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RP: The HARDEST Thing for African-Americans (those descended from slaves), to ACCEPT!!!

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This is Anthony Carmichael of these Carolina Apartments, photo from his Google+ profile.

Facebook and Google have LONG been recognized (internationally, at least), as FRONTS for the CIA and FBI.

In Anthony Carmichael's PUBLICLY POSTED Google+ profile, he claims to work at Carmichael Industries, BUT googling that, I found ONE company with that name -- having four employees and in another part of the country -- and they being PAID SPIES!!!

I could find nothing else for Carmichael Industries in Wilmington or North Carolina -- and I assume Anthony means he works for a DIFFERENT legal entity -- perhaps he owns it and runs it from Carolina Apartments.

"Leadership Team Development" is too generic for me to bother searching, and when I first met Anthony -- just in passing -- one of the TWO times I ever interacted with him at all (before today), I noticed not only that he is POOR in English language skills, but most of his teeth are missing.

ANTHONY inspired me to realize that so many in the "underclass" have TERRIBLE teeth, and to move up, they will need GOOD TEETH -- not just to make a good impression, but to feel CONFIDENT!!!

I wrote this on July 8, after meeting Anthony: "Which brings me to the FACT that one thing holding formerly homeless people BACK in the job search is the DEPLORABLE condition of their teeth. Sister Mary Isaac Koenig has a dental clinic for the poor, and when I'm richer, I'm going to fund its expansion and other things that Good Woman would like to do!!!"

Despite what I write about many Christians, STILL plan to make Sister Mary Isaac's Charities in Wilmington my TOP charity to support!!!

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig of St. Mary's Catholic

>>> I'LL GET TO THE SUBJECT IN MY TITLE -- it is NOT about Anthony, since he and I never discussed religion and I have no idea if he has one.

BUT, here is a comment he made on blog, today:

1 comment:

anthony carmichael said...

I am NOT afraid of the policies here! I said have a good day bcz I don't like talking to you. This place has been NOTHING but a blessing. You being here has thrown it into chaos. The honesty I was thanking you for was the out right glorifying of the KKK. I'm used to racists being silent til they stab you in the kidney. THAT'S ALL! I AM NOT ON YOUR SIDE FOR ONE BIT. See, I see and read all you post and my question is, why are you so angry at everything and everyone? I don't like being wrote about. I take it as a personal offense.
Anthony seems to FORGET that I only wrote about him AFTER he placed his first comment on my blog -- LOL!!!

I take IGNORANCE and LIES as an offense, but it is hard to get away from them. And I don't see how Anthony could have one passing meeting with me weeks ago -- and then one of about a minute or so while we all scrambled up and down the fire stairs when the elevator was out -- and he claims I GLORIFY the KKK, or that my being here has affected more than a minute or two of his life!!!

Well, this is too like the claims of Jennifer McCracken, the Drug Dealer on my floor (she sold marijuana to me three times and offered  me ANY drug, so she cannot deny that!!!), and given that I believe Tomi Matheson is too smart to LIBEL herself (although because of her job she might be forced to)they first got Jenny to slander me -- and NOW they got a poor, uneducated man to do the same.

It will be EASY to destroy these witnesses in Court!!!


Tonight, George and I spoke for just over eight minutes, and he said it will be a SURPRISE when I am served his Court Notice in attempt at my eviction. He said it is HIS job to protect the residents of his building from UPSET and MAYHEM -- which must refer to something, but only Jenny and I (and possibly Anthony Humphrey), ever had any actual harsh words, and that was basically when Jenny accused me of taking my drug business to Anthony, and Anthony claimed I was "Fucking with (his) pussy", meaning his girlfriends were giving him grief over my blog -- for reasons Anthony HREFUSED TO TELL ME!!!

Well, NO ONE has to read my blog -- and if they DOI wish these people had at least MINIMAL READING COMPREHENSION!!! But they don't seem to.


In any case, George said he had met with FOUR residents, today, and they are going to testify in court against me.

Good Luck!!!

George also said at least THREE times, "If you are so important, why are you living in a SHITTY LITTLE APARTMENT in the Carolina Apartments???"

Of course that cracked me up each time, because it is ALL about "judging by appearances" one of the things the Prophet Jesus often told people was SINFUL, and he ENTIRELY DISRESPECTED HIS OWN BUSINESS, and that comment seems to show his intention of NOT planning to improve things.


I guess instead of worrying the North Carolina Bureau of Investigations, tomorrow (I didn't get to it today), I'd better get on with SUING DAVID NASH (to improve my cash flow)!!!

David Nash of  Hogue Hill, attorneys


Now just for a minute, set aside YOUR religious beliefs, and consider what kind of SELF-LOVE or SELF RESPECT would an enslaved people have if those slaves ADOPTED the very religion, scriptures, and fake god that was USED TO ENSLAVE THEM???

TOTAL self-hatred playing into the CHRISTIAN WHITE SUPREMACISTS (in North Carolina, my wealthy Kenan Family, the Episcopal Church, and Republican Party, especially).

