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RP: Today, I Heard from a Researcher from Louisville, KY Who Wants Info on My Kenan Family -- AND the Board of Governors of UNC System Is in CLOSED DOOR Meeting on WHAT to Do about "Silent Sam"!!!

RE-PRINTED from here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/08/today-i-heard-from-researcher-from.html

In ANOTHER story, today, this is Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt, who abandoned his wife and two daughters in Indiana not long before I met him before working for Tennessee Williamshere seen with Mary.

Skye NEVER re-contacted his family, and his daughters were raised by their mother, her parents, and also the man "Mom" married later. In about 1999, Mary and her sister (and I also communicated with the mother and I think grandmother), contacted me after I left comment on a Williams Bio on Amazon -- and I am STILL in direct contact with Mary Wyatt.

I LOVED how Mary Wyatt dressed for a Yule Festival in 2016:

I just took a break to watch Lindsey Graham speak tearfully about John McCain. I could not leave it -- or hold back my own tears -- and while I think McCain may have been the best of the current Republicans, Mr. Graham is about halfway up to that with his fawning over Donald Trump. In Memory of Senator McCain, I re-post what I published a couple of days ago, which Lindsey ended with -- calling it one of McCain's most effective and best known BAD JOKES -- LOL!!!

I think of McCain, Graham, and Lieberman more like this:

>>> OK, BACK TO IT!!!:

Via email to me this morning:

UNC Board of Governors to meet in Silent Sam aftermath

The UNC Board of Governors will meet Tuesday for a closed session legal briefing with UNC General Counsel Thomas Shanahan.
The meeting is the first since the “Silent Sam” Confederate statue was toppled last week at UNC-Chapel Hill. About a dozen protesters with Confederate flags were met with many more counter-protesters at the site of the felled statue during a demonstration over the weekend. Seven people were arrested when members of the two groups clashed. UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt said none of those arrested were part of the university community.
Members of the Board of Governors have condemned the statue’s toppling and called for the SBI to investigate the incident – including police response, which board members criticized as ineffective.
Board member Thom Goolsby took to YouTube and Twitter last week to say the statue will be reinstalled at UNC “as required by State Law WITHIN 90 days.”

I do NOT claim I caused them to meet, but getting this Letter and Blog Posting to them from an "Alt-Kenan" who knows the Kenan Crimes of Drug-Trafficking and White Supremacy (and about the GAY LIVES of two of the TOP Board Members), likely put some PRESSURE on them, no??? 


  1. Tammy Faye Bakker/Messner (from the grave)August 27, 2018 at 10:28 PM
    what would the motive be to  kill williams?
  1. Tennessee Williams for many years told everyone he would leave his estate first to take care of his sister, Rose, who'd had the 2nd lobotomy performed in the USA, then on her death to go to Sewanee/University of the South, which has the only Episcopal seminary in the Old South -- because his maternal grandfather, Rev. Walter Dakin had gotten his Divinity Degree there, and he was who had most influenced Tennessee to write, and he was a GREAT traveling companion in his late years (think the Grandfather, Nonno, in "The Night of the Iguana").

    The Williams Estate is called by Sewanee "The Walter Dakin Fund."

    However, with Tennessee's health in decline and his later plays not getting much respect or production, the Episcopalians wanted the MONEY, figured he wasn't producing anything new that was "commercial", so kept a close watch.

    Somehow, Jackie Onassis knew they planned to kill him, because she and many others were trying to get Tenn to change the recipient for most of it to Harvard, where it would get better care, and he was talking about being agreeable to that. You might have experience of Christian Ministers when they smell MONEY (or money ESCAPING).

    The mechanics of how all this occurred is documented in this blog, but first they got rid of ME, and then put others in my place who worked with Sewanee to further damage Tenn's health. He DID change his Will by Codicil half a year after I left, but either Courts ruled -- or Lawyers finally just agreed -- that he was then INCOMPETENT, so the Codicil was thrown out.

    Chief testifying for Sewanee's side were Tennessee's maid, Leoncia McGee -- who was promised an income by Maria St. Just (nee: Britneva), as Tennessee had FORGOTTEN to include her in the Will, then because she witnessed the Codicil, she could NOT benefit from it, where he'd ADDED it!!!, and my two nemeses while I worked for Tenn, Gary Tucker and his boyfriend Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt, who moved to Atlanta where I had already moved after the death in 1983.

    There, they lived in luxury and played in gay clubs, and I refused all invites to party with them, but occasionally spoke with them in bars. Gary died of AIDS in late 1989, then Skye moved to Chattanooga, TN, and once he returned to Atlanta buying everyone drinks in the bar. He told me that they had been supported by "a top Republican Legislator in the Tennessee State House" all that time, and of course Sewanee is in Tennessee. Skye died of AIDS in about 1994 -- and I have been in contact with his daughter Mary, now, for twenty years!!!

    John Uecker, whom I knew way back when, then again in 2009, told me Skye had told him the SAME THING about the Republican Party's support of them for having "done that deed". Uecker was with Tennessee the night he died, and I believe smothered him with a pillow. The Coroner's Report on cause of death was CHANGED TWICE, the first two claims being IMPOSSIBLE to be true, so clearly a cover-up.

    I hope this answers your question -- I've written many places more details as well.



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