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RP: A "TIT for TAT" Day in New Hanover County District Court -- That was FULL OF SURPRISES -- Ending with MY Being Served VERY OLD Charges of "Communicating Threats", Judge R. Russell Davis HANGING HIS HEAD IN SHAME, and the Remaining Officers Claiming They All Read This Blog RELIGIOUSLY -- LOL!!!

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James L. "Buddy" Allard, Jr. who appears to be David Alan Young's attorney -- and APPEARED to run the courtroom rather than Judge Richard Russell Davis (who REFUSED to once look me in the eye), or the Prosecutor, Alexandria Palombo

MORE after I drop in what I just sent Donald Trump's OFFICIAL POLL assessing his performance, which was the FIRST email I received after Court today:

Official Presidential Job Performance Poll

My Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, and narco-traffics with the Episcopal Church put Trump into power to profit from Russia's Oil. In 2015 I had two meetings with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' at the Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans, and Gen. Honore' knew ALL ABOUT the Kenan Family narco-trafficking with the Bush, Cheney, and Clinton Families in Atlanta/Stone Mountain. Then in October 2016, I had an all night date with George HW Bush's eighth cousin, Bill Toups, who like me, had been forced by his family into homelessness and to lose all his wealth. We were up all night LAUGHING (since we controlled none of it, but KNEW our families' TRAITOROUS and DRUG CRIMES).

After that I added THREE contacts to my now 220 Political Contacts high in Security at Mar-a-Lago, and they have received every blog posting I've published since October, so Mr. Trump's people ALL KNOW about all these crimes that I can mostly prove in Court. And I also since then have befriended Joe Kennedy III of MA, and been sending my blog posts to him and he LOVES THEM and responds to them. Also Senators Burr and Tillis have received all of them for at least two years, and FINALLY Sen. Tillis Burr responded by US Mail!!!

If YOU or others in the Trump Administration or Republican Party have somehow NOT received what so many powerful people DO receive, you should check my blog for a recent synopsis I sent Rev. Barber of the North Carolina NAACP and copied to Gov. Roy Cooper. 

Hit the header at the top to see the most recent:

And please remember that GOD ALWAYS WINS, so check to see if what YOU pay PRAY to and believe in supports Liberty and Justice for ALL. If NOT, sadly, you have mistakenly been worshiping the Devil (aka Lucifer).

Here is the URL of the Poll:

So let us FIRST look at the KEY WILMINGTON PLAYERS who appeared in Court today -- and what I SURMISED from their approaches to me in words and/or body language:

1. Judge Richard Russell Davis (who seems to have no photo on the internet), did NOT speak to me once in ANY capacity, and even though I sat in the FRONT CENTER SEAT flanking the center aisle after lunch break, he never ONCE MET MY EYE, and after they MYSTERIOUSLY found a Warrant that they told me was DEFINITELY for my ARREST -- yet they had NOT found it BEFORE LUNCH -- nor ever SERVED IT to me although it was issued to me at my correct address on October 7, 2016 (a year ago), for Court on November 7, 2016 when I had NO IDEA I was scheduled to appear-- and NO arrest warrant or other Summons to me was issued or served.

And you will NOT BELIEVE who filed the charge, but I'll get to that later.

Now, because Russell Davis appears NOT to be who made the decisions made in HIS NAME, and he never violated my Rights when I was in his Court in previous years, I CANNOT force him to RECUSE himself if my case defending charges of "Communicating Threats" October 2016 comes before him -- and it was scheduled in the SAME COURTROOM (317), at 9:00 AM on September 12, ALSO in which MY charge of "Communicating Threats" is to be tried against David Alan Young -- whom I had HOPED to congratulate for losing a lot of belly fat since he pushed me backward while he threatened me repeatedly WITH his fat belly -- right into my PECKER AND BALLS (due to my being so much taller), and while I did NOT find that sexy, 
I will ask him if HE got an erection over it.



