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RP: TODAY, Democratic House Members Unleashed Northrop Grumman's B-2 Spirit Bomber on Tennessee Williams's MURDER-PLANNER, Maria (Britneva) St. Just's GRENFELL BANK, now the INTERNATIONAL CORE of DEUTSCHE BANK!!!

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The black, bat-like B-2 Spirit is the silver bullet of US policy, reserved for use against targets of the highest priority.

Maria St. Just in Wilbury Park, the second Palladian home built in England, that she inherited from her husband, Peter Grenfell, the second and last Lord St. Just, as well as his Grenfell Bank (also known as Morgan Grenfell).

I blogged about this just ELEVEN DAYS AGO -- when Democratic Party Leaders FIRST made their attack 

Grenfell Tower was NOT associated with Grenfell Bank (or Maria St. Just), but named after Grenfell Road which ran to the south of the structure. The road itself was named after Field Marshal Lord Grenfell,[2] a senior Army Commander of the 19th and early 20th century.

>>> WHOOPS!!! That would be Maria's husband's FATHER, the FIRST Lord St. Just!!!


"House Democrats are stepping up pressure on Deutsche Bank to access information on President Donald Trump’s multimillion-dollar loans from the institution.

In a letter sent to the bank’s lawyers this week, leading House Financial Services Committee Democrats including California Rep. Maxine Waters rejected the institution’s claims that it could not legally release details of the loans for privacy reasons.

Deutsche Bank has reportedly loaned over $2 billion to companies affiliated to Trump since the 1990s, and it continued to loan millions to him even though he defaulted on one of his loans to the bank.

The German global banking and financial services company agreed in January to pay $630 million to U.S. and British regulators to settle investigations into fraudulent mirror stock trades that Russian account holders used as a suspected cover to launder some $10 billion.

The president’s elder daughter, Ivanka Trump, her husband, Jared Kushner, and Kushner’s mother, Seryl Stadtmauer, are also clients of the bank."

* * *

It is mentioned in Shakespeare's play Macbeth. "Macbeth shall never vanquished be, until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill Shall come against him."

MY only part of this battle was played out in Junior and Senior High in West Chester, Pennsylvania (1963 - 1968), BEFORE we moved to Columbus, Ohio to live across Larwell Drive from Coach Lou Holtz and his wife Beth:

And my parents, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan and William Scott Kenan -- America's TOP NAZIS -- PLANNED much of what has COME ABOUT TODAY under Donald Trump and Mike Pence, my mother getting her ORDERS from every Catholic Pope from Pius XII - Francis I -- except John XXIII and John Paul I.

You see, our house at 1341 Dunsinane Drive, closer to Exton than West Chester, PA, was HIGHEST of ALL on the HILL that Dunsinane Drive climbed, beginning and ending on Ship Road, near Boot Road.

And OUR development was "Birnam Place", which was separated from "Birnum Wood" development, behind us, by railroad tracks through a deep gulch, on which -- round-trip, once daily -- ran a short freight train from Paoli to West Chester, the tracks being in such bad condition that it could only do FIVE MILES PER HOUR (so we often CHASED IT).

The train service was soon enough ended, the tracks were pulled up for scrap, and the gulch filled in.

THUS Birnum Wood DID COME to Dunsinane (in the MODERN ERA)!!!

My SHAKESPEAREAN ADVENTURE -- as I've always called this -- PROBABLY attracted me to work for Tennessee Williams -- wouldn't you AGREE???

And ALSO of note is that my brother Mike RECENTLY reminded me that Mom used to sit me down on a kitchen chair -- in this house -- to BEAT MY BACK when feeling the NAZI CATHOLIC SPIRIT (because I reached 6' 9" before we moved to Ohio when I was 17). We had been using the dinner china rimmed with small, alternating pink and pastel green Swastikas since about 1960, when we lived in Louisville, Kentucky (subliminal MIND CONTROL).

