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RP: How Christians Find the Joy in Their Hearts!!!

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Scott Kenan  

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to Marshallbreakingnewswhqrbspickeywilmjourn

Oh Marshall -- you say only the sweetest things (and at the MOST peculiar times). Remember the LAST TIME we got into it -- and I researched and it looks like your house is the one I serviced with Rusty Hooks, Jr., of Arbor Advantage north of Wilmington -- the praying-on-knees Christian over each tree we took out thanking it for its service "in Jesus' name"??? 

Rusty even grabbed across the bench seat in the front of his big truck to massage my window-side shoulder and reach a little down my chest -- perhaps he thought Jesus was there. He was so full of violence I was afraid what he'd do after he came, so I never gave in to his powerful red-haired manliness -- GOD he was hot!!!

Rusty had a body like this -- but with red-orange hairs. He liked to "kneel to Jesus" before taking out a tree (which I have sometimes been called, although he never actually put his lips on me).

For lots more about our encounter a year ago (Marshall's and mine -- considerably less salacious), please see 3/4 the way down here

I witnessed his verbal, mental, and physical abuse of his wife and his son, and Rusty told me he had to pay a lot of money to someone to get the previous restraining order keeping him from getting near his son, taken off. The boy's mother, another woman, had gotten it after some kind of child abuse.

But now I see there is another person with your name, a UNC Wilmington grad, living in Columbus, Ohio where I graduated from Whetstone High School, so maybe you are he. In any case, you do not seem smart enough to get a THING from my blog, so I'll take you off as soon as I remember to.

You're welcome,

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 5:47 PM, Marshall (or Mark) Lanter <> wrote:

Fuck off ! Please STOP sending me ur stupid crap

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RP: Dissecting The World's Most Transparently Ridiculous Email -- to Me -- from a TOTAL TURD -- LOL!!!

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Hello John Smith, "the conjecturist",

Although I prefer filmmakers who are more PROJECTIONISTS, so motivated to produce finished product, I appreciate your interest and would be inclined to help you in this regard -- but I must also tell you that I can only take time to explore things with people whose identity I can confirm (they need not be political allies).

So if you can provide this, I will be happy to assist you with more specific topics. In the end you left it fully open, so if THAT is what you mean -- just read all 2,400 (or something like that) blog posts and you will get it. However, if you send verifiable ID, I will even consent to held-secret conversations.

In the meantime, since I like to entertain regardless, you might enjoy a blog post from the time I chased a whole GANG of Assistant D.A.'s who just left having lunch at a brew pub on Front Street, up Princess Street, all the way to the Courthouse -- and since I can't find that, one on the assistant D.A., whose name I can never remember, so I call her "Miss Coca-Leaf", which Jen Harjo encouraged me in, which she would rather not admit.

And here's a nice penguins shot that went with the first one that I can't find:

Har! Har! Har!!!

I hope to hear back from you, appropriately,

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 4:43 PM, John Smith <> wrote:

Hello Scott

I am in the process of creating a blog/podcast that explores subcultures and social behaviors. I recently saw this comment on a chain post about Wilmington:

"I would add that Justin LaNasa, failed GOP 2011 candidate for mayor, and Frank Delia, owner of the lovely Italian coffee shop, had their friends chase me around town claiming I molested their young sons -- because I tried to expose their narco-trafficking. And elected Republicans and Dems alike threw me in jail on 8 false charges, all later dropped for NO EVIDENCE, as well as had me twice committed to mental hospital, which doctors released me from immediately.

"In Wilmington, you are no one unless you are a big dealer or user of drugs, especially heroin, meth, crack, and cocaine. Marijuana is punished severely. I witnessed a judge convict a young guy because police found him possessing ONE cigarette rolling paper, but no loose tobacco. They searched for an hour, found no marijuana either, but arrested him anyway. He got three days in jail, and the convenience store that sold the papers was not charged at all.
He was a black guy."

