Sunday, September 30, 2018

RP: WHEW!!! A Day of Talking Politics (and Wilmington, North Carolina History) -- and Some KICK-ASS Ham Hocks, Beans, and Collards Soup Was made by Scott Kenan!!!

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The new beard rule allows Canadian troops to rock a beard as long as they can grow more than just peach fuzz.

Now before I begin, I had checked the ALL TIME ten most hit postings of both my blog and its mirror blog -- they RARELY changing position since I've blogged for so long and have nearly 1.5 million registered hits, so I'm going to show the ones that are SUDDENLY HOT and have moved up FAST:

This one includes a scan of my mother's notes showing HOW she murdered her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS with double-strength Lithium Carbonate with help of a now-closed Veterans Hospital in Lower Mississippi -- because Uncle Bob allowed his daughter, Janet (Meyer) Opperman -- now Larsen -- to marry the JEWKim Opperman:

That is Jan in the red who married Bill Larsen (center), who at that time had terminal cancer and did not live a year longer, leaving Jan a PILE OF MONEY -- since Jan had lost all of HERS due to DRUG ADDICTIONS!!!

Ian Opperman, her son on left, always fixed Jan's Drug-Caused Problems while he could while Jan lived in Atlanta about 2006 - 07 -- and we frequently visited -- and his sister Andrea Opperman is next to him. She converted to Judaism formally, and BOTH Ian and Andrea BOYCOTTED the Meyer Family Reunion in 2009!!!:

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And the following is a comment I left today, that I post here ONLY because it was the Brett Kavanaugh Senate hearing that made me REALIZE I have been raped, myself:

Scott Kenan Betty Anne Shores is totally RIGHT ON!!! He WOULD have been confirmed had he said something like that -- but THANK GOD he did NOT. My objections to Brett run deeper and in other things as well, so this problem is just added to my objections. I know LOTS of women who were raped or sexually abused, including my mother at age six (repeatedly) who told no one for 44 years. And in 2010 when I was held hostage by two sons of El Chapo Guzman in a CRACK HOUSE in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco for six weeks, I was forced at knife-point to sexually service about a dozen CRACK-DEALING guysFUNNY, that only this Brett Kavanaugh hearing caused me to realize that that was RAPE!!! But I was 59 then, and tough enough psychologically to get through it without feeling scarred by it today!!!

(And, quite honestly, I almost ENJOYED quite a lot of it.)

This morning, Rob McKinney from apartment one came down to use my TOILET -- he still has no water after more than a month for lack of payment -- and although he was going to interview at 5:00 PM last night for a job delivering pizzas with a manger he had previously told off and walked out on (Rob's parents told him they WON'T give him another penny since he does nothing but DRUGS and they are FED UP with him), he got one landscaping -- beginning tomorrow morning!!!

He was also excited because he was SOON to buy a half-ounce of pot that he can resell to others -- so he has SOME MONEY!!! And he told me how LAST weekend, he had tripped out of his mind on Psilocybin Mushrooms for three days.

And THAT was when I began making the SOUP -- beginning by chopping the ONIONS, hoping they would drive him home -- but it took a while -- LOL!!!

I spoke with a LOT of people around Wilmington when I went out food shopping, and about a THIRD support Donald Trump because he is an EXCELLENT CHRISTIAN:

I had NOT expected the above to get so extensive, so I will now only say that I spent about an HOUR speaking with the guy who lives in Greenville, NC and owns a small bungalow across the street that he rents, and had to tarp the roof of before his tenants could move back in.

Ken Crowley RENOVATED that house, the next-door house of Richard -- the Students-for-a-Democratic-Society guy in the mid-late 1960s, AND my own building that has four apartments, before selling this one to Gold Walker

He ALSO has had in many ways as PECULIAR a life as I -- also knowing many people of HUGE Political and Business Influence -- even was sailing in the mid-Atlantic nine days from land and with NO communications and came down with acute Pancreatitis -- which Tennessee Williams ALSO had, and I had to give him his "eating pills" (Donnatal and Cotazym), before each meal.

And Ken was TOTALLY AWARE of the crimes of my Kenan Family -- and that in Wilmington, the KENANS are hated the MOST, followed by their TOP local allies the Camerons -- and then the Trasks, a family I always associate with Charleston, South Carolina.

This is TRUE of every neighbor I have met -- and from BEFORE I ever told them anything!!!

An Episcopalian Sycophant, Betty (Price) Kenan of Durham, and Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill.


