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RP: How I Cured Myself of Bipolar Illness -- and Other Hoots!!!


Looks like Hillary Clinton is the REVEREND here, no??? Most have probably forgotten, but after losing the Presidential Election, she said she wanted to be a METHODIST LAY MINISTER and she had a LOT OF SUPPORT in that -- HA!!!


Hillary Clinton and Rev. Bill Shillady with “Strong for a Moment Like This” a book of devotionals Shillady and others wrote for Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. PHOTO COURTESY OF REV. BILL SHILLADY

>>> Hillary Clinton wants to be a lay preacher. Here’s what her spiritual adviser says.

By Martha Quillin


1. That I NEED to write a POWERFUL LETTER to District Attorney Benjamin R. David (that I would rather not write -- because I'm TIRED of having to stand up for my Rights when he, who is PAID TO DO THAT, has screwed my Rights and income at EVERY OPPORTUNITY for Jesus Christ his Presbyterian-White-Supremacist God). I'm sorta procrastinating (but under no Time Limit -- since I am BLOCKED from taking Grievances to Court, the NC State Bar, etc.).

2. This week has the Prep for my Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Repair in 12 days -- and I was designated an URGENT CASE, but had to have a Pacemaker installed first -- slowing things by about three months -- so I'm nervous.

That said, I've had a GREAT LIFE, so if I go I have no regrets -- I've made Peace with myself and my God and SCREW all the Racist, Drug Trafficking Christians and their Criminal Churches!!! 

3. Fourth of July is this week, so lots of CRAZINESS ALL WEEK, I'm sure.

4. And then I noticed that this -- my first blog posting EVER -- got more hits today than today's earlier posting, GOOD NEWS is that while that sounds OVERLY EXPRESSIVE like what a MENTALLY ILL PERSON might write, it is ACTUALLY my being BLOWN AWAY by Stephen King's (I'm NO FAN of Horror Genres), book on writing, "On Writing". 

Writers and Lawyers need this book the most -- but since EVERYTHING WE THINK and then DO is because WE ARE WRITING TO OURSELVES (and we silently write what we speak to others as well), EVERYONE can benefit ENORMOUSLY from this book (and learning writing)!!!

So AT LEAST get it from the Library to read (it is short -- and is LESS HORRIFYING than Mr. King's later book):

5. In 1978, when I was first diagnosed with "Manic-Depressive Illness" (now called Bipolar I), one of the symptoms that "PROVED" I had it was that I was diagnosed as suffering from hypergraphia -- which is Latin for "writing too much". That was a REAL SYMPTOM in the medical books.

Some years later, I re-defined myself as a WRITER, and that symptom instantly became a GIANT PLUS for my new vocation -- and NO LONGER meant I was MENTALLY ILL!!!

Now, that was TOTALLY TRUE, but as I have ALWAYS SAID (the last seven or eight years, anyway), even today, remembering my thoughts and behaviors, I really DID have Bipolar I from then until 1992, when I last had any DEPRESSION -- or sleeplessness from "mania". I ALWAYS can fall asleep easily now -- and get plenty of sleep.

So the PROBLEM is that either Medical/Psychiatric Science has it WRONG that Bipolar can't be cured -- or I am a WEIRD EXCEPTION -- or was MIS-DIAGNOSED. And frankly I don't CARE which it is, I'm happy NOT TO HAVE THAT ANY MORE!!!

FUNNY that it was a Canadian Female Drug Trafficker who while holding me hostage for about two weeks in Puerto Vallarta in 2010, was browsing in my Kenan Genealogies, and came across the above info -- that TWO BLOOD KENANS were most responsible for removing Homosexuality from the list of Mental Illnesses -- in 1973.

The PROOF of my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan's DEPTH OF HATRED OF ME, is that even in RECENT YEARS she has referred to my being gay as my "arrested development" that Jesus and NAZI TECHNIQUES (we had Swastikas on our dinner plates growing up -- remember???), would CURE ME!!!