And Bob Jones, my best friend whose SUCCESSFUL campaign for Senior Class President I ran -- and I -- kidded all the TIME about our need to "KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES", I having NO IDEA, then, that the expression originated from the impossibility of anyone throwing more LAVISH PARTIES than those thrown at their "cottage" in Newport, Rhode Island by Sarah and Pembroke Jones (of Wilmington, North Carolina), and Pembroke's MALE LOVER, who accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Jones EVERYWHERE!!! 
THESE special parties were for Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, after she inherited Henry Flagler's ENTIRE ESTATE, and the New York Times declared her "The Wealthiest Woman on Earth".

The only still existing photo showing the THREE "Joneses" together, Sarah then Pembroke, seated to the left in back seat, and Pembroke's lover is driving.

The Jones cottage in Newport.

And Bob Jones, when we got back in touch about four years ago, after having no contact since 1978, also told me: "What I remember, is that you always called your parents "NAZIS" , and when I -- or I and others -- came to pick you up, you'd close the front car door DEFINITIVELYfold up into the front passenger seatheave a big sigh and say 'Make tracks, B.O., the NAZIs are WILD today!!!' " 

And ALSO of note, is that my mother HAND-PAINTED a dining-area (not a separate room)MURAL of Airlie Plantation House with Live Oaks and Spanish Moss at our most previous house on Greenwich Road in Louisville, Kentucky:

And Airlie Plantation was ONE of the Pembroke Joneses' estates  -- on the way from Wilmington to Wrightsville Beach -- LATER most of it developed into the GATED CommunityLandfall, by North Carolina's TOP REPUBLICAN WHITE SUPREMACIST EVERFrank Hawkins Kenan!!!

The Kenan Family TOTALLY controlled UNC Chapel Hill -- which they co-founded in 1789 -- STILL in the 1980s when this photo was taken of the UNC Board showing Frank (front row in white suit), his brother, James Graham Kenan, who HELPED me in 1990, in dark suit and next to him, and Thomas S. Kenan III (behind "Uncle Jimmy") whose former long-term lover, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, I dated in Kenan-built Carolina Apartments in 1985 -- while BLUE VELVET was being filmed there:

ALL I know, is that when I get enough MONEY to GIVE THEM REGULAR SUPPORT, it will be FIRST to the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University!!!:

This is TOTALLY COMPATIBLE with my TOP "Artistic Teacher"Mr. Tennessee Williams:

And ALSO with "Dear Ole Jesus":

I have NOW "RECLAIMED" the Kenan Family Heritage -- and STOLEN KENAN MORAL LEADERSHIP from the wealthyracist NUTS!!!


RP: And This MORNING, the PROOF of MSNBC Being as EVIL as CNN and Fox is IN -- THANK YOU Hugh Hewitt and Self-Hating Homo Thomas Roberts!!!

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First thing this morning, I caught known self-hating gay, Victor Blackwell, and "slutty" Christi Paul give a TOTALLY positive spin to the SAME interview with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, that CNN's two different co-anchors RIDICULED TO HIGH HEAVEN, yesterday morning, early. But their clip of Zuckerberg made OBVIOUS that he's now a CIA MACHINE and has barely a shred of humanity left.

My contemporaneous report of CNN's DERISION of FACEBOOK'S new "Communities Policy" can be found halfway down here

This is HIGHLY reminiscent of when CNN (in early morning reporting), SEVERAL TIMES reported that it was discovered that the FAULT and RESPONSIBILITY for the oil well FAILURE in the Gulf near New Orleans fell SQUARELY on the shoulders of Dick Cheney's HALLIBURTON, then SOON ENOUGH, the Christian/NAZI CIA stepped in and made EVERYONE blame BP!!!

And the CEO of BP was so STUNNED he looked STUPID in his response (and he could NOT fight Cheney and the CIA), so gave up and BP paid all the bills for the clean-up.

Then, I ran into a a HIGH field manager of Halliburton in October 2012, driving back to Puerto Vallarta from picking up a car load of my goods stored in Stone Mountain, GA at Wells Cargo by Hilda Wells. HE GLADLY admitted that EVERY HALLIBURTON EMPLOYEE KNEW that their company was TOTALLY responsible for the FAILURE of that well.

In this brief report (see #4:, I refer also to Gen. Russel Honore' and how in our LAST phone conversation, he cussed me out as VILELY as I have cussed out NAZI/Christians -- because while he KNOWS about my Kenan Family's narco-trafficking in Atlanta/Stone Mountain, he DENIED this report on Halliburton.

