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RP: So Where the Hell ARE WE -- as the USA Continues to Descend into Christian/NAZI/Klansmen HELL -- LED by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan of the Chapel Hill, NC Area (with Pope Francis as TOTAL ALLY)???

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An inaccuracy from Fox News? You will not believe it.

EVERYONE knows that RuPaul Andre Charles is his GIVEN and LEGAL name -- even if he IS now the POPE!!!

And Readers will please recall that RuPaul ran up to me in the Pharr Library gay disco (also where I met and briefly dated Dr. José Octavio Tripp Villanueva, then Consul of Mexico to Atlanta, recently when I wrote him -- then Consul General in Dallas, Texas and the most HIGHLY decorated of Mexico's diplomats to the USA, in Atlanta in 1983, to exclaim, "I know JUST WHERE you can buy size 15 fuck-me pumps (stiletto heals)!!!" 

And he was CORRECT (although I only bought men's shoes there -- or anywhere): FRIEDMAN'S SHOES!!!


Top three trending on Fox News online at 10:01 AM today. These might be TEASERS and the stories claim the opposite -- but this is what Fox's SMARTER (deeper diggers into the news), fans are NOW HITTING!!!


This morning, the trash and recyclables pick-up is running late -- and only I had rolled my containers out to be picked up. At about 9:00 AM, "Pete" from upstairs came down and was on his way to his "dealer-plates" silver sedan, and I said, "Today is trash pick-up and your containers are overflowing -- best to get them out to the curb!!!"

Pete grunted in response, but got into his car and drove off. Five minutes later, his girlfriend Allie came down and rolled out all their trash -- and in FAIRNESS, Allie and I had our FIRST friendly conversation since the day I yelled at her and Pete's under-aged friends that were drunk as skunks, screaming and yelling outside up to 4:00 AM on a Monday.

Readers will recall that it was THAT that prompted Jonathan Deputy to come over and try to BULLY ME into immediately moving out -- he CLAIMING it was on authority of property owner Gold Walker -- but I am NOT certain Gold knew about it.

So, I called Aaron in the front downstairs apartment to remind him to get his and Rob's trash out, and when he DID, I spoke to reaffirm that with the Cherokee now my sexual playmate, that I will NOT tease the other guys here NEARLY as much -- I showing how long the Cherokee is, and that I can deep throat it totally while gumming it -- and Aaron was IMPRESSED (by all three)!!!

Aaron wearing a T-shirt, I noticed a few hairs peeking above the collar, pointed that out, and he lifted his shirt to show me he is much hairier of the chest than I had expected -- but NOW he knew I would not get "overexcited" by such a display.

I ALSO LEARNED that he and his roommate Rob -- who GENUINELY HATE HARD DRUGS and dealing with those who take them, that they have seen "Pete's" car PARKED NEXT DOOR WITH THE HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKERS!!!

So NOW Pete and Allie's ANGER TOWARD ME makes perfect sense -- and I must also say that Allie's co-lessee, Kelsey -- and HER girlfriend, have ALWAYS been friendly toward me so I DOUBT they know of Pete and Allie's association with the HARDEST of NARCO-TRAFFICKERS!!!

But it APPEARS that Jon Deputy does.
I hate good taste. It's the worst thing that can happen to a creative person.”

Quote by Helmut Newton

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Early this morning, my Sling TV on ROKU device went out and it showed a screen that I had NO INTERNET CONNECTION. So I went to my computer -- already up -- and the icon showed I DO have internet connection. When I went to refresh CNN online, I got a screen from SPECTRUM telling me HOW to pay my "seriously overdue bill" -- and I could get NOTHING ELSE on my computer (at least on Google/Chrome browser), so I called SPECTRUM.

As I've previously blogged, my last two Spectrum bills were paid by physical check by Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management, Inc., and just like their predecessor Time/Warner Cable had done for at least five months in 2017, Spectrum -- after correcting this for two months -- is AGAIN holding checks long enough to add $9.00 Late Charges, and for the SECOND TIME have forgotten to deposit them before I get cut off -- today confirmed again to be this Friday -- for alleged NON-PAYMENT.

The other time this happened several month ago, Time/Warner deposited my accumulated checks two days before shut-off, so if their PATTERN holds true, they will credit them Wednesday. AND the Spectrum rep told me they will AGAIN interrupt my service with that message of how to pay EVERY DAY until they CUT ME OFF!!!