I looked at your blog a bit, and am intrigued by the allegations you have made. As a filmmaker/journalist in the city of Wilmington, I'm pretty interested in the idea that these downtown yokels are trafficking drugs, particularly the Kenan family which you implicate in some serious activities . Do you have any more information about this stuff?

- the conjecturist


1. That proves there was no "reality" to this email inquiry -- which is why I am now posting the actual email address it came from. Here are some things we can know or deduce about it.

2. The fake name and email-address-identity are the biggest clue and why I did not waste my time last night writing back as if he were a serious person.

3. And actually he is a VERY serious person to have gone to so many tricky tricks to try to get me to respond seriously -- just not at all who he says he is.

4. We can tell he is obviously well educated, has something of a lawyer's bent on things, and is interested, especially, in what I have to say about Wilmington and North Carolina, with a finally-revealed laser focus on my shirttail wealthy Kenan relatives and regarding their connection to narco-trafficking.

I'd bet my BOTTOM DOLLAR he was hired by Thomas S. Kenan III -- or someone in Tom's inner circle who watches out for Public Relations problems.

5. He chose the quite clever "the conjecturist" in lower case, to demonstrate his developed mentality and wit -- without the overemphasis of capitalizing the title -- and then ends the whole thing in the MOST off-putting disrespect to a very serious matter by lumping all together as "this stuff".

Miranda Priestly: [Miranda and some assistants are deciding between two similar belts for an outfit. Andy sniggers because she thinks they look exactly the same] Something funny?
Andy Sachs: No. No, no. Nothing's... You know, it's just that both those belts look exactly the same to me. You know, I'm still learning about all this stuff and, uh...
Miranda Priestly'This... stuff'? Oh. Okay. I see. You think this has nothing to do with you. You go to your closet and you select... I don't know... that lumpy blue sweater, for instance because you're trying to tell the world that you take yourself too seriously to care about what you put on your back. But what you don't know is that that sweater is not just blue, it's not turquoise. It's not lapis. It's actually cerulean.

You see, "John Smith", clearly a smart, professional guy, put on the lumpy cerulean sweater of "THIS STUFF" to distract me from the seriousness of my comments about my shirttail relatives, but worse to me is his ABJECT REFUSAL to do any research himself, although if he WERE a filmmaker, blogger, pod-caster, and he WERE interested in the subject, he would have googled for some basic info first -- then asked more specific questions.

His inquiry is perfectly set up to elicit a response from me that might put me in some kind of legal jeopardy -- a silly thing to do because the simplest research would have shown I have never accused the wealthy branch of the Kenans of narco-trafficking DIRECTLY, but of giving HUGE financial support to both the Episcopal Church and the Republican Party who DO narco-traffic -- with the help in Wilmington of most elected Democrats, as well as many corrupted Democrats on the national screen, including President Obama (but only because he's a black-mailed homosexual -- I've seen no evidence Obama was into it before he was blackmailed by the CIA/Republican Party), Rahm Emanuel, Andrew Cuomo (probably -- most of Cuomo's corruption is service to Big Banks and Walls Street), and of course Bill Clinton, who expanded CIA narco-trafficking in Mexico more than EITHER Bush President was able to -- and profiting them -- the reason Barbara Bush calls Bill her favorite son -- and GW and Jeb have both COMPLAINED about that -- LOL!!!

* * *

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 3:13 PM, CDT:

Hi John -- and thank you for the evidence of my writing being EFFECTIVE at stirring up the hornets' nest -- HA!!! That was FAST of Justin, but your acting ignorant of who Justin is other than his email claim of being an ex-Fed -- which I believe is actually TRUE, but once in the drug-trafficking, corrupted part of the Feds, one NEVER gets out for life -- and actual professionals name mental illnesses (perhaps offering some proof or examples of that behavior), rather than using BS terms like "whack-job". Had you read ANY of my blog, you'd know I was twice committed to The Oaks mental ward of New Hanover County Medical Center, and the head doctor, Dr. Martin, released me from the commitments as soon as he legally could do so.

