama was a mobile WHORE HOUSE in a van painted with garish silhouettes of young naked women kicking their legs in the air (yes, I still have their business card), had been allowed by City Council and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous (who came to Wilmington after working for the Drug Mafia of Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles), to ply downtown Wilmington streets for years. 

And both the homeless Drug Mafia Street Runners Robert Arnold Trahan and Michael “Jersey” Keogh (Jersey was FAVORED soon by Presbyterian Charities in Wilmington, D.A. Ben David, Judges Robinson, Noecker, and now McKee/Luther all high at First Presbyterian), once hopped out of that van drunk as skunks and claimed that D.A. Ben David had paid CASH for their WHORING – because they had been giving Ben evidence against ME!!!

Robert "Robbie" Arnold Trahan MUG SHOT (he escaped to the Texas/Oklahoma border and SNAIL-MAILED me -- which I published on blog).

Michael Keogh was called "Jersey", because he had once butchered steaks in New Jersey for former President Richard Nixon.

You need to RESIGN ASAP – and take your young-boys-loving Mayor Bill Saffo with you. I know someone who worked for his Uncle who runs the Saffo Mafia from NYC and gives Bill Saffo all his DRUG-MAFIA Orders!!!

This letter will be published here – likely with more info and images added:

Thank you for your attention to this matter – contact the FBI if you have any questions.


Scott David Kenan


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Scott, we care about you and the memories you share here. You shared this post from National Catholic Register 4 years ago.

Happy Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

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Only you can see this unless you share it

The BIBLE states that Mary and Joseph had SEVERAL CHILDREN (by fornication)AFTER Jesus was born, so when she DIED, even CHRISTIANS don't claim she was STILL A VIRGIN -- LOL!!!

Me and Mom, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Memorial Day 2016

This morning, my mother knew ALL ABOUT the Pennsylvania Catholic Priests Scandal, and was GENUINELY HEART-BROKEN over it!!!

We had a LONG conversation about it -- and barely disagreed on ANYTHING!!!

But as I have blogged several times, Mom is the ONLY PERSON EVER with whom I've discussed "questioning one's faith", who ALWAYS SAID she has NEVER doubted the INFALLIBILITY of the Roman Catholic Church or its Popes.

Today, in the end -- and I was NOT ABOUT to point out her many flaws of LOGIC -- Mom indicated she STILL supports DONALD TRUMP AS PRESIDENT!!!

I don't give a SHIT about Catholic Popes or Leaders of ANY religion today. I care about our CIVIL GOVERNMENT.

My ONE EXCEPTION is the Dalai Lama -- here seen with Presidente Vicente Fox and his wife at Fox's Mexican Ranch.

I am on Vicente Fox's EMAIL LIST, and just this morning, got an email from him that I have not even yet bothered to get translated from the Spanish -- fancy THAT!!!


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