Lt. Gen. Honore' is a DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC, so OF COURSE beneath his "Green Army" he supports Catholic NAZISM. Call his cell phone and ASK HIM, like I did: (404) 227-1527. 

Family photo of the journalist Thomas Roberts, married to Patrick D. Abner, famous for MSNBC & NBC.

Before Thomas Roberts got on the air and LIED HIS ASS OFF to a Democratic Congressman who kept CHALLENGING Thomas on how ALL the media -- including MSNBC -- has focused more on the DISTRACTIONS -- from what Donald Trump is REALLY doing (he mentioned the "Bush Pussy Tape" as one of many), and that is MORE than obvious to anyone who has followed ANY news source, even Fox, Mr. Roberts REPEATEDLY LIED about his and other networks' coverage. It was so OBVIOUS that Thomas was QUITE FLUSTERED to lie so BOLDLY, and the Congressman was totally cool and REFUSED to be intimidated by this ignorant FAGGOT, and ended with a simple "Happy to be on with you," and poor Thomas looked like he might have to run to the bathroom before he PEED HIS PANTS -- LOL!!!

Anyway, what had happened FIRST, with Hugh Hewitt -- and it has been WELL-REPORTED that previous Fox Talking Head Megyn Kelly's SECOND INTERVIEW on NBC -- with Alex Jones was STRONGLY BEATEN in ratings by another network's Reality Show RE-RUN -- LOL!!!), is that his interview with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, was not only BORING, but they were just putting out the Donald Trump TALKING POINT that Trump speaks 30-45 minutes DAILY with Pompeo, and is FAR MORE INTERESTED in National Security than Barack Obama, who next to NEVER spoke with James Comey.

And RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE in the US Government was NOT EVEN MENTIONED in the interview (although I was so DISGUSTED, I turned to CNN and was more disgusted, I did NOT see the last part of it) -- LOL!!!

Then "AM Joy" came on, and I felt MSNBC was getting to finally REPORT SOME TRUTH!!! 

MORE GOOD NEWS: Mayor Saffo Mafia member, and my downstairs neighbor, Denise Wood ( -- who has NOT added her apartment number to her address online:, as she PROMISED she would do a week ago so I STOP getting her MAIL. 

And Landlady Gold Walker is SCARED of Denise, who has 43 Felony Convictions as an International Drug Mule, yet STILL is allowed to keep a loaded SIX-SHOOTER next to her bed and is on NO LEASE, but sublets from Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., in apartment 1, "Sam" a BIG supplier of LSD formerly to Dr. Timothy Leary, and his male lover Theodore Druch (in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group 2010 - 2015, a JEW and now married to a CHRISTIAN woman and a BIG CIA Narco-Trafficker there), and Jerry Garcia (Ryan Lee Burris's email address is ", and in my reporting on HIM yesterday, that was REVEALED by Ryan in HIS materials that I copied and pasted into this blog).

Anyway, Denise has two Mexicans painting a portion of the back of this house, and THEY have confirmed that I know EVERYTHING (for a Gringo, anyway), about US CORRUPTION of Mexican Politics -- and AGREE with my assessments of Presidentes Enrique Pena Nieto, Vicente Fox, and Salinas -- as WELL as my knowledge of the Governors of both Colima and Nayarit states!!!

Also, they AGREE that while many Mexicans STILL attend Catholic Mass, Mexicans AGREE that the Catholic Pope -- especially Pope Francis -- is the DEVIL INCARNATE!!!

This morning, I called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, and he STILL has not been contacted by New York Adult Protective Services, DESPITE them promising they would psychologically evaluate him by this PAST Wednesday -- partly to tell him that the guy he sent THOUSANDS of dollars to, Narco-Trafficker and Whores Runner Haston Lavern Caulder II, here in Wilmington, NC, has NOW been scheduled for his TRIALS on five charges in my FAVE New Hanover County Judge R. Russell Davis's Court this coming Wednesday.

