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RP: The Drug Trash That Infiltrated the New Hanover County NAACP Are STILL AT IT -- LOL!!!

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/02/the-drug-trash-that-infiltrated-new.html

Starr Watson has ONLY this photo on her Facebook Page -- and none can be googled up for her.

She is a two-year college-trained physical therapist and OVER 65 years of age -- as was OBVIOUS from her voice on the phone.

Scott Kenan It takes a Devil Worshiping, drug-addicted "Christian" to think I expect to change your or any other God-hater's mind -- but since you continued to engage -- and I found this all amusing, like all the Press and Law Enforcement in Wilmingtohave as well -- I've enjoyed the back and forth. That's all. We played with you and you inadvertently gave local Law Enforcement CLUES to who is narco-trafficking in Wilmington (Starr Watson is one), as even the black churches know that the local NAACP organization is involved. Now go beat off so you can think with your upper head, sir -- LOL!!!
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Starr Watson Scott Kenan, you are so full of crap. I spent some time researching yesterday, and our local Kenan family disavows any ties with you (and I can see why). You appear to desperately seek attention by pretending to have inside information, then take your imaginings and use them for character assassinations. You now (sic) absolutely nothing about me, and I have serious doubts as to the validity of anything you say. You are what my ancestors referred to as a carpet bagger, and you are just plain tacky.
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Scott Kenan LOL!!! Thanks for the compliment that comes from your desperation!!! I'm sure if you spoke with "My Kenan Family" and they have these strong views, they would HAPPILY have you publish their actual names

Bitch -- this is just another of the "anonymous" smear campaigns so COMMON among Republicans and Clinton supporters -- and let me ALSO say, that as far -- -- and at this pointI picked up my phone and called Starr Watson: 910-392-5618, and she REFUSED to name the Kenans she spoke with so I did this -- to her WHISKEY/SMOKE-CURED voice:

Scott Kenan's photo.
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Starr Watson Posted by jacob javitz at 12:15 PM No comments: 
Saturday, November 9, 2013

Scott D. Kenan Truth 

So here is the truth about Scott D. Kenan. He has been denied by the real Kenan family members of Wilmington N.C. as being related to them. No one I spoke to acknowledges that he is actually related to them. So they have either disowned him or he has made it up. Scott D. Kenan, is a believer in bizarre right wing conspiracies. He will attack anyone who is of a party other than his. Scott D. Kenan is an openly gay child like man. Scott D. Kenan will never have a healthy relationship due to his mental state. He is an ardent subscriber to fictitious stories that he makes up every day. 

Scott D. Kenan will get hold of your email and habitually send email messages to you against your will. He will often find a victim to attack with strange unusual personal accusations. If you kindly ask Scott D. Kenan to remove you from his distribution list, he will intensify his accusations and get angry at you. 

Scott D. Kenan will Google you and search a way to find as much information about you. Then he will make up slanderous, hurtful and demeaning charges against you and post them on his blog. Scott D. Kenan claims to be an author of a book that sold among the lowest ratings of book publishing of all time. In other words he has a blog but no one cares. 

So if Scott D. Kenan reads this I know he will be upset that he is receiving a taste of his own medicine. Thus when the people who have requested that Scott D. Kenan remove them from his distribution list actually get removed, this blog will stay perched.
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HERE is the anonymous blog that Little Miss Drug-Therapies refers to: http://scottdkenantruth.blogspot.com/ -- and APPARENTLY is the extent of her "research" -- although there were OTHER attacks on me, two of them by people making up FAKE Kenan names to post (I recall one was a "David Kenan") -- LOL!!!

I published them all on blog and ANYONE can find them by googling -- PLEASE DO!!!

Too much "REAL WORD" going on now to continue this further for now.


Don't worry, Tom and I will be back soon.


Monday, February 8, 2016

RP: Lord Almighty!!! A Woman Just Called from the NAACP (a week or so late), and I TOLD HER OFF (in no uncertain or "Christ-like" terms)!!!

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/02/lord-almighty-woman-just-called-from.html

I didn't feel it would be right to post a real person's image -- I don't know who called.

