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RP: Moving Forward . . .

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A wee tribute to HOT WOMEN -- especially my personal and Facebook friend, Sara, actually of Charlotte, NC!!!

>>> MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST, an email from a personal friend who knows American Law better than most lawyers -- and has used it successfully in his own defense. A man who actually thinks MUCH FASTER than me -- the first who is MUCH faster that I've met since college:

Hey Scott,

Those who wrongfully tried you can't disappear. Just file suit against them for never serving you correctly. But file a writ of removal for diversity in the federal court and sue the HELL out of them!! 

It ain't over until its over...

The Ace of Problem-Solvers

* * *


1. At Alcoholics Anonymous today, one long-time person who regularly "falls off the wagon" spent most of the hour putting on her make-up in front of us all. Another, an in-yer-face gregarious Mexican who talks about his poor relationships with women and his several children, yet keeps hugging me and telling me he wants "it ALL!!!" from me, came late, sat in front next to the meeting leader, but about eight times got up to walk around doing nothing in particular (except to call attention to his egotistical self). He also hogs much conversation and makes little sense to me in his theorizing, which he inexplicably finds very funny -- yet NEVER divulges what he's laughing about.

Others made mostly brilliant comments and seem sane, reasonable, and loving -- WITHOUT having had a drink, mostly, in years, or finding the need to fall off the wagon to get everyone's sympathy -- POOR THEM!!!. I'm hoping to concentrate on the later -- without allowing the former to distract me. I even said as much at the end of the meeting.

After all, it was EASY for me to stop drinking. I'm looking for the intelligence and love to stay sober -- at least for now.

2. At the cardiologist's, I learned that I have no current sign of arrhythmia and my blood pressure and heart rate are perfectly normal. The doctor recommends one to three alcoholic drinks per day for my heart's health -- LOL!!!

For now, I'm still not drinking. It was EXCESS drinking of half a liter of hard liquor per day for a year or so that CAUSED my heart problems to begin with. One rule does NOT fit all!!!


The exact same scientific findings were published in EVERY country on Earth -- except the Muslim countries (which did not publish a thing at all, since they strictly prohibit alcohol), and the United States of America.

In the USA, one drink was subtracted from both men and women (up to three drinks per day for men, and two for women is the SCIENTIFIC finding of what helps the heart), but it was NOT the Alcoholics Anonymous people who lobbied the US Governmental Agencies to LIE to the American People -- but the Christian Fundamentalist Churches (white Republicans, mostly).

Arianna Huffington was married to Michael Huffington, a Conservative Republican California Congressman -- until she caught him having sex with his boyfriend. Then everything changed for Arianna!!!

Arianna and Michael Huffington in 1994.

If you have been reading HUFFINGTON POST (associated with the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University), you have known about the LIES of the US Government about alcohol and the government's COW-TOWING to Christian Fundamentalists for YEARS.

3. Well, enough of that!!! I just got notice from Facebook that my nephew Connor just boarded Delta Airlines and was able to upgrade his seat and is now sitting in front of Charles Barkley. I know he will recline as much as possible -- but they are in first class, so it doesn't matter. Both claim to be 6' 6" (although Barkley once admitted to being only 6' 4"). Compare them to my 6' 11"!!!

Connor Kenan

But only Connor, who was once engaged to a gal who lived next door to Richard Nixon's long-term secret male loverBebe Rebozo's old house in Key Biscayne, Florida, and excited my brother and sister-in-law who got to ride on more than one of their yachts (I'm sure it was my mother who set this all up -- like favorable marriages of cousins who are now wealthy as hell), now claims not only to be SEXUALLY STRAIGHT, but the "Gay Darth Vader", can get away with as much fun as me.


YES -- in North Carolina!!!