2. Republican Judge Sandra Ray (formerly Sandra Ray Criner), who has since divorced her husband Sherman Lee Criner -- after I blogged not only about his having diddled the vagina of a young girl in Thalian Hall Theater about ten years ago and Wilmington Police intimidating her parents into NOT pressing charges since Sandra Ray Criner was or soon was HEAD of the local Republican Party and they were BOTH Christians of the HIGHEST ORDER.

Sherman Lee Criner -- Christian Snake Handler -- NOW an Arbitrator in New Hanover County Courts (but not the one I spoke with today).

Sherman Lee (a BIPOLAR Civil War reference), later was named a JUDGE of YOUNG GIRLS in the Wilmington Azalea Fest:

Chad Hogston got this gal PREGNANT (presumably AFTER they married)!!!

3. Republican Judge Chad Hogston, who first DISMISSED my Freedom of Speech and of the Press Rights (blogs are legally protected by Press Rights), before convicting me of Cyber-Stalking -- a crime that neither the complaint nor evidence presented in Court had ANYTHING TO DO WITH, as pointed out by Republican Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo, who took over for the seemingly incompetent Defender Emily Zvejnieks after that -- and when FAILED Republican Mayoral Candidate (before he also FAILED as a Republican NC Senator Candidate in the Primary), had is buddies from his Hardwire Tattoo on Front Street CAT-CALL me a child molester of their young sons in front of large crowds on the streets downtown.

However, ONLY Frank Delia, a DEVOUT Roman Catholic and owner of the Italian Market and Coffeehouse on Front Street was PROUD to give me his NAME when he helped them try to pin these lies on me.

Eventually, Jennifer Harjo made a TOTALLY ILLEGAL DEAL with D.A. Ben David (I was SHOCKED that she was so corrupted by the System that she FAILED to realize it was ILLEGAL) -- Jen telling me that all the Assistant D.A.s then were LEAKING that Ben didn't have SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE to back up any of his charges -- WHY he kept trying to get me COMMITTED, rather than go to trial -- but Ben WAS good on his word, and a year later after I had returned to Political Exile in Mexico, Ben ERASED my convictions and all "pending charges" -- LOL!!!

They had ALL consulted with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan now of Raleigh, who TOLD THEM the lies that I was then Bipolar, and Hogston put me on REPORTING PROBATION with mandatory Psychiatric Treatment -- so I would be FORCED to take Lithium Carbonate again -- for a return to SOFT LOBOTOMY (that drug is NOT allowed to be prescribed longer than a month or so in ANY OTHER DEVELOPED NATION -- including Mexico -- because it is so DESTRUCTIVE to organs and yes, it caused me to lose all my TEETH!!!

But I appealed that, which meant I never had to report to Probation or the Shrink -- HA!!!

After Court today, I had a half-hour phone conversation with Mom in Raleigh and she ADMITTED some of these crimes of spreading lies to Courts, D.A.s, Judges, etc. over the years in Dekalb County, GA and New Hanover County, NC.

Call her and ASK MOM -- I've published her home phone number on this blog many times, so google for that if you CARE TO!!
Call her and ASK MOM -- I've published her home phone number on this blog many times, so google for that if you CARE TO!!

4. Republican Judge Lindsey McKee -- who has NOT divorced Evan Luther, who promoted on Facebook THIS MEME most proudly -- Lindsey an ELDER at First Presbyterian Church across the street from me now -- just like D.A. Ben David is -- the LILY WHITE CHURCH that was at the CENTER of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, led by my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr., THEN an Elder at First Prez (and I saw new Pastor Dan Lewis as they emptied after services this past Sunday and he is as HANDSOME as his photos, but MIGHT NOT TELL ME, like former Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson, now in Greensboro with a TWO-CAMPUS church, that he wanted to have SEX WITH ME, but is committed to his wife due to his vows -- for which I SALUTED ERNIE)!!!

Ernie Thompson while at First Prez, Wilmington.

D.A. Ben David "mincing" in Court.

