Friday, November 30, 2018

RP: Wilder Than Marc Lamont Hill Staying with NAZI, Hillary-Clinton-Supporting CNN!!! / Take THAT -- Fairy-Boy Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt -- and Erin Burnett!!!

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"Don't Ask; Don't Tell" Tales of Theodore Druch, Maria Ruiz, Dr. Timothy Leary, Jerry Garcia, and Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., of South 4th Street in Wilmington, NC, who supplied them for YEARS with the BEST LSD!!!

And Donald Trump is such a SHIT-HEAD he won't be invited to the George Herbert Walker Bush Funeral -- LOL!!!


RP: Clearing the Air with My Siblings Feels SO GOOD!!! / Finishing with Hank and Donna Sue Keen / . . . and Giving Donald Trump and the WEALTHY Kenans Their OWN PERSONAL EARTHQUAKE -- LOL!!!

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"Christians" believe they get HAULED TO HEAVEN in Kenan-carbon-fueled vehicleswithout their OWN effort!!!


The TRUTH of finding ONENESS with GOD.

What Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler inherited TWO YEARS after Ida Tarbell BROKE UP the Standard Oil Trust -- she a JOURNALIST who fought both Congress and ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT who were PAID OFF by the THEN Rockefeller-Flagler-Kenan Family -- even back then!!!


>>> TODAY:

1. I spoke with my mother, covered later.

2. I got NO REPLY from Ryan Lee Burris's sister, Erin Galloway, and since I AGAIN found that she and her father have CRIMINAL RECORDS, I did NOT, from her request, bother changing that I had blogged that.

3. Charles Smith, manager of Ibiza gay club in Wilmington, NC either did NOT get my email, or has refused to send it on to Scott Grey, and Mr. Grey has gotten MORE FRUSTRATED:

4. I've written TWO important emails and sent them today. First, I'll post a couple of fun things that came to my attention, and then the emails. I will NOT be able to write to either my friend Marc Lamont Hill or HIS friend (possibly more important), Yousef Munayyertoday, Yousef published this piece HIGH on Huffington Post:

Reply to Hank Keen 

Hi Hank -- No problem, and I have no problem with you either -- although we are opposite types in many ways. At least you are smart!!! I was tempted to keep you on for one more emailed posting, because I'm going to next write my siblings to explain why after denying one of her LESS important but TOTALLY PROVABLE crimes against me in conjunction with Raleigh, NC Police Department, I called my mother a Christian Bitch and Total Cunt this morning -- she DESERVES to have her skin peeled off and then be boiled alive in oil -- like Jesuit priests used to do to Jews and Homosexuals. This is only shocking to people who have NOT had to deal with "Christian" women or those affected by that hateful disease of a religion.

I'm writing my siblings next to let them know what happened. 

Also, Marc Lamont Hill, whom I used to email back and forth with some years ago, was fired by NAZI Christian CNN (who protects the Kenan Family Drug Mafia in Atlanta, especially), for standing up for Palestinian Rights -- and I intend to write him today and post that as well.

But you can find that later if you want to.

Good luck in your life with Donna -- I had already removed her from my list -- which you would have KNOWN if you'd bothered READING my email TITLES (or communicated with Donna asking if she'd been dropped yet) -- you would not have had to read the body of the email to know THAT -- LOL!!!


-----Original Message-----

From: Henry Keen <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Thu, Nov 29, 2018 7:04 pm
Subject: Re: Please welcome Gwenyfar Rohler -- who with her PARENTS is a LITERARY FORCE in Wilmington, NC -- to THIS LIST!!! (And SO MUCH more!!!)

Hey Scott glad to see you are ok and have weathered the storm well. I have nothing against you but I would really like to be removed from this list. Donna also if she is still on it. If you can do that I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

In a time of HUGE POLITICAL and SPIRITUAL VICTORIES, our mother, Ruth Anne, DOUBLED DOWN on her NAZI CATHOLIC HATREDS -- and this is what went down this morning: 

Hi All,

Call me "George Washington" -- but I cannot tell a lie.

