Saturday, February 16, 2019

RP: CELEBRATING Rev. Joyce Rennolds -- MOTIVATOR of ONE or a THOUSAND -- of Atlanta, Georgia!!! / TODAY'S News on Legalization of Marijuana in North Carolina!!!:


Joyce Rennolds (all those Ayn Rand pals who misspell their names with a "Y" where a "Y" doesn't belong -- STOLE THEM FROM JOYCE) -- when I knew her best!!!

Joyce Rennolds
Motivator of One or a Thousand
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

February 16, 2019

Dear Joyce,

It was GREAT speaking with you – if too briefly, since you had to run – this morning!!! And I am sending this also to Rev. Ken Wilcox, whom I called out of the blue about two weeks ago as well – especially since I saw your videos and Ken introduced you at your 75th Birthday Party. ALSO, because since then, I have been BRAGGING ABOUT YOU BOTH on since THEN made several new Facebook Friends – batting Love back and forth on Facebook like a game of “Metaphysical Ping-Pong”.

Many of them LOVE my blog, that has gotten nearly 1.5 million hits now, in which I am revealing all the crimes of my Kenan Family that DESPITE being the TOP PRIVATE SUPPORT of University Education in the WORLD for about 100 years (we co-founded UNC Chapel Hill in 1789), using Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, etc., put Donald Trump into power (after first putting President Enrique Pena Nieto into power so he changed their Constitution so Kenans could again get Mexican Oil, but he’s GONE NOW), to use Exxon and BoA to profit developing Kenan-Friend Vladimir Putin’s vast Oil Reserves (and believe it of not, Tennessee Williams’s close “Friend”, Maria St. Just, nee Britneva’s Morgan Grenfell Bank is now the CORE of Deutsche Bank’s International Banking – the LARGEST Trump Family creditor and conduit of cash to him from Russian Oligarchs!!!) – and I KNOW many of my richest relatives and they have told me they only hate Jews more than they hate “Niggers” (their word).

The only Kenan Charity I am associated with is the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, Stacey Abrams of Georgia sat on the Board for YEARS – and Stacey is the ONLY Politician I endorsed and worked for (from Wilmington, NC), in the last election.

Anyway, Joyce Rennolds, I’m not just an inch taller than your son-in-law, I took your seminar on LOVE at Tony Crapoliccio’s church about 1998 VERY SERIOUSLY!!! You BRAGGED about your affair with a high-placed Egyptian Diplomat years before that, and I once dated the Mexican Consul to Atlanta (actually in 1983), and then caught back up to him right before he retired, he then the MOST decorated Mexican Diplomat to the USA:

I have ALSO dated Adm. Zumwalt’s Chief Protocol Officer, Rife Huey, in Atlanta in 1984, and the former Chief Protocol Officer to the US Embassy in Mexico City, Luis Alberto Gonzalez Perez, in Puerto Vallarta in 2010, and he knew both Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush VERY WELL, and told me they BOTH were HUGE Hard-Drug Traffickers (for my Kenan Family)!!!

And former President Vicente Fox is a friend (he worked for the Kenans as a Coca-Cola Exec before becoming a Politician), as well as Presidente Salinas’s best friend, Dr. Valdemar Salazar, who introduced me to the Governor of Colima State, and once stole enough money from Drug Mafia who had called him to an emergency deep in the countryside, but the lights were on, the doors open, no one there – and he found approximately a TON of Powder Drugs, lots of guns, and open safes stuffed with bundled stacks of $100.00 bills, so he took a simple hand gun and enough money to buy a brand new Luxury Automobile for him and his wife, whom I also knew. He ALSO snuck Presidente Salinas OUT of the Mexican Presidential Palace (in disguise), drove him to Puerto Vallarta, and they CRIED TOGETHER because they could do NOTHING about the CIA/US State Department Drug Trafficking there.

Dr. Valdemar Salazar on left, several years ago, at the crowning of "Best Matron in All of Mexico"!!!

Also in Colima in late 2012, I met by chance George W. Bush’s TOP Drug-Money Launderer, Martin Lamb, who when he heard I was a “North Carolina Kenan”, IMMEDIATELY assumed that I too had Drug Money to launder, and told me how W. flew down to his private island off Panama regularly in small jets full of $100.00 bills. I blogged about it right away – including his photo -- and then after I paid at the Colonial hotel’s cafĂ© for breakfast the next morning, he came in and sat two tables from me, opened his computer, saw what I blogged, and then looked over tight at me -- and I high-tailed it back to Puerto Vallarta, shaking his GOONS on the mountain highway after half an hour (and I still drive that car, a 2009 Pontiac Vibe -- VIBE of the Great Native American "Indian" Chief Pontiac is how Mexicans read it -- and LOVE all PONTIACS.)!!!

