Monday, November 20, 2017

RP: Just for Some FUN (my LAST posting made me feel a tetch-bit dirty -- and then Pastor Mike Dickey pulled his MARTYR SHTICK)!!!

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Pastor Mike Dickey had THIS response: 

Mike Dickey Matthew 5:11 Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.

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Sounds JUST LIKE Donald Trump (and his Associates):

And Todd Zola IMMEDIATELY blocked me -- LOL!!!

In other news, my new lease is signed and all of December's rent is paid (although a check really IS in the mail). I have the key, and will begin moving tomorrow -- plants, planters, and such, as well as artwork, likely first. I met an orange stripey cat there, who purred before I even had picked her up as high as my waist, and later, she followed me all around.

I saw Chris Millikan (The Cherokee), this evening for the first time in a few days. He kicked Jay out of his apartment after finding lots of syringes and bags of Heroin. Chris also claims he's had no opioid pills in three days, and that might be true. I didn't invite him in, and he had to run, anyway. So we did NOT talk about continuing a casual sex thang.

FUNNY that he thought Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. is the APARTMENT MANAGER of this building for Gold, and that his rent of $400.00 (including utilities -- and Denise Renee Wood had paid only $300.00), was GOOD, but had no idea that the market rent for that whole downstairs space is at least $1,200.00 and THEN add all the UTILITIES!!!

My roommate Tyler worked up at DDT Outlet in Hampstead all day:

And while I was writing, yesterday, about meeting George HW Bush's cousin Bill Toups at Bourbon Street restaurant, Tyler was actually working in the kitchen there, which he has done for several days, and it seems to be WORKING OUT WELL.

That's about all -- except that I gave apartment Manager Jon Deputy a "heads up" about the situation with Walker World and that it could all EXPLODE with the Feds or others, and he told me he had been who got Gold to deed the property to her son COMPLETELY, because he knew things there could cause Gold serious legal problems if she had any ownership in it -- so HE understood even better than I did.

>>> AND NOW SOME FUN FROM THE INTERNET, TODAY!!! "Tighty-Whitie" Christian Folk:

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Sandra Beckham
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“I believe the spreading of Catholicism to be the most horrible means of political and social degradation left in the world.”

― Charles Dickens

“If a person refuses to develop his potential, it can lead to nervous or mental disorders, somatic diseases and personal degradation”

― Sunday Adelaja

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David Ermold and his now-husband fought back against the Kentucky county clerk in 2015.


RP: TWO Wilmington, NC Churches Supporting Narco-Trafficking, Larceny, and Whoring (The Anchor Church and CityLife Church), CONTINUE to Corrupt Wilmington!!!

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Philip ChrystPastor of the Anchor Church

When Haston Lavern Caulder II lived at my house as I gave him the opportunity to get past homelessness, but learned he was BIG in Narco-Trafficking and PROTECTED by D.A. Benjamin R. David, he attended The Anchor Church every Sunday. FOUR TIMES he brought male prostitutes who had high standing at the Anchor Church, but I REFUSED TO PAY FOR SEX WITH THEM!!!

At least Pastor Chryst has Divinity Studies at Duke Divinity School.

A recent jail record for Haston, who has many others that were FAR WORSE.

Haston convinced me to ALSO give shelter to Darrel Neil Brutout and Dustin Andrew Goldsmith, Dustin trying to sell himself to me for $30.00, which I did NOT fall for:

Dustin Goldsmith attended CityLife Church and said he was doing this operation with others from that church. Here is the photo I took showing SOME of what I gave Police, and for it, he was convicted of FELONY LARCENY, but Lawyer Oliver Carter III next-door was CONFUSED about which of these characters was responsible for WHAT, causing a KERFUFFLE with landlady Gold Walker -- which we all soon got past:

Dustin Goldsmith's SPIRITUAL ADVISER was Pastor Mike Dickey of CityLife Church:


Scott Kenan Since all the drug criminals in Wilmington whom I've met all SWEAR they are DEVOUT Christians, and the population of town is less and less religious (especially less Christian -- except for the Criminals), maybe putting things in terms other than as if Jesus where the only prophet to have ever lived and is somehow better than the others. 

