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RP: Villa Tita, My Home in Puerto Vallarta Exactly Eight Years Ago -- Sharing Bed with "Fernando Merino", Son of Colombia's TOP CIA Cocaine Exporter to the USA (and that is ONLY the beginning of the story):

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Fernando Merino and I lived -- illicitly, unbeknownst to me -- in the manager's apartment under the tennis court.

Before I begin, yesterday was just WILD, and besides completing and sending out this blog post:, I was also on Facebook "real time" with my Whetstone 1969 High School classmates, and one learned that a guy in my class that everyone else in conversation knew WELL (but I did not remember), had died the night before of an aneurysm -- with no warning.

And a cat, who's been hanging out on my deck more and more the last few weeks, begged me for food, so I gave half a can of tuna -- and no doubt she expects to move in soon.

Then, about 10:15 PM, power went out for two hours, and after waiting half an hour I went to bed. When I awoke and booted up this computer, its battery was FULLY CHARGED. That might sound like NOTHING to you, but for half a year, my battery has slowly declined in its ability to charge, the last month the most it could hold began at 18% and yesterday that was down to 7%. The power outage reminded me I would need to very soon buy a new one.

This happened to me with one of my Puerto Vallarta computers as well, and then it TOO suddenly had a fully functioning battery, so I MUST assume, hackers had been playing with my Power Management -- and then GAVE UP!!!

Then, this morning, Facebook flipped up an eight-year-old "Memory" of my living in Villa Tita (VEE-uh TEE-tuh), eight years ago -- and here is a good look-alike of Fernando -- ALL my many photos of him and a couple of entire blog postings from this very week in 2010 -- I first noticed in 2012 -- had been STRIPPED FROM MY COMPUTER -- and from Google Blogger as well -- by HACKERSCIA or other!!!

Actually, Fernando rarely let his beard grow at all -- and dressed very nattily in business suits, carried a briefcase, and told me he was in property sales and management. He took a real business-shine to me, and during the time we lived in the apartment under the tennis courts, he told me his Godfather Hector owned the property and had given us permission to live there free.

There was one king bed, and no air-conditioning, so we took a lot of showers, and he was never modest, so walked around naked at times. He was descended from a Spanish Colombian father, and a Black African mother -- looking entirely Spanish -- except for his enormous BLACK dangly. We slept in the bed buck naked, but he wore boxers, and we never had sex, which drove me CRAZY!!!

And then the rains came. ONLY the bathroom, kitchen counters, and bed stayed dry, as the tennis court roof had CRACKED in many places, and we had to suspend a small tarp over the table -- from which I blogged, etc. -- to keep it from getting wet. 

It was while we were living here that Fernando got me to sign the contract with him, his Mexican Godfather Hector, and one other, whose position I don't remember:

Fernando: Ruben Fernando Gomez Merino (This was his FAKE Mexican name that it had taken Hector FIVE YEARS to get for him so that NO ONE could ever determine it was fake. I do not know his Colombian given name.)

Hector: Hector Javier Salgado Villanueva

Another, I know nothing about: Fransisco Javier Manzano Gomez

I just checked and the document is not dated, but here it is and I still possess it today:

Now, it turned out that NOTHING was as it seemed. I wondered why Hector had us in a CONSTANT SHOWERS apartment, when no one lived in the main villa (about six five or six bedroom suites), except ONE WOMAN -- and we weren't supposed to use the pool except at night. Here is a shot I took, and link to more I took:

One day, I was walking around the incredible grounds, and came across her. She was not alarmed -- people never are by me (except criminals), and she invited me in to see her apartment, the LARGEST of them all, and most glorious. She made us tea, which we took in the salon, and had a long conversation.

She was an American Heiress, who normally spent summers in her Renaissance Villa in Florence, Italy, but it was so HOT that summer that she claimed her floors there were 100 degrees -- so she rented Villa Tita COMPLETELY (it severe off-season). The next day, goons came and rudely kicked Fernando and me out -- and THAT was when we moved to Hector's ranch in Nayarit state, where I was actually held HOSTAGE -- more on that soon.

But while living in Villa Tita, Fernando had gotten me to sign that contract to sell $7 Billion USD of Mexican Real Estate to rich people like my Kenan relatives (whom he was aware of), and Celebrities, since I had known so many, still alive including Meryl Streep and Elizabeth Ashley, from when I worked for Tennessee Williams. 