Police Arrest Young Black Politician For Distributing Voting Rights Leaflets


5. And FINALLY, a GREAT article about John Lahr's soon-to-be-released bio of Tennessee Williams from THE NEW YORK TIMES. Although Lahr is in a position to pass judgement on most of my claims about Sewanee with Episcopal Church and CIA -- and Republican Party murdering Tennessee Williams and then stealing his estate from Harvard University -- exactly like Jackie Kennedy Onassis told us at a party on January 11, 1981, they would do, I am not concerned about that at all. John Uecker told me how Thomas Elliot Keith told him he and Sewanee planned to BLACKMAIL Mr. Lahr into keeping to Sewanee's lies

I don't for one second (knowing Lahr fairly well, now), believe it worked.

We'll see . . .


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RP: Shakespeare: "Love's Labour's Lost"; Kenan: "Love Conquers ALL, so GET OVER IT, Already!!!"

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Hi Julie -- it's great to hear from you!!!

Great, too, to hear of Joel's summer job. It sounds like something one person might be able to do for one school district over a summer, but I hope he was on a team so he might find co-workers who have leads on later jobs -- or even one or more compatible people who could combine talents and start their own business together this fall. EVERYTHING is an opportunity if you approach it correctly!!!

I have been thinking of how difficult it must be for you, Mike, and Jane to email me -- you never know how I might react, and even put it all on blog. I have no right to complain that when any of you DO write, you only write as non-controversially as possible. And knowing that you believe the type prayer you pray DOES work (or at least is supposed to), that keeping me in your prayers means you have not given up on me or our relationship. That's pretty good, given how much of what I have written or said flies in the face of your beliefs -- at least a few years ago, since we have not discussed any changes you might have been through since then -- or mine.

But I think there is something you misunderstand about my life and experience: I never was in Alcoholics Anonymous, previously, because of my relationship with alcohol. I was on a year's "House Arrest" probation and one of the rules was a rigidly enforced absolute ban on alcohol (for everyone -- and I was never accused of having an alcohol problem) -- not even mouth wash was allowed in my house or I would go to jail FOR A YEAR if the "goon squad" of cops (who stopped by, usually between 1:00 - 3:00 AM to breathalyze me, about three nights a week), found alcohol in the house or on my breath, so Dad, who lived with me for half a year, then -- after living in my house while I was in jail most of the 15 weeks I was there, strongly suggested I join AA to be allowed out of the house an hour later -- and to at least have more human contact. 

As you know (if you listened to Dad then or read my blog later), Dad had become close friends there with Lee Gosney, a big-wig in that AA group who later, hiding behind AA and NA and actually giving authorized talks on alcohol and drug abuse, traveled the eastern USA making deals to distribute the narcotics brought into Maxwell AFB, with which Pentagon Publishing and Patrick Stansbury had three legitimate advertising contracts, this AFTER Lee's first prison time for having a meth lab, but before his second conviction, which kept Lee in prison five years and unable to work for Pentagon Publishing during the early oughts (2000 - 2009). And as you also should know (if you read my blog at all), my Wilmington friend Evan Fish, who had tried to get out of the drug business, had mostly been supplied of cocaine by Lee Gosney -- up in Maine. But MOST of the people I knew in Wilmington who were connected to narco-trafficking said that Lee also came to Wilmington frequently to make narcotics distribution deals -- and BULLY FOR YOU REPUBLICANS (if you still are one), in Wilmington, the Democrats are as corrupt as Republicans!!! (except my Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo, who is both a REAL Republican and a REAL Catholic!!!)

1.5 years ago, my conviction in Georgia of only simple Trespass in 1990 (anyone will tell you my punishment was a THOUSAND TIMES what anyone NOT being politically persecuted would have gotten -- NO previous-run in with the law before that), but later my conviction in absentia of owing American Express about $25,000.00 in August 2010, was changed to "Dismissed" a year and a half after I was convicted while in Mexico, and it was American Express who robo-called late on a Sunday night, but within twenty minutes of my first confronting Christal Presley over her lies about her father having PTSD -- and her connections to Sean Hannity, to reduce my credit limit by $24,000.00 to only $234.00 dollars remaining credit, when it was ILLEGAL then for credit card companies to robo-call customers for ANY reason (and I had had a perfect credit record since 1990 and still had my job, etc.). They just wanted to scare me with Christal's high-powered Republican connections.

