Thursday, March 28, 2019

RP: I Found TONS of Col. Dorothy "Dottie" Newman's (Secretary of State Colin Powell's retired Chief Protocol Officer's), Current Friends -- and They Are HELPING ME Get Back Directly in Touch with Dottie!!!


Hazel CathersExecutive Director of The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club,  which since 1919 continues to fulfill its mission, as the only private organization in the New York area to provide accommodations at subsidized rates and club-type facilities for servicemen and servicewomen, military retirees and veterans and their families visiting New York City.

283 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016-3540

I spoke for 18 minutes this morning with the phone-answering guy (a volunteer there who is writing a screen play for a TV Series), who told me HE and EVERYONE THERE knows Col. Dottie Newman VERY WELL, and gave me Hazel Cathers' email address to write her to get in touch with Dottie!!!

I'm about to write her.

Meanwhile, my family sent me the usual $83.00 for a week -- DESPITE my appeals by email to my siblings (Michael William Kenan of Berwyn, PA -- now working for the Bush and Cheney Families in the Oil Industry -- still refuses to help me at all and will not speak with me at all).

I called Mom this morning, thanking her for what they DID send, and wishing her LUCK if the North Carolina State Bar CALLS HER about her relationship with D.A. Benjamin R. David, after I filed my report for INVESTIGATION

I wished her LUCK -- and hung up.

>>> Ms. Cathers: Please forward this to Col. Dorothy Newman after reading it. I've also copied most of my immediate family so they know what I am doing:

Hazel Cathers, Executive Director
The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club
283 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016-3540

March 28, 2019

Dear Ms. Cathers,

My name is Scott David Kenan and I was a close friend of Col. Dorothy Newman in the first half of 2010, often visiting her and her daughter’s home in North Atlanta mostly for her monthly book club, where I gave a presentation of my memoir of working for playwright Tennessee Williams, month, met many active Generals, and one month the Secretary of State of Argentina and his wife. Dottie kindly warned me to leave the USA or I would be murdered by my family, employer of twenty years, and others – because I knew too much about their Hard-Drug Trafficking and White Supremacy.

You see, my Kenan Family that co-founded UNC Chapel Hill in 1789, went on to inherit both Henry Flagler’s entire estate in 1913 (so have controlled Standard Oil since then, now Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson), and Frank Hawkins’s estate – Frank said to have put the Phoenix in Atlanta after the Civil War. I had no idea of most of this when I knew Dottie, but have had the WILDEST adventures since Dottie and I met!!!

My relative William Rand Kenan, Sr., as an Elder of First Presbyterian in Wilmington, NC where I now live – and virtually ALL White Christians in town -- in 1898, was First Cause to the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, the ONLY successful Coup d’Etat in US History (and are so wealthy they kept the Kenan name out of MOST history books about it):

My wealthy relatives associated with Chapel Hill (I know several of them and even today they tell me they hate only Jews more than they hate “Niggers” -- their word), today control also Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Kenan Advantage Group (, and put Trump into power because, as is no secret, Kenan Family lifelong-employee Rex Tillerson is BEST FRIENDS with Vladimir Putin, and this is first to profit developing Russia’s Oil Reserves – then to enslave and/or exterminate non-whites, non-Christians, etc. for Jesus Christ.

My mother is of the Meyer Family associated with Brookville, IN. FDR banned both Mom’s brothers from service in Europe during WWII – because of their known NAZI sympathies – and in 1990, two top businesspeople of Atlanta who are Jewish told me my parents are literally America’s TOP NAZIS. Their friends have included Sen. Jesse Helms, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (who set up the Drug Mafias of Wilmington and Atlanta, GA with my parents by orders of Pope John-Paul II in the 1980s and 90s), Coach Lou Holtz and John Boehner, Newt Gingrich, and Sean Hannity.