After I signed the contract, Fernando told me it was ACTUALLY a contract to work for the CIA for life, and then told the TRUTH about his CIA Cocaine-Trafficking father in Colombia, and that Hector, a world class engineer with 24 homes around the world -- FAMOUS in Puerto Vallarta for having engineered and built the "new road" and famous bridge going to San Sebastian del Oeste:

Hector's bridge over Rio San Sebastian. The narrow canyon seems to be a mile deep, and there is at least one photo looking down (you can see the old winding road) here

And Fernando also claimed that Hector had placed the booby trap in the Chunnel between England and France so that the CIA could COLLAPSE IT the next time they wanted to FAKE a Terrorist attack like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc., had planned "9/11" with the Bin Laden and the Saudi Royal Families.

In fact, the Chunnel was shut down for a few months in 2010 to REMOVE IT, claiming only "repairs". ALSO, PPD Pharmaceuticals in Wilmington, North Carolina was originally built by the Carlyle Group, at that time owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families, and the last two sold out after 9/11 to make things less obvious, but PPD joined my parents, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, and Father Robert J. Kus (now at St. Mary's here), in putting together the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington!!!

The long thin road leads to Hector's ranch house, the bright-roofed building to the left of it is the barracks for the Drug Mafia who wore vests, carried machine guns, and rode in armored vehicles. That Coca-Cola plant (Kenans own one the BIGGEST blocks of Coke stock), had not yet been built then, and they bottle Ciel water, there. This on the highway from Mezcales to Valle de Banderas.

But I eventually escaped, and poor Fernando got into SO MUCH TROUBLE for letting me escape, that he was forced to take steroids, work out, and became a stripper/prostitute at Wet Dreams gay bar -- until I found him there when I returned in 2012, when he became a HIGH END WHORE (trainer), at Gold's Gym -- just like in Wilmington in 2011, I learned that the gym parking lots are where Wilmington White Men meet to go home for SEX!!!

Gold's Gym's Mr. Wilmington 2012 -- sponsored by the drug-addict, gay owner of Alpha Mortgage!!!

Michael Lopez of Alpha Mortgage got so HIGH sculpting "Ridge-Head Mohawks" that he named his son "Ocean" (and promptly divorced Ocean's mother).

Some other notes about Puerto Vallarta:

1. Taniel Chemsian of Timothy Real Estate Group, is who Fernando Merino and I met with in Timothy's offices to set up a REAL ESTATE co-marketing agreement, although I never heard the final result of that.


Carl Timothy OWNED it.

And because Carl was in the Puerto Vallarta Gay Mens Chorus, although I joined it after auditioning (as a baritone), I quit -- because I'd seen Mr. Timothy handing US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O a huge envelop full of CASH -- after jumping the line to deliver it!!!

Real Estate deals are a CHIEF WAY to launder DRUG CASH both in Puerto Vallarta and Wilmington, North Carolina -- SISTER CITIES of HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING.

And THAT is why Jennifer McCracken of apartment 67 in Carolina Apartments in Wilmington, NC knew ALL ABOUT how Puerto Vallarta Writers Group leader Colin Stuart Hamilton was MURDERED by Drug Mafia there -- and the CIA killer led them to the buried body five hours away -- before the CIA forced Mexican Authorities to RELEASE HIM!!!

Colin Hamilton in a Puerto Vallarta play

Jennifer McCracken was a HUGE drug seller in Wilmington, claiming she got all her orders from her mother and the Mormon Church.

Jenny's mother's licence plate in 2015 when I snapped this picture.

And Jennifer's BROTHER (of a different surname), is a TOP DEPUTY on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force -- Jenny claiming to me that he protects the CIA Drug Trafficking here.

"Christine Hitchens" was one of five aliases I found Jennifer McCracken to use:

Today, Jenny is so OVER-MEDICATED for her diagnosed Bipolar Illness and Borderline Personality Disorder, that she BARELY lives on her own.

Have I mentioned RECENTLY that Wilmington, North Carolina has BECOME "Blue Velvet", filmed partly in Carolina Apartments when I dated Thomas S. Kenan III's former boyfriend Curtis "Robbie" Anderson there in 1985???

Robbie Anderson in 2017, is now associated with the Ministry of Music at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church at Market and 6th Streets.

And now I will email this posting to the management company of Villa Tita -- and to Timothy Real Estate as well!!!



Friday, July 20, 2018

RP: After Speaking to D.A. Ben David's Office about My Cyberstalking Charge against Jonathan Deputy (Court on this coming Monday):

RE-PRINTED from here

ONE THING Jonathan Deputy (a Republican) and I (a Democrat) AGREE ON is that NEITHER of us could vote for Donald Trump under ANY circumstances!!!

July 20, 2018

Good Morning Jon,

Overnight, it occurred to me that there is no reason for me to set conditions for going to Arbitration. I have plenty of evidence to support my claims and to seek compensation, so I don’t need any pre-agreement – or we can simply go to trial. I expect if you are convicted in Court, I would have to then sue you in Civil Court for compensation, dragging things out even more.

