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RP: Starting with Some GOOD NEWS!!!

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This is actually a TRUE STORY of the result of Christianized Utah (or leaving Mormons to their own devices)!!!

>>> BREAKING!!!: Three weeks ago, I cleaned off my email list any (about 12), who had in the past half year, BLOCKED MY EMAILS, and this week has only had one more blocking -- until TODAY

THIS blog posting was blocked to 26 people -- MANY of them ones who know Sen. Feinstein or have business with her committees -- LOL!!!

HELLO?!?!? Does she not PROTECT the NSA from criticism???

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1. No surprise here -- the GOOD NEWS is the humor in it:

The "reform" measure makes room for industry-funded experts on the EPA's advisory board
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2. Mexico, while calm in Puerto Vallarta, at least, continues to be ROCKED by political scandal. So far, it appears that Presidente Pena Nieto's soap-opera-star wife, Angelica Rivera (whose closest friend is Ricky Martin, a homosexual -- as her husband may well be also -- unless he was forced into sex with all those guys whilest serving as the Governor of the state of Mexico, claims "I am an Independent Woman" as her defense, yet IMMEDIATELY agreed to sell part of the Pena Nietos' $7,000,000.00 USD residence (financed by the Chinese company that got the bid to build high-speed railway in Mexico -- but THAT contract was cancelled within three DAYS of this discovery).

The Pena Nieto Family, two years ago -- PICTURE PERFECT!!!

Enrique Pena Nieto is claimed by many Mexicans to have been put into power by the CIA and Exxon-Mobil (controlled by my wealthy Kenan relatives), so how is HE supposed to know anything about Mexico if he's just a PUPPET of Exxon-Mobil???

Well, the good news for Mexico, is that when the Constitutional Reforms passed, opening up Mexico's oil resources to outside investment, Enrique PUNKED the United States and went first to Canada, looking for major investors -- and even STATED that he would not negotiate with LARGE US companies, but was open to smaller ones.

And yesterday, Pena Nieto was said to know NOTHING of widespread drug and government corruption such as that which led to all the students disappearing. Can he be that STUPID???
I doubt it. I bet Exxon-Mobil and the CIA are now working with Mrs. Pena Nieto to DESTROY Enrique's presidency -- and she's the PERFECT CANDIDATE, having to know of all Enrique's man-on-man sexual adventures, and the bitch wants REVENGE!!!

>>> CORRECTION!!! Angelica married Enrique in 2010, so did not endure these things all those years. She must have a different reason -- could it be money???

TOLD you, Angelica is a SOAP OPERA star!!!

And now look -- a volcano is today reported to have erupted -- the SAME ONE I have CLIMBED (not totally), and could see from my apartment window as it smoked and sometimes glowed red all night with lava flows.

These are the twin volcanoes, one active, one usually ice-covered at top, that I had the view of from my apartment in Colima in 2010!!!

The Colima volcano, bordering the state of Jalisco, in western Mexico has erupted, sending a column of ash about 3 miles (5 kilometers) into the air.

Remember: Even during the Mexican presidential election two summers ago, the MOST popular google search with Pena Nieto's name was "Pena Nieto gay" -- which remained in top spot for nearly a year -- but the CIA has covered it up so well in the US for Obama, that that search for HIM remains relatively low.

Michelle Obama is in nearly the exact same situation with HER husband, but it is playing out more slowly and more secretively in the USA.

For more on Senator Barack Obama being seen by my former friend Jamie Lee Sutherland, exec of Wells Fargo,  in his private Chicago club, Man's Country baths, it's all over this blog.

For more on the CIA seizing Man's Country bathhouse's computers and membership rolls for a PURGING of records of Obama's and Rahm Emanuel's LIFETIME memberships, you can google that info up EASILY here in Mexico, but if not so in the USA, maybe this link to ONE story that was published on it will work in the USA:

3. Colin sent out the weekly email reminder/invite to this Saturday's meeting of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, without mentioning a thing I wrote about, but including an invitation to ALL, actually, to a cocktail party for us at Act II Stages this Sunday night. There will be several live performers, and even a NEW COCKTAIL named for one of them. Colin had to speculate on one thing, though: (I suspect "passed hordervers" are pasta "hors d'oeuvre" -  but who knows?)