Mom worked with a now defunct Veterans Hospital in Lower Mississippi to murder my Uncle Robert J. Meyer, DDS of South Bend, IN. Uncle Bob had four children – but only three of Bob’s four kids were his, but he was a good sport about my cheatin’ Catholic Aunt Patricia, and TWICE told me he was actually Gay (my Kenan first cousin Graham Harlee Kenan is actually my half-brother by the wife, Virginia, of my Uncle Rufus Harlee Kenan). Bob was murdered by forced double-strength Lithium Carbonate, with my parents travelling there frequently to be certain it was working. I possess Mom’s hand-written notes that that guarantees chemically-induced Diabetes, which Bob died of as his extremities were removed one-by-one.

Mom also forced me to take Lithium 1978 - 2009 – a drug no other developed country allows to be taken more than a month or so – for it’s “soft-lobotomizing effects”. When my shrink took me off after NEVER seeing a sign of Bipolar in me after working with me for eight years, I soon blogged about my parents being America’s TOP NAZIS, and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

But my friend Jonathan Reiner (who now has his own Emmys), cousin to Rob, nephew of Carl, made me an “Honorary Jew”, and today, Rob Reiner’s Admin (of, is on my speed dial, and I’ve been in contact with former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, who worked for my Kenan Family as a Coca-Cola Exec before that. He’s a BIG Trump critic!!!

Anyway, at the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival – which I was able to attend by help of an Army Veteran and Recluse living at 14 W. 95th Street, Apt. 5, in NYC, Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. -- who proved to be very much into Hard-Drug Trafficking, and we parted in 2016 – he getting his orders from my sister Jane Ann Kenan of Raleigh and brother Michael William Kenan of Berwyn, PA (according to Joseph, but neither confirmed nor denied by Mike and Jane when I asked them), I met Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ who was also speaking, and the FIRST thing I told him was that I was Tennessee Williams's last assistant and that Col. Dottie Newman had saved my life!!!

He immediately pulled his book on Leadership in the New Normal from his satchel, and gave it to me with his business card, saying we needed to schedule a meeting ASAP for an hour or more, but we were unable to – except for two brief meetings -- because he was so booked solid, but we’ve remained in contact via Facebook and occasional phone calls – but really, more by “osmosis”, “spiritual connection” or similar. Russel and his “Green Army” work to expose the environmental crimes of my Kenan Family’s Exxon-Mobil, while I work to expose their Drug Trafficking and White Supremacy (but Russel knows a lot about Kenan corruption in Atlanta).

I also met George W. Bush’s top Drug Money Launderer, Martin Lamb, by chance in Colima, Mexico in 2012 – and when he heard I am a “North Carolina Kenan”, he immediately opened up assuming I had a lot of money to launder, telling me about his jetport on a private island off Panama, where GW Bush flies small jets loaded with $100.00 bills frequently and then he launders it: I lost his goons on the highway to Manzanilla, after he saw me watch him find I’d already blogged about it the next morning.

There is SO MUCH MORE, but I am laughing as they are now FEARFUL of me and the LAW!!! I’ve gotten 1.5 million hits to my blog and am NOT a celebrity!!! Just yesterday, I sent this complaint to the NC State Bar to hopefully disbar and then prosecute our local D.A. Benjamin R. David, and will soon add five local District Court Judges and several other lawyers who seriously violated my Rights here in Wilmington 2010 – 2018:

So please pass this on to Dorothy Newman – and anyone else who might get a KICK out of it. GOD RULES, but Christians Today read a DIFFERENT BIBLE than I do (and I love what Jesus taught, but no longer worship him).

Tomorrow (3/29/2019), I have a cardiac catheterization and possible stent placement – in preparation for repair of an Aneurysm of my Aorta in my abdomen, which will be done with urgency in another week or so – because it became highly irritated. I will be home this Saturday at the latest. I do NOT get all the calls to my cell, but usually trying my number more than once gets a call through. Both my email addresses will show when I send you this.

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, NC 28403

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

With LOVE to ALL our Veterans and those who care for them – including YOU!!!


Scott D. Kenan


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

RP: FOUND!!!: Army Col. Dorothy "Dottie" Newman, Retired Chief Protocol Officer to Secretary of State Colin Powell -- Who SAVED MY LIFE from My Parents, Siblings, Patrick Stansbury (who distributes the HARD DRUGS flown into Maxwell AFB for JESUS, the Christian CHURCHES-of-HATE, and the Republican/Democratic Party), but NOT the HATE-BOT NAZI-Christians of Wilmington, NC -- I Did THAT, Myself!!!