BUT, she said she had gotten several messages from me, and was calling to say that they have no idea right now how full their Bus(es) is/are.

She said it would be a while before they had any idea.

Ya don't SAY.

But I told her that I -- and many others in both the black and white communities (I have no idea about Hispanics or Arabs, etc.) -- have questions about their local chapter -- and that I might ride with a church I'd been in contact with today.

And I DID mention that she sure got back to me late and their calculations of bus head-counts could stand some considerable improvement.

Then she began what sounded like reading from a script about how the NAACP relies on volunteers, etc., and I realized I haven't told anyone or blogged about this for years, but in Georgia I'd been a member for several years, and done some volunteer work for the NAACP.

But when I said that, she got bossy, bellowing, "Could you hold on, please, I AM TALKING!!!"

And I accused her of just reading a script and she denied it and I told her I KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT. I WAS A MEMBER ONCE.

And she got to huffin' and puffin' -- and I probably just now exaggerated that -- but that is when I got "potty-mouthed"

Otherwise, Dewain got home and had not gotten either job or been able to reach them by phone -- make of that what you will. I now throw darts at his claims to decide which are true.

And he complained VEHEMENTLY that cops had chased him off panhandling three times -- which is fewer times than twice the last week. Turns out he was given a summons on charge of Panhandling today -- and warned that if they catch him again, he's going to jail.

I thought, what a GREAT SOLUTION!!! But quickly realized that you only go in for a day on that one, so just something to get him mad.

Well, he DID manage to eat at a homeless kitchen tonight, so maybe he sees the writing on the wall -- first time for that since he moved in.

But he claims he will make the money somehow. I hope he's not so desperate that he gets back into greater crimes . . .

We'll see.


Wrightsville Beach snow, January 28, 2014


RP: Monica Lewinsky's Cousin, Whose Family in El Salvador Built and Control BAIN CAPITAL for Mitt Romney as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, Remains in WILMINGTON (her Aerial-Surveillance-Marked car back in front of the Jewish Temple on 4th Street, today)!!!

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/02/monica-lewinskys-cousin-whose-family-in.html

The best example I found is from England

Mirage USA | Mirage USA - Leading the industry in advanced law ...
mirage-usa.com864 × 428Search by image
These images demonstrate how MirageTM has been exploited by UK Police Forces. The upper vehicle has conventional black sign vinyl roof markings.

Today, after speaking by phone with the Service Manager of the dealership that could not fix my car (and we made an agreement for me to no longer report about this on blog that allows me to begin again as if I've spent no money yet), I came across Monica Lewinsky's cousin's car -- right in front of Temple of Israel, as usual.

It is a forest green Cooper Mini sedan with two broad racing stripes front to back, and has a light-colored roof on which a GIANT "H" (in a broken circle) emblazoned for helicopters and other aerial vehicles to easily spot. The license plate is North Carolina, and after three letters, the four numbers are "X001", with X being a number I've forgotten.

You need to be nearly my 6' 11" height to even SEE this -- the clever racing stripes making it look "natural"no???


1. By chance, today, I met the Pastor of one of the largest and oldest black congregations in Wilmington at a parking meter, and HE was more angry than I about them -- because he claims the City gets LESS than 25% of the take (as a meter-reader told me) -- the BULK going to the private company in South Carolina -- and Wilmington Politicians' POCKETS as GRAFT!!!

I did not know his identity until AFTER our entire discussion, when he AGREED that he and I should meet to discuss ALL of these things -- especially the planned War for White "Christian" Supremacy and the narcotics trafficking that CHOKES Wilmington Political Power -- by command of the wealthy Kenans in Chapel Hill, Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Baptist churches downtown, Clintons, Bushes, Cheney -- and of course others.

I even told him I might show up to worship in his church (which I am already slightly familiar with). I can pray to God while they say "Jesus"no???

