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RP: My Letter Sent to Monica Lewinsky Electronically as Well as by US MAIL / I'm Back in Contact with Some REAL FRIENDS in Cape May, NJ!!!

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Monica Lewinsky from her Facebook Page.

Monica Lewinsky
c/o McKenzie Cunniff
APB Speakers
One Gateway Center
Suite 751
Newton, MA 02458

November 13, 2018

Dear Ms. Lewinsky,

I spoke this morning for 6.5 minutes with Ms. Cunniff, who was entirely charming and promised to get this missive on to you. So, after that amount of time, she should be able to give you an honest assessment of whether I am crazy or not, since I imagine some of what I have to tell you will be hard to believe (or maybe you already know it).

And I found how to send this to APB Speakers electronically – but will still drop a hard copy with my signature in the US Mail as well.

While you worked for President Clinton, I have only been in the same room with him -- without our meeting – as I was with President Kennedy, when my mother took me to his Presidential Campaign event in Louisville, KY when I was in 5th grade – but I LATER got to know Jackie Kennedy Onassis well -- as well as all of JFK’s sisters and their families, even visiting some of their homes, while I was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams. I also got to speak with Ronald and Nancy Reagan at a 1981 White House party, and seven years ago, met many of Frank Sinatra’s heirs here in Wilmington, NC, and Patricia Sinatra told me how she sold control of their Bank of America to my Kenan Family’s NationsBank – and now HATE the Kenans for turning it NAZI and to support Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (a slight stretch in Time).

I am also connected to former President Vicente Fox of Mexico – the LOUDEST President ridiculing Donald Trump – Fox’s grandfather, like me, was originally from Cincinnati, and he worked for my Kenan Family as a Coca-Cola Exec, before he became a Politician. I have been debriefed many times by top Officers of both the US and Mexican Army, Marines, and Special Ops about my Kenan Family with our Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson, www.theKAG.com, Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church (that also murdered Tennessee Williams with Republicans, and corrupted elements of the FBI and CIA – as Jackie Onassis warned us would happen at a party January 11, 1982 – to steal his Estate from Harvard, which they did).

The bottom line is that Bill and Hillary Clinton actually work for the BUSH/CHENEY/KENAN alliance for White Supremacy and Drug Trafficking. My last date was with Bush cousin Bill Toups, and we were up all night discussing the Kenan/Bush Alliance that has gone on for decades, Prescott Bush having made the initial Bush fortune by investing in Hitler’s War Machine.

But, amazingly, I know Kathleen Kinkade, who claims also to be Jewish and that your grandfather was accountant to her family years ago (or possible vice-versa), when you were both quite young, and that was when she knew you. She also told me that her family DEVELOPED Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital in El Salvador and Mitt took it from them and her family members are all now in Prison in that country for financial frauds and Mafia activity. But a year or so ago, I contacted Mitt and Ann Romney and they got Mitt’s second cousin (by gay marriage, the blood Romney, Douglas Wayne Romney, soon dying), Bill Romney – who had taken to harassing me severely – to immediately quit it.

And AFTER speaking with Ms. Cunniff, I learned from MSNBC that you are participating in a serialized TV piece on Bill Clinton. GOOD FOR YOU, and I KNOW that takes courage. I’m sure you have suffered much HELL over the years for your past – but also have learned from it and grown. You look better NOW than back then, in my opinion!!!

I was made an “Honorary Jew” in 2010 when I first blogged, that in 1990, I learned from top Jews in Atlanta where I lived that my parents were America’s TOP NAZIS, and I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings. My parents’ best friends included Nixon aide John Ehrlichman (with whom they set up the Christian Drug Mafias of Wilmington, NC and Atlanta), Sean Hannity’s top people, Coach Lou Holtz, Newt Gingrich, etc.

My mother conveyed Pope Francis’s command for Republicans (they all seem to be becoming Catholics, no???), to shut down and then re-open government in 2013, and Mom got orders directly about setting up Drug Mafias and other things DIRECTLY from Pope John-Paul II, whom Mom met with one-on-one in Rome, at least twice.