Col. Dottie Newman at a  SOLDIERS, SAILORS, MARINES, COAST GUARD & AIRMEN'S DINNER in October 2018Dottie must STILL BE ALIVE (I'd only not found her before because only TODAY did it occur to me to search for "Dorothy Newman" -- LOL!!!)

Click image to ENLARGE.

Dottie Newman was also a Docent at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta when I knew her in Atlanta in 2010. And the photo at TOP is Kiki Smith, daughter of Tennessee Williams's lifelong friends Jane and Tony Smith:

Sculptor Tony Smith, Dancer and Torch Singer Jane (Brotherton) Smith, stage-named "Jane Lawrence", and Tennessee Williams.


After speaking with a young man at the North Carolina State Bar this morning -- telling him ALL ABOUT my NAZI parents setting up the DRUG MAFIAS in Wilmington, NC and Atlanta, GA with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and Father Robert J. Kus of St. Mary's here, who FLED to Honduras to escape Federal Prosecution last summer because of THIS BLOG 

-- as well as how D.A.s Benjamin and Jon DavidFIVE of the nine New Hanover County District Court Judges (and that I will send complaints about THEM, soon, as well as against NC Lawyers David A. Nash, Bruce Mason, and Brian M. Williams), have ALL violated my Constitutional Rights

He was THRILLED because he seemed to KNOW all about Thomas S. Kenan III, Betty (Price) Kenan, and all the OTHER WHITE-ASSED CHRISTIAN HATE BOTS controlling TOO MUCH of North Carolina.

He was VERY EAGER for them to receive it -- and THANK GOD I included my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan's PHONE NUMBER -- so she can be questioned soon by THE LAW!!!

Mom flanked by me and my younger sister Julie, Christmas 2018

And then I sent the EDITED FOR CLARITY version of last night's posting (and re-placed the old with the FINAL version), which you can read here:

BTWTODAYFacebook finally disclosed FOR WHAT they put me in "JAIL" for 30 days -- it was THIS ACTUAL QUOTE of Adolph Hitler that OFFENDED the GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN CIA!!!:

And Facebook ALSO sent THIS -- HA!!!:

What the HELL does that mean -- would my unusual 6' 11" HEIGHT get me kicked offTOO???

And when I hit "This Is A Mistake" -- Facebook replied that they are glad to have my opinion, but regardless, I am off for another 28 days.

Anyway, I also discovered one of the Veterans Organizations that Dottie Newman had sat on the BOARD of, and tomorrow will contact to get back in DIRECT TOUCH with Col. Newman -- HA!!!

I want Dottie to KNOW that when I first met Lt. General Russel Honore' at the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival where he was one of the speakers, I told him right off that "Col. Dottie Newman saved my LIFE and prevented my parents, siblings, and employer from MURDERING ME -- because I know of their HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING and WHITE SUPREMACY."

Gen. Honore' IMMEDIATELY pulled a copy of one of his books out of his satchel and gave it to me with his business card, saying "We have to sit down and discuss this," but we could NOT find a time to meet for an hour or two, but DID have two brief meetings, my last words to him were, "I'm going to FIX THIS, General -- don't you WORRY!!!"

And Russel and I have stayed in touch by Facebookemails, and phone calls since then DEDICATED to exposing the Crimes of the Kenan Family -- Russel most interested in Kenan-Family-controlled EXXON-MOBIL'S crimes.

When I spoke with my mother today, to let her know some DETAILS of what I've sent the North Carolina State Bar on D.A. Ben David, etc., it PISSED MOM OFF, and then Mom attacked my roommate "Kennedy", claiming I was financially supporting him -- which I'm not, but he won't be able to pay FULL rent until April 15, when Gold Walker, my Landlady, must also approve his living here.

LIES, LIES, LIES!!! That is what DEVOUT CATHOLICS ARE FOR (if not molesting children, trafficking drugs, etc.)