THIS will be my MAIN TALKING POINT from now on in Wilmington!!!

I tested it out this morning in a fast food restaurant with the black manager and counter help -- and the manager was a little taken aback, but not the others, she being a little older, but still far younger than me.

But she GOT IT!!!

However, a WHITE woman with her husband, a parent, and two children overheard -- and that woman was INCENSED!!! She started shouting at me about "when I meet the Lord Jesus and am condemned to hell', so we had some "strong words", and although her husband tried to restrain her, she JUMPED UPdemanding someone call 911because it is ILLEGAL to talk like that in the United States of America, and ran over to my table shouting and pointing her finger, and I REALLY thought she was going to punch me in the face -- she having "put up her dukes" when she got nearest me.

Well, I will just say that the black manager handled it SO EXPERTLYthat I praised her for that very highly.

And everyone ate their breakfast then in peace -- except that without my asking I was given a FULL REFUND for mine.

Such a DEALno???


The Wilmington Insurrection was caused PRIMARILY by William Rand Kenan, Sr. (whose son built the Carolina Apartments), with First Presbyterian.


RP: DONE!!! The Postal Inspector Will Question Residents of the Carolina Apartments Re: the HATE NOTE I Received -- beginning with Jennifer McCracken!!!

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/08/done-postal-inspector-will-question.html

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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The mother of a 7-year-old, second grader at Forest Park Elementary School in Fort Wayne Indiana, ...
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It was ALWAYS obvious to me that Tomi Matheson would not do such a thing, and for these reasons:

1. She is more honest and direct (despite the original note she distributed -- due to being overworked, exhausted, and temporarily CRACKED).

2. The fact that Tomi puts notes on doors shows she KNOWS it is illegal for her to put them in US Postal boxes.

3. Tomi is NOT the type to use a super-thin pen -- or make a circle instead of a dot ANYWHERE when she prints or writes.

They said I was SMART to quickly protect the note from additional DNA pollution -- and, I presume, will test the DNA if no confession is forthcoming.

In any case, the US Post Office now knows the significance of harassment of me -- especially since I work with Generals Colin Powell and Russel Honore' to BUST the top narco-traffickers in town -- and that Jenny told me she could get ANY drug for me quickly.

I also complained about the non-locking mailboxes, and they said they have had a relatively HIGH number of things they have had to investigate at the Carolina Apartments.

No promise of when they would BEGIN their interviews here, and investigation, but it COULD be as early as tomorrow!!!


1. I ran into Anthony Carmichael in the lobby, who got upset when I THANKED him for his support, and then quickly understanding that residents here must have been living under something of a "Reign of Terror" -- at least since you-know-who moved in, I quickly said, "For supporting HONESTY", which he quickly smiled about and agreed.

He then said, "Have a great day," in the way one says to CUT OFF conversation, and I said it's OK -- I know he's AFRAID of the building's current politics, but all will soon be investigated by Federal Authorities.

See Anthony Carmichael's comments on my blog in the body of this posting, nearly at the bottom: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/08/responding-to-tomi-matheson-manager-of.html


Jen Harjo -- for ME, she was "better than Jesus" in 2011 and 12!!!

I stopped by Jennifer Harjo's office, and spoke with the recept about my eligibility for a Public Defender to help me with this RESTRAINING ORDER that Ms. McCracken is trying to get:


I learned that they only handle CRIMINAL cases, but there is another group that defends in CIVIL suits -- and I will likely qualify. I HATE using tax dollars unnecessarily, but know that since Ms. McCracken seems able to CONTROL so many people in this building, has TONS of money stashed secretly in Florida, is the sister of a New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputy, and LIES to her Mormon handlers about her sexuality and her beer drinking -- I'd better have a PROFESSIONAL beside me, no???

It just means we would delay a few days and the temp order will be extended until then.

Funniest, is that the two of us HAVE successfully avoided each other ever since Jenny eavesdropped at my door and accused me of plotting to take my marijuana business elsewhere. So there was NO REASON for her trying to get a restraining order -- except to CODIFY LIES, so that the Christian Republican/Democrat Narco-Traffickers of Wilmington could BUILD ON THAT to eventually jail or nut-house commit me -- to SHUT ME UP!!!

3. I stopped at Benefits Management -- just to tell them I had been ATTACKED FROM ALL SIDES the last few days, but if I'm arrested or otherwise indisposed, to keep paying my rent here!!!


If ALL (or many) of my emails come back to me as BLOCKED when I send this posting out, I will find something other than GMAIL for email. And I have realized WHY scott@scottkenan.com address was STOLEN NOW -- to prevent the NC SBI from being able to communicate back to me, so I will CALL them shortly, and make sure they know that the FEDS will soon begin their investigation of what has been happening to me, so they DON'T want to get caught with their PANTS DOWN, not opening their OWN investigation, too!!!

Even better than MARIJUANA -- not that "Confederate" Dollar would agree -- LOL!!!