Because I would not shut up, beginning in 1978 while I was still a founding partner in www.WhalesTaleCapeMay.com, Mom worked with my partners (also Denison University alums), Charles Octavius Pritchard and Hilary Ann (Russell) Pritchard to commit me to a mental hospital and then FORCED to take Lithium Carbonate for 31 years, which NO OTHER country allows to be used more than several weeks, as a “soft lobotomy”, and when my shrink took me off because in eight years she NEVER saw a sign of Bipolar in me, my mind came back gradually over about five years.

Now, I REALLY won’t shut up -- and work DIRECTLY with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ (now of Baton Rouge), Rob Reiner of https://investigaterussia.org/, and even have Rob’s Admin’s number on speed dial, David Frum, my former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who was run out of the House by Clinton Democrats after she filed Articles of Impeachment against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and three others for CAUSING “9/11” with their business partners, the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families.

Imran Anwar, “Father of the Internet in Pakistan”, www.Imran.com, who was a Talking Head on both Fox News and CNN at that time, told me that EVERYONE at both those networks knew that Bush/Cheney (meaning ALSO my Kenan Family), planned that together, and it is TOO BAD that American Christians are TOO DAMNED STUPID to care – REALLY!!! I have our Facebook conversation of that captured!!!

I met George W. Bush’s TOP Drug Money Launderer, Martin Lamb, in Colima, Mexico about five years ago – and he spilled the BEANS when he heard I was a North Carolina Kenan, so ASSUMED I had tons of money to launder too: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2012/09/martin-lamb-george-w-bushs-self.html.

So, DON’T take any flak from the DAMNED CHRISTIANS!!! Yes, there are many good ones too, LTG Honore’ is a devout Catholic and sits on the Board of a Catholic Charity in Atlanta that I have given money to.

My memoir of working for Tennessee Williams – with both professional and Amazon customer reviews – can now be read for free here: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/.

This Letter will be published on my blog here: https://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/11/letter-sent-to-monica-lewinsky.html, and then emailed to my current list of about 90 Political Contacts, mostly in the Press, Law Enforcement, and "Friends of Tennessee Williams”.

I think you might get a SPECIAL KICK from my confronting John Boehner – whose closest co-strategist, Coach Lou Holtz, lived across from my family on Larwell Drive in Columbus, OH 1968-69, and for his and his wife Beth’s help with Mom’s Swastikas, she got him his first Dream Job, at Notre Dame soon after that. Mom also got her brother, Robert John Meyer, DDS, on as Official Dentist to the Fighting Irish at that time, but when Uncle Bob allowed my cousin Janet “Jan” Meyer to marry the Jew, Kim Opperman (they had two children one going through full conversion to Jew), she worked with a Veterans’ Hospital in Lower Mississippi (now closed), to murder him with double strength Lithium Carbonate. I still possess Mom’s handwritten notes on how that guarantees “chemically-induced diabetes”, which Bob died of slowly as his extremities were one-by-one amputated.

I TRIED to get CNN to know about it, but they REJECTED my email at that time: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2014/05/email-to-drew-griffin-of-cnn-my-nazi.html.

I’m sure you are too busy to write or call me, but if you SHARE this with the Bill Clinton movie producers, THEY might be interested. My cell phone is (910) 200-XXXX, but my carrier, AT&T, has NOT allowed me to answer any calls unless I am already speaking to someone else. MANY claim when calling me they get recordings that it is NOT a working number, but I THINK – now that I am working also with top NC State Prosecutors to BUST my Kenan Family, the CIA might soon relent and let me use my phone the way I PAY to use it!!!

I CAN get voicemails and see the number that calls – and call back.

ALL BEST, and CARRY ON for Liberty, Justice, and Opportunity for ALL!!!

Scott Kenan

I received a RECEIVED RECEIPT from APB Speakers at 4:48 PM, their business day ending at 5:30 today!!!


Senator Cory Booker leaving www.WhalesTaleCapeMay.com just about a year ago.

Tennessee Williams bought his sister, Rose, a crystal at Whale's Tale, late 1981!!!