I've decided that without asking again or explaining this except here where my siblings are NOT likely to read it, depending on HOW MUCH MONEY they send tomorrow morning, I will DECIDE whether or not to CALL Mike's brother-in-law retried Navy Commander James Iredell Godley's PARENTS -- Larry and Ann Godley -- to let them KNOW my brother's sexual secrets and my Kenan Family's NAZI/Ku Klux Klan SECRETS -- and let THEM decide where THEY stand.

The Kenan and Godley Families together in my brother Mike's house in 2007 -- Cdr. Godley (not yet retired, then) to the right of the framed image

Jim Godley (who REFUSED to respond to my Letter) is tallest -- here seen in Colorado with some of his family, fall 2018.

Jim's wife's FACEBOOK shows they are BOTH HUGE TRUMP/NAZI PARTY supporters!!!

Col. Dottie Newman lecturing Arts and Mythology to some Army Soldiers at the High Museum in 2010 -- the year I knew her.

That same year, leading a tour of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILES. I NEVER saw Dottie Newman with WILD HAIR in real life!!!

Well, at least neither Dottie nor I landed DEAD in this Puerto Vallarta cemetery -- HA!!!

Or "CHRISTIAN" like this fool.


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

RP: COMPLAINT JUST FILED against Wilmington District Attorney Benjamin R. David with the North Carolina State Bar!!! (FINAL edits now included -- before it was Track-Mailed to the NC State Bar):


My computer is so CORRUPTED by hackers, I could NOT get the FORM from the State Bar to go via email, and tomorrow I will print it off (from someone's working printer), and snail-mail it.

>>> Sorry if this is unconventional -- and will cause CONTROVERSY. I CANNOT send this via the NC State Bar's email of PDF, and will print and snail-mail ASAP, but need PROOF all of you have gotten it:

From:    Scott Kenan

To JGrant, lnease, cmcneill, jhensley, richard.d.dietz, mlrjudge, jdkfr61, julian.mann, erepetti, leonardjr, gray.wilson, colonwilloughby, bchristy, amine, jms

Cc scott, breakingnews, ben, scoops, editorial, ari

>>> AFTER FINAL EDITS: NC State Bar Grievance: Against Benjamin R. David by Scott D. Kenan

My complaint against District Attorney Benjamin Randall David of New Hanover County is very complex and begins with Mr. David's actions in 2011, and continues with additional incidences through summer of 2018. I have additional complaints to file against five of the New Hanover County District Court Judges, as well as two lawyers in Wilmington and one in Raleigh. 

Previously, because of the complexity of how certain lawyers and Courts have become corrupted -- and that I am related to and know many of the very financially and politically powerful Kenan Family associated with UNC, I first sent a Letter to all the Board Members of the NC Bar Association as well as the NC State Bar: That because I have even had to flee the USA for a total of about four years, by help of Secretary of State Colin Powell's retired Chief Protocol Officer Army Col. Dottie Newman, and have been debriefed many times by top officers of both the United States and Mexican Military about the Hard-Drug Trafficking of my Kenan Family and others, and publishing things openly keeps me safe. 

ONLY my blog,, and its mirror with wider graphics (begun 1/1/2014), have saved me by making everything transparent, which has gained me many political and legal allies. 1.5 million registered hits so far, 5,040 blog posts to date.

In the spring of 2012, Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo (, 910-343-5400), of New Hanover County, made a deal with D.A. Ben David that if I left North Carolina for at least a year, he would then erase all convictions and charges against me. Jennifer told me Mr. David's Assistant D.A.s had been leaking that he never had any real evidence that I had committed a single crime. I knew it was illegal for the D.A. to hold any charges against anyone without evidence of them (and I had spent over two months in the County Jail due to five arrests on false charges over 1.3 years, but could NOT get compensation, because I fled back to Mexico for more than three more years), but there was no other choice, and as NC Prosecutor Kimberly Overton Spahos (,, told me, "Well it WORKED!" 