It was actually a while ago that I realized that being the oldest and having not only witnessed more of Mom and Dad's crimes than any of you (and they committed them OPENLY when I was young -- not realizing I would remember things well, some going back to age 2.5, having a better memory (especially better than Jane's), and Dad admitting many of his and Mom's crimes -- partly because Dad admitted HIS lust for men to me, partly because like me Dad HATED religion, especially Catholicism, saying it was just how bitches control men.

Isn't it a MIRACLE that despite Mom's forcing me to soft lobotomy of Lithium Carbonate for 31 years -- the same drug that by double dose, Mom murdered Uncle Bob??? His daughter married a JEW -- and then he was leering at young men at college basketball games, but at least Bob twice told me he was actually gay.

And any of you guys who ever had sex with a man (or wanted to), no reason to feel ODD -- in the last Pew (Sun Oil heirs' Org), survey of American Men's Sex Practices, 43% of adult male Americans admitted to having consensual sex to orgasm with another adult man (possibly higher since so many are paranoid to admit that), and 68% admitted getting hard-ons after seeing a naked man. In another study that unlike the other was from a less reputable org, 85% of adult males in America get hot from watching the PENISES in straight porn films -- NOT the pussies or tits. While 10% of American men are classified "Addicted to Porn", Christian men are addicted at 21%, which means that Christians still being in the majority in the USA, the addiction rate for non-Christians is FAR LESS than 10%.

So whatever anyone actually gets off from is your own business, but Christians can GET OFF MY ASS!!!

Today, after a long civil and laughing discussion with Mom, I tested seeing if she can admit to ANY of her crimes against me -- choosing what I consider the least of them. Now it is TRUE that twice Mom has told me -- and this is verbatim or near it -- "I'm sorry I was so terrible to you in the past." And both times I accepted that as if it were an apology. It was clearly a step in the right direction, but most of the recipients of this email had Catholic Grade School, so KNOW that Church Teaching is that an apology must be SPECIFIC to the "Sin", include words showing that they KNOW WHY what they did was an offence to both God and man, and then make amends (if you kill a breadwinner, you have to financially support the family until they become self-sufficient -- was one example Mother Mary Austin used at Saints Philip & James).

What I brought up was that she and Dad -- when I REFUSED to be evaluated by the agency they chose and DEMANDED they meet privately with the system intake interviewer -- in Raleigh, and after Mom's absolute Staten-Island-Ferry-docking insistence. 

The guy who was NOT qualified to diagnose, changed from saying the shrink would diagnose me to -- and after a private few minutes with Mom and Dad, told me I am DEFINITELY BIPOLAR, no questions ASKED!!! This was for intake into their system before seeing an actual shrink. And as I blogged and emailed all of you (except Bob Jones), I got that guy FIRED from his job within a month after that happened.

I immediately set up a session to evaluate me with ANOTHER similar org, who said they would NOT ALLOW the parents of an adult who had lived "un-committed" since 1978 and essentially financially independent as well all that time -- unless the client gave them written permission to do so. THAT pissed Mom and Dad off MORE, but they acted as if it didn't, and a couple of days later, I was awakened by Police walking into the bedroom I was in, claiming Mom & Dad had gotten an Ex Parte Restraining Order because they were afraid I would kill them, and made me pack and get out within about ten minutes. I lived in my car in Raleigh -- with another guy in similar circumstances, we making room in my car so we could sleep together and have sex. We parked near Republican HQ in downtown Raleigh, and security being still lax, I wrote HATE NOTES on my promo-cards for my Tennessee Williams book -- and slipped them under the doors of the very TOP OFFICERS of that Party.

The above image is one I saved from Mexico.

We had a four-inch snow and some bitter cold weather, so I decided to motor to Wilmington, two climate zones warmer, arriving late on December 30, 2010 -- and stayed, until D.A. Ben David forced me back to Political Exile in Mexico for another nearly four years.

But my POINT is that I have had Ex Parte Restraining Orders successfully gotten from Judge Sandra Alice Ray (then Criner), by a roommate whom I had no idea was CRACK-addicted, Brenda McKnight and it was her "cousin" (actually lover), Gerald Austin-Wynn, and REFUSED by NAZI-Christian Judge James H. Faison III by me against Major Drug Trafficker Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments, so KNOW that papers have to be given to the person AT THE TIME, with a hearing still scheduled, usually within 10 days. NEITHER of those things happened, so Mom and Dad just got NAZIS on the Raleigh Police to FAKE ALL OF THAT!!!