Charles Octavius Pritchard and Hilary Ann (Russell) Pritchard, my founding co-partners, who HATING HOMOSEXUALS and being GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS, conspired with my mother and Hilary's mother, Barbara Russell (who paid FEALTY to my mother, her husband a DRUG COMPANY EXEC) to commit me to Anchora State Hospital (later transferred to "The Institute" at University of Pennsylvania), to SOFT LOBOTOMIZE ME on Lithium, STEAL my share of ownership for only $20,000.00, and gloss over Chuck's REAL BOYFRIENDBrad Wernle, also a Denison grad -- and Brad NEVER MARRIED!!!

Brad Wernlewriter of note on Automotive Issues for Crain Publications, is now retired.

Cape May people I actually LIKE!!!

Pam Hobbs (the last woman I ever slept with -- BEFORE she got "The Munchies" -- WITHOUT SEX -- during two hurricanes, one in Cape May, the other in Key West, where she is an artist and still lives: https://7artistskw.com/Pam-Hobbs_c9.htm), and Sue Hobbs, her sister (Down Home Crafts Cape May's website is now for sale), whom I knew BEST!!!

Earlier today, I left a 5.5 minute message on Sue Hobbs and her husband Phil Dietz's home phone. 


RP: Of My Friend David Hockney, My Hero Monica Lewinsky, and "Potato-Head" Donald Trump:

RE-PRINTED from herehttps://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/11/of-my-friend-david-hockney-my-hero.html

"Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)" (1972) by David Hockney Credit: Courtesy Christie's

Well, this painting is expected to fetch the highest price for a painting by a living artist -- about $80,000,000.00 -- and while I can't say I knew Hockney well, I certainly had fun with him at Virgil Thomson's 85th Birthday Party in 1981, at the FIRST New York party I ever attended with Tennessee Williams, and also met Ethyl Merman and many others, including Meryl Streep (for the first of many times):

Also, speaking of Art Dealers, WHAT'S UP with my FAVE ALLY while I was homeless in Wilmington, NC, Terry Espy, and her NAME???

Now, Head of MoMentum Properties and the Downtown Business Alliance, my friend who MIGHT still be in the "closet", Andrew James, interviewed her for WWAY -TV3 yesterday, called her "Terry Sanders" -- and her Facebook page lists her as "Terry Sanders Espy".

Perhaps she got divorced.

Andrew James actually BROKE the story of the Pit-Bull Mauling of a young girl next door to me on Spofford Circle -- that SOON FORCED authorities to KICK one of the LARGEST Hard-Drug-Trafficking operations OUT -- DESPITE Sheriff Ed McMahon, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, AND the FBI protecting that Drug Operation!!!

TV-3 ALSO published house-owner Sherry Hall Spivey's MUG SHOT, but little FAGGOT Andrew James REFUSED to report a THING about my Kenan Family running the Drug Mafias, my parents setting them up here and in Atlanta years ago, and the REASON for that is that when I first got back to Wilmington in 2015, I met a top producer of WECT TV-6, who told me that ALL the major media in Wilmington had decided when they heard I was back in town that NONE OF THEM would EVER report on me or anything I claim . . . 

 . . . until one OTHER of them reports on me, and THAT IS CHRISTIAN THINKING!!!

Kevin Maurer, who wrote No Easy Day about the assassination of Osama bin Laden was Head of the Star News's City Desk, and for the CIA made certain the Hard-Drug Trafficking here was protected -- as well as interviewing me by phone just after I fled from D.A. Ben David back to Political Exile in Mexico, spring of 2012 -- AGAIN for the Christian CIA:

Li'l Kevin Maurer STILL reports for the Star News, occasionally, most recently a few months ago.

Benjamin Schachtman, a top Editor of Port City Daily (seen with his wife), ALSO protects the Christian Drug Mafia. This is TYPICAL POSTURING of CRACK ADDICTS.

Less than a year ago, Ben was excited to MEET ME, and had invited me to a bar for a beer or two -- until he LEARNED HE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO, and since THEN has blocked me wherever he can!!!