Recognize and embrace change People change throughout their lives. The “ultimate key to successful relationships is the ability to grow and adapt together,” says Dr. Steven Craig, a clinical psychologist
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In July, the administration upgraded several nations -- including Malaysia, Cuba and Saudi Arabia -- that independent human rights experts said had done little to...
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RP: What I Know of FACT (from my direct experience), about George Cutter, Tomi Matheson, and Jennifer McCracken

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/08/what-i-know-of-fact-from-my-direct.html

>>> ADDED @ 10:27 AM, EDT: Today, LATVIA and then RUSSIA are hitting my blogs MORE than people from the USA (who are mostly hitting THIS posting).


1. When I first met Tomi Matheson, I immediately liked her and she liked me. We had a lot of fun kidding around many times, and she OFFERED to let me swap apartments to a larger one, then agreed to allow it. I have text messages from her supporting this.

2. Tomi also LOVED that I am so in love with this building (and the residents -- when they are not running around like chickens with their heads cut off -- spreading lies and slander, not just about ME, but each other!!!), that she offered to show me the old horse stables in the basement -- as soon as she gets a large number of vacated apartments ready to rent.

I ALSO have texts from Tomi proving this!!!

3. Tomi told me a couple of weeks ago that she was supposed to go on vacation for a week, but that Mr. Cutter had NOT shown up as planned and that this ALWAYS happens to her. He did show up last week -- but I don't know if Tomi took a vacation. She didn't seem to.

4. I COMPLETELY GET that Tomi has worked her BUTT OFF to make both the Carolina and the Confederate Apartments BETTER!!! And all the many residents I have spoken with AGREE -- but claim that Mr. Cutter ABUSES Tomi by his disrespect of her vacations and making her work like CRAZY, 24/7, it seems to me, sometimes.

That said, Tomi allows it.

5. Jenny McCracken has told me and others MANY conflicting things about herself, and no one more than Anthony Humphrey, who BROADCASTS about this to all -- but he still acts like he is beholden to her!!!

Anthony claims that Jenny's girlfriend was whom Jenny took to court recently -- and Jenny claimed it was one of ANTHONY'S girlfriends. In any case, Jenny has TWICE shown me the BITE mark on her arm, and told me they were actually FIGHTING ON THE UNSAFE BALCONY, accessed through her window, and she got the cops to come by hollaring to a resident of the house next door.

STILL her "attacker", kept it up, and cops had to break down Jenny's door to get in -- the evidence of that is STILL quite visible, although it has been repaired.

WHY hasn't the management kicked this lying, drinking, and drug-selling bitch OUT???

My postings mentioning Jenny:





 Well, I had not reported this before, but while I was smoking pot and Jenny supplied me with ALL of it, she also offered that she could get ANY drug, and very quickly. She BRAGGED about supplying a woman with back pain after an injury, with OPIATES FOR SIX WEEKS -- and claimed the woman treated her as a DOCTOR, and SAVED HER a lot of money.


This is NO secret.

6. Jenny claimed many times to me that Anthony's girlfriend has been in jail for months -- for not paying child support -- and that she will stay in for another four years. OTHER residents claim that Anthony's girlfriend should get out of jail about now. Anthony, however, tells me that is all NON-SENSE, and that he actually has LOTS of girlfriends, and the last time I spoke with him, he claimed, "You're FUCKING with my PUSSY!!!", which translated, meant that his girlfriends were reading this blog and shunning him -- although I never wrote anything bad about Anthony, that I'm aware of.

Additionally, Jenny has told me several times that Anthony will have sex with ANYONE -- including me -- but this makes no sense since he seems ENTIRELY STRAIGHT. 

7. And then Anthony also told me that Jenny and Tomi play mind games, claiming that he is trying to have sex with both Tomi (to get her boyfriend, John Tarleton, angry with Anthony) -- but he also said they accused him of trying to have sex with Mr. Tarleton!!!

I have NEVER had a problem with John Tarleton.


8. I have tried to suggest to Tomi that she send out notices to all tenants via setting up a "group" with all our email addresses. And she could ignore non-sense emails easily -- and NOT have her personal phone going off with calls or texts at all hours of the day!!! Tomi told me in a SAVED TEXT message that George Cutter MAKES her use her personal cell for apartments business.

And THINK all the UNNECESSARY work Tomi had to do to put out that message: compose it on her computer, then print off enough copies for all residents. THEN she had to hand-place it on all the doors of apartments in two multi-floored buildings -- it must have taken HOURS!!!

All residents I've spoken with think this would be a GREAT system, but instead of listening to me, Tomi spoke OVER me like a bully, dismissing any new ideas.

9. I really think that Tomi is BURNED OUT and desperately needs a vacation. George Cutter needs ot show her more respect.

And the REAL troublemaker is the DRUG DEALER, Jennifer McCracken!!!

Jennifer McCracken, self-described "Jack Mormon" -- same thing as a "Cafeteria Catholic", because she said she is Lesbian and drinks alcoholalso claiming to me she is in and out of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I really think that if JENNY is booted from the apartments, that all this DRAMA would quiet down!!!

Also, the very well meaning Tomi Matheson needs a VACATION!!!