Remember, my good friend Danny Sinatra (who like Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson of First Presbyterian in Wilmington, then, told me he WANTED to have sex with me, but had to honor his vows to his wife and family, so could not) -- actually it was with his father-in-law, whom I called "Confederate Dollar", we sometimes smoking pot on the riverfront at the base of Market Street in FRONT of Police Cameras but our backs to them, and his last name was Dollar and he had been FIRED as a Raleigh Police Officer for NOT committing the crimes he was ordered by Police superiors to commit -- then claimed he had TRIED to join the Sons of the Confederacy, which I, Mike, Connor, and Max are eligible to join since our ancestors fought for the South, but they REFUSED to accept him, he joking that even THEY have "Standards of Excellence". Confederate Dollar is as smartassy as ME!!!

See, I'm GLAD they kicked me out which got me to Wilmington, so am hardly upset by that crime now -- and it takes a TOTAL GOD-HATING ASSHOLE not to be able to live up to such a silly thing now.

And I'm running out of time and writing oomph now, so will quickly mention the two things that recently freaked me out but I've chalked it up to a moment of panic (something I sometimes have had, so it's easy to forgive without further discussion). First, know that because I'm oldest and "seen so much more", I completely empathize with the three of you younger than me, and how Mom literally TERRORIZED us with her NAZI-Catholic ways. Julie got it the WORST, being so much younger than Mike, and is the only one hypnotized to extent of remaining Roman Catholic. 

Last spring at one point, Mike told me the ONLY reason he was sending me money was that Mom told Mike he HAD TO. I do NOT actually believe that -- especially today. While I was in New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital, committed on lies by Jonathan Deputy, my shrink, Julia Triggs, MD, had spoken with Mike at least once, and I don't know if she actually spoke with Mom, but as she was preparing to RELEASE ME, she said that Mom obviously was an old woman set in very hateful ways and that I should NEVER pay any attention to Mom. She said that as soon as Mike began speaking with her, it was obvious that he was mostly lying -- so watch out for him too.

When I got OUT, my first calls to Mom and Mike included them BOTH hollering at me to TAKE LITHIUM (which I'd told Dr. Triggs I was only taking in the hospital to make her job easier -- it couldn't hurt me more in 10 days -- and would immediately quit it on release). Both Mom and Mike knew my doctor of many years had taken me OFF Lithium on early 2009 -- because she'd NEVER seen a sign of Bipolar in me in all those years.

I also know that Mike can't invite me to Pennsylvania if Gail's father might be around. He's the most RACIST, NAZI Republican I've ever met -- but if Mike had to choose between the two of us, Gail might divorce him, and they even more likely might not get his GENEROUS INHERITANCE -- he, like Mom, "overdue to die naturally".

So I just want everyone to know that I know that any slights I've gotten from any of you have to do with WORSHIP OF MONEY (the definition of "Kenan"). I don't want anyone to lose an expected inheritance, either, so am COOL WITH THAT. And NO ONE in my or later generation of the immediate family needs to apologize to me for any of this. Our ELDERS brought us up in HATRED OF GOD (Christianity), but MOST of us, anyway, are getting more and more into the TEACHINGS of Jesus, The Buddha. Muhammad, etc., and where there is PROGRESS there is LIFE!!!

I hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND, and does NOT twist my words here into anything like a "backward swipe". The time for paranoia and fear is OVER and is the work of what Christians call THE DEVIL. Don't listen to it.

Sincerely and with Love,


Thursday, November 29, 2018

RP: Answering Erin Galloway, Ryan Lee Burris's Sister / TRYING to Get a Message to Scott Grey -- via Ibiza Gay Club, Here in Wilmington, North Carolina:

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This morning's List is a little CHEEKY given what the following posting is about, especially if you consider the first one a question -- but GOD KNOWS that if I lived in Hollywood (rather than Hollywood East), my name could be added!!!