Additionally, for a total of over two months on five occasions I was jailed on eight false charges that have now all been dropped for NO EVIDENCE. Even the jail's online records now show I was never in it -- even though I possess all that paperwork and there is a published mug shot of my intake that I saved before it was scrubbed from the web.

You can speak with my attorney, Jennifer Harjo, and if you convince me you have some SENSEI'll be happy to call her to tell her to talk to you.

At this point, I have to assume, with charity, that you are at best asymmetrically educated, interested, or mentally endowed, not to have gotten MORE of my story from reading MORE of my blog -- and there is NO EVIDENCE that you even read the posting you quoted fromsince it tells much about who, exactly, Justin LaNasa is and has done.

I hope you are not just another "brainwashed American", but also that you are actually a legitimate researcher/media-producing person. The ball is in YOUR court now to convince me you are not another of THEIR line of defense. I hope you will do that.

I will almost immediately post all of this here:, and then email the blog posting to my list of 500 contacts, mostly in the press, but others too. If you care to see an old list that is still mostly true, google around for my email list which I last published in March 2014. You seem clearly lazy, so here is its address:

Please don't bore me with taking any of this personally. Prove YOUR credentials -- if you can.


On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 2:11 PM, John Smith wrote:

I'd be happy to tell you who I am, but it seems like dealing with Narco traffickers and all, it would be prudent to to wait until I know what I'm dealing with. Also, as soon as you posted my message I got an email from a guy named Justin, claiming he's an ex-fed and that you're a whack job

So, if there's a story worth spending my time on, I want to know it before putting myself in danger, or really doing anything at all. I just need some proof that you aren't looking for attention, but that you were actually harassed by prominent members of the Wilmington community. Is there someone that can corroborate your story? Do you have photos, video, audio recordings or any sort of real proof that these people are drug traffickers?

Believe me, you don't have to live in ILM long to realize that there's a lot of shady stuff going on, so I don't doubt your story. First person accounts only go so far however.


(un-signed -- like a TRUE PROFESSIONAL!!!) 

Me at the "King's Breakfast", a monthly event for homeless at a church in Wilmington, late 2011.



yeah .sounds pretty fishy to me . I think a real reporter or whatever he claimed to be would have been upfront about credentials and identity

...dont get ya hands dirty...

.. and

If you can't get rid of the skeleton(s) in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance.
Diamante Azul



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RP: I Hope Wilmington, North Carolina IS Ready, Willing, and Able to Handle My Upcoming LAWSUITS!!! Also, Includes an ULTIMATE Definition of Love!!!

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Justin LaNasa while Republican candidate for Mayor of Wilmington, NC in 2011 -- he a common Tattoo Parlorist and owning Hardwire Tattoo on Front Street, with bank of computers on site to help with his narco-trafficking and character assassinations -- and corruption of my and others' computers.

This FIRST THING this says is the QUALITY of the Republicans in Wilmington who would let THIS SCUM run on their ticket.


This partly because I woke up to my Windows 7 computer NOT WORKING due to a failed fan, a lack of note from my brother and younger sister about my joining their beloved Alcoholics Anonymous, and Mexicans running out in front of my car repeatedly as I drove the six blocks to my own AA meeting.

You should know that I found Justin's Facebook posting first thing this morning, and shared it on my own page, making the comment you will soon see before copying my comment onto Justin's page.

When the little asshole saw it there, he BLOCKED ME on Facebook -- but not before sending me a "poke", as if to say "GOT YOU!!!" Justin never HAS effectively gotten me -- nor will he. And I don't know if I will bring criminal or civil suit or suits against him when I get to that soon enough. Here is what I posted with my comment:

I would add that Justin LaNasa, failed GOP 2011 candidate for mayor, and Frank Delia, owner of the lovely Italian coffee shop, had their friends chase me around town claiming I molested their young sons -- because I tried to expose their narco-trafficking. And elected Republicans and Dems alike threw me in jail on 8 false charges, all later dropped for NO EVIDENCE, as well as had me twice committed to mental hospital, which doctors released me from immediately.