Saturday, September 29, 2018

RP: MUCH Is in the Air This Weekend -- but Wilmington, North Carolina Is Getting BETTER!!!

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Obama said that as Kavanaugh listed such nemeses as the mainstream media, a vast left-wing conspiracy, and the Clintons, he was “on the edge of my chair expecting my name to come up.”

Please stop giving this made-woman in this fascist regime a pass. She also defended her husband’s racist birther claims during their fascist rise together to power. Of course, Trump could have been lying to Miz Lindsey but I heard her birther defense with my own ears.

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Lindsey Graham said he spoke to President Donald Trump who was very "complimentary" and passed on a similar tribute from first lady Melania Trump.

LOL!!! RIGHT ON!!! See image below:

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HBO’s Bill Maher lashed out at Sen. Lindsey Graham on Friday for his defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying the South Carolina Republican was missing “the stabilizing influence of his dead boyfriend,” meaning the late Sen. John McCain.

Today, in discussion about EVERYTHING (except the Catholic Church whose Child Molestations and Pope Francis's Cover-Up my mother DEFENDS, saying they are just HUMAN, and Mom was molested REPEATEDLY by her Uncle when Mom was six, not telling anyone until 44 years later -- and AFTER the big hearing, Mom thinks that Brett Kavanaugh is a PERFECT CHRISTIAN and needs to be on the Court)

I told Mom how EVERYTHING has gotten better for me in Wilmington since Landlady Gold Walker and I made up -- and she realizes that her Property Manager here, Jonathan Deputy has GROSSLY mismanaged the building, bringing in DRUG TRAFFICKERS and IGNORANT PEOPLE.

Also, because NC Special Prosecutor Kimberly Overton Spahos gets all my evidence now -- as does the FBI, so I am PROTECTED from CORRUPT Democrats Mayor Bill Saffo, NC Rep. Deb Butler, District Attorney Benjamin R. David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and Sheriff Ed McMahon -- ALL of them into at least PROTECTING the Christian Churches, Clergy, and Street-People who do all the DIRTY WORK.

My parents set up the Christian Drug Mafia here (and helped greatly in Atlanta, Georgia as well), here with Father Robert J. Kus, who just retired and fled to Honduras, and Nixon Aide John Ehlichman -- and PPD Pharmaceuticals, then owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families.

I also let Mom know that Democrat Harper Peterson, whom I first met at a Political Function organized by George Vlasits at least half a year ago, had just invited me to like his campaign page,, within an HOUR of my sending him a note recommending he come out HARDER against the Drug Mafias of Wilmington -- the BIGGEST problem here to EVERY citizen I've spoken with of ALL Parties, Religions, and whether Left or Right. 

To me, Harper's MEME is just not STRONG enough.

And I warned him again -- like I did VERY PRIVATELY, since MOST Democrats here are part of the problem -- at Wilmington's Pride Celebration, and EARLIER, I had sent this Letter to THREE local Democratic Candidates -- LOL!!! 

Well, ALL of my neighbors -- we just got RID of the two HUGE Drug Mafia houses -- one next-door to me, and then the one just beyond it -- that were BOTH PROTECTED by Wilmington Law Enforcement as well as the FBI -- Agents from our Police, Sheriff's Deputies and the FBI had been interviewing EVERYONE here for over a year, but doing NOTHING -- until Sherry Hall Spivey's DOG mauled a CHILD, and TV COVERAGE was involved. Within a VERY SHORT TIME, her house was SEIZED by authorities, bought by Chad Walker, and then Chad ALSO bought the other house just this week!!!

My point is that ALL OF MY NEIGHBORS trust Harper Peterson to NOT be part of the DRUG PROBLEM.

And with nearly EVERY OTHER ELECTED or APPOINTED DEMOCRAT being corrupted, Harper has to watch OFFENDING THEM as well as the CHRISTIAN CHURCHES and CLERGY by ATTACKING their Drug Profits for JESUS!!!

ALSO, in the last few weeks, I've gotten emails from George Vlasits that DISAPPEAR from my computer completely (I've checked all my other email folders), the INSTANT I try to open them, and even NOW, my new phone keeps getting RE-CORRUPTED so that I CANNOT answer a call -- but can see who called and call right back.

This CLEARS each time I take out the battery, replace it, and fire back up -- but within an hour or two the SAME CORRUPTION is back. At least the corruption by hackers of this COMPUTER I work on is GREATLY REDUCED, so less trouble for me!!!