Friday, April 29, 2016

RP: Last Night, after Blogging about Joseph Herker's Death, I Grieved the Circumstances of It -- and Now, Mercury Has Gone Into RETRO-GRADE!!!

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>>> ONE OF THE GREATEST HYPNOTISTS IN THE WORLD is native to where my Kenan ancestors settled in the 1730s -- on the banks of the Cape Fear River!!!
The Venus Flytrap is native ONLY to an area within 60 miles of Wilmington, NC

It confines and consumes creepy-crawlies including beetles and spiders.
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And NOW look what's happening to my WEALTHY KENAN RELATIVES!!!:

    My Kenan Family of Chapel Hill, NC is SUFFERING!!! Exxon-Mobil loses perfect AAA rating after 67 years

    ExxonMobil suffered a 63% plunge in first-quarter profits to the lowest level since 1999.
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I, myself, am suffering from taking three heart, hypertension, and cholesterol drugs -- making me want to lie around the house and do absolutely NOTHING -- that is until a visitor stopped by for some SERIOUS "fun and frivolity"!!! 

No, it was NOT Barack Obama:

NOR was it the WELL-KNOWN homosexualPresident Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico (who an Exxon-Mobil recently-retired exec told me in 2015 the Kenans put into POWER -- with help of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the CIA), to get BOTH the Oil and the Narcotics!!!

So, all that typed, my Readers will likely NOT be surprised that my last posting has "GONE VIRAL" -- partly due to interest in President Obama's "avocados", and partly because I reported on the untimely death of my cousin Joseph Herker, who lived just 15 miles north of Wilmington -- where I have so many readers of this blog

In fact, I've heard from a few who came across it.

And I have a couple more things to say about that:

1. When I first met Joseph Herker in 2011, I was UNAWARE of who he was -- I was speaking to a couple of Cape Fear Community College students -- joking about my being gay, but NOT flirting (as they were too young for me, although of legal age). I thought Joseph -- who must then have been 28 -- was actually YOUNGER than the students he was with.

He seemed very "fresh-faced", sensitive, and an eager, smart listener -- which MANY equate with "gay", but that is NOT necessarily true. It was only a couple of months later, that I learned from his grandmother Judith Whitney (and mother, Wendy Whitney), that that had in fact been Joseph!!!

The four daughters of my Aunt Doris (Kenan) Russ (L to R): Gail Johnston, Janice Ludwig, Judy Whitney, and Cherrie Pridgeon.

All four produced only DAUGHTERS, as well!!!

But two weeks ago, I met Gail's grandson, Daniel Reeves, a 6' 5" carpenter, who was working two blocks from my apartment. He and I had a GREAT conversation, in which he EVENTUALLY let on that he knew EXACTLY who I was -- his COUSIN -- LOL!!!

2. And then, today, when I went to let Janice's daughter, Lena Ludwig Lapper, know how I had GRIEVED the life cut down so young, I noticed Daniel Reeves is her Facebook friend, so sent him a note too.

We have GOT to find peace in THE FAMILY if we EVER hope to have PEACE IN THIS LAND!!!

 the God-Hating Presbyterian White Supremacists are ACTING UP AGAIN!!!:

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Julia Ioffe has received disturbing calls and online abuse since profiling Donald Trump’s wife for GQ, and likens antisemitism to ‘shit I’ve only seen in Russia’
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Click image to ENLARGE Melania's breasts (and twat)!!!

Melania Trump is NOTHING but a SLUT and a WHORE!!!

And FOX NEWS gets caught in bigger and BIGGER LIES!!!

“His fraud cost the government moneycould have put American lives at risk, and was an insult to the real men and women of the intelligence community who provide tireless service to this country,” said Dana Boente, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. 

Simmons had appeared on Fox News, the top-ranked U.S. cable television news network, as an unpaid guest analyst on terrorism since 2002.

He faces up to 40 years in prison.

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So much for the Adele effect. This past year, old records (catalogue albums) outsold the current ones by 4.3 million copies.

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Following its recent scandal, Volkswagen is releasing an electric version of the Microbus, its iconic hippie van. Development Chief Hans-Jakob Neusser

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

RP: The Gift of LOW HANGING FRUIT for President Barack Obama / The Mysterious Death of My 33-Year-Old Cousin, Joseph Herker, Three Days Ago . . .

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Turns out the word avocado comes from the Aztec word āhuacatlwhich means “testicle,”

And as my Wells Fargo Exec friend Jamie Lee Sutherland, who SAW Barack Obama in his private Chicago Gay Bath House several times knows:

And NO ONE should be surprised about Obama's gay activities, which are WELL KNOWN outside the USA's CIA/NSA control of Media (have you looked CLOSELY at Michelle???):

To my knowledge, Obama is the ONLY gay Democratic President during my lifetime -- but that ain't SO about the Republicans, AT ALL!!!

George W. Bush was well known for his gay affairs -- and to his CREDIT, as Governor of Texas was the FIRST major elected Republican to invite Gay Activists to officially meet with him.

George Herbert Walker Bush was not just very effeminate of voice, but had a penchant for very YOUNG guys, and a scandal with his "Body Men" (the Presidents' Personal Servants, rather than Aides), were found to be HALF made up of MALE PROSTITUTES -- which can still be found, although much of it was erased off the internet.