In Wilmington, you are no one unless you are a big dealer or user of drugs, especially heroin, meth, crack, and cocaine. Marijuana is punished severely. I witnessed a judge convict a young guy because police found him possessing ONE cigarette rolling paper, but no loose tobacco. They searched for an hour, found no marijuana either, but arrested him anyway. He got three days in jail, and the convenience store that sold the papers was not charged at all.

He was a black guy.


1. Police Chief Ralph Evangelous smoked crack daily in a house owned by the uncle of a black friend of mine.

2. Several of the Wilmington beat police downtown told me that Anna Berry of the William R. Kenan, Senior House at 110 Nunn Street was going to bring charges against me, although Anna, herself, never said anything but that she wanted to rent me a room. One of her other boarders was a BIG narco-trafficker who was behind this with help of Wilmington Police, and he soon enough was in jail in South Carolina on narcotics charges.

And it was my friend Kathleen (who lived there then too, but soon FLED!!!), and Wilmington's FAVE drag queen, Curtis Thompson (then working at The Village Market at Second and Dock), who told me the truth of what happened.

Anna DID bring charges, now dropped as false (you can't say someone harasses you if she never tells you not to contact her), but she ALSO chased actress Linda Lavin and her husband Steve Bakunas out of town AS ANNA PROMISED ME SHE WOULD DO (their backyards abutted, and for some reason Anna HATED Linda). Read more on that and my tangential connection to Wilmington actress Beth Grant here:

3. I am having FAR WORSE of a time holding an internet connection now than ever before on this Windows 8 machine. I believe that since I communicated that the Windows 7 machine is DOWN, the CIA is having more fun with me now -- like their ally Justin LaNasa.

4. And remember too, that it was IN FACT William R. Kenan, Senior, who with the pastor of First Presbyterian, who caused the ONLY Coup d'Etat in USA history -- the Wilmington Insurrection or Race Riot, killing blacks, removing them from elected offices, and running enough off so that Wilmington has never been majority black (or known as a Progressive town), again. 

The Kenan Family is at least one of the wealthiest in the world (in 1913, THE NEW YORK TIMES certified Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler to be the WEALTHIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD, although they didn't know the half of it -- the money has been kept in the Kenan Family), and proudly works with the Episcopal Church and Republican Party to keep illegal drugs FLOWING in North Carolina and elsewhere.

May Thomas S. Kenan III and his step-mother Betty soon be arrested and tried for NARCO-TRAFFICKING and HIGH TREASON!!!

This "KENAN COUP" is credited as exactly what led all Southern states to pass within two years ALL the "Jim Crow" Laws -- and later give WHITE CHRISTIANS and REPUBLICANS, etc., the RIGHT to kill black people and other minorities AT WILL and with NO CONSEQUENCE.

Really, it was Tom and Betty Kenan who murdered Travon Martin, etc.

A sycophant, Betty, and Tom Kenan

5. I was TOO HASTY, getting annoyed at my brother and younger sister for not communicating with me about my joining Alcoholics Anonymous -- I have NO IDEA what more important things have occupied their time since then (still nothing from them). But knowing how my mother raised us to worry the MOST about what everyone thinks of us (NAZIs always want one to worry about the opinions of those who hate God -- and then BOW TO THEM), I'm sure they are worried about what other NAZIs think of them -- and have NO CONSCIOUS IDEA that that is how their UN-EXAMINED MINDS are working.

I can only feel sorry for them.

But I will also say this about Jane who DID respond -- and lovingly: Jane, other than me, is the ONLY one in my immediate family who ever TOOK AN ACTUAL RISK, and she profited handsomely while she sold software to veterinarians, although she did not do as well with real estate when that ended -- and returned to low-paying Disability Benefits Determination, as my parents were MOST HAPPY TO SEE. My parents' mantra was ALWAYS"Well, that is GOOD ENOUGH for you!!!"

And Jane took ANOTHER risk, when she kept insisting (and I eventually gave in -- me not believing I was "disabled"), that I apply for SSI Disability -- and then had the GALL to use a 1.5 inches thick stack of my blog posts to PROVE IT -- LOL!!!