Ms. Overton/Spahos had been assigned to help me when I attempted to prosecute Jonathan Deputy for Cyberstalking in summer 2018, but I did not realize I had to have ALL my evidence for trial at the First Appearance -- and I did NOT want to have Presiding Judge Chad Hogston (, 910-772-6612), who had falsely convicted me in 2011 of "Cyber-Stalking" lawyer David A. Nash (, 910-763-4565), when I did no such thing, but had blogged about all the large and small Hard-Drug sales I'd witnessed in Mr. Nash's Costello's (gay) Piano Bar, now defunct, in early 2011, so I dropped that charge, Mr. Deputy soon quitting his position of Property Manager of my apartment, so he had learned his lesson.

I will separately file Complaints against Messrs. Hogston and Nash.

D.A. David was as good as his word on that, and "erased" them all, summer 2013. When I returned to Wilmington from Puerto Vallarta in June, 2015 (after a Mafia Thug tried twice to kill me in one week, then my car was broken into and a FAKE bomb place in it, Puerto Vallarta Police just laughing when I called them to examine it before I touched it, so I packed up and quickly returned to Wilmington), I soon ran into Ben David in person with others in Cousins' Italian Deli, across Third Street from the Courthouse. Ben was very friendly, offered that we should "bury the hatchet", and promised to get VOIDED a false charge of Libel he, via his Legal 

Intern Jeffrey Duncan, who then got a position working for Lawyer Daliah Saper of Chicago (, 312-527-4100), also a Talking Head, then only on Fox News and filed by Jamie Lee Sutherland, then of Wells Fargo Advisors, now of Ameriprise Financial, Chicago (, 312-706-6811), but I was never Legally served, contacted Saper Law that I would NOT be travelling and to serve me LEGALLY, but they did not. And although they knew I was near homeless, they proceeded to Court (I assume claiming that the manager of Mailboxes, Etc., in Puerto Vallarta signing for it while I was actually on a trip in the USA to pick up more of my belongings, was proof that I had gotten it, which I did AFTER the 30-day window of it had expired).

Then I was tried and convicted In Absentia in Cook County, IL Court, with Jamie ONLY asking for $50,000.00 in damages. Jamie had been promoted during this time by Wells Fargo, so I do not know what damages he claimed my blog had caused, but was awarded $500,000.00, copyright to my Tennessee Williams memoir, which established me as the authority on the last two years of Tenn’s life, and Scott Rudin and the producers of all the Harry Potter films had been looking to buy film rights to, so EXTRA valuable to me, as well as to my blog, and every email I write about any of this until I die. Please see attached document.

Also see how I published my memoir in blog format on October 23, 2013, and although Jamie Sutherland knows I did this, I have NOT suffered any consequences. This includes GREAT Professional and Amazon Customer Reviews:

I also ran into Ben David at Bill Clinton’s rally for Hillary on October 26, 2016, and Ben again promised to VOID this Chicago action – but he could not, apparently. I called and spoke with a Cook County Courts Inspector who said if I lived in Chicago with time for Continuances, I could EASILY get it voided – and then sue them ALL for everything – if what I told her was true, but I am still broke.

Google Blogger did NOT believe the Court order served by Chicago Lawyer Rishi Nair (312-375-1573), subcontracted by Daliah Saper, and did NOT turn over my blog to them. suspended sales (I had self-published on Amazon), asking for more proof it was real, but Jamie/Saper Law never sent it, and after six months, Amazon deleted the sales page out of caution, but sent me all royalties that came in. Only Bank of America (controlled by my Kenan relatives, whom I’d already confronted with their crimes), DID empty my accounts of about $800.00 – mostly Disability money that is supposed to be protected from this type of seizure.

In summer of 2017, on my birthday, June 16, after eating at Jackson’s Big Oak Barbecue, a Wilmington restaurant, David Alan Young (910-688-3921,, who had been waiting in the parking lot until I left the restaurant – we had never met or previously seen each other, he going on my 6/ 11” height, which is distinctive, came at me, pushing me backward with his fat belly and claiming I had had rough words with his parents on a recent Sunday, there, and that he knew I was a FAGGOT (I’m totally out gay), and the Christian Bible DEMANDS that Christians murder “All Liberals and Faggots”, which if he had his gun that he usually carries everywhere, he would have shot me dead then, but would get it and find me on the streets and kill me.