Joyce, one other thing you claimed in that (or another seminar about the same time), is that the total of money in the world divided by total world population is $3,000,000.00, “so where is YOURS??” I thought you were NUTS – until in 2009, I saw a US Government accounting showing it had risen to just under $5 million per person. My Kenan Family has grabbed most of everyone’s money, to tell you the TRUTH!!!

Did you ever know “Diamond Lil” – like Ken did – a GROUND-BREAKING Drag Queen in Ken’s and my Writers Group at the ATL church??? About two years ago, he was dying, destitute, in a Catholic home for “last days”, and I was back in touch with him. He soon died, and I sent them a donation in his name. THEN, I checked their Board of Directors that included my personal friend Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’, whom I first met at the New Orleans/Tennessee Williams Literary Festival where he was a speaker in 2015 – Russel knowing ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family running the Drug Mafias of Atlanta!!!

Now, as I emailed Rev. Wilcox at his church office just yesterday, “I am so busy still and I always think things will calm down, and they never do, so I continue exposing corruption -- despite a false nuthouse commitment, an attempt to kill me with a gift of PCP-saturated pot, and my family cutting me off from their stipend, then restoring it -- mostly -- after nearly causing me to go homeless, which they told me they hoped happened -- all of that within the last few weeks!!!”

EVERY difficulty I have had – and all the physical and psychological pain it brought me – turned out to be a HUGE BLESSING in disguise. Nowadays, I’m just saying Prayers of GRATITUDE – because This Thing called God, does great sorting out what adventures I will have next. But Truth-Be-Told, Joyce and Ken, the ONE area I could use help in is MONEY ATTRACTION, I’m OK, but nearly living on beans and rice, so include me in any Treatments you do for that, please.

When I was committed to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital on false claims, three weeks ago, the top doctor KNEW one of Gen. Colin Powell’s former Chief Protocol Officers – as well as Gen. Honore’ – and my shrink in Atlanta who took me off Lithium Carbonate in 2009, saying in the eight years of our association she NEVER saw a sign of Bipolar in me. Since then I was diagnosed with “Complicated PTSD”, which has the same symptoms as PTSD, but is caused by ABUSIVE PARENTS and others.

Because of my SoM training, I IMMEDIATELY halved my symptoms and have worked them down now to almost nothing, small amounts of marijuana late at night help a LOT. Lithium – banned in almost every other country in the world for use longer than a month – is used to cause Semi-Lobotomy – why my mother forced me to Bipolar diagnosis in 1978, and kept getting the LAW (including still-Dekalb County Superior Court Judge Linda Warren Hunter in 1990), to force me back on it. It took five years for my brain to rewire after I got off it – and I have NO ORGAN DAMAGE from it, as is usual, but lost all my perfect never-a-cavity teeth (I grew up with Fluoridated water in Louisville, KY). Dentures are FAR BETTER than organ transplants, no???

Well, like I promoted Ken Wilcox a couple of weeks ago on my blog -- TONIGHT, I’m publishing this Letter on my blog to promote YOU, Joyce Rennolds – as my way of THANKING YOU – just for BEING YOURSELF!!! (And Ken gets a bit more as well.)

See: -- where you will find lots of IMAGES ADDED, and HOT hyperlinks to supporting materials!!!



NC citizens currently have the right to legally brew their own beer at home, and should be able to grow their own cannabis for personal use at home

Agree Or Disagree? 

High Times Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko is one of cannabis’ most lauded and passionate documentarians. In his new book, “Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana,” advocates for a DIY approach for growing marijuana. Listen to Danko’s first experiences growing cannabis and...

Scott Kenan I just spoke with the staff in an ABC Liquor store here in Wilmington, and THEY said that they are ALL SET UP to also sell marijuana -- as soon as it is legalized!!! Also Vicente Fox of Mexico (one of my political allies, who worked as a Coca-Cola exec for my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill, before becoming a politician)wants to export marijuana to the USA!!!

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Debbie Salzer That needs to go to China.


Scott Kenan Debbie Salzer: I don't know what your comment, "That needs to go to China." means -- could you CLARIFY, please??? My family co-founded UNC Chapel Hill in 1789, inventing the world's FIRST Public University, and today, Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan are FIGHTING to keep "Silent Sam" on campus. I know them, and "Uncle Jimmy's" -- Frank Hawkins Kenan's brother James Graham Kenan's nephew Gregg Loomis, who told me that the wealthy Kenans hate only JEWS more than they hate "Niggers" (his word). So in the words of Dear Ol' Jesus:

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Friday, February 15, 2019

RP: Letters Sent Today to Wilmington, NC City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark, Former Independent Council Candidate Caylan McKay, and the Attendees of My Democratic Party Precinct Meeting of This Past Monday (Praise the Lord!!!):


Charlie Rivenbark wears off-white pants.

Charlie Rivenbark
Wilmington, NC City Council

February 15, 2019

Dear Mr. Rivenbark,

To be CLEAR, it was I who texted you yesterday after speaking at length with your cousin, Ray Rivenbark (a barbecue aficionado), which you promptly responded to. My question, is if you are NOT a “Mafia Thug”, why do you act like one by your cell phone listed on your City Councilman's page having too many messages to take any more voicemails – so that constituents can’t call you and leave a message???

My text: “I met Ray Rivenbark today, who HATES you and told me of your many crimes with Mayor Saffo. Any comment before I go to press?”

Your response: “Have at it.”

I sent back, “LOL! Suck my d*ck.” – which I did NOT mean literally, it is a common expression of absolute disgust with someone – now that Donald Trump and the “Christians” have made vulgarity the language of Politics. Here is where I’ve also used President Trump’s language:

Anyway, I will be sending this to some of your colleagues and you at Maus, Warwick, and Matthews, knowing (or at least hearing a rumor), that should you find yourself PROSECUTED, they then can subpoena all those people’s email records (no telling what they might find).

As you know, you and ALL of City Council have been receiving my every Blog Posting by email for years – and Editor Ben Schachtman of Port City Daily has told me he FINDS all my emails in the Public Records at City Hall, so we can prove in Court that ALL of you get my emails. If you ignore them, that is not MY problem.

I won’t get into all that Ray Rivenbark told me here, but here are two things:

1. That when you went OFF City Council years ago, Mayor Saffo told you to get your Commercial Real Estate License, and then get elected back on – and the two of you could steal TONS OF MONEY from the Wilmington Taxpayers and get WEALTHY AS HELL.

As you know from my blog, “Hot Greek Man” on (who had hoped to date me), me that before he retired to Fayetteville, NC, he worked thirty years for Bill Saffo’s Uncle in the Fashion Industry in NYC – and that this Uncle Heads the Saffo Drug Mafia there – and gives Bill his orders here.

And then Denise Renee Wood, who used to live just beneath me in my former apartment, has 43 Felony Convictions – as well as 13 Misdemeanor Convictions -- from twenty years ago as an International Drug Smuggler, but NOW works for Bill Saffo, whom she said sexually PREFERS young men!!! 

Contact HER if you don’t like what she claims:

2. Ray Rivenbark claims that you and your brother Bill Rivenbark ran restaurants together for years, but Bill was a BAD alcoholic. Then, you got him a job as a clerk in an ABC Liquor store, and with that STERLING experience in Education, you got him elected to the New Hanover County School Board as a REPUBLICAN, while you are a Democrat. Party means NOTHING in North Carolina when Lawyer Bruce Mason explained to me that my Drug-Trafficking, White Supremacist Kenan Family of Chapel Hill OWNS every Republican and MOST of the Democrats.

In fact, when I tried on February 13, 2017 – and I made the mistake to emailing Mayor Saffo before I walked to his office to demand the FULL Police Report on Wilmington Police having murdered my friend Evan Fish (confirmed by Sheriff’s Deputies also on the scene: – I was knocked 12 feet out of the crosswalk in front of City Hall/County Court House on Third Street by a Time Warner cherry-picker truck, in FULL DAYLIGHT, and Rhys ACCELERATED until he felt the impact – because he did not SEE 6’ 11” me!!!

I retained Lawyer Bruce Mason, who soon FIRED ME and ran out of his office yelling back to his Admin Hannah and me, “I have NO CONSCIENCE!!!” and Hannah, afraid SHE might get prosecuted working for Mr. Mason, almost immediately quit.

THEN, my distant Kenan relative Barbara B. “Bonnie” Weyher of her Lily-White Law Firm of 27 White Lawyers in Raleigh (she and her husband are listed in the 1999 Kenan Genealogy like I am), via her lackey Brian M. Williams, REFUSED to look at most of the evidence sent by my doctors and FORCED me to accept a $2,500.00 settlement when Mr. Mason and several other lawyers told me I should easily get $20,000.00 - $40,000.00.

Well, when I FINALLY healed enough to get back to Mayor Saffo’s office and was speaking with your live-in lover and Secretary to the Mayor and City Council, Dawn Grants, YOU entered, I introduced myself, and then you told me you HOPED I got a dog and IT was also run over!!!

Well, I don’t find anywhere that you claim to be a Christian – and ditto for Ms. Grants. Jesus (and other biblical characters), claim it is a GRAVE SIN to have sex with anyone outside of marriage. I’m not a Christian, but was once a devout Catholic. I DO however love what Jesus taught us about how to live (but am flexible on that – like you and Dawn are).

Anyway, I think Judy Justice on the School Board will LOVE getting my blog posting that includes this Letter – and so will Ben Schachtman, who has been delving into the TRUTH about your Republican brother Bill Rivenbark – LOL!!!

As you know, I send all my evidence to top NC Prosecutor Kimberly Overton Spahos, and others, and work directly with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’, Rob Reiner and David Frum of, and many others as well. And as I wrote a friend who is a Pastor in Florida this morning:

I am so busy still and I always think things will calm down, and they never do, so I continue exposing corruption -- despite a false nuthouse commitment, an attempt to kill me with a gift of PCP-saturated pot, and my family cutting me off from their stipend, then restoring it mostly after nearly causing me to go homeless, which they told me they hoped happened -- all of that within the last few weeks!!!

Well, Charlie, GOOD LUCK avoiding trouble with State and Federal Prosecutors!!!

Scott D. Kenan

Now-NC State Senator Harper Peterson with Caylan McKay in 2017.

Hi Caylan,

It was great speaking with you this morning, and I just thought I'd drop you a note because you might enjoy my Valentine's Day blog posting:

In 2013, D.A. Ben David with a Fox News Talking Head in Chicago and a Wells Fargo Advisors Exec, charged me with Libel and without ever legally serving me, tried me in absentia in Cook County (Chicago) Courts, stealing copyright to my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, which Scott Rudin and the producers of the Harry Potter films had been looking to buy movie rights to. Ben has admitted this to me in person, and promised to get it undone, but he can't. His wife, Stephanie, while also holding an administrative job at UNCW, is a long-time strategist and fundraiser for Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney, and you likely noticed that while Ben last ran as a Democrat, the County Party REFUSED to list him as one of their candidates -- and I've known one of Ben's boyfriends, Lee, as you can see here (my opinions on local politicians have largely changed since I wrote this):

And if you have any time (Ha-Ha!!!), you might take a look at my Tennessee Williams memoir that I published in blog format (with impunity, after the Rights were stolen). It includes both Professional and Amazon Customer reviews from when I sold it there, which ceased after Ben David and others stole my Rights:

All best to you -- and Wilmington's FUTURE!!!


>>> Greetings Fellow Democratic Precinct Meeting Attendees!!! (This, the ONLY time I intend to write you all -- but I BLOGGED about our meeting, and don't talk behind anyone's back):  

Dear All,

I'm extremely busy in my Political Work, and any of you who wish to contact me may do so and I will get back to you. Before I give the link to that on my blog, I need to explain a couple of things:

My parents who raised us with small Swastikas on our dinner plates were VERY connected to Republicans past and present, including Sen. Jesse Helms, John Boehner's top ally and strategist Coach Lou Holtz, Newt Gingrich, and Sean Hannity. When they lived in Wilmington 1980 - 1999, they set up the Christian Drug Mafia here under direct orders of Pope John-Paul II, working with Father Robert J. Kus of St. Mary's (who fled Wilmington last June to begin a new career in Honduras), and Nixon's Aide John Ehrlichman, whom I knew well in Atlanta in the early 1990s, where my parents with the wealthy Kenans and my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA, who still supplies Wilmington with Hard Drugs, set up the Atlanta/Stone Mountain Drug Mafias.

In my report of this past Monday evening's meeting, it may not be clear enough that I came to totally respect Harper Peterson's representative, and therefore feel positive (strongly), like I mostly have about Sen. Peterson. My problem was with Harper's support of Representative Deb Butler, who actually told me to my face that she does Drug Trafficking with Republican Jonathan Deputy, who committed me on lies to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital last March -- because I refused to stop blogging about his and Ms. Butler's crimes.

There is a MAJOR DRUG PROBLEM in New Hanover County Democratic Party (and the Republican Party), witness Deb Butler's wife Anni Parra dying of bad drugs a month and a half ago, recent Dem Party Third Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris (who had at least one Felony Drug Conviction before being elected to that position), died of an overdose this past November, and Ryan's fiance Wes Taylor had died of an overdose 1.5 years before that. I am not AWARE of any Republican Leaders or their spouses dying this way -- but then most of our elected officials are Democrats.

The other thing is that I do NOT have a problem with our elected Treasurer, and while he's young and has not yet learned the depth of reality in Wilmington Politics, he is admirably CARING and PASSIONATE!!!

So here is what I published and then sent to my 100 Political Contacts by email that has been an extremely popular posting:

And here is where I will publish this REPLY ONLY (none of your names will be included), along with my Letter to Councilman Charlie Rivenbark of earlier today, and an email to Caylan J. McKay, who ran for City Council two years ago and really impressed me. He has not decided yet if he will run this year:

Let's make Wilmington the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD!!!

Scott D. Kenan