You see, Jane knew (and the examining doctor confirmed), that if I REFUSED to stop telling the TRUTH, I would NEVER be able to hold a job in the USA -- and the doctor confirmed what I said about politics, then gave me full disability -- HA!!!

I will ALWAYS be indebted to Sister Jane!!!


First my response to Diamante Azul:

One way to know who true friends are, is by their unnecessary kindnesses and thoughtfulness.

I don't know if I ever told you that I thought your solution (roughed), for a new book cover for my Williams memoir was excellent. The image Mark Beard gave me permission to use (Tennessee and his ghost), was rather boring and not revealing of Tennessee at all, but you projected it onto theater curtains, and the title was to be in a spotlight on stage.

When I get to needing a cover (for anything), you will be the first I think of, and if you don't mind my saying so, I regret that I didn't get to somehow trick you into a pleasurable situation, but that said, sexual desires are the easiest for me to keep control of, so no problem.


On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 10:53 AM, Diamante Azul wrote:

Felicidades Scott. I think thats great and you should feel good about it too. I am happy for you and I hope its helps you find some added peace or at least a path to it . Sound like it should be a diverse group. have a great day .keep up the good work

On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 7:59 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:


 not sufficient, for this would be too limited a concept of God. When we realize that God and man are One and not two, we shall love both. We are to look for God in each other and love this God, forgetting all else.”

~ Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind



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RP: Miraculously, Black Folk Come Back into My Life in Mexico (and you won't believe what I joined today)!!!

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On Memorial Day 2013, Sen. John McCain, now the most hated Senator in the USA for more than a year -- and the DARLING of CNN talking heads, made a secret trip to Syria where he was photographed with some leaders of ISIS, which he HEARTILY ENDORSED.

One day, he will have to MAKE UP HIS MIND whom he supports (it might help if he DOES SOME RESEARCH FIRST!!!) -- and learns to TELL THE TRUTH!!!


And the leader of the group today was a black American -- so RARE in Puerto Vallarta. The fact is that although I have several times had a few weeks to a couple of months of very heavy drinking while under considerable stress, I have always, previously, snapped right back to "social drinking" automatically when the stress diminished, making me think I was immune to real problem drinking.

But I had been drinking the equivalent of a half liter of hard liquor a night (only after all writing, etc.), for over a year, which led to my lungs, heart, and pyloric valve troubles of about six weeks ago, sending me to hospital for two nights. The cardiologist said the test results were like someone who had a BAD coke or meth habit -- two drugs I'd never more than tried, really, and years ago.

I'll get to the significance of this in a moment.

The BEST NEWS is that this AA group is the POLAR OPPOSITE of the one in Dekalb County, Georgia, that I only joined in 1990, because my father (who belonged to it and lived in my house for the 15 weeks I was in jail awaiting trial on a false charge of un-aggrevated simple trespass -- then stayed another six months), suggested I do so to stay out later than the 7:00 PM for that year of "Enhanced Probation" (house arrest), that I eventually got from Democrat Judge Linda Warren Hunter

Remember, too, that Judge Hunter -- not a doctor -- included my having to be monitored on Lithium Carbonate, weekly, and if I once fell below 0.7 serum Lithium, I would AUTOMATICALLY go to jail for a year.

For simple, un-aggravated Trespass by someone who had NEVER had legal scuffles.

And 1.5 years ago, Dekalb County online Court database WIPED THE CONVICTION OFF MY RECORD, but I still have the original paperwork and screen captures of it that had shown it online for years and years.


1. It was so HUGE, it had a giant central meeting room with a dozen side rooms to break up into. It was in an industrial park a few blocks off Mountain Industrial Blvd. The popular meetings early evening often broke up into a dozen sub-groups of 12 - 18 each -- usually separating men and women.

2. The talk on the street, was that if you wanted drugs, you went there to meetings; if you wanted sex, you went to their associated NA (Narcotics Anonymous), meetings -- at a different location.