I HID (especially due to my height), in my apartment for two months, going EVERYWHERE by car, only. Frankly I had been TERRORIZED and Ben David had made CLEAR that the Law in Wilmington would NEVER protect me. I later decided that between my blogging and emailing Mr. Young copies of those postings with the list of then hundreds of Political Contacts I had emailed it to, I figured HE had learned his lesson, and I have never seen him again – but would have prosecuted him, except that District Attorney Ben David was TOO HOSTILE to me to expect a proper prosecution.

In March 2018, when Jonathan Deputy had spread that I am a child molester, never even knew Tennessee Williams, and that he could and would steal the copyrights to ANYTHING new I write and publish – like his friend D.A. Ben David had already done to me -- I took out the charge of Cyberstalking, published on my blog that I had done that, and the next day, he committed me to the New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital on lies (it took ten days to get out, that time, but only two days, six weeks ago, when a Gastroenterologist committed me while I was under anesthesia while he gave me a Colonoscopy. Dr. Frederick H. Opper did NOT complete that, so I have ANOTHER ONE late this April to get the one remaining polyp!!!). That Summons for Mr, Deputy was apparently KICKED OUT by D. A. Ben David – the Magistrate assured me that she had filed it.

Also, I have three minor surgeries scheduled for the next month, two definitely out-patient and none requiring but a couple of days recuperation. I am so broke, that the hospital’s charity had approved forgiveness of all costs not covered by Medicare. Before this began, I had a four-bedroom house in Stone Mountain, GA – and an Art collection I had to rotate – nearly paid off. Until I discovered that my employer 1990 – 2010, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA, distributes all the Hard Drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida – via my co-worker, Lee E. Gosney, Jr., who had been best friends with my now-deceased father, William Scott Kenan, when Mom and Dad were helping set up the Drug Mafias in Atlanta and here in Wilmington with help of Nixon’s Aide John Ehrlichman and others.

Lee was well known here in Wilmington making the Drug Deals, and because my good friend Evan Fish knew all about Mr. Gosney’s drug deals here – as well as in Maine – Wilmington Police FORCED Evan to jump to his death seven stories in downtown Wilmington, and Sheriff’s Deputies on the scene confirmed to me that the Police had done that. The Wilmington Star News helped with the cover-up, and on February 13, 2017, after I warned Mayor Bill Saffo I was WALKING to his office to demand by “Freedom of Information Act” the FULL Police report on Evan’s death, I was knocked 12 feet out of the crosswalk in front of the Court House/City Hall by a Time Warner truck that ACCELERATED until feeling the impact of 6’11” me in broad daylight. 

Even from THAT I was denied a proper settlement, after lawyer Bruce Mason claimed that ALL Republicans and nearly all Democrats were in the pockets of my wealthy Kenan relatives and he had to FIRE ME, so then a lawyer for my blood cousin Barbara “Bonnie” B. Weyher of Raleigh, gave me only $2,500.00 on a case that all lawyers I spoke with said should get $20,000.00 - $40,000.00 without any problem. My own mother helped force that on me – she refusing to help with a cent then, so I had to take it to pay basic bills, and Lawyer Brian M. Williams first REFUSED to look at most Medical Records my doctors had sent him, then said if I didn’t take the $2,500.00, they would REFUSE to speak to me, and I would get NOTHING. 

Mom, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, is 96, lives in Raleigh (910-231-XXXX), and drives to church and her bridge club every week, but is now slipping a little of mind. We get along, now, if I don’t bring up any of her many crimes against me and the USA. It was in 1990, that two Jews, very successful in Atlanta business, told me my parents were literally America’s TOP NAZIS, and we DID have daily beatings and Swastikas on our dinner china growing up. When I first blogged that in early 2010, the Reiner Family of Hollywood made me an “Honorary Jew”, and the attempts to commit me began!

I will later file complaints against the lawyers I just mentioned (if the Drug Mafia doesn’t kill me in the meantime).

So, I RE-FILED that Cyberstalking charge against Mr. Deputy, and then when we got to Court, Prosecutor Kimberly Overton Spahos and I decided to DROP IT due to the circumstances previously explained.