And REALLY, this PROPELS ME to contact TOP COUNSEL of Spectrum (or Charter Communications), in Connecticut about Kenan Family Lawyer Barbara "Bonnie" Weyher and her underling FLUNKY Brian Williams SCREWING ME TOTALLY, forcing me to sign a GAG ORDER -- but ESPECIALLY warning me NOT to contact top Lawyers at SPECTRUM CABLE about their CRIMES AGAINST ME.

I simply must do that TODAY -- and put off looking for a job until I make PROGRESS.


TWITTER now TOTALLY in Vladimir Putin/Donald Trump/Kenan Family's camp!!!:

Pope Pius XII and Adolph Hitler MARRIED the Roman Catholic Church to NAZISM -- and Catholics DO NOT ACCEPT DIVORCE!!!


Sunday, January 21, 2018

RP: Scott Kenan Gets LUCKY (in a continuing thing) -- and LEARNS a Bit, Too!!!

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The time Tennessee "the Cat that got the Canary" Williams got LUCKY -- but maybe not Elvis (Tom Parker is cool -- and Lawrence HarveyJEALOUS!!!).

First, what I learned:

Gold Walker is EMPTYING her entire property that I lived in on 4th Street -- and all must be out by February 1.

She intends to RENOVATE IT, so no matter what anyone wants to believe about her motivation, SOMEONE has talked some SENSE into Gold!!!

And it might have been Gold's idea, no???

68-year-old Caribbean man, friendly though reserved, professional wants to get in touch with friends from North America. Fairly attractive, light skinned black male with mustache. Good sense of humor. Somewhat reserved among strangers but make friends easily. Interests include travel, reading, most music, sports -- and meeting interesting guys in 50's or 60's, although exceptions can be made.

Sent from the above gentleman who lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico -- and we have corresponded occasionally, going back many years (but have never met).

And here I was thinking tall Scott was a virgin. Did you expand your efforts to include Mr. Williams? 

No -- that's why I worked for Tennessee Williams longer than the two-weeks average. 

Today, I found a straight, quite dark, full-blooded Cherokee 48-year-old with an "African Class" dick who thinks I give the BEST Blow Jobs (total deep-throat and I gum him). 

And he was RICH when he was young beginning at age 15 when he had a rich white woman on Figure 8 Island (the whole island is gated), he saw twice a month for over two years when her doctor husband traveled. She showered him with LOTS of money. 

He has an ex-wife (total bitch), and lives with his girlfriend who refuses to have sex with him, and ONLY watches TV

So he goes out. 

Just last week a guy picked him up while he was walking to the corner store in drizzle -- and immediately offered $50.00 to do him. He said the guy was not nearly as good as I am -- but it was a nice way to pick up $50.00 -- but knows he's worth far more (his body is to DIE FOR and looks half its age)

We don't charge each other anything -- and talk dirty the whole time when I pick him up and take him home. 

A most PLEASANT event on a Sunday!!! 


RP: Donald Trump FINALLY Gets a DECISIVE VICTORY!!! / Things That Fell Through the CRACKS:

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WHOOPS!!! This wasn't what I meant to post, but as I told my brother on the phone a couple of days ago, this is the ONLY MEME of Donald Trump and any CITY NAME he visited during his entire campaign that I have ever found:

And THIS it President Trump's TRIUMPH:

I had ACTUALLY planned to attend/participate in the Women's March here in Wilmington, NC, but ended up compulsively writing -- as well as going to mail my letter to landlady Gold Walker and to Costco to refill my arrhythmia medication, which my brother Mike had sent money to cover. THERE, I learned that Savaysa's price-to-me, had GONE UP for 2018 from $95.00 to $121.00 for a month's supply -- without explanation.

When Dewey Bridger III, MD put me on Savaysa in 2015, I used a "savings card" that came with the samples he first gave me, and until months later, ONLY PAID $4.00/month. HERE is that card that I captured from their website this morning:

MY circumstances have NOT CHANGED -- except that instead of getting $1,000.00/month from Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC in addition to full Social Security at the upper limit (that income was NOT guaranteed, so was not counted and it ENDED ABRUPTLY late spring 2017), I now get less than half that much per month from my brother -- on an AS NEEDED basis -- as opposed to regularly.

As Costco's pharmacist said, I need to call the manufacturer, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc., Monday, as they FIRST raised the monthly price to $30.00/month after several months, and then the first of 2017, they raised it to $95.00/month -- and neither time did I ask for explanation. But NOW up to $121.00/month, I will. As I understand it, without discount it costs about $300.00/month. 

