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RP: Wishin', Hopin', and Healin' . . .

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Mostly, these are totally unexpected -- yet totally true. Some are KILLER funny -- and blessedly, there are about seven or eight to a page:

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March 7
These are just too delicious. Did they get your home state right? Or do you have something better?

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My BIGGEST WISH (which is a stupid one, since this can't be undone), is that Jonathan Deputy had not told me Rep. Deb Butler was his POLITICAL MENTOR (bizarre, since their Politics are near opposite), and then I first met Deb with Jon, and she was so welcoming of him, their super-tight relationship cannot be denied.

And if Jon had NOT gotten in my face threatening me over the content of this blog (legally the Press, and I bet he does not threaten Pam Sander of the Wilmington Star News that he will beat her up if she prints what he doesn't like), as well as go on to make outrageous claims about my being a child molester, he can STEAL copyright to any book I write, etc.

Jon even presented me with TWO bogus invoices, each for at least $800.00, but immediately backed off on both when I told him WHY I was not going to pay them. And when he lied to a Judge and had me Committed, EIGHT Wilmington Police Officers came to get me. I know I am 6' 11", but am 67 years old, on heart meds, etc., and that was just an INTIMIDATION GAME, that got me -- while fully cooperative -- very agitated

In 2011 and 2012 when I was arrested five times on eight false charges, before the Judges all realized I ALWAYS show for hearing or trial and am always respectful in Court, I did have to spend a day to two months at a time in the County Jail, where THREE of the five times I had been classified as "MOST DANGEROUS" and put into high-security wards, the Head Deputy there each time asking what the HELL someone like me had been assigned to him for.

And then D.A. Ben David ERASED all of that from my record, but even though he had NO EVIDENCE I had committed ANY CRIME, because I was back in Mexico for just over three more years of Political Exile (first set up by Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer in 2010), I was UNABLE to file for Standard North Carolina Compensation of about $22.00/day (far less than minimum wage), for being jailed over two months WITHOUT REASON -- during the period of time allowed.

Of course I have gotten NO COMPENSATION for Ben David with others in Chicago stealing copyright to my memoir, every blog post and email I write until I DIE -- but while I lay my anger with our Presbyterian Elder District Attorney aside to help fight Drug Corruption -- the DEBT is still owed me, and the attitude of Ben David and Jonathan Deputy (who owes me for my TIME of a ten-day commitment -- as well as what I've had to pay in charges).

Their attitude seems to be: "OK, I helped destroy your life and especially your wealth. TOO BAD it happened, but it's OVER now, so let's just 'bury the hatchet' and forget all of that." Actually this is the EXACT SAME ATTITUDE of my mother, who is WELL-CONFIRMED as America's TOP NAZI through the second half of the Twentieth Century and into this one. Mothers are special cases, and I actually feel SORRY for my mother. If Christian Mythology is TRUE -- and everyone faces a FINAL JUDGEMENT -- there will be SERIOUS "Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth"!!!

But that is MOM'S problem, she chose to set up Drug Mafias on her own -- then "persecuted me" with the help of Law Enforcement in Dekalb County Georgia as well as Wilmington, North Carolina.

And I just want to make CLEAR that if Jon Deputy had not been so OBSTINATE in his bullying me, lying about me to a Judge as well as others, I would NOT have gotten so AGAINST DEB BUTLER, who ALSO did not handle this well. 

ALL Citizens should be VERY CONCERNED when Mayor Saffo and Rep. Deb Butler NEVER have a viable opponent from the Republican Party. SURE, Ms. Butler's seat is gerrymandered and PACKED with Democrats, so it would be more of an uphill battle -- but that is NOT TRUE of Mayor Saffo!!!

As I have stated before, I suspect that Landlady Gold Walker is just CONFUSED, and others have USED her -- as is also her Maintenance Supervisor Thomas's opinion. LOTS of Wilmington landlords -- especially downtown -- had NO CHOICE except to rent to Drug Dealers and Traffickers, so no reason to single Gold out -- and she has ALWAYS been more than KIND to me (when we are not caught in this nonsense), driving me about four times to medical/dental tests/procedures where I was knocked out and not allowed to drive home.

I do not BUY this thing about "use nicer language" -- although I'd PREFER TO. The things that these people consciously and deliberately did to me should NEVER happen to anyone in a CIVILIZED COUNTRY!!! And given the TRACK RECORD of Law Enforcement in Wilmington, it seems to be my ONLY defense -- getting in everyone's FACES.

Well, in other news today, I called the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Physician Group, and there is no answer yet to whether or not they will forgive my remaining debt of over $300.00, and I should check in another week.

The Monsoons continue -- but at the moment, the sun is out and it is a STEAM BATH, although we've had two periods of rain today already.

Rob in apartment One is due out today, but is here and shows no sign of moving out.

And I have errands to run around town.

BTW: Ben SchachtmanAssistant Editor of the Port City Daily, did NOT remove this comment from an article there, an improvement:

Ben Schachtman and his wife

Ben Schachtman LOL!!! I'm starting to like you BETTER again, Benjamin Schachtman!!! Still you NEVER report on our Drug-Trafficking Politicians and Churches -- the system my Kenan Family runs and my parents set up with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman in the 1980s and 90s. I guess that is called "COLLUSION BY THE PRESS" and the Star News is actually WORSE (at least PCD gets lots of COMMENTS)!!!

And I had MEANT to post this news item yesterday about the big meeting on Opioid Addiction and Solving the Problem in Wilmington:

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This symposium comes after months of planning by the Congressman and other.
Interesting that my Kenan Family not only funds this Kenan Institute Asia project -- but owns one of the LARGEST blocks of Coca-Cola stock -- not that that is necessarily a problem.

The "Sustainable Business with Coca-Cola: Female Sugarcane Growers Empowerment" is designed and hosted by Kenan Institute Asia. The program aims to improve the livelihood of Thai female sugarcane growers.


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