An OLD photo of Harper Peterson on right with Mayor Bill Saffo's BIGGEST partner in Christian-Democrat Drug-Trafficking (and who HOPES I get a dog and it's run over by a car) City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark.

I only want to say that I fully SUPPORTED Harper's successful campaign as our NC State Senator -- and last night Harper sent out the BEST WRITTEN THANK YOU LETTER to all his supporters -- there was only ONE small typo in its very last line!!!

And wrapping up the local elections, I should mention that even NOW -- a week AFTER the election, MORE PEOPLE have searched "Sandra Alice Ray Criner", the Republican Christian Judge who violated my Civil Rights the MOST in 2011 and 12.

Judge Sandra went down in FLAMES running for NC Appeals Court Judge -- trailing her two opponents by a HUGE GAP as she "fell into the toilet".

And speaking of Republicans and "Christians":

Donald Trump's doppelganger has been FOUND -- an Hispanic female POTATO FARMER!!!

AND Monica Lewinsky is BACK IN THE NEWS!!!

As Readers all know, Monica's childhood friend Kathleen Kincade, whose family SET UP Mitt Romney's BAIN CAPITAL in El Salvador as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, then Mitt took it away and all of Kathleen's FAMILY are now convicted and serving PRISON TERMS in El Salvador. 

After FAILING in her venture of "needless needle-less acupuncture" near Miami, Florida, and later just up the North Carolina coast, Kathleen spent about 1.5 years living in Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington -- a MAJOR DRUG TRAFFICKER with the local Christian-Democrats, but about a year ago, moved away and DISAPPEARED!!!

So I spoke at great length with young Admin McKenzie at Monica's SPEAKERS BUREAU in Newton, MA, and had her in STITCHES telling about all my KENAN Family has corrupted, and how I have LOTS to tell her of the BACK-STORY of Bill and Hillary Clinton. And she will be CERTAIN to get my Letter to Ms. Lewinsky!!!

Some parting thoughtswhile I prepare to write and send that Letter:

What Christian/CIA/FACEBOOK hath wrought!!!


Monday, November 12, 2018

RP: My Letter Just Emailed to Janis Ian:

RE-PRINTED from herehttps://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/11/my-letter-just-emailed-to-janis-ian.html

Janis Ian with a Grammy.

November 12, 2018

Dear Ms. Ian,

My name is Scott David Kenan, and my freshman year at Denison University (1969-70), my friends and I used to sit around smoking pot and listening to your music, religiously. I’m a Political Blogger, and this morning, I got an image you posted to Facebook (I think to “Firesign Theater”, which we also listened to “religiously” back then), to use heading my earlier blog posting today – the one of the Zen Awards of nothing. Only then, did I realize I’d gotten it from you, immediately checked out your Facebook page and website, and found your quote of my former employer Tennessee Williams’s WORDS about YOUR work, and I melted into a pool of tears of JOY faster than the Wicked Witch of the West!!!

There is so much I could tell you, but I imagine you are very busy – but I’ve gotten 1.4 million registered hits to my blog so far, I not only telling the TRUTH about Tennessee Williams and his murder by the Episcopal Church, with Republican Party, and corrupted elements of CIA and FBI – just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned us at Jean Babette Stein and George Plimpton’s party on January 11, 1982, but later, I discovered that my Kenan Family had a hand in the murder too.

I’ll give some links for more info in a minute – should you (or a friend of yours), care to take a look -- but here is my memoir of working for Tennessee that John Lahr and others have said established me as the authority on the last two years of Tenn’s life, including professional and Amazon customer reviews from when I sold it. Now free to all in blog format, here: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/.

I have to tell you a few things about James Grissom, whom I don’t believe I ever met. I’m CERTAIN that Grissom met with Tennessee at least once, but when I researched his book Follies of God -- and even engaged him in email (until he blocked me), his claims of WHEN he met with Tennessee included times when Tenn and I were in New Orleans in spring of 1982, and there was NO WAY Tennessee spoke to him then. And Grissom claims the two of them met three times in late 1982. I was not there then, but Tenn’s friends have all said he was by then in NO CONDITION to speak rationally with anyone at all anymore—they had tried.