Encore Piano Bar at Act II Stages is NOT actually a "Wrinkle Room" (traditional term for a gay bar frequented only by older people), as this might suggest -- just "gay friendly", so I guess Frank Meyer won't be able to attend!!! Charles Quigley is a conservative Christian with a younger Mexican wife also, but at least has more of a sense of humor -- while he mis-conjugates the verb "to see".

This all sounds quite GRAND and WELCOME, but surprising in that only three days notice for such a shindig has been given -- perhaps someone has been a bit forgetful. I know that I will go -- if not kicked out of the group in the meantime -- LOL!!!


Re-reading Colin's email, this is a party that is completely open to ALL, celebrating the Second Season of Act Two's Red Room, where we meet. Previously, Colin told us that Danny Mininni wanted to have a party for our group and our friends, only, but something must have corrupted the communications somewhere along the way. It will be interesting to see which of our members actually attend.

4. I keep feeling like I give Robin-the-Writer short shrift, so let me tell you a few other things about him -- first mentioning that NC Stanley may or may not agree with me on many things -- but he ALWAYS UNDERSTANDS MY POINTS, and has an unfailing sense of humor. Perhaps it is that we share "North Carolina DNA".

Robin  is actually the ONLY member of our group who has expressed empathy to me -- specifically loudly denouncing that any one of us would have ever shaken the donation box in ANYONE's face -- and some comments by private email as well. 

I understand that my story is so large that nearly NO ONE is able to believe it (or mentally active enough to wrap their mind around it), but HUMAN BEINGS recognize when a person has been through a LOT of suffering, trials and tribulations, etc., and they express some empathy for the suffering -- even when they disagree politically, religiously, etc., but our group is mostly WHITE CHRISTIANS and those who had Christian upbringing, even if they now reject it.

They are nearly ALL still spreading the hatred of American Conservative Christianity -- even though many are quite Liberal (Liberals being the biggest hypocrites in the world, as I have blogged many times).

5. And speaking of TOTAL HYPOCRITES, Diane Feinstein, who has adamantly labeled Edward Snowden a TRAITOR and sought to keep NSA and CIA working UNDER COVER, has now changed her tune about SOME government secrecy.

News hounds will recall (and frankly this is not easy to find on the internet now, but I remember it well), the FIRST laws on Congressional Members and insider trading came about because of Ms. Feinstein's using her privileged knowledge to buy up VISA futures when the now Kenan-Sinatra-owned Bank of America (called BankAmerica, then), sold off their FIRST EVER national credit card, BankAmericard, renamed VISA.

I'm not certain when that was, but see that between 2003 and 2005, her net worth grew from $26 million to an estimated $99 million, but that did NOT stop her GREED!!!

"Feinstein was criticized in 2009 when she introduced a bill directing $25 billion to the FDIC the day after the agency awarded her husband's company a contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms.[23]" For more

6. Here is Sen. Feinstein's LATEST (a considerable reinvention), with my comment from Facebook:

The SECOND American Revolution is beginning actually on Mexican Revolution Day??? I'd bet my BOTTOM DOLLAR on it!!!

WASHINGTON -- Before White House chief of staff Denis McDonough came to brief Senate Democrats on Thursday afternoon, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had a little pep talk with his flock. Every Tuesday, during the weekly caucus lunches, he...
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Me, as Ichabod Crane, a BIBLICAL character!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

RP: Mexico Has Gone into COMPLETE CRISIS -- Ahead of the United States, Slightly!!!

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Early Sunset last night in Puerto Vallarta

>>> BUT FIRST A WORD FROM TONY BLAIR (whom I disagree with much, but he's right about this):

I only remember it from last night or early this morning, so in paraphrase: "In the end, a country's leader has to do what he knows is right for the country, and then let the chips fly where they may."

* * *


HOLY S-H-I-T!!! The Mexican Feds CANCELLED Revolution Day Parades NATIONWIDE!!! 

That is the equivalent of Fourth of July parades in the USA!!!

This really IS the Fourth Mexican Revolution (or the Thirdcontinuing) -- just beginning!!!

There was no parade celebrating Revolutionary Day in Puerto Vallarta, and many other municipalities around Mexico, ordered cancelled by the federal military.
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Late sunset last night in Puerto Vallarta


RP: Morning Warm-Up and MORE on Puerto Vallarta Writers Group's Geriatrics Problems

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One of daddy's books...

One of daddy's books...
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  • Scott Kenan The Kenan Family must recognize the sad errors of our ancestors and move on to something more loving. My family was the richest and most powerful in the South behind the Confederacy, and today support the Ku Klux Klan, Republican Party, and Episcopal Church -- all in the name of Jesus. I do feel a need to tell the truth of Christianity and Race Hatred -- and educate people today not to make these same mistakes. Facebook suggested the link to my family, which I haven't yet explored, so it will be a surprise to soon discover. Regarding the book above, the manger part seems to be fact, the throne wishful fantasy -- but you can't go wrong following Jesus's message of love.
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  • Gene Robin McClure Should I? Yes I must, a fantasy, I think not. Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the"THRONE"of God.
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  • Gene Robin McClure Luke 1:32 He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the "THRONE" of his fatherDavid
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  • Gene Robin McClure Hebrews 1:8 But unto the Son he saith, Thy "THRONE", O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom.
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  • Scott Kenan Mr. McClure, you are citing a book that has no factual evidence of its historical occurrences (particularly of Jesus's life) (ADDED LATER: many of the trials of the Jewish people ARE supported by archeology, etc. -- so I guess Jews 1, Christians 0, so far, right???) -- unless you accept the evidence that Jesus went toward India during the three missing years of his life, the ONLY evidence he ever lived. And it cannot be held as fact, since it is in old folk-stories of those mostly Muslim (tsk! tsk!!!) people, now. Here is the only joy I hear from evangelicals:

    Scott Kenan's photo.
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  • Gene Robin McClure The Bible has proven to be more historically and archaeologically accurate than any other ancient book. It has been subjected to the minutest scientific textual analysis possible to humanity and has been proven to be authentic in every way.
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  • Scott Kenan I sense a desperation in Mr. McClure, citing scripture that has NEVER proven correct in its predictions -- not once. The same is not true of the god Quetzalcoatl of Mexico, whose scriptures ACCURATELY predicted the EXACT YEAR white people would appear and in fact Cortez DID appear. Beat that, silly!!! (I don't worship Quetzalcoatl, either, but at least he was ACCURATE!!!)
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    • Gene Robin McClure Here is a challenge for you Mr. Kenan: 66 books, written by 40 different authors, over 1500 years, in 3 different languages, on 3 different continents, impacting readers personally. What’s more, this collection of books shares a common storyline- the c...See More
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    • Scott Kenan Mr. Hate-God McClure. You must first answer my question of how the Judeo-Christian god was EVER smarter than Quetzalcoatl by predicting the exact year of something then proven to happen. I will NOT engage in your sophistry before you can beat that with scientifically provable fact.


Whatever Obama decides tonight, celebrating Mexican Revolution Day, today, tomorrow the Race War he and the Republicans have been planning should BEGIN, finally, when the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri announces their decision. AGAIN, he has acted like he's DICK CHENEY, nominating another Clinton-type wall-streeter to regulate Wall Street, and thinks no one notices.

NEVER, EVER, EVER elect a blackmailed homosexual as President, again, America (or OTHER Republican Party type)!!!