Erin (Burris) Galloway

Erin Galloway
Raleigh, North Carolina

November 29, 2018

Dear Ms. Galloway,

Thanks for contacting me via Facebook Messenger overnight. I am banned from Facebook November 11 – December 11, so cannot reply now in that way, but you clearly have been reading my blog and I’ll post this there as an “Open Letter” to you – beginning with what you sent me:

You and Erin aren't connected on Facebook
Lives in Raleigh, North Carolina
WED 3:57 PM
Erin Galloway
Mr. Kenan, I realize that you and my brother had a negative relationship or so it appears from your obsessive nature of writing about him through the years. He is dead now and we would appreciate it if you would leave it alone. Further, your research about me and my parents is incorrect and tarnishing our name because of my brother's former are not cool.

For some reason, this message was delayed by Facebook, so it was not delivered to me until this morning, although I was up on the computer until 1:00 AM. But looking at the time you sent it, you could NOT have seen my latest posting about your brother, Ryan:

Last night, after doing some serious editing after initially posting and emailing it to my 100 contacts, I realized in one of those “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” kinds of moments, that regardless the “bad blood” between Ryan and me, what REALLY has been annoying me is that my God-Damned Christian Kenan Family RUNS the Drug Mafias – especially in Wilmington, North Carolina, and Atlanta, and so BOTH his and Wes’s deaths are on MY family’s heads.

If you have REALLY read what must be nearly 100 blog postings going back to about 1/1/2011 in which I mention Ryan, you know that I was most impressed with Ryan’s promise when I met him – and ALWAYS got on great with Wes, EVEN when Ryan and I were near fisticuffs. Wes was one of the genuinely nicest guys I’ve ever met.

But I also must tell you that I knew more than one shopkeeper within a door or two of Wilmington Computer Repair on 4th Street. Everyone knows that was a shill company, and their business neighbors all told me they never associated with Ryan and Wes due to their being “Drug Trash”. I can connect you to one of those people if you want to ask him about that.

Last night, I really wanted to write someone in your immediate family to express my sorrow that Ryan – and Wes – were BOTH victims of my Kenan Family’s GREED. In the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, my Kenan surname means either “The Sadness” or “Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness”. Unfortunately, the United States is FULL of so-called “Christians”, and as is very well known, if you can believe anything as anti-God and anti-Bible as that a human was a “Man-God” – you are stupid enough to believe any lie, and TELL any lie. That is why Donald Trump (a SHILL for my wealthy relatives who live near you and put Trump into power), is STILL IN POWER – the hatred of Christians, and the GOOD ONES refuse to confront the Devils.

Now, looking at your Facebook page, I see that you have posted many anti-Christian memes like I have, including a recent one of a white family, the father finally saying that Christians only MOUTH the Teachings of Jesus (one of my favorite philosophers), but do NOT act according to those teachings. Most alarmingly, elsewhere on your page you claim to be Christian!!! This sets up what is called “Cognitive Dissonance” – simultaneously believing opposites – which any shrink will tell you can lead to MAJOR Mental Illness.

So, you need to heal that condition in yourself – but it is COMMON, and WHY Christians get so crazy and violent, so you DO have tons of company.

Having met and been five times held hostage by some of the TOP criminals in the world in Mexico five times in 2010, I don’t worry much about the bullies and Drug Mafia here in the USA – they are SO MUCH LESS EFFECTIVE at scaring or harming me – including my former Apartments Manager Jonathan Deputy, who was partnered (indirectly) with your brother -- and many other top Drug Traffickers here.

I appreciate the HUGE SHOCK that learning of Ryan’s actual activities must be to you and your parents, and I went through that kind of shock many, many times, including from the initial acts of my family that forced Colin Powell’s people to get me to Mexico in 2010 – to save me from my own family (and their allies). I’d had no idea of my family’s massive crimes, although I’d known since 1990, that my parents were literally America’s top NAZIS. So, I was thrown into a sewer without warning or explanation, and had to learn to BEAT all the sewer rats at their games before I was able to climb out.

One does not immediately understand the ramifications of both the power and influence of major criminals like those in my family. Had Ryan been a simple street dealer – or even distributor – his activities in this area would not matter. But he was high in “Gay Groups” as well as in the local Democratic Party, so he had a LOT of influence.