3. Most were "blue-collar" attendees, and evangelical "Christians", so Jesus was interchangeable with a "Higher Power", and the BIGGEST confession from the men's groups was when drunk -- they committed the BIGGEST CHRISTIAN SIN, having sex with other men. This always got a lot of sympathy, but I say, if alcohol removes inhibitions, they they were actually GAY.

4. My father met with Lee Gosney there, mostly, and Lee then worked at Collegiate Concepts, my place of employment, that later became and owned by Patrick Stansbury.

And also working with them to set up the narco-trafficking that I did not yet know was theirs, running then through Stone Mountain Park, were people from Fox News, Newt Gingrich, and Richard Nixon's Chief Aide, John Ehrlichman. CNN protected them.

Much later, in his work distributing all the drugs that came in via US Air Force planes to Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL where Pentagon Publishing had three legitimate advertising contracts, Lee Gosney toured at least most of eastern USA pretending to be an AA and NA counselor, but actually making contracts with Republican politicians for distribution of the illegal drugs.

About three years ago, now, Lee emailed me asking I take him off my list of email recipients -- as he was in final stages of inoperable cancer and wished to die peacefully. I took him off, but I have never found an obituary for him -- and he had TWICE been convicted and spent time in jail for running a Methamphetamine lab, and so he probably had a third conviction, which means VERY MAJOR TIME in Georgia.

Evan Fish

Lee Gosney was also the chief supplier of cocaine to my friend Evan Fish in Wilmington, who had moved there from Maine in 2011, to get OUT of being Maine's largest distributor of cocaine -- but Wilmington Police and New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies (using Evan's hated former girlfriend, Eleanor "Ellie" Schwaner), forced Evan to jump to his death from the top of the parking deck next to the downtown Wilmington Library, about September 3, 2011.

And the WILMINGTON STAR NEWS helped cover it up

See and also see 

At the funeral in Ohio, at the Christian Church Evan always said he HATED (and when I emailed the pastor who never answered, I each time got MARKETING INFO from the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION as an automatic reply, Ellie played the grieving widow -- Evan's family and friends were in TOTAL DENIAL of what had actually happened -- and were completely UNCOUTH to me (read: un-Christian -- LOL!!!)

And readers will recall that I witnessed former Georgia Congressman (Republican)John Linder passing thick envelopes of cash with Patrick Stansbury at our weekly commission Friday lunches at Blue Ribbon Grill in Tucker, GA in the mid-late 1990s -- Linder even sending me an email THREATENING MY LIFE, later when I blogged about it.

So you can SEE why I was reluctant to trust Alcoholics Anonymous AT ALL!!!

But I'm glad I did -- it seems REAL here in Mexico!!!

1. I had read about five books about Bill Wilson and the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous (and heard this story told by Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz, who had used AA to stop drinking), as well. Dr. Schultz was then President of Religious Science, International (Science of Mind), and founder of the Atlanta Church of Religious Science where I eventually was trained as a Practitioner (three years of study), before it became the female/security-worshiping Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta -- which is still far better than any Christian Church.

It seems that Bill Wilson, Ernest Holmes (founder of Science of Mind), and the founder of Divine Science -- all part of what was then known as the "NEW THOUGHT MOVEMENT" (a new thought can give you a new life, as God co-creates our lives and circumstances with us according to the nature of our thoughts), so they have the same philosophical base -- and INCLUDE all "religions", including Christianity -- or at least those in it who are of loving hearts.

2. So it was to my GREAT RELIEF that no one in AA today mentioned dear ol' Jesus AT ALL, all are EDUCATED, none spoke with noticed GRAMMAR GAFFS, and all were quick-wittedJUST LIKE ME, especially when accused (by my family, especially),  of being "manic".

I felt right at home and with KINDRED SPIRITS.

>>> LATER TODAY, I met a black family at Costco who are from GEORGIA -- a most FRIENDLY and understanding bunch. The father figure is in computer repair -- and also makes runs to the States to buy American-set-up computers, so I have another friend in the computer repair business now, too!!! 

Perhaps I'll learn something NEW in AA, no???