I have never received any empathy AT ALL for any of those crimes against me by my family -- and in fact, no one seemed upset when I reported that Christal (who had become close to Mom and, temporarily, Jane), got Jane to buy a stone globe for Mom and Dad from us kids -- paying DOUBLE the normal Raleigh price, but tricking Jane into thinking it was a deal -- just to PISS ME OFF -- LOL!!! Jane must have known something was amiss -- because she never asked me to contribute money for it.

Now, today, I had another great conversation with Mom, congratulating her on Labor Day that she would never suffer the pains of childbirth again. I keep things SIMPLE with Mom because regardless what happened, I am fine and happier than ever before. Mom's "Nazi ways" did all those bad things -- but ensured that I got the BEST education, as well as developed my skills at confronting Power. Mom always told me that she expected that I was the one of her kids who would one day truly excel. But I DO HOPE others will excel too!!!

I like to think I am "paving the way" for all of us.

In any case, I have now nearly destroyed Saper Law, LLC Chicago, and must get on with suing them and trying to bring criminal charges before they break up completely and Daliah Saper and Jeff Duncan (who had been on Wilmington D.A. Ben David's team against me as well, earlier), disappear into hiding from the Law. 

Putting political considerations aside, there is NO LEGALITY to their actions of suing me without legally serving me, and then trying me in absentia because I was too broke to get to trial -- whether because I blogged about Jamie Sutherland seeing Sen. Obama in his gay bathhouse several times -- or because Jamie pretty much admitted that he did HUGE narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta for Wells Fargo, who in his Chicago offices, had just paid the largest fine in history (then -- 2010), for a bank laundering drug money. As you should recall from my blog, I eventually THREE TIMES masked Jamie's identity throughout my entire blog, -- but since I WAS DOUBLE-CROSSED, FILLED HIS ID IN AGAIN, LATER -- which he said would be enough to stop his lawsuit, but Obama being gay remained as Jamie didn't care about that -- and Daliah Saper is also an employee of Fox News, they with Republicans and CIA blackmailing Obama into protecting the CIA narco-trafficking.

Neither you, Mike, nor Jane has ever expressed any empathy toward me over this travesty of Justice and breaking of both Laws and the US Constitution -- and I suppose that is why I have assumed you all worship Mom's swastikas.

So I say, let's let the past be the past (and a good story, which I have promised all you siblings since about two years ago, I will share with you in the profits from it -- since I CAN'T disguise your identities, really -- thank God none of you need to go job-hunting NOW, no???). I think the recent evolution of my relationship with Mom is a good model for us all to go forward in Peace and Love -- although none of us being as spiritually ill as Mom (due to having to suck-off her "retarded" uncle repeatedly at age six -- and also have the Ku Klux Klan burn that cross on Grandpa's lawn the same year due to Grandpa running for County Clerk and being a Catholic. I mean that although this in NOT my area of expertise, I think Mom developed a split personality or other psychosis over it -- and that is why we ALL suffered so much, a suffering I am only trying to relieve by exposing her crimes.

I had meant to comment on AA Today (radically different than in 1990 -- in Georgia, anyway), but it is better I observe longer, first.


On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 11:19 AM, Julie (Kenan) Duffy wrote:

Hi Scott,

Glad you've gone back to AA and are happy with it in Mexico.

Joel's been working all summer installing GPSs, radios and videos in school buses which has been good experience.  My work is going well.
You're always in my prayers big brother!


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“I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me. I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendship I dislike the lack of loyalty and betrayal. I do not get along with those who do not know how to give a compliment or a word of encouragement. Exaggerations bore me and I have difficulty accepting those who do not like animals. And on top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience.” _ Meryl Streep

I first met Meryl Streep at Milton Goldman's apartment in Manhattan, the first day I spent with Tennessee Williams in New York -- right after we came from a meeting with Zev Buffman, where Tennessee denied Elizabeth Taylor the rights to do SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH, simply because he believed she was then too old for the part. 