I’d also like to mention that I forgot when I wrote Gwenyfar Rohler last night, to correct one of the things she said in her rumination on the progress of gay rights. From here: #4:

“In 1994 the American Medical Association stopped listing homosexuality as an illness. To many people today, it may seem obvious, but at the time it was a tremendous step forward in recognizing the validity of the human experience.”

Knowing a lot about this, I had to research to discover that in 1994 some non-sense was cleared up, but it was my own Kenan Family most responsible for removing Homosexuality as a Mental Illness from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II), in December 1973. In 2010, while I was held hostage by a Canadian Drug Trafficker in Puerto Vallarta, she LOVED browsing the books I had on the history of my Kenan Family and found that both the Psychiatrist who was President of the APA then – and the one who collated all the studies to make that decision – were blood Kenans, but both had different surnames.

And while I am at it – and I’m a little shocked that given that you are a para-legal -- and were not more explicit:

President, Vice President
Company Name Research Triangle Paralegal Association
Dates Employed Jan 2009 – Jan 2011
Employment Duration 2 yrs 1 mo

RTPA is a professional organization established by and for paralegals who reside in or are employed in Durham, Orange or Wake County, North Carolina, an area also known as the Research Triangle.

In any case, as such, you have to know that to dispute anything, one must be specific. If you wish me to change anything, name it and then give me the reasons it is FALSE, and the CORRECT info to put in its place. I will be happy to do that anywhere I am actually incorrect, and BEFORE you respond, I am going to put your above comment on my blog where I mentioned these things about your family, so that my Readers know the comments about you and your parents are TENTATIVELY in dispute, but awaiting more info from you.

And since your family, Wes having passed also, must control the sensitive info, let us know the actual cause of death. I assume North Carolina, like every other state I’ve lived in, requires an autopsy after a sudden, unexpected death, but if that is too painful to you to release, TR Nunley’s speculation that it was an “unsupervised detox” gone bad can stand.

I wish you and your parents well as you come to terms with this “retroactive reality”, as it must be to you. When my friend Evan Fish was murdered in 2011 by Christians on Wilmington Police Force -- because he knew too much about my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., in Snellville, GA supplying the Christian Clergy and Churches as well as Politicians of both Parties in Wilmington with Hard Drugs -- I screamed myself hoarse – because I KNEW something evil was up – I felt it in my bones – and had I acted on my intuition, I might have saved his life.

And as I’ve said, EVERY DRUG DEATH IN THE USA is on the HEADS of my Christian Kenan Family (as well as their Bush, Cheney, and Clinton Family allies).

This is ONE “Cross” I must bear – even though I was not responsible for ANY of that.

Please reply to me by either blog comment or email to, as I cannot communicate via Facebook for now.


My date to the North Junior High, West Chester, Pennsylvania 9th Grade Prom -- Susan Lattomus -- posted this photo of herself yesterday
"The only good thing about [aging] is you're not dead."

~ Lillian Hellman

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Tim McEvoy Demons from Uranus


Scott Grey sent this to me overnight:

Scott Grey sent you an invite to join Messenger.

Scott Grey

I’m not a fan of TR Nunley btw.

Was an aquanaut if Ryan. Not friends. He helped my with a Christmas project I did a few years ago.

Of, not if

At any rate if you have time and can chat about it I’d appreciate it. Thanks

Hardy Partying in Ibiza

And I just sent the very handsome Charles SmithManager of Ibiza, the following email:

Hi Charles,

Sorry to bother you, but our mutual Facebook Friend, Scott Grey:, has been trying to reach me via Facebook for two days with some urgency. But for criticizing Facebook's connection to Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and my Hard-Drugs-Trafficking Kenan Family, I am kicked off posting or communicating via Facebook until December 11, and Mr. Grey does not seem to realize that.

You are our only mutual friend, so I'd greatly appreciate it if you could just copy and paste this email to him either through an email or Facebook message so he knows to please email me at or call my cell: (910) 200-XXXX.

I haven't been in your club since 2011, but expect to check it out again soon. When I do, you will spot me as I'm 6' 11" tall!!!

Here is my Political Blog (over 1.4 million registered hits so far), should you care to take a look: