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RP: Email Just Sent Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian, Wilmington, North Carolina:

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BECAUSE, yesterday, not only did Russian hits to my blogs total 2.5 TIMES the hits from the USA (and for two days, I get no Russian hits to my original blog http://scottkenan.blogspot.comand then for two days it reverses, and I get no hits to -- leading me to believe they alternately BLOCK my blogs -- LOL!!!

And I have noticed, too, that Russian hits to my memoir online, are HUGE and right up with those from the USA!!!

Tennessee Williams's fave dramatist was Anton Chekhov.

Dear Pastor Ernie,

By a strange fluke, I was led to check your website to see how your First Presbyterian congregation (which I was once part of), is dealing with the issue of same-sex marriage. I was NOT aware that each congregation is making its own decision, and under the circumstances, I FIRST give YOU HUGE KUDOS for the loving and professional way you are handling the decision-making process – down to the rules of how to participate in the discussion.

As we all know, Presbyterians are the most likely of Protestant denominations to accept gays and gay marriage (69% approve, according to the latest polling) – but Wilmington is not known as a hot-bed of Liberalism, and I have come to understand some of the forces within your congregation. That said I am NOT writing to try to influence anyone’s vote – I am fully confident that you will make a correct determination due to the manner in which you have led this discussion, FAIRLY TO ALL.

But I can’t help thinking you are a bit envious of my native Catholic Church, which just RULES on things, which would make your life simpler – and truth be told, there can only be ONE TRUTH, so if different congregations go different ways, I’m sure your Church will soon be rending.

But in fact, I hope to add a little RELIEF for you with some humor, and will likely mention some difficult things (or people), but who among you could kick someone out of church??? No one kicked ME out, and I was a good candidate for that – at least in some ways.

First, you, Ernie Thompson, remain the Christian clergy-person with whom I’ve had the BEST discussions of my entire life – and have always firmly believed you seek to do God’s will. As I told you, Presbyterianism seems just a veil away from Metaphysics, my own chief area of study. And given much of what I know you believe, I bet you ALSO find your congregation can be quite a colorful (except during Lent), handful of characters.

I hope that you will pass my greetings to the many wonderful members of your congregation – remembering that it was the love of some of the straight couples there – and I will specifically mention the Orlandos and the way Dennis Decker spoke of his late wife in Discovery Class, the best spiritual discussion group I have ever been in – that led me to see that heterosexuality is NOT a spiritual/psychological disease of manipulation of partner for money and power. 

That was the way I was raised, with my family until very recently, actively assisting those who would jail, nut-house-commit, or kill me.

The Confederate Memorial stands just north of First Presbyterian on Third Street, and mentions Gabriel James Boney. I found a bottle with a message cradled in its arms one morning -- and presented it to Charles Boney in Discovery Class!!!

I also especially appreciated the participation of Charles Boney, whom I once presented with a “Message from a Bottle”:

I now believe that heterosexual love can be godly – and this first realized while member of your congregation, so THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

You might recall that I met a trio of straight guys in Wilmington who bragged that they keep all the wives of closet-case married guys satisfied – and they like so many others in Wilmington, estimated that 80% of Wilmington’s married men fit this category -- consistent with Wilmington’s long reputation as being America’s Gayest City.

I do not accuse YOU of elevating District Attorney Benjamin R. David from Deacon to Elder – I among others have kept you informed of his Felony crimes against me and others in the Judicial System, and although I was TEMPTED to try to get you to ask him to ABSTAIN from voting because of THIS (among other things): 

I actually LIKED Ben David the few times I got to actually speak with him, and he DOES have some knowledge of it all – including from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE -- if only straight marriage with the gay relationship on the side – until I blew his cover and Lee had to flee town in the pick-up truck that Ben then bought him to leave in – or at least that was what Lee told ME about it.

My other little picky point is that I am shocked that you still support Good Shepherd Center. How they posted the wanted “Dead or Alive” poster of me when I also caught them in their logoed van hacking my internet as well as my first roommate, David Escalante,  had worked under them and they SHOT HIS TWO FELLOW UNDOCUMENTED LATINOS IN THE FACE, murdering them because they were insisting they got paid – letting David go with the warning they would murder him as well if he asked to be paid again.

David Escalante immediately fled to Charlotte and has not since been heard from.

SLAVERY in Wilmington, North Carolina – supported by some churches still – as First Presbyterian continues to do.

Well, I admit I hope you vote to allow gay marriage, but don’t have much hope since your congregation still supports slavery – and the murder of non-whites, as your Pastor once did in 1898. Please see my posting of yesterday for more “Wilmington Fun”.

And please understand that I still suspect that you, Pastor Ernie Thompson, will affect the right outcome – even if it is only “eventually”.

With much love,
Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The "Six-Foot Kenan Cock" (atop Kenan Steeple over Kenan Chapel) -- as First Prez congregants insist on calling it -- is actually a WAKE-UP call for REFORMATION!!!


Pi Kappa Alpha Kyle L. Allen death later pledge class

Presbyterian College values: silence, charity, purity, honor and patriotism--but party photos tell another story of an alcohol-connected culture in need of change (See Google links to Mu Chapter parties).  The school has an honor council.  Photos were on the site for years with little faculty outcry, or at least a public outcry, until this site linked to theirs. 