As someone who has spent my career focused on domestic economic issues, including a stint of my own at the Treasury Department, I know how important these...
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1. First of all, I assume I caused a kerfuffle in writers group since not a one of them is communicating with me about anything I've recently written, and I don't know if Colin is going to take a vote on moving to Los Mangos Library,, but he should do so. When we could no longer meet at the Boutique Theatre, Colin as leader took it on himself to find a place, and I think he found the BEST PLACE, but if old, narrow-minded Christians have their panties in a twist, then we should VOTE on it -- hello???

I also feel this SILENCE from ALL means they are by default asking me to post MORE DETAILS, so I might as well get as many off my chest as I can think of. First of all, Colin Hamilton was the person in 2010, who kept shaking the donation box in my face and making snippy Brit-Wit comments against me when I was homeless (but too proud to announce that).

In those days, Colin almost never spoke commenting, otherwise, and when I returned in 2012 and found him the LEADER, I thought we would never get along, but soon I found a lot to like about him, if not his British White-Privilege presumptions (which several other members also talk about). Colin has no clue he even HAS them!!!

2. Early on, I misread certain of Robin-the-Writer's words and behaviors, and we had a significant misunderstanding. But one thing I have been meaning to state for some time, is that I met a woman, a Mexican, said to be his girlfriend, about half a year ago, and she is his PEER, in the sense of education and interests, and is completely fluent in English -- unlike what happens with Old Misogynists like Frank Meyer, DDS, who marry Mexican peasants so they can simply have their way with them, and no one complains because that is the MEXICAN CATHOLIC WAY!!!

But that said, Robin later emailed me about waking up with TWO who worship his "unicorn's horn", and a week and a half ago, disclosed that he had had a lap dance the night before.

This is STILL an improvement!!!

A lap dance as seen on American TV!!!

3. I did hear from a couple of people not in our writers group who said Frank Meyer should obviously be kicked out, and one even suggested that if Ginger doesn't like me reading the word "vagina", then rather than substituting "pussy" (the only single-word for it that I then could think of), I should always now use "CUNT".

But I am NOT inclined to do so -- you can only push the geriatric cases so far -- and I DO like them all and the group -- just not their silly, self-destructive ways.

4. I spoke with Mom about Frank Meyer's (Mom shares his surname, originally), hateful antics which even my mother found totally inappropriate -- especially in a writers group. But since Fox News has decided to NOT air President Obama's speech tonight at 8:00 EST, I asked her to turn to CNN (better than MSNBC -- at least you get more variety of mindless speculation), to watch it.

And she would DO THAT, definitely -- and even AGREED that Fox News NOT showing it but conjecture about it instead is a HUGE MISTAKE for Conservatives, but as I've said, Mom retired from being Dick Cheney, John Boehner, and Sean Hannity's boss gradually over the last few years.

My mother NO LONGER runs the Catholic Swastika Show in the USA.

Money is like electric current -- you can feed people by frying eggs, or you can electrocute black folk, homosexuals, Muslims, etc. with it.

Anyway, Mom said that the UNC Chapel Hill Tar Heels play the Duke Blue Devils in Wallace Wade Stadium, Durham, NC, tonight, and even though she's a MEYER, she has lots of interest in Kenans, and today, Kenan money endows BOTH those universities like the Grace of God, so she will look at that and not hear Obama -- nor look up clips of it later on her iPad, which my brother bought her, but she has no interest in using.

Also, it is a FACT that the president is scheduled to speak for only ten minutes (although he's always late and long-winded), and ANYONE can leave a football game for 10 minutes!!! But Mom and her ilk won't.

And THAT is one way Nazi Republicans and others avoid hearing the other side -- except as filtered through REAL DEVILS talking, not the ones at Duke.

Funny thing is that in the 1967 edition of the book THE KENAN FAMILY (can be read in entirety here, it was suggested that I being nearly my full height then and in high school, should get a BASKETBALL SCHOLARSHIP to Duke -- and I having no idea that my Kenan Family were associated with anything other than UNC, Chapel Hill, was confused about that for DECADES, until recently. 

If you look me up in THAT index, I am erroneously listed as "Scott Daniel Kenan", but my middle name was corrected to "David" in the 1999 updated version.