SADLY, I never heard back from Vinnie after I left message asking if he was in the mood for a BJ, yesterday (as "pictured" and described almost halfway down here:, but Vinnie had ALSO told me a couple of times that he REGULARLY closes bars with Mayor Bill Saffo -- whom he said traveled with "Mafia Molls", and then he placed a Saffo election sign in his yard (but only TWO DAYS before the election)

Saffo ran against a HALF-WIT with NO Party affiliation:

So TODAY, I'll probably call Chris Millikan, who lives directly under my former apartment on 4th Street -- he nearly FULL-BLOODED Cherokee (while I am only 1/16):

Typical Cherokee young man -- but Chris has MORE chest and pit hair!!!

As documented in this blog, a couple of weeks ago, I Chris called me asking for another BJ -- and a ride to pick up some Western Union cash at Food Lion. All of that was FINE, but I got distracted and after AGREEING, I just didn't get around to it or to letting Chris know I couldn't. 

BUT, while homeless in 2011, walking from downtown to that same Food Lion for the same reason, I happened to meet Father Robert J. Kus in St. Mary's Catholic Basilica Church yard, and telling him I could use two dollars for a bus to get some cash -- and I had had SEX WITH A CATHOLIC PRIEST in my youth (not telling him I was actually 27 at the time), Father Bob disappeared into the rectory and came back with two bucks.

Father Bob published several books on the psychology of Gay and Lesbian people -- BEFORE studying to be a Catholic priest.

Being TOTALLY BROKE, I held onto the money and walked the 18 or so blocks -- and BACK!!!

And the FUNNY THING, is that landlady Gold Walker -- by phone right before Chris called me for the two favors -- claimed to me that a "painter" lived in that apartment, which Chris is NOT, but she seems to think that Denise Renee Wood still lives there:

But at the time I moved OUT, Denise had come back and confronted Chris for all her FURNITURE in that apartment where she allowed him to live for $400.00/month (Denise was paying Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. who holds the lease $300.00/month). And that furniture had DISAPPEARED (Chris likely sold it to pay for his Opioid Pills addiction that he never hid from me), and in that last communication with Chris, he said that HE LIVED THERE ALONE.

As I wrote yesterday, Gold Walker is just TOO OLD to handle all these STRESSORS!!!

AND, yesterday and two days before that I got CUT-OFF warning calls from SPECTRUM CABLE -- even though Benefits Management has paid the last two bills ON TIME. -- but MUST pay by physical checks that Spectrum HOLDS to add LATE FEES before crediting

Monday, I will ask owner Teri Motsinger if I can pay them myself ELECTRONICALLY (forcing them to IMMEDIATELY credit my account), and then she can reimburse me -- kind of like what we had to do when I lived in Mexico with ALL my Mexican bills.


1. The Wilmington Star News in this morning's email of top stories DIDN'T EVEN MENTION IT!!!

2. The Port City Daily (online only), ran an OLD STORY about it being PLANNEDbut no coverage.

3. HERE is a photo from WWAY-TV 3's minimal coverage:

4. The ONLY serious coverage came from UNC Wilmington's coverage -- THEY not STRANGLED by OLD-FART White Supremacist/Narco-Trafficking CHRISTIANS!!!:


Here is another cool photo from this article:

And here is some VERBIAGE showing how WILMINGTON CHRISTIANS traditionally interpreted the BIBLE that RAN SOCIETY THEN -- and people like Gold Walker and so many OTHERS think it should be run NOW!!!:

Prisoners for sale

The 1770s jail cells were used in colonial days, where inmates were believed to be sized up for their labor to be purchased by the public.
Excavations of the surface of the old cells have confirmed that the jails were outdoor cells, which means the prisoners were certainly ogled at.
“The fact that they have in the center of town two buildings dedicated to being a jail gives you a good idea that they needed it,” Lamberton said.
“This jail was built before there was a courthouse, before there was a single church, Wilmington was incorporated in 1739, so within four years they’re building a jail,” she said.
People would end up in the jails due to public drunkenness, thievery, or a number of grievances.
Less than 100 feet away is the historic public courtyard where people were hanged and slaves were traded in colonial days.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

RP: Of Millinery, Bonobos, Testosterone Injections, Landlords (NYC and Wilmington, NC), and DENSE TURDS Like "Pete" Who Stays with His Girlfriend, Allie, Upstairs from Me, Now!!!

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Fashion model Katherine Gill trying on hats at Christian Dior. (undated)

Just now, I came upon a cache of old photos of New York City, and posted THIS ONE in honor of my upstairs neighbor Gray, who makes hats for the film and theater industries.