So, I called D.A. Ben David’s office to discuss this with them, and the young woman said that we would go to trial this Monday (assuming you don’t ask for a continuance, which is normally given automatically at a first hearing), or if we agree, we can arbitrate.

I have realized I will be fine regardless the outcome. I had been feeling so much financial pressure, I’ve been very tense about the whole thing, but now I am not. What is different now from a year ago, is that no one ever called or served me about this hearing/trial that I MUST attend, and a year ago, I was called and told I did NOT have to attend, but did anyway, which kept the Prosecutor from sending my Communicating Threats charge against David Alan Young to mandatory arbitration. But since I WAS there, I was able to specify what compensation I expected from Mr. Young, he refused, so we were to go to trial. Without any help or preparation with the Prosecutor, I felt it would be pointless, as it would be only my word against his – and the Prosecutor seemed hostile to me.

At lunch break, I decided to drop the charges rather than go through with a trial under those circumstances, but I was also told by Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo there was a Warrant for my Arrest, and that in any case, I would be taken to jail at the end of Court. In fact, it was a Summons, nearly a year old, that had never been served to me, by a former roommate, Dustin Andrew Goldsmith, who since then was tried and convicted of several drug and other crimes, so Court date was set for that, he didn’t show, and it was dropped.

I assured Mr. David’s assistant this morning, that I expect nothing like that to happen Monday.

After I called her, I checked and Prosecutor and Judge have now been assigned, and I don’t know the Prosecutor, but I have had at least two experiences with Judge Chad Hogston in Court and one on the street. Back then, 2011, I had had the chance to observe him in hearings and trials BEFORE David Nash’s charge of me of Cyberstalking came to trial, and I had the BEST impression of Judge Hogston’s fairness to all.

Then, I was beyond shocked when he even said when convicting me that he was overlooking my Freedom of Speech and of Press Rights, and Convicted me anyway, putting me on Probation -- with mandatory Psychiatric Treatment -- that would then force me to take Lithium Carbonate again – something my own Psychiatrist of eight years had taken me off in 2009 saying she had never seen a sign of Bipolar in me.

In summer of 2011, with all these claims of my mental illness, I went to a publicly-funded Mental Health Evaluation and Treatment clinic, asked for and got an evaluation. I was told I was suffering from stress, not needing any drug treatment, but counselling was recommended. I got on with them for counselling, but the Psychiatrist told me that the State will NOT pay for counselling unless the person is also on Psychoactive Drugs, so I quit that.

At that time, my mother, who has since 1978 when I began talking about the Swastikas on our dinner plates, daily beatings, and high-placed Republican friends of my parents, INSISTED I needed to be on Lithium, it acting to cause “soft lobotomy”. Mom had been in touch with either D.A. David or the Judge (my parents had met in chambers with Judge Linda Warren Hunter before the trial to make a deal in 1990 in Dekalb County, GA that forced me to take Lithium).

Also, the trial in Hogston’s Court in 2011 was on a day of freak cold, and I was held in only jail clothes the whole day until trial at 5:00 PM in unheated (then, at least), holding rooms in the Courthouse and was uncontrollably chattering from the cold, so looked pathetic on the stand, and Judge Hogston may have “bent the Law” convicting me out of concern that I really WAS mentally ill – I certainly looked it.

However, it was so “out of order” that my Public Defender later forced Ben David to ERASE that and another conviction and drop several pending charges – because even his assistant D.A.s had been leaking that Ben had NO EVIDENCE of my ever having committed a crime.

I ran into Judge Hogston on the sidewalk near Court a couple of years ago and told him I had no ill will toward him because of what had happened. He seemed confused, but friendly, and as I began walking on after that, Lawyer Thom Goolsby happened by, saying to Hogston, “Judge, is he giving you any trouble?” Hogston looked confused by that as well, nodded no, and after he was gone I told Thom Goolsby I would some day see he is locked up (for other things that I know) – but he’s not, HA!!!

And two-and-a-half years ago, I also landed in Hogston’s Court. Jennifer McCracken had charged me with a crime, but did not show, so he dismissed it. And that blew the $1,800.00 lawyer’s fee that was non-refundable, despite my lawyer having to work little on the case. 

I am not concerned about Judge Hogston handling our trial, and I do not expect I will feel the need to remind him that he once convicted me of the same Cyberstalking charge – but then Ben David had to ERASE it.

So, whatever you decide – Arbitration or Trial – I will be prepared to proceed and trust we will end up with a result that works for us both.

I am copying Gold Walker and her Attorney Oliver Carter III as well, since you Cyberstalked, Bullied, and Communicated Threats while in service to her as her apartments manager. I trust I will not have to file any other charges against you over this incident – something that could be part of an Arbitrated conclusion which also means nothing would be on your Record.