Yes, even as recently as my late January 2019 FALSE COMMITMENT -- my mother and my "has had his own gay sex experiments but can't DISCUSS THOSE" brother, Michael William Kenan, were still pushing to MEDICATE ME TO STUPEFACTION.

Mom, flanked by me and my younger sister Julie, Christmas 2018.

My mother got all her ORDERS on setting up the Drug Mafias of Wilmington, NC and Atlanta, GA -- as well on preparing for the CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS bringing FULL VICTORY in the NAZI TAKEOVER of the USA -- from Catholic Popes, especially John-Paul II, whom Mom met with in Rome at least twice.

And if YOU don't want to believe this -- I understand -- I didn't either. I SCREAMED MY THROAT RAW when I realized how HATEFUL THAT CHRISTIAN BITCH IS and what DAMAGE she has done to the USA for her Catholic Popes!!!


RP: Sunday with Frank Sinatra (who HATED religion, but played Catholic), and with Some TOTAL God-HATING Episcopalians -- Like My Wealthy Kenan Relatives in Chapel Hill, NC / More:


>>> ADDED LATER: STRANGE BUT TRUE: Of my 100 Political Contacts who get EVERY blog posting emailed to them, these THREE block about one in every five I email -- including this one. All are New Hanover County Commissioners, the first two Democrats, and the third Republican -- but NEVER the OTHER County Commissioners!!!

Rob Zapple, Julia Olson-Boseman, and Woody White.

* * *

Sinatra the adulterer

Sinatra had a terrible weak spot for women himself, and in 1938 aged just 23 he was arrested for “seduction” – leading to a famous and dashing mugshot. The charge was then reduced to “adultery” when it was revealed the woman was already married.

Well, here I was on Mulberry Street in Lower Manhattan in 2009 -- hoping some of this would RUB OFF ON ME. Here is a FULL FRONTAL (with side view), to show his full "dashingness":

This article on Frank Sinatra was the SECOND thing I saw online this morning. Sallie Bingham's new blog post was FIRST -- Sallie having lost a whole night's sleep over the image referred to here, before writing it.

Although I SALUTE Sallie Bingham for DESTROYING her family's Publishing Empire decades ago -- partly because her grandfather, Robert Worth Bingham, the second husband of Mary Lily Kenan of Wilmington, NC (after Mary Lily's 1st husband was Henry Morrison Flagler), MURDERED Mary Lily to get the codicil to her will of Five Million Dollars -- just over $100 Million in 2019 dollars -- which was less than 10% of her estate when she died.

Here is what she wrote that I love -- in her latest piece:

Friday during my morning meditation I was blessed to read the esteemed poet Jane Kenyon’s poem after she went to a church supper in rural New England:

She remembers,

“The wonderful smell of coffee in the air
And I found myself among people trying to live ordered lives…
And again I was struck with love for the Republic.”

Coffee at two cents out of five dollars for the growers.

And then I also remember that Sallie Bingham still benefits from the estate of Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, then Bingham, and she is a DEVOUT Episcopalian -- the church that not only is ROOTED in and WEDDED to the Episcopal Confederate Mace kept as Sewanee (out of sight ONLY since 2005 -- thanks to my White Supremacist Kenan Family of Chapel Hill that supports them with at least $100,000,000.00 in gifts that I documented the last 100 years).

And then I only recently learned the DEPTH of the EVIL of the Episcopal Church USA -- they only removed the Seal of the Confederate States of America from All Saints Chapel window at Sewanee/University of the South -- the ONLY Episcopal Divinity School in the Old South -- in October of 2018 -- THREE YEARS after Michael Curry, the Bishop of North Carolina, was elevated to Prelate Bishop!!!