It was HORRIBLE the way they slowly poisoned him until John Uecker eventually smothered Mr. Williams with a pillow.

But THAT SAID, and several of the Williams scholars I’ve discussed this with agree, James Grissom interspersed a LOT of things in his “interviews” that he simply made up, are factually inaccurate, and NO WAY in anything NEAR the voice of Tennessee Williams – but the GOOD NEWS is that the quote you published is ABSOLUTELY in the voice of my old friend, so I am SURE it is one of Grissom’s HONEST PUBLISHED THINGS!!!

My own accomplishments include, after tying top score in College Boards for my large academic Pennsylvania high school – math/science emphasis -- I changed majors sophomore year to Art, and before graduating in 1973, had won a US State Department contest and my Art prints were hung in 30 US Embassies and Consulates around the world. 

My first BUSINESS venture after college, was co-founding www.WhalesTaleCapeMay.com, with two other Denison grads, who got married, and forced me out, so I sold cheap in 1978, but Chuck and Hilary still own it.

Anyway, since I first blogged that I learned in 1990 that my parents were America’s literal TOP NAZIS (we grew up with Swastikas on dinner plates and my parents’ best friends are now top Republicans), and then first published that on blog in 2010, my personal friend Jonathan Reiner (first cousin to Rob Reiner, and has his own Emmys now, too), made me an “Honorary Jew”, my family tried to commit me five times in one month, and then Col. Dottie Newman, retired Chief Protocol Officer to Secretary of State Colin Powell – a close friend in Atlanta – got me to most of five years of Political Exile in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where five times I was held hostage by Drug Mafia in 2010 – including by two sons of El Chapo Guzman.

Today, I live in Wilmington, NC, where my Kenan Family first landed in the 1730s, co-founded UNC Chapel Hill, and in 1913, inherited more Standard Oil stock from Henry Flagler than J.D. Rockefeller ever owned. Kenans today control Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, Kenan Advantage Group, Coca-Cola, the Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church, Republican Party, and “Clinton Democrats” – and Kenans run the Hard Drug Trafficking virtually worldwide with the Exxon/CIA partnership with the US State Department.

The Kenan Family put Trump into power (the Protestant branch are Klan members, while my Catholic branch are NAZIS), to destroy the Constitution and replace it with Totalitarianism, and ALSO for Kenans to profit by Kenan companies developing Kenan best friend Vladimir Putin’s Oil Reserves. I’ve been blogging all this for YEARS – and finally it is having some good effect.

Although I wanted to become a Jesuit priest in junior high, I gave up all of that by end of high school, and later became a Trained Practitioner of Science of Mind, studying under the President of Religious Science, Int’l in the 1980s, and under Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross as well.

In the last month, I have worked DIRECTLY in contact with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ (who knows the Kenans run the Atlanta Drug Mafias with Christian Churches). Rob Reiner of https://investigaterussia.org/, David Frum, and my former Congresswoman and personal friend Cynthia McKinney, who filed Articles of Impeachment against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and three others for CAUSING “9/11” – then was run out of the House by the Drug-Trafficking Clinton Democrats, who worked for Bush/Cheney, and through them for my Kenan Family.

My last date was with George Bush’s cousin, two years ago, and we exchanged stories all night of our Families’ crimes together over many decades in White Supremacy and Hard-Drug Trafficking (pot is medicinal and my doctors have me on it – just a little at night. Good for editing but terrible for initial writing).

My parents set up the Drug Mafias of both Wilmington and Atlanta with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well), and others, including Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, and CNN and the Atlanta Journal/Constitution protected it then. I have documented ALL of this extensively on blog and hold much physical and electronic evidence as well.

Even rather recently, the “Republicans” (and the Democrats of Wilmington are nearly as corrupted), had a TOTAL FOOL, Jonathan Deputy (sounds like a Sheriff’s employee, but he’s not), commit many crimes against me, including committing me to the Nut-House on lies in March 2018, but when I got the Chief Judge to give me the detailed commitment papers, it PROVED Mr. Deputy committed SEVERAL crimes.

