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RP: Today, Everyone Is Googling: "Is Kenan Gay???" (Is the Pope Catholic???)

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Lord, I HOPE so!!!

>>> WHAT A SURPRISE THIS MORNING to find that my blog is being found by the simple question, "Is Kenan gay?" -- probably because no one can remember how to spell his last name, "Imirzalioglu" -- which I won't attempt to PRONOUNCE!!!

And I imagine MOST Americans, Canadians, other English speakers -- and maybe even the French in the Bastille -- have no idea who this guy is, but much is in English. He's an actor in Turkey, so his sexuality is UNDER CLOSE SCRUTINY -- after he did this:

Kenan Imirzalioglu

Never be ashamed of having a crush on Kenan Imirzalioglu  
Turkish actor (Famous from Deli Yurek)
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Kenan Imirzalioglu ranks No. 1,006 among the Most Man-Crushed-Upon Celebrity Men, and ranks 1,869th among all celebrities on the Top Celebrity Crushes list.
He was named one of The 200 Hottest Middle Eastern MenTop 100 Most Handsome Middle Eastern Men by our Man Crush Monday bloggers.
Kenan Imirzalioglu is straight. He is a masculine guy. Are you gay for him? Go ahead and check out the pictures below -- so hot! He has black hair. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium black hairstyles & haircuts.

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continuing . . .

THIS ENTIRE POSTING is now FROZEN above the dot just above this sentence!!!

And while I was in the middle of putting this together, two PENTACOSTAL MISSIONARIES (who spoke good English), tried to convert me at my front door.

When I realized what those turds were up to, I chased them off -- not just CUSSING up a storm, but claiming my mother is the ASSISTANT CATHOLIC POPE, and I ALREADY have enough CHRISTIAN SWASTIKAS!!!

In earlier years (that I remember), my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan was called "Blondie".

Here she is from a few years ago:

But she never taught me what to do -- with a man in a FEZ!!!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

RP: The Strange Journey of Scott Kenan's 1969 B. Reed Henderson High School (West Chester, PA) Class Ring -- JUST REMEMBERED!!!

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OK, I couldn't find the right model online -- but this is correct year, although it might be a SUPER-BOWL ring, or some-such. (OK -- World Series -- of a game played by LYING American teams, so NOT "World" -- LOL!!!)

My own ring, size 10.5 and 12 carat gold with real Garnet was nearly as big as this.

>>> HERE'S THE FUNNY THING: We got our rings during junior year, and at the end of that we moved to Columbus, Ohio for my senior year, but I wore it at Whetstone High School there, anyway.

That is, until my parents told me that Ed and Genny Malikowski had called, wondering if I'd let Mike Malikowski -- the same one mentioned here:, have my Class Ring to wear his senior year at Henderson High.

You see, gold had taken a big jump in price, and Mike didn't really have the money to buy one at the higher prices, so I let him borrow it, forgot about it -- and then after I graduated college, Mike somehow got it back to me!!!

It is one of the things I let go of in my panic to leave Stone Mountain, GA in 2010. Had I THOUGHT, I would have gotten at least scrap-gold prices for it. But here's the kicker: given the meaning of my class (69), if Mike WAS in co-fellatio with EITHER men or women -- it would have added an extra dimension. All I'm CERTAIN of, is that our fingers are both the same circumference -- so likely, so are our dicks.

And that is the general impression I got the day he made his pass (but he's LONGER than me!!!)


1. Testosteroni misread my blog and thought I was annoyed and angry with Dean Hansell -- because of not yet directly connecting. That shows the thinking difference when one is injected over long periods with POWERFUL MALE HORMONES!!! 

He can't imagine that is a problem (a trait shared by BOTH legal and illegal drug addicts) -- but then he ALSO can't explain why he's advised me to allow people already proven to be trying to kill or otherwise harm me into my house -- and laughs about it later.

He just QUIT smoking cigarettes -- with little difficulty, so I assume he's NOT a fan of DRUG ADDICTION, but he talked a physician into injecting him for years now with no medical need for it. What the hell would HE claim he is???