There is a word for Black Folks who have NO SELF RESPECT -- and it applies TOTALLY to Rev. Michael CurryTHREE YEARS for him to have the following window removed, then it was done without warning in the middle of the night:

Now you have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT to believe that Jesus Christ is the literal "Son of God" -- although he was a "Great Prophet". Anyone who knows FIRST GRADE LOGIC knows that the New Testament is the BEST PROOF that Jesus is NOT the "Son of God" -- and here is ONE of many proofs of that since this CANNOT BE RECONCILED in Fact, Logic, or Love:

Well here is ANOTHER NORTH CAROLINA CHRISTIAN stupid enough to buy the Jesus/God Myth -- but SMART ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY GET THE MESSAGE of both Jesus and Muhammad -- as well as the Buddha, and all the other Prophets:

Who could EVER trust a black person who is a "Christian"??? My Kenan relatives were some of the LARGEST HOLDERS OF AFRICAN SLAVES -- and knew that the KEY to keeping them slaves was to TURN THEM CHRISTIAN!!!

>>> TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF GAY PRIDE MONTH -- and what I am PROUDEST of having achieved this month shows in the FOLLOWING GRAPHS OF THIS BLOG!!!:

Please remember, that those in Law Enforcement, Government, the Press, and Privacy Buffs use software to COVER THEIR ONLINE TRACKS, so I have NO IDEA how many actually hit my postings. Both graphs show back to 2008in hits per month, where my FIRST POSTING is from May 3, 2008

Original blog shows earlier peaks when I emailed ALL POSTINGS to 1,500 -- but TODAY, I only email to 100.

New mirror blog with WIDER GRAPHICS, begun 1/1/2014

And here are the TOP HIT Blog Postings of the first Half of 2019. the first two are SO STRONG they landed at #2 and #10 in the list of ALL TIME GREATEST HITS -- the first two to make it so high in the SAME YEAR they were posted since my first report of the CIA murder of Colin Stuart Hamilton in Puerto Vallarta, summer of 2015.

1. This complaint to the NC State Bar came back with Ben David CLEARED -- despite Ben's admitting many of these crimes to me. Then I discovered that one of Ben David's TOP ASSISTANT D.A.s, Alex Nicely, who had briefly been made actual PARTNER by Bruce and Amanda Mason, got TOO STRUNG OUT ON METH, then worked as an Assistant D.A. to Ben David's Republican brother D.A. Jon David, in Brunswick County, before being hired as Counsel by the NC State Bar.

Alex Nicely LOOKS LIKE "the brother from another planet"no??? And here are Bruce and Amanda Mason -- LOL!!! Haven't seen a pouty bitch wearing "F*CK-ME PUMPS" this well in AGES!!!:

Bruce Mason is ANOTHER Lawyer I need to get DISBARRED, and I can see that these God-Hating Christians have made Ben David CHALLENGE PROOF!!!

I don't know what is next, but it will be LEGAL, PUBLIC, and DEVASTATING to these Criminals

2. I also know Richard Poole well enough to know he is SUPER CORRUPT and in the pockets of my wealthy Kenan Relatives in Chapel Hill (as explained by Bruce Mason and others) -- although those Kenans are Republicans and he HEADS the County Democratic Party. 

NEVER expected that a posting on the HEAD of the County Democrats Richard Poole would be one of my most popular ever -- but it is:

3. This one is from a year ago -- but is still WILDLY POPULAR




ALL Abrahamic Religions (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim), believe the world won't be SAVED BY A MESSIAH until it is first DESTROYED!!!

That is what Donald Trump was elected by Christians TO DO -- and is MAINTAINED IN PLACE BY PROGRESSIVE "CHRISTIAN" DEMOCRATS -- who LIKE PELOSI, BIDEN, and OTHER CATHOLIC NAZIS constantly LIE through their ASSES!!!

The BIGGEST NAZIS in both the Republican and Democratic Parties are all ROMAN CATHOLICS!!!

This Catholic Shit -- pretends to be a RELIGION -- but you can't fool ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.


Saturday, June 29, 2019

RP: My "Home Sweet Home" in Fall 2011 -- THANKS to My Kenan Family and Wilmington's "Christian" Power Structure / Today, 3 of 4 Black Businesses on Red Cross Street CONFIRMED that EVERYONE Has Known for Many YEARS that Rev. Clarence E. Shavers Is Just a HUGE DRUG TRAFFICKER!!!


Click image to ENLARGE.