Milton and his wife threw an 85th birthday party for composer Virgil Thompson, and I met other "luminaries" there as well, like David Hockney and (but don't tell CNN's Nischelle Turner, because she thinks this woman is "yesterday's Kim Kardashian"), Ethel Merman.

You can read about it here: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.mx/2013/10/chapter-4-birthday-party.html.

Of all the at least semi-famous people I met back then, of those still alive (like Elizabeth Ashley and Gregory Mosher), I got to know Meryl Streep best -- and on several occasions. Here is where I documented some of that in my memoir:



PS: Right after Tennessee Williams died, Elizabeth Taylor GOT rights to do a TV movie of SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH, which co-starred Mark Harmon. And Gavin Lambert wrote the screen play!!! 

Here is a link, but I WARN YOU: The music is SUPER-SMARMY 1980s!!!



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RP: The Fruits of My Labor (this blog and all those damn emails) -- a Celebration of American Labor Day!!!

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So sez the Cuban-Canadian!!!



Natalie Wood

In early 2010, I contacted first Natalie Wood's family's attorney, and then the Los Angeles County Detectives to let them know that Gavin Lambert had reported to Tennessee Williams and me in late December 1981, that Natalie had told him in a panic that she had seen her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken in the middle of hot, passionate sex -- but they had not seen her. This only a week before she was murdered. She feared they would kill her if they found out.
The Los Angeles D.A. has RE-OPENED the case, although no conclusive evidence is found yet to indict either or both of them.

In most areas -- including the story that Wood's family was asking anyone to come forward -- I have gotten far more info from Huffington Post, which under Jimmy Soni as Managing Editor, became what it is today -- Jimmy ALSO sits on the Board at the KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS at Duke Universityhttp://kenan.ethics.duke.edu/


Engineering, Technology, and Sciencehttp://kenan.ncsu.edu/start.html
Private Enterprisehttp://www.kenan-flagler.unc.edu/kenan-institute

MAJOR KENAN PHILANTHROPIES are too numerous to list, but include the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, which continues the Kenan Family tradition of being the LARGEST private support of University Education in the world for nearly 102 years now. And the Thomas S. Kenan III Charitable Trust has been preserving native languages and cultures in Latin America.

William R. Kenan, Jr., who ran Henry Flagler's Florida Enterprises, continuing after Flagler died and left them (and the largest block of Standard Oil stock, as well as about 40% ownership in the railroads in the USA), all to Will's sister, Mary Lily.

PERSONAL NOTE: Kenan men tend to be gay, which is why we have so few who bear our name. Prominent gay Kenans include William R. Kenan, Jr. (who married a nice, "horsey" Yankee woman, but when she died -- childlessly -- he moved in permanently with his lifelong male secretary, Scotty), Thomas S. Kenan III, and me.

Also, both the head of the American Psychiatric Association and the doctor who coordinated all the studies on which it was based, BOTH KENANS BY BLOOD (if not name),oversaw the dropping of Homosexuality from the DSM as a mental illness.

If you don't like that Western Society no longer sees gays as mentally ill -- BLAME MY FAMILY!!!

2. Of course, the Kenan Family appears to be TOTALLY BIPOLAR, because on the giving/philanthropy side they cannot be beaten -- but they also give TONS to the narco-trafficking Episcopal Church as well as Republican Party.

Ready for Christmas at The Breakers

Tom and his step-mother, Betty, own THE BREAKERS HOTEL, Palm Beach, http://www.thebreakers.com/and recently pulled over $240 million out of their pockets to pay for some renovations.

I used this blog to shame then into ending their advertising support of www.FoxNews.com, where FOR YEARS The Breakers Hotel had bought about 90% of the advertising: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2013/10/tom-betty-kenans-breakers-hotel-dropped.html

3. This blog caused NC Sen. Thom GoolsbyRepublican, one of the most powerful Senators in the North Carolina Legislature, to not run for re-election -- then resign early. His most noted legislation was to pass a bill that was signed into law, allowing concealed weapons to be carried to church services, making North Carolina Churches into Armories for the Republican Party planned RACE WAR, not that all of them have done that.