Evan Luther posted THIS as Judge McKee/Luther's and First Presbyterian's CHRISTIAN EXPRESSION OF JESUS'S LOVE of Facebook (but took it down TWO MONTHS after I blogged preserving the EVIDENCE)!!!

Evan Luther is a Sheriff's Detective, and it was Jennifer McCracken of Apt. 67, Carolina Apartments who told me that her BROTHER on Sheriff McMahon's force is CIA and a narco-trafficker, and that she, Jennifer McCracken had a HUGE Lesbian Crush on Judge Luther, and when she tried to file charges I violated a Restraining Order she had gotten against me, after my lawyer Bruce Mason called Anthony Humphrey and got him to ADMIT he witnessed Jennifer slashing my tires because I NO LONGER bought marijuana from her nor any of the HUGE selection of harder drugs she sold all over town.

I'm going to leave this a mess -- YOU get the idea, I'm SURE!!!

Jennifer McCracken looks FAR WORSE THAN THIS, now. I passed her on the street two days ago, and she looked WAY OVER-MEDICATED on psych meds -- she telling me she is on Disability for Bipolar Illness, and FINALLY taking her meds!!!

And even though she claims to be a "Jack Mormon", and a Lesbian, drinker, and druggie, she always said she got her ORDERS from higher-ups in the Mormon Church (as have many others who harassed me, as WELL documented in this blog).

Well, Mr. Mason said he would SUBPOENA Mr. Humphrey as witness (but he didn't have to -- because Jenny never showed in Court -- she thought Judge Luther, the Holy Presbyterian, would hold that Court, but it was another judge, and Jenny did not show, and the charge dropped).

Clearly, the Prosecutor may need to subpoena the witness I had of Mr. David Young actually legally ASSAULTING ME while communicating the THREATS to my life, as he will be AFRAID that his life will be DESTROYED -- like Ben David, Mayor Saffo, and others REFUSE to stop trying to do to me.

Also, although I mentioned this is a HATE CRIME, Prosecutor Palomobo, said NOTHING of EVER meeting with me about strategy, issuing any subpoenas of witnesses, filing of ADDITIONAL CHARGES which I mentioned to her as well, etc., despite my mentioning these things to her today. Tomorrow morning I will write her a LETTER for both electronic and TRACKED US MAIL delivery, asking her when and how we can meet to arrange these things.

This was my MOTHER'S SUGGESTION today -- to sleep on it first -- and Mom LAUGHED at all those she PREVIOUSLY lied to about my being BIPOLAR, as well -- HA!!!

5. Democrat Judge Jeffrey Noecker (until recently a Deacon at First Presbyterian), who screwed me less severely in Court, and Democrat Judge James H. Faisson III who screwed me after I told him about Barack Obama being Gay as a Goose -- something MOST black folk in Wilmington KNEW back in 2015 when he got PISSED OFF because he has Christian Ministerial Chips as well, and HATES HOMOS!!!

6. And as everyone in Wilmington knows, because Judge Sandra Ray got TOP District Court Judge Julius H. Corpening II's SON, Brad, who owns the INCOMPETENT Boar's Head Deli downtown (they were TOO STONED to get the right MEAT into two of my deli sandwiches there -- let along the other fixin's!!!), OFF charges of possessing and selling drugs at a concert in Raleigh, he ENDORSED JUDGE RAY'S ASS in her recent re-election, so I'd get HIM to recuse himself as well!!!

Republican Judge Ray and Democrat Chief Judge Corpening -- partners in the Christian Drug Mafia.

Brad Corpening, serving DRUG MONEY (I suspect), instead of another BAD SANDWICH.


It's getting late, hits to this posting have REALLY gone viral more than any other I've written, although I DOUBT this one will hit the many tens of THOUSANDS my ALL TIME most hit posting has gotten -- and still gets at an ACCELERATING PACE:

Bruce Mason REFUSED TO LOOK AT ME today -- and he looks FAR OLDER than he did three months ago, when he told me my Kenan Family controls not just all the Republicans in North Carolina, but the Democrats as well -- which was soon verified by TWO Magistrates (at the jail, NOT  Maura Johnson that even Courts Officials have told me protects Ben David's narco-trafficking -- and she SCREWED me twice in 2011, although I said nice things to her outside Court today), that I dealt with when I filed the charge against David Alan Young, two months ago).