Before it got cold in fall of 2011, I lived (or slept at night, anyway), in the zone behind the upright pillars and the ledge at the very top of the incline. I had NO IDEA that "LOVE IS REAL" had been spray-painted on the uprights.

I lived with about a dozen in this space (males only -- all drunk or high on drugs, and many of them armed), speaking with and befriending only one of them. Actually, he had shown me how to get in out of the weather here -- I met him after observing him successfully offering Cape Fear Community College male students blow jobs -- and he was an ugly, 50-year-old Italian with greasy hair. 

I figured I could LEARN SOMETHING from him -- but I NEVER had the interest in oralizing possibly-illegally young guys (like Mayor Bill Saffo prefers).

When Renee Saffo divorced Mayor Bill Saffo over his thing for YOUNG GUYS several years ago, she had to get a Restraining Order due to his CHRISTIAN, MISOGYNISTIC VIOLENCE!!!

Doesn't MOST violence of men against women comes from CLOSET-CASE HOMOSEXUALS who feel JESUS wants them to be STRAIGHT???

Jesus never said anything on the subject of homosexuality (that we know of) -- ever. But he DID tell his 12 Apostles they had to ABANDON THEIR WIVES AND GIRLFRIENDS to follow him.

OF COURSE they slept together to stay warm on cold winter nights -- and perhaps to have a bit of fun as well. Jesus referred to James as "My Beloved", so that says SOMETHINGno???


1. I went back to check Rev. Clarence E. Shavers' Bethesda Christian Life Church -- and it DOES still have the awning or canopy in front, and it's only windows are covered inside by heavy draperies and outside by a heavy metal mess -- usually associated with protecting valuables in high-crime areas from thieves.

There are MANY other churches within three or four blocks and NONE of them look like Drug Mafia Dens -- LOL!!! So I began walking the neighborhood, and three of the four nearby black businesses (all of them having more than one person working), said that ABSOLUTELY, Rev. Shavers has run HUGE QUANTITIES OF HARD DRUGS through that property -- going back MANY years, and beginning LONG before I was in Rev. Shavers' Mercy House Homeless Shelter, after crawling out from under the 4th Street Bridge/Viaduct when it got COLD, fall 2011.

AND it was when the City of Wilmington gave Rev. Shavers his SPECIAL AWARD paid for by Wilmington's Citizens in fall 2011 -- that I first met and spoke at length with Shavers' HUGE TRAFFICKING PARTNERS Judge James H. Faison III (also a black Christian Minister, like Shavers), and Mayor Bill Saffo.

See more halfway down here: 

2. Also in the neighborhood, is Edward Teach Brewery/Bar -- in a renovated Fire House that is almost OVER the railroad gulch at the bridge I lived under:

They had just opened today, and this is NOT the bartender I spoke with at length yesterday (who seemed to be "askin' for a BJ", but I was too afraid of rejection to offer it then).

Remember, I ran restaurants (most had bars), for twelve years -- and the BIGGEST SECRET of a GOOD BARTENDER is that he or she makes every customer feel like they are about to have sex with them. It makes no difference if they are gay or straight -- THAT is how to MAXIMIZE TIPS!!!

That is the Edward Teach Brewery/Bar to the right of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad gulch -- with an outdoor patio with TWO FIRE PITS, apparently hanging over the EDGE of the gulch. On far right is St. Andrews Presbyterian -- for years now a Music Performance, Weddings, and Cultural Center.

Rev. C.E. Shaver's Church is just two properties down the street:


Inner Core of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group at lunch July 19, 2014. Closest is Charles Quigley of the National Rifle Association (NRA)Malcolm Tanton -- a BIG promoter of the advantages of GMO Foods (who with his wife Joan, both Canadians, NEVER wrote a thing or read it)Andrea, who is back in Austria now and we were in close touch for two more yearsmeStanley Winborne III, originally from Wilmington, NC, and whose family CONTROLLED the Atlantic Coast Line railroad -- then Colin Hamilton -- who was MURDERED by the CIA/US State Department Drug Mafia in summer of 2015, and finally Bonnie Dixon (who with her husband were HUGE SLUMLORDS in Baltimore, MD -- and White Supremacists).