The Goolsbys have produced peculiar-looking younger children, no???

4. And the DESTRUCTION of Saper Law, LLC, Chicago: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/08/nobody-knows-de-trouble-ive-seen-but.html

I hope to take tomorrow off . . .

Cincinnatus Retorno


RP: Nobody Knows de Trouble I've Seen (but now, they can read about it -- LOL!!!)

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funny how a rainbow can change everything

SphericalPano.com | The Pilbara, WA
Incredible capture of an outback storm.
LikeLike ·  · 


Of the FOUR lawyers + owner Daliah Saper (her employer, Fox News, misspelled her name, not me -- LOL!!!), only ONE remains:

Chris Mcelwain is the ONLY lawyer of FOUR SUBORDINATE LAWYERS (two months ago), who remains at Saper Law -- a man with the look of "Confidence and Integrity"!!!

And Matt Grothouse is the NEW GUY at Saper -- WELCOME HIM!!!

1. In the matter of Alcoholics Anonymous, learning that Daliah Saper and Saper Law, LLC, Chicago have been RAVAGED, presumably by my blogging to so much US Press and others in authority, I celebrated with some pot smoking that night that rather exceeded what I needed to relax, so I decided that I could NOT speak Saturday at AA -- and did not.

But since about 15 members spoke with me variously -- all saying that many people (some included themselves), do NOT consider marijuana a drug to be concerned with and even smoke it for years while responsibly managing their AA Program, I decided it is NOT an issue -- except for those particularly sensitive to it, and to NOT encourage those people, it is best NOT TALKED ABOUT AT AA MEETINGS.

2. I DID speak at today's meeting, saying that I must have been "sick and tired of being sick and tired," and for THAT reason, quitting alcohol eight days ago was no more work than releasing a cork under water. It can't help bobbing to the surface and jumping out of the water for joy, before returning to float without effort.

THAT is how much energy and will power it took for me to stop drinking, so NO real kudos to me except to come to my senses.

3. And I am CELEBRATING the release of John Lahr's:

Although the publication date is September 22, Amazon emailed my friend who ordered me a copy that he should receive them THIS FRIDAY, Sept. 5 -- although it then has to be shipped to me in Puerto Vallarta.

So I will soon know how Lahr has treated me and what I have claimed about the murder of Tennessee and the theft of his estate from Harvard University by Sewanee, aka the University of the South, which has the ONLY Episcopal Seminary in the Old South -- although until 2005, the Episcopal Church's Symbol of Power was Sewanee's Confederate Mace. You will understand that best if you understand the BIGOTRY AND HATRED of my wealthy Kenan relatives, who are the NEXT biggest financial supports of Sewanee (as well as of the Republican Party).

>>> QUICK SIDE NOTE: My Georgia-Guy computer-man, just emailed me asking to borrow Lahr's bio after I've read it -- he had told me how he had SUED US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O in Georgia Courts to DO HER GOVERNMENT DUTY, and he WON!!!

More on that: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2013/09/after-fall-of-american-jesus.html

He FORCED Kelly to do her job!!!

Kelly Trainor de O, in her Nuevo Vallarta office, was the Bill Clinton appointee, who when my mother called her to recommend a doctor here to try to medicate me into silence, recommended Dr. John Mabry Crouch, who about 25 years ago headed the main American Hospital, but as he told me, he had married a Mexican woman who was then the TOP cocaine exporter to the USA, inadvertently, and then his life was SUNK.

Crouch is a cool guy whom I like personally, although he was living in his cheap office behind a dirty hung-up blanket to separate the one room -- and was evicted from that after he pulled his alleged girlfriend's taco stand apart with his pick-up truck and she sued him for that as well as SEXUAL HARASSMENT -- LOL!!!

That was in 2010, but when I returned after 1.5 years in the States, Kelly told me he had fled to elsewhere in Mexico and she was still in touch with him -- but would not even tell me the state he's hiding in.

So much for the company EITHER of them keeps, no???