The last words Bruce Mason said to me as he RAN down Princess Street refusing to advise me on HOW to deal with Spectrum Cable in my claim for them hitting me with a truck -- as he had JUST PROMISED when he said he began the case, but would not take it further, "I have NO CONSCIENCE!!!" 

His admin Hannah turned to me and said her boss SCARES HER, and I think the Hannah should NOW QUIT, and turn State's Evidence -- rather than get soon indicted herself.

Thom Goolsby looks -- again, like he did summer of 2015 when I passed him jogging in a LIME GREEN Tennis Outfit with matching visor -- completely EMACIATED from Meth or similar.

His HAIR DON'T is now hideous, no longer colored to hide the gray, and in the FASHION of so many of Donald Trump's CLOSEST ADVISERS, including Eric Trump (who with his wife Lara Yunaska, a Wilmington native, have a big place on WHITE-ASS Wrightsville Beach), in the fashion of ADOLPH HITLER'S TOP PEOPLE, a FACT that can easily be image googled, that NAZI HAIR STYLE of Trump's people only being noticed by the Press about a week ago.

Well, I have LOTS MORE I could report, but it's been a LONG DAY, and I need to prepare to write Prosecutor Alexandria J. Palombo about having STRATEGY meetings and how to file ADDITIONAL CHARGES, HATE CRIMES, and if we need to seek a NEW VENUE due to all the PREJUDICE against me by Ben David and the Judges of BOTH PARTIES.

Michael and Alexandria Palombo had better HOPE the gal-half doesn't end up in PRISON with Ben David, et alno???

TODAY would have been COMPLETELY DIFFERENT if David Alan Young had ACCEPTED my offer to go to ARBITRATION, with NO CHARGE FOR HIM, we never speak or bother each other going forward, and he pay me a small $2,000.00 penalty for ALL of his crimes.

But he REFUSED, so HE WILL PAY FAR, FAR MORE -- and I'm REALLY out to get the Drug Mafia Christians in WilmingtonNOW!!!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

RP: After a "Kure" of a Beach (so I'm rested and fresh for Court tomorrow mornin') . . .

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Kure (KYOOR-ee) Beach today -- looking left.

And looking right.

LOOK -- it's Freddy Mercury singing OPERA!!!:

Click the following for your Audio/Video Pleasure

Freddy has sent a message that he wants everyone to have a "Barcelona" Life -- and the song is sung in English, so you find out what that means. From "Made in Heaven" productions. 

So, there was no sexual adventure, frustrating as usual -- or consummated-for-a-change -- and I only told ONE guy he was "hot as hell", a 6' 5" 24 year old black guy (while his girlfriend was momentarily out of earshot). He loved it and high-fived me.

But I had one straight couple behind me to the right, and four straight couples behind me to the left. All between 38 and 65, and I had a LOT of fun with both bunches talking Politics and Religion. The point was that we were ALL so comfortable together -- and perhaps I DID tell one wife that the reason I wasn't stealing her husband was that I was NO WAY getting into a fight with a woman like her.

Hell, at OUR AGE, ANY kind of compliment is welcome!!!

I'll just mention in passing that NO ONE responded to my appeal for help with my heart medication for attrib, so I'm still short the $95.00 I need for that, but can afford my other meds. You can still send a few bucks to me via, then find my account using my email Thanks!!! 

The biggest thing I want to say before the court hearing tomorrow is that -- and I know I will not work with D.A. Ben David, himself, but might see him -- is that of ALL the people I have "battled" these many years (outside my family), I not only have the most respect for Ben David, but I actually think I LIKE him -- and the crush I on-and-off have for him is a "GRUDGE CRUSH", rather than a true Lust Crush, and in it, my fantasy is that he makes me his SLAVE and I do his every bidding for our mutual pleasure.