ONLY Jennifer McCracken -- living here in Wilmington, NC -- who Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther SHOT DOWN -- when Jenny took me to Court THIS MONTH (Judge McKee/Luther had PREVIOUSLY treated me like CRAP -- and trampled my Civil Rights in Court), knew the DETAILS of the Kenan/Clinton/Bush/Cheney/Rex Tillerson/Episcopal Church Drug Mafia.

Stanley Winborne "HATED" his son, who as 2nd in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan was in charge of shipping the Heroin back to the USA -- where my employer Patrick Lee Stansbury (who partnered with my own parents in this), distributed from Maine to Florida, especially in the Wilmington, NC and Atlanta, GA areas. 

That time (July 4, 2015), Special Ops flown into Wilmington from the Middle East interviewed me in my Carolina Apartments apartment -- and CONFIRMED that the person 2nd in charge at the US Embassy in Afghanistan is ALWAYS in charge of shipping the Heroin home:

After we invaded Afghanistan because the Taliban FORBID opium production -- threatening the Bush, Kenan, Cheney, Clinton, Christian Churches' flow of REAL MONEY -- Donald Trump HUGELY INCREASED the crop, after Kerry and others cut BACK what Hillary Clinton with Bill had INCREASED under Obama -- for their Bush/Kenan backers -- LOL!!!

Stanley Winborne grew up a couple of doors south of what is now the Graystone Inn at Dock and Third Streets -- -- and HATED that his grandmother who lived in this house called black kids "Pickaninnies"!!! 

Stanley nearly BURST AN ARTERY when I used that word in a piece I read in Writers Group.

4. GOOD NEWS FOR WILMINGTON!!! Chief District Court Judge J.H. Corpening's son Brad Corpening -- who sold LOTS OF DRUGS through his FOUR locations of Chop's Deli -- is now TOTALLY SHUT DOWN!!! 

Brad Corpening with spatula -- and his partner.

What is MOST SHOCKING TO ME is that when I was speaking with Lisa Estep, HEAD of the New Hanover County School Board only eight days ago, she mentioned what a GREAT JUDGE Republican Sandra Ray/Criner is -- DESPITE THE FACT that Lisa Estep has lived in Wilmington LONG ENOUGH to know that Judge Criner's former husband Sherman Lee Criner was a CHRISTIAN SNAKE/DEVIL WORSHIPER, had been CAUGHT ten years ago diddling the vagina of a young girl in Thalian Hall -- but Police talked the girl's father out of PROSECUTING because the Criners were then IN CHARGE of the local Republican Party and were EXCEPTIONAL CHRISTIANS AS WELL!!!

Sherman Lee Criner!!!

Can YOU BELIEVE that someone who supports Christian Molestation of Girls now HEADS OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM???

Well, I don't, but Ms. Estep needs to learn MORE about these GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN BITCHES who sit in Judgement of PEOPLE BETTER THAN THEY ARE -- in COURT!!!

5. The GOOD SHEPHERD's "GOOD NEWS" in today's press:

And BELIEVE IT OR NOT, although Katrina Knight's Good Shepherd Center was KNOWN as the largest distributor of Heroin in Wilmington when I was homeless in 2011 and 2012 (and many other serious crimes as well), and ONLY Mayor Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox, First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza at 5th and Market), and First P
resbyterian (aka the Kenan Cathedral to White Supremacy and Hard-Drug Trafficking), supported them -- of churches. 

Many others originally HAD supported them, but STOPPED when they became KNOWN for the staff embezzling enough funds to buy themselves CARS AND BOATS -- LOL!!!

Judge R. Russel Davis told Katrina Knight EXACTLY WHERE TO GO -- and made CLEAR she should sue me for LIBEL/SLANDER if it were NOT TRUE -- but she CAN'T -- HA!!!

I'm so SICK of GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN BITCHES (includes my mother, Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan, America's FORMER Top NAZI for the Roman Catholic Church -- who set up the Drug Mafias in Wilmington and Atlanta, GA)!!!