And before getting into it, I had a long conversation with my brother Mike later yesterday afternoon, and he said that he and my sister-in-law, Gail, love going up and spending time in my nephew Connor Michael Kenan's apartment in the 100 W. block of 25th Street while Connor travels with his job with Nordic Consulting (on Epic Systems, which Connor USED to sell, like my high school girlfriend Dr. Marlowe Shaeffer-Polk used to install on major hospital chains), and right now Connor is in Ireland working for several days.

So just by googling (NO "spyware" needed), I got all this info -- as well as the correct mailing address and Connor's land-line number!!!

I ALSO looked at the map, and Connor lives one block from Bonobos menswear -- which is almost PRECISELY 50 blocks south of my former 5.5 year financial supporter, Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of 14 W. 75th Street, who lives like a BAG LADY in a rent-controlled apartment for over 50 years now, Joseph paying $750.00/month for an apartment, when the one below it rents (furnished), for $6,500.00/month -- and Joseph gave me well over $65,000.00 (including a LOT of dental work), over those 5.5 years.

I used to call Joseph "Testosteroni":

Because Joseph got a private doctor to give him Testosterone shots that NO DOCTOR said he needed -- plus Daily Cialis (and he uses "Poppers" as well), to perform serious "self-abuse",  now at age 84 -- while viewing his extensive gay porno collection.

Joseph HAS no other exercise, and not a SINGLE FRIEND or relative he communicates with IN THE WORLD!!!

I just called and Joseph has the same phone number, and I asked him -- having to leave a message -- that since I intend to SOON write him a letter of APPRECIATION, to let me know if I should mail it to him -- or his landlord -- or both (Joseph has a HUGE FEAR of me sending landlord Bruce Kapner ANY letter, so I said that hoping to "scare" him into responding), and I WILL mail Mr. Kapner if I don't hear pronto from Joseph.

Typical behavior of young Costa Rican guys

Joseph's ONE "True Love" was a much younger, SUPER-HOT Costa Rican illegal immigrant who worked in a sweat shop in Manhattan sorting FEATHERS FOR HATS (until an Artist in Maine with more money STOLE THE GUY AWAY!!!), so that related to the photo at top of this posting -- as well as my neighbor, Gray.

My nephew showing his sensitivity toward monkeys during his six-months spent in S.E. Asia with another gringo friend about five years ago -- after working for Epic and before Nordic.

So FUNNY that he lives a block from Bonobos menswear -- THIS being typical MALE ANTICS of Bonobos, the CLOSEST DNA relatives of Humans, and here is what happens to the females when they go into estrus (once per month like Humans???):

NOT totally appetizing to THIS Homo-Human!!!

Anyway, I will soon write not just to Joseph Faulk (and maybe Bruce Kapner), but to Connor to clear up a misunderstanding we had a few years ago.

This represents Vincent (Vinnie)who lived with his mousy girlfriend on Orange Street around the corner from me on 4th Street, Wilmington, who used to LOVE showing off his muscles and hairy chest to me -- when he and his GF were having ANOTHER of their famous fights. TWICE Vinnie said he wanted to me BLOW HIM, so an hour ago, I left him a message to see if he is CURRENTLY in that mood.

No reply, yet!!!

Dr. Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk, who was FIRST a Chester County, Pennsylvania Prosecutor (of note), later became a Physician (which she was about to work as today when I caught her on the phone), ALSO installed Epic Systems on major hospital chains, and TODAY is a TOP CONSULTANT for Privacy of Medical Records -- as well as sitting on TWO Top Medical Boards of the USA!!!

Marlowe was THRILLED that I am NOW back with my family -- especially Mom, Mike, and Jane (and Julie on some levels, but not Political of Spiritual). She ALSO was SHOCKED by the behaviors of Gold Walker and Jonathan Deputy and said their actions are LIKELY cause for LAWSUITS against them, and maybe CRIMINAL CHARGES.

And she said that the $2,500.00 settlement from SPECTRUM CABLE (for the previous TIME WARNER CABLE), is a TOTAL JOKE, considering the circumstances, and that Wilmington Lawyer Bruce Mason might be LIABLE as well. She ENCOURAGED ME to contact SPECTRUM'S Legal Department in Connecticut and they will DEFINITELY want to get to the bottom of HOW I got screwed -- and ESPECIALLY since it was by a LAW FIRM IN RALEIGH owned by my Kenan Cousin, Barbara "Bonny" Weyher, and the Kenan Family put Donald Trump into power to DESTROY DEMOCRACY!!!

Brian Williams, simple partner who SCREWED ME.