Joseph said that he is FINE, and that I need to get over my FANTASY that they will evaluate him or his not-certified-for-occupancy-apartment-since 2013. At THIS POINT, I told him I BELIEVE him now that he has ALL ALONG worked with my immediate family and the CIA to CONTROL ME, and he is NOT "mentally deranged" but a DELIBERATE CRIMINAL, so early next week I will call the Protective Services again, and if NOT SATISFIED, I will report his crimes to LOCAL FBI Agents, here in Wilmington.

ALSO, I did NOT get an answer back from Spectrum Cable's Raleigh, NC lawyer Brian M. Williams, and if I do NOT by Monday morning, I will ESCALATE to contacting Legal Department in Spectrum's Corporate Headquarters about all of this.



Mayor Bill Saffo and three City Councilmen (ALL Demon-Crats), are up for RE-ELECTION this year. Filing begins July 7 -- the SAME DAY as Democrat Party Official (until very recently) Ryan Lee Burris's GAYZALEA at "Vladimir Putin's" KGB club, attached to Wilmington's OTHER "Christian Mingle" club, PRAVDA!!!


So far, only one person has announced intentions to runDeb Hays, who narrowly lost to Paul Lawler, a Democrat, in the last election, they NON-PARTISAN so the top vote-getters win -- I don't KNOW Ms. Hays's Party.

INCUMBENTS , ASSUMED to be running:

Drug Mafia Don, Mayor Bill Saffo

Kevin O'Grady (like me, lives downtown), I know next to NOTHING about him.

Charlie Rivenbark, ALREADY 24 years on City Council,and PROBABLY even MORE CORRUPT than Mayor Saffo!!!

I recently met Charlie Rivenbark in Mayor Saffo's office, and he told me he HOPES a car RUNS OVER MY DOG!!!

Charlie is a PROFESSING SOUTHERN BAPTIST -- can't you TELL???

Earl Sheridan, who is so CAUTIOUS, he REFUSED to support a local ordinance to help KEEP DRUG CRIMINALS out of City Parks. When I met him a YEAR ago -- unlike MOST blacks in Wilmington -- he SUPPORTS CHRISTIAN WORSHIP, despite the New Testament used to ENSLAVE BLACKS.

Friday, June 23, 2017

RP: Vladimir Putin LOVES Two Things Most: His "KGB" and "PRAVDA" (literally: "The TRUTH", The Longtime OFFICIAL MOUTHPIECE of His Communist Party) -- Which Are ALSO the TOP Straight Clubs in Wilmington, North Carolina for CHRISTIANS to Mingle -- Trading "PUSSY AND PILLS" -- NO???

RE-PRINTED from here

Vlad Putin KISSING the Leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, FIRST COUSIN to Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo's Narco-Trafficking St. Nicholas GREEK Orthodox Church.

Father Jon Emanuelson, HEAD of Wilmington's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church -- home to the MAFIA SAFFO BROTHERS of Wilmington.

Yes, folks, I COULDN'T make this up: This afternoon, I got INVITE to join Cape Fear Equality (an LGBTQIAA organization serving Wilmington, the Lower Cape Fear Region and South Eastern North Carolina), led by Wilmington's OWN Ryan Lee Burris, for GAYZALEA 2017, at KGB club, downtown:

At President Putin's FAVE "KGB" club -- at this VERY HOUR as I type (but on July 7):


Gayzalea Hour at KGB!

 · Hosted by Cape Fear Equality

Ryan Lee Burris -- until RECENTLY (due to my blogging about it), was Gov. Roy Cooper's TOP DEMOCRATIC PARTY NARCO-TRAFFICKER in Wilmington -- and THIRD Vice Chair of the New Hanover County Democrats:

Gov. Roy Cooper on left, Ryan Burris on right, sandwiching Ryan's long-time lover, Wes Taylor.

KGB entrance on Princess Street

KGB Wilmington SHIELD

Pravda is in the SAME BLOCK as KGB, and they PROBABLY connect through at the BACK of their interiors (their ASSHOLES)!!!

Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil (think our former TOP EXECUTIVE Rex TillersonSect. of State for the USA, now), has been CONTROLLED by my Kenan Family of North Carolina since Henry Flagler left his last wife, Mary Lily Kenan more stock than John D. Rockefeller ever owned!!!

Translation from the German: "The Church, Today"