I am SO TIRED of North Carolina Lawyers, the District Attorney, and many Judges and Police violating my Rights!!! It seems like a RICO situation to me, but we are dealing with Disciplining Lawyers and I have more info if you need it. Mr. David and Defender Jennifer Harjo probably have a lot of these files better organized than I do, but let me know what else you need, and I will find it.

Thank you for what your website and North Carolina Law ASSURE me will be a very THOROUGH Investigation!


Scott D. Kenan


RP: Happy 108th Birthday Tennessee Williams!!! It's a GREAT DAY to Get Back to REALITY!!!


"Tennessee Williams" by Bill Devaul

What is funny, is that Facebook -- which threw me in JAIL for 30 days, yesterday (but I get to see everything, just not comment or add a thing in any way), put this photo up on my feed, saying it was my "most-'loved' image of 2014" -- HA!!!

I've had a friend, Don, who is 6' 4" and now 62 years old on, since about 2006. He's mostly lived in California and runs a successful marketing/advertising company from his home -- and not long after I fled the Drug Mafia in Puerto Vallarta -- to jump into the frying pan with the Christian Churches/Republicans and Democrats Drug Traffickers here in Wilmington -- Don moved to greater Atlanta -- and I had not known, he since then moved back to California. 

The connection well established of the Puerto Vallarta Drug Mafia and the Wilmington, NC Drug Mafia -- by Jennifer McCracken -- whose brother is high in the CIA and the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department, knowing ALL ABOUT former star of BBC radio and TV Colin Stewart Hamilton being murdered by the CIA Traffickers in Puerto Vallarta, where they found the body five hours away -- in the tiny town where "Jade Luz" had moved to. Jade had tormented me for the Gov. of Nayarit State when I lived in Chacala, Nayarit, just blocks from the Governor's house in Chacalita.

"Jade Luz", a METH addict, with his over-fat son when I knew him in Chacala. Jade's LAST lover, had been a Trans Guy whom he slept with for two years BEFORE he lost his penisand left him before that, too.

Don is seriously considering moving to Wilmington -- because he has "relatives who want me to move to Wilmington", and we have been corresponding about this, and here is the latest exchange:

wow., good for you- (refers to my blog that he read a little of and his agreement with my Politics/Spirituality approach, but ESPECIALLY that I am exposing my Kenan Family's crimes.)

and I imagine once they see how big you are they don't disagree with you..? 
( at least not to your face)?! 

And thank goodness you got that new governor-that old one was alienating a lot of tourism to your state... 


what made you move from PV? 

I have some friends here thinking of moving there., but after they checked it out., they chose Palm Springs instead. 

My experiences in Mexico were bad when I had 2 relatives end up in hospitals.. 

My response:

It's not that simple. I've been nut-house committed on lies twice in the last year by a good friend of our super Drug Trafficking Governor Roy Cooper's ally the Dem. NC State Rep. Deb Butler and her Republican co-trafficker -- but Cooper is better in every other way. Six weeks ago one of their friends in the apartment next to me tried to kill me with a gift of PCP-saturated pot, but I got my sight back and picked myself off the floor after half an hour -- and suffered no continuing effects. 

The best friend of the Gov. of Nayarit state told me Jan. 2015 he had to kill me -- to my face in front of witnesses in a cafe. Twice thugs were sent to do it a couple of months later, but I escaped. A week later my car was broken into and a fake bomb placed in it and the Puerto Valarta Police came and were part of it. I packed right up and left. 

But I knew the Gov. of Colima State and my good friend was former President Salinas's best friend and fighting the CIA/US State Dept. Drug Trafficking -- in partnership with Kenan-controlled Exxon and the US Episcopal Church. I've been in touch with former Prez Vicente Fox who previously had worked as an exec of my Kenan family's Coca-Cola, and also knows that my family put now former Prez Enrique Pena Nieto in as Prez -- before putting Trump in here. 

I can't WAIT for Politics to settle down so I can publish books about all my experience, also about Tennessee Williams, whose 108 birthday would be TODAY!!! 