OK, I just found the ONLY MEME I've ever made (in 2011) -- the others I find on Facebook and the internet(s). But TODAY, the roles are REVERSED as the young handsome District Attorney is after Goliath Scott Kenan!!!

Oh WAIT!!! -- the Prosecutorial side is the same as mine . . . 

The fact is that Ben David and I have crossed paths at least five times since I returned from Mexico, once with his wife and family, once with just his wife, and three times when he was with significantly important legal, law enforcement, or courts officials, and I NEVER put him on the spot once -- we have had some good laughs as well.

I'm entirely certain that Ben David respects me -- now, anyway -- and I'm sure he regrets some of his actions toward me in the past of a few years ago. Whether that is because he's actually changed in his associations in parallel with a change of heart and action -- or if he just learned I'm not one to tangle with and that I won't give up -- and he's smart as a WHIP!!!

IF Ben has "improved", we'll see a quickening of prosecutions of the local "Drug Mafia Types", and a separation of Narco-Trafficking from Wilmington's Politicians and Christian Churches.

And while I'm GLAD that Judge Russell Davis presides tomorrow, even if it was one of those who violated my rights between early 2011 and fall 2015, I've seen so much improvement in both the Courts and the City in general since first arriving late 12/30/2010, I'd trust them all to follow the Oaths they took, and the Constitution and Laws of our country and our "Old North State".

Now this is as mild as the spicy cheese sample I got at Lowe's Foods when I stopped on the way home from Kure Beach for just some beer and butter (don't ask -- your fantasies are far more exciting than the reality here right now -- LOL!!!). But I'm going to post it anyway:

This isn't NEW NEWS, but I think it's funny that Donald and Melania Trump can't handle this event AT ALL:
LOL!!! Of the five honorees this year, four are clearly NON-WHITE and the other, Norman Lear, is a JEW!!!

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump will not attend the annual Kennedy Center Honors in December, the White House announced Saturday morning.

Hell, I got TWO CHAPTERS out of the Kennedy Center Honors 1981 -- and the accompanying of Tennessee Williams to several events surrounding that, meeting LOTS of celebrating and celebrated people, and even talking with Ronald and Nancy Reagan in the White House. 

Here was what we looked like, Tennessee was 71 and I was 30 then:


Saturday, August 19, 2017

RP: After Communing with Jiminy Cricket in the New Hanging Gardens of Babylon . . .

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And ACTUALLY, it was a grasshopper (THREE inches long), that I communed with.

The New Hanging Gardens of Babylon (my back porch), where I once could NOT commune with the comatose and DROOLING Haston Lavern Caulder (who was RELEASED from jail this past week, but has mercifully NOT contacted me).

Haston Caulder in the Garden, fall 2016. You can't see the DROOL, but you see a cigarette he'd lost going unconscious, earlier. Haston burned MANY holes in his shorts that Joseph Faulk of NYC kept buying for him -- but not in THESE shorts -- yet.

Although Haston has nipples and pecs that are EXEMPLARY for a 43-year-old guy who's lived the criminal life since before puberty, I never found him sexually attractive after day one. 

Nevertheless, he sent me a selfie of his SHAVEDextended man-meat to forward on to Joseph in NYC to KEEP THE MONEY COMING, Joseph sending him over $7,000.00 in one month alone (plus lots of food treats and clothing via Amazon -- and furniture, including shipping a child-sized bed which BAFFLED both Haston and me -- we wondering if Mr. Faulk had ANY sanity).

In the interest of "common decency" I am NOT publishing that photo here -- but IF YOU MUST indulge your prurient interest -- you can view it near the top here:

And this is the dwarf double-yellow Angel's Trumpet that "Jiminy Cricket" eventually made it to, that was in another positiontoday, than in the recent photos above.