And he, too, seems mystified by the behaviors of the local County chapter of the NAACP, two members of which CONTINUED to harass me on the NAACP's Facebook page today, leading me to #2:

2. My final comments with "White Bitch" Starr Watson, and self-admitted PERVERTGlenn A. Wilson:


Starr Watson Who cares so much about somebody's else's private affairs. Not me.
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Scott Kenan Starr Watson: Just a final note: Because I have friends who SAW Obama and Rahm Emanuel in Man's Country Gay Baths in Chicago when he was a Senator, and because my mother who raised us with Swastikas on dinner plates and was close friends with not only Nixon aide John Ehrlichman, but Boehner's closest political ally Coach Lou Holtz who lived across the street from us in the late 60s, plotting NAZI plots -- and Sean Hannity's close friend, etc., I DO believe the foreign press which has repeatedly reported that Obama's gay life is what the CIA, Cheney, Bushes, Clintons, etc. used to blackmail Obama into protecting the narco-trafficking. 

I've known too many in top parts of our and the Mexican Government (President Pena Nieto of Mexico is also gay and married to a woman, which ALL Mexicans now know). If you have better sources, you should have named them. But for now, I'm sticking working with Colin Powell's people, the US Justice Department, and DEA.
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President Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico and President Obama meet for the first time.


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Scott Kenan I didn't equate them, silly!!! I equated the discrimination against ANYONE for being the way God made them. You sound more and more like a gay guy trying to pass as straight -- are you???
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Glenn A. Wilson like yo parents, huh???
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Scott Kenan YESGlenn A. Wilson!!! My father graduated New Hanover High in 1936, his nickname being "Middle Leg" because of his endowment enormity (especially for a White guy), but was bisexual. 

One of my first cousins is actually my half brother -- and WHY my Aunt and Uncle HAD to get married -- LOL!!! My mother, ran Proctor & Gamble's Skin Research Labs in Cincinnati -- working with Dr. Mengele's data from experiments on Jews in Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany -- as well as to perfect his system of Nazi Mind Control. 

It was there that she had Dad's then male lover shot in the head then gave Dad the choice of converting to Catholicism and marrying Mom -- or prison for an ugly "homo-murder" -- so Mom could hide her swastikas behind the iconic Kenan name

Police records in Cincinnati show "Russian Roulette Suicide" -- and Dad admitted all this to me before he died Easter Sunday, 2014. Also, in the mid-1980s, Dad called me twice for recommends on gay bars in Philadelphia

Mom never liked sex, but considered it her "Catholic Duty"YOU are very PERCEPTIVE!!! Dad always told me there is NOTHING more EVIL than gay guys pretending to be straight, and in my experience that is true -- as well as the women who hold these guys in bondage by worshiping a FALSE god, like most -- but not all -- American Christians.

Scott Kenan's photo.
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Glenn A. Wilson REALLY???
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Scott Kenan This is no news -- many news agencies in the USA reported that when Michelle doesn't travel with ObamaReggie Love (a Duke grad), entered the back door of Air Force One to go -- but they have split since then.
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Scott Kenan Fortunately, I have no known perversions, and am sorry to hear you think you do. I let out truth -- rather than let things fester inside me, and I chance met the Pastor of one of the largest and oldest black churches in Wilmington this morning, and he knows ALL ABOUT the things I claim -- and feels something is wrong with the local NAACP org as wellso I might travel with his church group to the March next Saturday!!!
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Scott Kenan It takes a Devil Worshiping, drug-addicted "Christian" to think I expect to change your or any other God-hater's mind -- but since you continued to engage -- and I found this all amusing, like all the Press and Law Enforcement in Wilmington have as well -- I've enjoyed the back and forth. That's all. 

We played with you and you inadvertently gave local Law Enforcement CLUES to who is narco-trafficking in Wilmington (Starr Watson is one), as even the black churches know that the local NAACP organization is involved

Now go beat off so you can think with your upper head, sir -- LOL!!!

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Scott Kenan shared a link.

The American Petroleum Institute proceeded to launch a campaign of denial and doubt.

Scott Kenan shared a link.

More and more people in Washington are unhappy with the kingdom, and it's…
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Wall Street's terrible start to 2016 just got worse, with the Dow down 300 points. Oil prices are also back to $30 a barrel and Chesapeake Energy shares are plummeting amid bankruptcy concerns.

Chickens coming home to roost? Italian woman gives Secretary Kerry two black eyes because the U.S. supports ISIS? 
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