All best, and I’ll see you Monday morning.

Scott D. Kenan

Benjamin and Jon David just before 2011, the first year they both served as District Attorneys.

Back in Gainesville, Fla., where the two grew up, they would still be known simply as “the twins.”
They were best friends and sometimes competitors.
“We took karate together, and we’d have fights that lasted for hours. No one could overcome the other,” Jon said. “We were so evenly matched in so many ways.”
Mother Betsy David said a game of rock, paper, scissors was needed to solve such questions as who is going to take out the trash.
MORE here:


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RP: Seeking a More PLEASURABLE Life for WHITE CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA in Wilmington, North Carolina -- by Christian Democrats, almost EXCLUSIVELY!!!

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Andrew James WWAY shared a post.

1 hr
LDV, Inc.

The Wilmington, North Carolina Police Department just took delivery of their brand new mobile command center. This is the second truck we have built for Wilmington PD.

Their new truck is 40ft. with 4 slide-out rooms, Intel-I-Touch vehicle automation system, custom 2-tone paint and graphics, full A/V system with mast camera and matrix switcher, CAT6 computer network, Cradle Point, electric awning, and an exterior workstation. Congrats to the city of Wilmington!
Scott Kenan I'm all for a well-prepared Police Force, but I am not aware of MAJOR GANG BATTLES -- or irate, armed Trump/Kenan/Putin Supporters running wild in our streets, who need to be suppressed by Battleground Command Centers
Must be our White Supremacist, Christian Drug Mafia that needs the protection: Chief Ralph Evangelous (smoked crack daily at the house of a good friend of mine -- at least in 2011-12)D.A. Ben David who with with his brother D.A. Jon David DEMANDED from friends of mine to know where to get "Pussy and Cocaine" on Pleasure Island a few years ago -- although Ben David is married to MAJOR Republican Fundraiser Stephanie David and was a Deacon then Elder at First Presbyterianwhile having sex with my friend Lee
I know of no scandals of Sheriff Ed McMahon, but he DOES protect the CIA Hard-Drug Trafficking in the County -- but who can control the CIA??? 
Read my Letter received last night by the Editors of the Washington Post -- and George Will: 

Can't stop all the THIEVES on City Council!!!

WILMINGTON — Unprecedented growth continues to gain approval from the City of Wilmington’s City Council and Mayor Bill Saffo. This week, Council approved another massive development along Military…

The ONE ROAD that is MOST OVERBURDENED with traffic in town, and in the last couple of months City Council has approved THREE HUGE DEVELOPMENTS because Suzi Hamilton, our former Democrat NC Representative, her seat now held by Dem. Deb Butler, but NOW on Gov. Roy Cooper's cabinet, is a PARTNER expecting to make MEGA-BUCKS from the largest of these.

Susi Hamilton in the Legislature with her partner, now disgraced for financial frauds -- but hired by my Kenan Family to sit on the University of North Carolina BoardThom Goolsby who is one of the BIGGEST DRUG-TRAFFICKERS in town, partnered with Ryan Lee Burris, until recently Head of Cape Fear Equality and Third Vice Chair of the County Democratic Party:

Ryan Burris on right and Gov. Cooper on left. That is Wes Taylor in center, then Ryan's fiance -- until he died of an overdose or bad drugs -- and Ryan had to throw a FUNDRAISER to pay for funeral expenses:

And as everyone knows, although Gov. Cooper is not a known White Supremacist, he was Attorney General of North Carolina for TEN YEARS before that -- and SUPERVISED the HUGE GROWTH of DRUG MAFIA that are actually controlled by my Kenan Family, the Republican Party, and certain Christian Churches.

At the POLLS -- this is NOT a threat of DECAPITATION!!!


NOWHERE have they reported that Trump is inviting Putin to the White House -- ALL OVER the news everywhere else!!!

TOP three stories on Fox News tonight.

Well, I AGREE with their #1 Trending Story tonight!!!

And I ONLY find this on Fox:

Scott Kenan
In December 2011, Gavin Lambert, visiting Tennessee Williams (and me), in Key West, TOLD US how Natalie had told him in a PANIC that she had seen her husband, Robert Wagner, in passionate sex with Christopher Walken -- did NOT think they had seen herbut if they DID, she was CERTAIN they would KILL HER

She was dead a week later. I have worked with Natalie's family's lawyer -- and Los Angeles County Detectives (and blogged about all of this several times), but what I know is only HEARSAY.

About this article

A new podcast aims to investigate one of Hollywood’s biggest unsolved mysteries — the death of movie star Natalie Wood.