Well, they are all afraid of me now. I am now connected to the TOP Prosecutor of North Carolina sent here to BUST the Churches and Politicians of Wilmington – and other Patriots as well. No arrests yet, but my friend, playwright Del Shores (think Sordid Lives – several movies and a two-year-running TV series), told me that in HIS Texas town, nearly EVERY Christian Minister and Politician of both Parties eventually landed convicted and in prison – so we will SEE what happens when Authorities are ready to move, and I’ve been a HUGE help to them.

Sorry I have been so long, and here is a link to my blog where THIS Letter will be published here: https://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/11/my-letter-just-emailed-to-janis-ian.html.

Hit the header at top to go to most recent posting.

BTW: I sang Basso Profundo in the Puerto Vallarta Gay Mens Chorus for a while, four years ago.

ALL BEST to you – I feel like I could talk with you forever, and expect that once Politics has cooled a bit, I will make a fortune writing about my Kenan Family and Politics, as well as Tennessee Williams and the MANY connections he has to my family – and YOU, now, as well!!!



RP: Facebook -- While Still Reviewing My Appeal -- Has Allowed TWO Facebook Christian Whores with FULL PUSSY & DORK Photos to Try to FRIEND ME in the Name of Jesus Christ the HATE GOD!!!

RE-PRINTED from herehttps://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/11/facebook-while-still-reviewing-my.html

I am STILL allowed to monitor Facebook, capture things from it, etc. Just not post, comment, "Like", or INITIATE a friendship request -- but I have been getting MANY requests from Facebook Members who send the trashiest photos, but Facebook kicks me off for CRITICIZING FACEBOOK and for posting a male nipple made by tattoo to look like a tiny little penis -- LOL!!!

But BEFORE I get to that -- and I am going to post today's photo -- so WARNING: PRURIENT MATERIAL BELOW!!! -- I want to say the BEST thing happened this morning when I snatched the above image from Facebook -- then realized it had been posted by a TOP HERO from freshman year at Denison University when all my friends and I sat around smoking pot and listening AD NAUSEAM to Janis Ian (like me, born in 1951)!!!

And LOOK what Janis posted on her Facebook page and Website about Tennessee Williams -- I will NEXT have to WRITE HER DIRECTLY!!!

It was even more special because I was able to show them the quote from Tennessee Williams about my own work:

Janis Ian today.

Because I'm so eager to write Janis Ian, I'll complete this quickly. My Readers should ALSO KNOW that I have found the email address for Facebook's LEGAL DEPARTMENT and after they finish considering my APPEAL to being kicked off -- regardless how that goes (and I won't wait longer than a second day, they replying within 24 hours to my first appeal), I will write to THEM and send these images below.

In June 2018Facebook REFUSED to allow me to post this meme of Frank Sinatra DISSING religion!!!

Me and Frank, December 21, 2012 -- on Mulberry Street in Little Italy, NYC.

This morning I was THRILLED to discover that yesterday's Letter emailed to my North Carolina Representative Deb Butler got HUGE REGISTERED HITSover 230 of them in the FIRST HOUR after I posted it -- and I presume those mostly from Deb's District, mostly Wilmington and some SWAMP LANDS across the Cape Fear River:

FIRST, the two things Facebook says violate their rules and WHY they are kicking me OFF for a month -- the TENTH TIME within 24 months:

Scott Kenan shared a link.

About this website

Despite efforts to debunk "white genocide" theory, Facebook sold advertisers ability to market to users with interest in the myth just days after bloodshed.

GOOD THING I screen-captured this from my AOL.com email!!! Just NOW I discovered it has DISAPPEARED FROM THERE -- thanks to CIA/Christian HACKERS -- LOL!!! 

I get FIVE PER WEEK of similar Christian Girls showing FULL SEX IN PROGRESS, but I am NOT Christian (or a heterosexual), so FACEBOOK kicks ME OFF -- but NEVER THEM!!!