It doesn't matter. I ignore his thoughtless attempts to murder me. He doesn't mean to, but he DOES prove:

2. I completely forgot to mention, that I saw a wiry old man in very colorful clothing that showed to particular advantage against his African complexion, nearly a week ago in Costco. He was dithering over whether to buy a pack of fresh scallops, and I used to pack fish and scallops, crabs and lobsters at Cold Springs Dock in Cape May, New Jersey, while Chuck Pritchard and Hilary Russell and I were starting back in 1974.

I immediately remembered the now long-forgotten (or never reported anymore, anyway), scandals of MOST scallops sold in the USA being cut out of FISH -- and not scallops at all. And so we spoke about all of that -- I assuring him that Costco is too good to sell false scallops, so he DID choose them.

But then we began talking, and he's visiting from New York City -- and LOVED all my LONG description of my politics. As I wrapped up and we were parting, he said, "I'm a good friend of Colin Powell" -- but nothing more.


My job, now worked by a short little Mexican -- old White Grizzlies STILL doing the sorting!!!

3. I met an American woman today, who is a citizen, and has a US PASSPORT showing she's a citizen -- but told me that US IMMIGRATION kicked her out of the USA repeatedly -- and last time took her passport when they deported her -- but she claims the US State Department (that issues passports), HAS NO PROBLEM WITH HER.

This sounds quite bizarre to me -- but then the US Government seems more and more to be CHOKING on all the "CHRISTIAN" BULLSHIT of white people -- especially Liberals, the biggest HYPOCRITES in the WORLD!!!

Conservatives will TELL you they hate you and anyone not like them -- TO YOUR FACE!!!

She has my contact info, so I hope she contacts me as I have some good ideas for her -- if she's real.

4. I see that Robin Avery (a male), from Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (the guy who told me TWO women "polish my knob in the mornings", yet when we first MET, he claimed he has a STRONG affinity for Tennessee Williams's character Brick Pollitt -- known for his severe problem with alcohol -- and his homosexual tendencies (and likely experiences).

Brick Pollitt

The first time he went to lunch with some of us, he hid his beer outside, and I followed him out mid-meal to smoke a cig as he guzzled beer -- and he immediately stretched backward exposing not only his blond BUSH -- but the top of his SHAFT!!!

The NEXT time he joined us, he referred to gay people as "fudge-packers", which everyone there APPROVED OF, including, among six or so others, Stanley Winborne and Colin Hamilton -- who is gay as a goosebut pays street trash for sex when he gets drunk, so gets rolled a lot for his money -- and ONCE his CAR!!!

Colin Hamilton likes to BLOW UP intelligence!!! And here's the proof:

And I CRACKED UP TODAY, because as I was eating the BEST caprese salad I've EVER had (part of the secret is big, crunchy kosher salt), at an outdoor cafe: 

Sorry -- "stock photo", as they say!!!

I picked up a copy of Vallarta Tribune, and see that Robin Avery is a COLUMNIST!!!

Now I found it WIERD that a guy who drinks and womanizes and man-izes (likely as well), who usually drank THREE beers at lunch -- as well as having a FAMILY he left in Canada, when he moved to Vallarta -- writes about Pope Francis and Capitalism!!!

A younger Robin with his RUG RATS!!!

Anyway, Robin has been a DAY TRADER in stocks and derivatives for YEARS, and nearly every white person into those activities whom I've met the LAST FIVE YEARS -- is also a heavy NARCO-TRAFFICKER!!!

Remember John Mann who lied under oath in my trial for "Cyber-Stalking", and prominent Wilmington lawyer David Nash -- PROMINENT at First Presbyterian, Wilmington, NC???

Try 1/3 the way down here

Well, Gen. Russel Honore has all my Puerto Vallarta info on narco-trafficking, now -- including on some Canadian citizens and how to IDENTIFY them for authorities, so if Robin Avery is a GOOSE (narco-trafficker, rather than "gay"), he is ALREADY COOKED -- like many of the other members of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group -- especially their APOLOGISTS, like Ginger Tindall, and RosAngelica Moreno -- who BOTH FAILED the tests I was asked to give them!!!