Celebrating Tennessee Williams's 71st Birthday in Chicago, 1982

Photo of Tennessee looking up to me at Artist Mark Beard's Staten Island apartmentThanksgiving, 1981.

This chapter contains that party -- as well as the FIRST HALF of the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors that Tenn and I attended together: REACHED OUT TO ME (on Tennessee Williams's Birthday -- their FIRST contacting me in a few years), to say they have instituted a "new e-Book Quality Dashboard" to help authors with tools for better writing!!! 

AND I just got word from NC Policy Watch that the Board of UNC System has for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, gone TOTALLY REPUBLICAN MEMBERS!!! 

Disgraced former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, a HUGE DRUG TRAFFICKER with agents of the New Hanover County Democratic Party, primarily, was HIRED by my Kenan Family to keep the CONFEDERACY ALIVE on UNC Chapel Hill campus -- after Kenans protected the devout Roman Catholic from PRISON for his Financial Frauds, even letting him keep his Law Licence!!!

One of the ODDEST THINGS that has happened the last two days is that the night before last night, Allie Ryan and her sister Anne Ryan -- both pot and HARD DRUG sellers and users of speed (which I've made landlady Gold Walker aware of), pulled into the parking lot about dusk while I was out smoking a cigarette.

When they saw me, that started talking very loudly about how I am "the CREEPIEST and NASTIEST person in all of Wilmington and a TOTAL SHIT".

Then, one of them spontaneously made up a SONG about MY NASTINESS and sung it as they climbed the stairs to their apartment. I CRACKED-UP -- because it reminded me of the time Robert "Robbie" Trahan had LED everyone in Mercy House Homeless Shelter in HIS made up song, "Bend Over Ben David (cryin' all the time!!!)" --sung to the music of Elvis's "You Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog".

One of Robert Arnold Trahan's many Mug Shots.

District Attorney Benjamin R. David had actually PAID Robbie and his buddy Michael "Jersey" Keogh for info on me:


Ben David had paid cash for "Fairy Tales", a mobile Whore House in a van then plying Wilmington's downtown streets days and nights, to take Robbie and Jersey for a "long ride" -- as well as in New Hanover Regional Medical Center, Ben David and a female assistant D.A. had interviewed Robbie while he was in hospital with an acute-pain complaint -- and told the NURSE to increase the Opiates in Robbie's I.V. -- because he was helping them with info on me!!!

I had an off-and-on sexual relationship with Robbie Trahan, who had introduced me to his close friend LEE -- a HOT, hairy-chested, strappin' "Country Boy", who was then Ben David's long term lover -- so Robbie KNEW that Lee was fucking Ben David in the ASS (hence "Bend Over, Ben David"!!!), and it was LEE, who told Ben David to "Shoot yourself in the HEAD!!!", after we met (Lee fallen off the A.A. wagon and drunk), right after I told the DEA all I then knew about D.A.s Ben and Jon David's Hard-Drug Trafficking.

Later, I ran into Lee, who showed off the late-model pick-up truck Ben David had bought him for CASH, gave him MORE MONEY, and told him to LEAVE TOWN AND NEVER COME BACK!!!

"Pete" here is actually Patrick Addington, and Jonathan Deputy is here:

Anyway, it was HYSTERICAL to me to have Jonathan Deputy's FRIENDS mocking me AS IF THEY ARE PROTECTED by Wilmington Police -- as they have CLAIMED and in fact ARE -- one evening -- and then the next morning, walk into Hardee's and be THANKED and CELEBRATED by a big bunch of US VETERANS!!!:

JUST NOW (right after 1:30 PM), "Kennedy" woke up and we had a serious talk because while he understands all the BASICS he needs, he was ROBBED of having a childhood when he had to quit school at 14 and somehow financially support his mother and younger siblings when their father ran off with another woman.


This is just HUMAN NATURE, but Kennedy has now had 10 days to RELAX, after living for years mostly homeless and outdoors, and it is time for him to get REALISTIC about his goals that are good ones, but require he better manage his money.

He wasn't upset by what I said, but it WAS SOBERING!!!

We'll see how it goes and if after this four-week trial, he becomes my actual roommate.