The REASON Jimini Cricket came to call, is that it had been a VERY baffling day so far. I was just sitting down in "Haston's seat" for a cigarette smoke when he LEAPED out of the hanging basket with the giant Night-Blooming Cereus

 . . . and first slowly crept to the front edge of the folding chair he jumped onto -- taking longer than for me to smoke a cigarette -- as I spoke to him in low reassuring tones, so as not to frighten him (nor did I make any quick moves). He then leaped to the post of the handrail, climbed up on it, walked over to the Angel's Trumpet, climbed all the way up it very slowly -- tasting leaves and bloom buds -- and apparently finding it WANTING, he began BACKING DOWN while hanging upside-down!!!

So I gently got up from my seat, and not wanting to accidentally harm him by capturing him in my hand, I stroked the three-inch length of his back three times -- before he jumped up and flew away around the corner of the building.

I felt just like St. Francis of Assisi!!!:

So here are the BAFFLES OF TODAY:

First, I went to hear Erin Brockovich speak on the front steps of City Hall about the GenX pollution of Wilmington's drinking water -- scheduled for 10:00 AM. But at 10:25 -- and NO ONE knowing where Erin was, but continuing to mill around, I left at that point, I having NO RESPECT for anyone in this day and age of ubiquitous cell phones, who can't call to say what has delayed them and when they expect to arrive.

Just now, I got a message from a friend who was there briefly, and an organizer of the event, that someone ELSE there KNEW that Erin had a family emergency and had left town in the middle of the night, last night, and added, "She should have made an announcement earlier . . . " (than sometime AFTER 10:25 when she introduced SOMEONE to speak who was NOT Erin Brockovich).

This is as incompetent as the APOCOLYPSE!!!

One of the horsemen fell off. What a day! Even the Apocalypse is going to be incompetent.

Pat Robertson, the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and a familiar face on its flagship program The 700 Club, has been hospitalized, CBN announced Friday. The 87-year-old, who also founded the private Christian…

BUT, while waiting all that time I was RUNNING MY MOUTH about the CORRUPTION of my Narco-Trafficking Kenan Family that put Trump into power to turn the country NAZI and Ku Klux Klan with MANY "responsible citizens" of Wilmington -- they ALL seeming to know that -- as well as that Mayor Bill Saffo, District Attorney Benjamin R. David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and Sheriff Ed McMahon are all PART of the Republican/Democrat Christian DRUG MAFIA -- in fact MOST now know that Bill Saffo has an EYE for young men -- and that Ben David has MALE LOVERS!!!

FEW were surprised that Barack Obama is GAY AS A GOOSE, his marriage arranged by Christian Ministers Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright, but the majority who KNEW THIS, also knew that Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, and George W Bush ALL had male lovers while President.

And then one guy of about my age told me that the TRUE STORY of the RUTHLESSNESS and the "Trailer-Trash" beginnings of -- and of the wealthy Kenans in general -- is ENTIRELY DISCLOSED in the history book POOR NO MORE, by Robert Ruark, and that I should BUY IT:

And researching this book, I learned that Mr. Ruark is actually a NATIVE of Wilmington, NC, but the protagonist (look it up)"Craig Price", ends up in RUIN, so he AIN'T FULLY KENAN!!!

And the OTHER THING I keep forgetting to mention is that Mr. Faulk of NYC has kindly sent me just about the same money to cover my medications as he did a month ago, BUT he being a recluse who has NEVER been near homeless, had NO IDEA the expenses I've had while waiting for the TARDY SPECTRUM CABLE to settle with me from hitting me with this truck in a crosswalk in full daylight -- EXACTLY at the intersection where Ms. Brockovich was supposed to have spoken today, but I will have enough for all those meds except the expensive one for attrib (atrial fibrillation), that costs $98.00 for one month.

So if ANYONE can send a few dollars for that (I need to refill in six days), you can PayPal me a few bucks toward that using my email address to find my PayPal account -- or use the DONATE button on my original blog on the right side