Don Gallery and Ginger Tindall


White "Christian" Racists -- ALL!!!

Puerto Vallarta Writers Group Core at lunch, last summer.

I'll not name them, any more!!!


This article was credited in the PRINT version to Robin Avery -- even showing his email address which I have -- but ONLINE it is credited to "Cynthia Andrade" -- perhaps Robin's FEMALE ALTER-EGO . . .

Or maybe he's actually TRANS, now, no???



RP: Getting to the "Zen" of It!!!

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>>> THIS JUST IN @ 11:43 AM, CDT: Although it was normal that I got Dean Hansell's voice-mail when I just called him (and left a message), I then went through Hogan Lovell's switchboard to call his assistant, May Chester -- who told me to call her this morning (she told me she had taken notes of what I told her yesterday), to see if she had had a chance to speak with Dean -- but she must have FORGOTTEN, and she is scheduled OFF today.

"Tuesday is another day", as they say -- but then I just thought it was Friday, but it IS a MAJOR HOLIDAY, so all thinking about that, now.

Say it againSir!!!

At a speech in Chicago yesterday, he said, “There have been periods where the folks who were already here suddenly say, ‘Well, I don’t want those folks,’ even though...
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Scott Kenan shared a link.
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Scott Kenan shared a link.
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Tax receipts surged in April to generate the largest monthly U.S. budget surplus in seven years, a sign that deficits could decline more than analysts had expected just a few months ago amid a continuing economic expansion.
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This is 217 km from Puerto Vallarta. Since 2007, over 100,000 have been killed in Mexican Drug Violence!!!

MOSTLY due to American Demand!!! Hey Gay Revelers for Puerto Vallarta GAY PRIDE this weekend: Taking PARTY DRUGS (other than marijuana), KILLS MEXICANS!!!

At least eight people died in a shootout between Mexican federal police and suspected gang members in the troubled western state of Jalisco, a government o
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And THIS is a bit of a silly story, because my friend Tim Wilson's, has been reporting that Andrew Christian will be here this weekend for GAY PRIDE for months, now. Check their site for all the Gay News in Puerto Vallarta!!!

Lea DeLaria

Apparently, Lea DeLaria had originally been scheduled to headline, but she backed out. What is funny is that in 2010, I was here for the first or second Gay Pride -- and Lea WAS the headliner then. There were about 40 people in the upstairs, open-to-the-street bar where she performed, and afterward, I sought her out to speak with.

I introduced myself with name and that I "used to work for Tennessee Williams"Lea immediately replied, "Tennessee Williams -- who cares about THAT dead BITCH!!!"

Now, in fairness (and no, she would not have another word with me), I seem to have a COMPLETE DISCONNECT with Lesbians who are built like fire plugs -- here is another example, from Wilmington, NC -- although I have since heard that TR Nunley is actually TRANS, but never if going female-to-male, or male to female!!!

TR Nunley

And just three weeks ago, I Facebook-messaged TR Nunley, apologizing for intemperate words THREE YEARS AGO -- but he/she REFUSED to respond.


Praise the Lord -- Lea DeLaria begged off -- or perhaps "buggered off". I met her here in 2010 -- and she was a total BITCH. Also, was fun to see a Kenan-owned The Breakers Palm Beach ad on the original page!!!

The Vallarta Pride Organizing Committee had announced in past releases that Lea DeLaria had been appointed as the official Grand Marshal of Vallarta Pride,
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When is the last time you heard about the Rothschilds??? And like the public believes, Rockefellers, here, are credited alone for Standard Oil -- but it's a fascinating glimpse on something NOT much in the news, but maybe important

Also, the Kenans and Rockefellers are NOT allied, far as I've seen: -- EXCEPT that the Rockefellers CONTINUE as the second place "Standard Oil Derivatives" owners -- after the Kenans -- just like Frank Sinatra's heirs are now behind the Kenans in ownership of Bank of America.

Mint Press News's photo.
We Are Change reports on how the two main familial dynasties who helped to create the privately-owned Federal Reserve banking system just merged their fortunes.
Read here -->
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