Richard Nixon had a long-term homosexual affair with Bebe Rebozo, Bebe having a false ID to enter the White House by back door!!!

Bebe Rebozo and Richard Nixon on Key Biscayne


1. I got a text from my sister Jane about Joseph dying in his sleep just three nights ago. Readers know that I almost had to take out a Restraining Order against Joe Herker this past summer, after he called me a "faggot" and threatened my life -- he claiming to be a Devout Southern Baptist -- because I "disapproved" of his not only getting a DUI, WAY over the limit, but a few days later, getting caught way over it AGAIN, and driving 75 in a 35 residential zone.

Reported in bottom half, here:

2. His mother, Wendy Whitney (who reverted to her maiden name after the divorce -- for reasons I have not heard), and grandmother (my first cousin), Judy Whitney, had claimed that I was WRONG and that Joseph is just a "GOOD GUY" -- caring NOT AT ALL that Joseph endangered so many OTHERS, not just himself. And in fact, SEVERAL of my cousins -- not just Wendy Whitney and Judy Whitney, but some of the Wellses as well (Wendy's sister married a Wells, and their children -- more gun-totin', White Supremacist, Drugs-Dealin' Southern Baptists -- are "crazy" and "home-schooled".

I ASSUME that many in the family turned to dealing drugs late in the Great Recession, when NONE of them had jobs, Judy's house was mortgaged to TWICE it's devalued value, and ONLY Wendy had income -- Disability for Bipolar Illness. And actually, Judy and her husband had Social Security.

Judy certainly ACTED like she dealt drugs, changing her cell phone number frequently, making up LIES about my sister Jane -- and other odd things as well.

3. What I actually KNOW, is that Joseph died in his sleep -- without any warning. They are claiming it was "Sleep Apnea", and DESPITE the heavy religiousness of the families, there was NO SERVICE. I found this obituary:

Joseph C. Herker

  • "I will miss you Joseph ! Now you can take care of Grandma..."
    - Valerie Mundem

JOSEPH C. HERKER Joseph C. Herker, 33, of Rocky Point, passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home on 4-23-2016. 
Born in Brainard, MN, Joseph was the only child of Joseph V. Herker and Wendy Whitney, both of Rocky Point. He was the grandson of Charles and Judith Whitney, both of Rocky Point. Also, he is leaving behind his fiance Megan Ripley and his unborn child. 

Joseph was loved by all. He was a handsome man with a winning smile and amazing personality. Joseph loved our Lord. 

The family is devastated by the sudden loss. The family will receive visitors Tuesday 4-26-2016 from 3 pm to 7 pm. at XXXXXX, Rocky Point.
Published in the Wilmington Star-News on Apr. 26, 2016
- See more at:

>>> SO I GUESS I LEAVE MYSELF OPEN FOR VIOLENCE -- EVEN MURDER -- BY MY NEAR RELATIVES -- like what happened to my PARENTS, years ago, when THEY told the truth about my first cousin Graham Harlee Kenan's son's death -- during a convenience store hold-up that he was a perpetrator of!!! 

You see, the young man and his accomplice were in high school, and having decided to "run away", held up a convenience store for some money to travel on -- and there was one death in the process.

My Aunt Virginia (Mintz) Kenan and Uncle Rufus "Harlee" Kenan, were telling lies -- perhaps like "sleep apnea" -- to cover the truth about cause of death. My parents -- being rather factual about such things -- did NOT know they had to tell lies too, and Aunt Virginia -- who always carried a "pocket pistol" in her purse, SWORE she would shoot Dad DEAD, if she ran into him in Wilmington -- this while my parents lived here 1980 - 2000.

But it was ACTUALLY more complicated than that. As has become WELL KNOWN in our family (including the Whitneys, Wellses, and Herkers), Graham Kenan was ACTUALLY my eight-years-older HALF BROTHER, my father PROVING he was Bi-Sexual -- NOT simply gay -- by getting DRUNK with Virginia Mintz, who was dating Uncle Harlee, and "screwing around".

This caused my Uncle and Aunt to "have to get married". And YES, Dad had MANY male lovers, and in the 1970s, twice asked me for recommendations on Gay Bars in Philadelphia.

Fortunately, although Uncle Harlee died relatively young, Aunt Virginia lived on in Wilmington, and continued to drink like a fish -- meaning that she was too unstable to go out much, and never ran across Dad -- although she DID run into Mom a time or two, but had no problem with my mother, each time warning her what she would do to Dad.

Things were so bizarre, that Harlee and Virginia's only FULL child, Marilyn, married and moved to Vancouver, Canada to escape all the DRAMA!!!

And NEITHER of them will speak to me now, although over the past few years I have tracked them both down.

And Uncle Harlee and Aunt Virginia were HIGH EPISCOPALIAN -- not mis-educated Southern Baptists -- belonging to the WELL-HEALED

Scott Kenan shared a link.

Women have more contraceptive options than ever. So why are many of them all about withdrawal?
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Timothy Dean Lee Wow, how stupid. 

Do they realize how many pregnancies are the result of the pulling out method? 

I guess we are back in the 1950s.
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Scott Kenan I don't understand why they want to go IN -- but then, I'm a homo!!!
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