Sunday, August 5, 2018

RP: Well, the Bushes (an American Family) HAVE IT -- Shaved or NOT!!!

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Jannettee Ann Zak "Honey, where's Jesus?"
"In the toaster."
"But there's toast in the toaster!"
"That's right, there's an entire baked Jesus in every slice of Toasted Jesus Toast!"


Scott Kenan Why, Jannettee Ann Zak: That's so clever a reply, I was going to offer you free "B.J.s" for life -- then I saw you're a woman -- LOL!!! But I worked for Tennessee Williams, and HE TOO loved smart, clever gals like you!!!:



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Jannettee Ann Zak Scott Kenan I appreciate the thought. But there still may be hope! I ran out of my women's vitagummies a few weeks ago, and ever since I have been taking my husband's vitamins for men. Any day now I may wake up with a huge erection and and the overwhelming urge to leave the toilet seat up and take out the trash.


Scott Kenan As Tennessee Williams has written -- really -- in a short story, "The Donsinger Women and Their Handyman Jack", Jack being based on me, I apparently will provide ANY sexual favor if fed behind a dumpsterJeanne Wolf filmed Tenn's reading of it at the Sands in Key West, but when I called her office a year ago, they had LOST the password to where it is only now stored digitally, but she won an award in a San Francisco Film Festival for it!!! And just now (I'm writing you a little vignette/story -- the least I can do since yer dick's not in my mouth), I found THIS that links to more of her: Jeanne Wolf - IMDb
Jeanne Wolf, Producer: The Donsinger Women and Their Handyman Jack. Jeanne Wolf is one of the country's most respected journalists. She covers every ...



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