If Jesus were so great (and I fully support Freedom of and from Religion), praying to him would solve problems, which it clearly does NOT do -- although listening to your inner Wisdom that comes from God DOES help. MANY struggle trying to follow religion -- all kinds, and they argue constantly if Baptist is better than Presbyterian, Catholic, etc. -- until they realize religions are for people AFRAID of hell. No reason to fear hell -- addicts already LIVE IN HELL, so relax, and think AGAIN!!!

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Sherrica Cates Religion can be binding

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Sherrica Cates I remember one Pastor noticing I had green toe nail polish and Nails and makeup up with beautiful eyelashes and she said that it’s not holiness. But of course I told her that I mean no disrespect but God looks at the heart. My heart is in the right place with God. So with that there will be many people with man made rules that will miss The true and living God.. I don’t plan to.

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Scott Kenan Well, it sounds like nothing but smoke and mirrors to me. Pastors I have known are all CRAZY, and many support White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking and try to make people feel bad if they don't do as they say. 


I no longer respect religion, but am a deep student of Spirituality -- and discussing this further is like listening to the Devil who distracts people from TRUTH.

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Jessie Munto Oh Scott.. I like you! I like your passion.. you're not afraid of conflict, I respect that. I AM studying philosophy and religion at UNCW right now... currently one of my classes is Religion in the American South and you are right on there as far as radical and corrupt Christianity. 

Every organization has radical members and politics have been involved since the moment of crucifixion. Again, these are humans. I have also studied, in depth, the Historical Jesus. (There is NO historical/archaeological evidence of Jesus from the time he lived, so it is IMPOSSIBLE to study "the Historical Jesus" ~ Scott)

There's no need to mock and belittle anyone or their beliefs. I think we are all in agreement, at the root of this matter. No need to banter back and forth over a FB wall. I would be interested in discussing further with you in person if you would like, message me. 

I also would like to invite you to sit with me at CityLife Church Sundays at 11 and introduce you to my pastor who is not CRAZY as well as some Christians who are straight up REAL. In fact, my pastor openly calls out "the church" and discusses these exact issues you're speaking of which is why I love it there. We are taking action to rectify this. We are a multi-ethnic, multi-culture, diverse, spirit filled, Jesus teaching church. Come play and learn! 😁

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1. I have no use for religion at all. Been there, done that. But I hope those who DO go for it respect God's Prophets Muhammad, Abraham, the Buddha, and Jesus equally. 

2. Pastor Mike Dickey of City Life Church was involved with a drug-addicted thief I tried to help get out of homelessness and to a job, but he was caught with others who claimed to work with CityLife Church and was convicted of Felony Theft

3. Mike Dickey shows NO CREDENTIALS as ANY kind of minister. Most churches require a BS or BA degree, then more study in religion before being ordained (certified that they know what they preach). Trashy people just "put out a shingle" and fleece the flock with no credentials. 

4. Because of CityLife's association with these criminals, I already reported Mike Dickey and his church to the FBI Special Task Force that I work with and all the church communications are monitored and recorded as the Feds zero in on the Christian Churches behind the HUGE crime in Wilmington. 

5. I am not interested in debating any of this. If YOU are, contact the FBI Task Force and try to explain how that church is not mostly a Crime Organization

6. Additional questions have been raised concerning Mr. Dickey's touchy-feely thing for young guys, and after I published a report about that and sent it to the FBI, those photos were REMOVED from that church's website. Here is one of them that I saved:

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Mike Dickey Matthew 5:11 Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.


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Pete NemmersGroup Admin Alright everyone. While I don't normally step in on threads, we don't take kindly to speaking negatively against people or organizations. I am turning the comment off on this post. I hope that in the future, some restraint can be used, and everything stay civil.

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>>> THIS JUST IN FROM TODD ZOLA -- who ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Wilmington this fall:

Can YOU guess which of them in ZOLA???

My reply
Todd: Stick that shit back up your ass where you pulled it from. I work with the FBI and have no time for drug-addled bull-shitters!!!