Barbara "Bonnie" B. Weyher, my Kenan cousin found in the Kenan Genealogy, is OWNING partner with her husband, Dan J. McLamb of Yates, McLamb, & Weyher, LLP:

The DETAILS of this relationship are ALL OVER THIS BLOG, late summer, 2017, and the accident was FIRST reported here:

Not only has Mayor Bill Saffo continued to REFUSE to release the full Police Report of the MURDER of my friend Evan Fish on September 5, 2011, but Wilmington City Councilman and NARCO-TRAFFICKER Charlie "too-cheap-for-dermabrasion" Rivenbark LAUGHED AT ME for being hit by that truck and told me he HOPES I get a DOG, and it, too, is "hit by a car!!!"
And BECAUSE I was too busy to mail my letter to Land-Lady Gold Walker, yesterday -- the RE-WRITTEN ONE from just past halfway down here: -- and HERE is the Original One I mailed her and Jonathan Deputy:, I ADDED this extra info before printing and mailing it:


I finally asked Rob, who holds the lease in the downstairs one-bedroom, and he said he never knew about these apartments nor had any contact with Jonathan Deputy until the end of December, and quickly made the deal to move in.

THEREFORE, If Jon actually had had a lessee that first was to move in Dec. 1, then mid-December, and finally Jan. 1, it FELL APART – or Jon felt he had to lie to you to look like he was getting things rented. Forcing me out IMMEDIATELY about the 10th of Dec. would have kept you from finding this out.

“Pete”, the boyfriend of Allie (on the lease), and Allie as well upstairs – but NO ONE ELSE -- continue to be rude to me – which is NOT a real problem, but he DID legally threaten me and claim I had no right to live here at all when I hollered at Allie and Pete’s party of underaged drinkers that was loud and wild until 4:00 AM on a Monday morning, and you, Jon Deputy, and Pete all act like I am the one who was “ridiculous”.

Someone – or many – need to go to remedial Legal and BIBLE Study classes!!!

What was so ODD, this morning at 9:35 -- just before this addition -- when it was 48 degrees out, Allie's boyfriend "Pete", drove in, parked, and walked past me as he turned to climb the stairs. He was wearing a T-Shirt and shorts -- his big mop of dark, curly hair was ratty as usual -- and when I said, "Good Morning -- I see you are ready for the 70s expected later today", he got SO ANGRY he kicked over a pot of (now dead) flowers on the steps, and STOMPED his way up the stairs as I then said, "There is NO POINT to you and Allie being so RUDE TO ME -- when every other resident here is so friendly!!!"

ALL I know is that Allie, who sold me marijuana three times, also makes a lot of marijuana pastries that she distributes in town (as if anyone cares about pot). She claims to be a student at UNCW, and her boyfriend Pete drives a car with DEALER plates (a GOOD WAY to keep cops from knowing who is driving), which he has the whole two months I've been here. YET, Pete comes and goes bringing in and taking out packages at ALL HOURS of day and night -- NOT behavior that suggests he's a car salesman who is allowed to use one of the agency's cars!!!

To my knowledge, it was JONATHAN DEPUTY who got these people to move in here -- just like he got Rob and Aaron to move in January 1 -- SUDDENLY -- although he had told Gold Walker he had a tenant signed to lease to move in DECEMBER 1, and they kept delaying.

There HAS TO BE a reason Mr. Deputy LIED to Gold Walker!!!

Allie's and Pete's cars -- so that LAW ENFORCEMENT can see the licence plates.

Mayor Bill Saffo -- who with his NYC Uncle who runs the SAFFO DRUG MAFIA, and has been Mayor for over ten years -- SATURATING Wilmington with HARD DRUGS and ADDICTIONS -- had to get DRUNK to face camera's this past November when he won ANOTHER election as CHRISTIAN DRUG-TRAFFICKING MAYOR!!!:

First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, is TOPPED by the "Six Foot Kenan Cock" atop Kenan Steeple (tallest in town), and is known as the KENAN CATHEDRAL OF NARCO-TRAFFICKING AND WHITE SUPREMACY.


And TOMORROW, Sunday, THESE NARCO-TRAFFICKERS (or at least SUPPORTERS of Narco-Trafficking), will WORSHIP THE DEVIL at First Prez:

District Attorney Benjamin R. David (Elder)

District Court Judge Lindsey Luther/McKee (Elder)

District Court Judge Robin Robinson (Deacon)

District Court Judge Jeffrey Noecker (until recently a Deacon)

And THIS is what my relative William Rand Kenan, SENIOR led from First Presbyterian where he was THEN an Elder:

Wilmington is STILL ON FIRE due to the HEROIN and other TRAFFICKING and ADDICTIONS-FOR-JESUS, by those who worship and LEAD THE CONGREGATION, HERE!!!