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RP: Trying to Track Down Mitch Bossanna, I Contact Celia Rivenbark of Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

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Celia Rivenbark is a well-established HUMOR WRITER. I suggest you buy SOME OF HER BOOKS!!!:

Dear Ms. Rivenbark,

My actual reason for contacting you is to see if you know what has become of our mutual Facebook friend, Mitch Bossanna, I have not heard from him in a couple of years, and last, he claimed to be in Latin America but safe. And ODDLY (or not), BOTH my computers are so seriously hacked that it took TEN SECONDS for my salutation above to show on the screen after I typed it (and my other computer won’t fully load at the moment), so I hope I can get this out.

Now I have to say, having read much of your website and a few of your pieces, that you are as much a smart-ass as me – except that while you swim on the surface with society, I was thrown into a sewer-not-of-my-own-choosing – and largely that was in Wilmington – thanks to several politicians, including former Sen. Thom Goolsby, former mayoral candidate Justin LaNasa, D.A. Ben David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and Sheriff Ed McMahon – and the then City Desk editor at the Wilmington Star News, Kevin Maurer, the CIA Operative who wrote No Easy Day about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden – to help cover up that President Obama had him unnecessarily murdered so that he could NOT testify in Court about his long business relationship with the Bush Family – or that they planned 9/11 together with Cheney and the Saudi Royals.

Kevin Maurer with assistant Shelby at the Wilmington Star News. Kevin actually PRETENDED to be interviewing me by phone in summer 2012 -- but was just collecting info for the CIA.

This posting actually includes a scan of my conviction document signed by Dekalb County Judge Linda Warren Hunter in 1990 -- as readers know, ALL my legal records in Dekalb Court database are NOW ERASED!!!"

In this file photo made Sept. 8, 2008, Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo, left, and Kevin Martin, then chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, flip a symbolic switch during a news event heralding the switch from analog to digital television signals in Wilmington, N.C. Wilmington is the nation's test market for the transition to digitalwith the rest of the nation to follow in February 2009.

I think I would trust Mayor Bill Saffo – I liked his vibes when he and I had a private conversation in his SUV one evening (although I have absolutely NO memory of what we discussed), and his Risk Manager, Jack Stein, DID read back what number I had appeared to call him from and it turned out to be WELL KNOWN as a number used by the NSA to channel phone calls. 

Still, I find it odd that for a few years now, the most consistent search leading people to my blogs, and its mirror with wider graphics, – other than “Nancy Reagan/Frank Sinatra BJs”, is “Bill/Rene Saffo divorce (or restraining order)”.

Most troubling for ALL Wilmington politicians, and perhaps others, is that I can prove in Court of Law that Jeff Duncan, who had been Ben David’s intern while Ben brought the eight false charges against me, all now dropped for no evidence, then became an employed lawyer of Saper Law in Chicago which rammed through an illegal and unconstitutional conviction of me for LIBEL – because I blogged that Wells Fargo Advisors exec Jamie Lee Sutherland told me he had seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his private gay bathhouse several times.

And this is hardly a secret outside the USA – where the CIA has less control of media.

My intention – and my resolve to do it is growing, as no one fesses up or even apologizes – is to BANKRUPT my beloved Wilmington, New Hanover County, and State of North Carolina, to the greatest extent that I can. This collusion, racketeering, conspiracy – or whatever you or THEY care to call is real and VERY provable in courts.

Sherman Lee Criner

I notice that YOUR surname is known around the area like is mine. I wonder if the person who caught Republican BIG MAN Sherman Lee Criner diddling that little girl’s vagina in Thalian Hall about eight years ago, was the Rivenbark now associated with that theater. The Star News – to its credit then – fully reported how Police intimidated the parents out of filing charges – and Sherman Lee went on to be a judge in the Miss Azalea Festival contest, while his wife Judge Sandra Ray Criner (who once, at least, improperly committed me to a mental institution on behalf CRACK ADDICT Brenda McKnight and her dealer Gerald Austin-Wynn), later became HEAD of the County Republican Party – LOL!!!

Sandra Ray Criner -- currently nominated for "Most Air-Brushed"

Well, it was – and continues to be – the Wilmington Star News – that covered up my friend and business partner’s, Evan Fish’s, murder at the hands of Wilmington Police: (I don’t think the Sheriff’s deputies on the scene were part of that, actually), largely because Evan had been supplied while previously the largest cocaine distributor in Maine, which he was desperate to get out of – as were many Wilmington hard-drug distributors, some told me about it – by Lee Gosney of, where I had worked for 18 years, Lee operating under the guise of a travelling AA and NA counsellor.

As you are likely aware, having lived in the area your entire life, Wilmington is the LARGEST water-port entry of illegal drugs into the USA – set up in the 1980s and 90s with help of my parents with Mom’s instructions from the Catholic Popes (that part you might not have known). I feel a need to MAKE AMENDS to Wilmington by cleaning it out of corrupt politicians.

No one can stop the HUGE demand of Americans for DRUGS, but the MONEY CORRUPTS GOVERNMENT!!! And I hope to make amends for the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, caused by William Rand Kenan, Sr. and the Pastor, then, of First Presbyterian.

I see you are currently performing Rude Bitches Make Me Tired 2: Still Bitchin’ at Theater NOW, so since I will publish this missive, here is a link so anyone can buy tickets!!!:

Anyway, it has been a pleasure ruminating here – and I only expect a response regarding any knowledge you might have about the whereabouts or safety of Mitch Bossanna.

Thanks, and CARRY ON!!!

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta



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RP: A Just Discovered DISMISSAL Motion for My Troubles in Wilmington, North Carolina -- NEVER FILED!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

>>> SENT TO ME MARCH 6, 2012 by "Mitch Bossanna":

I don't even remember GETTING this, which Mitch sent in three formats. As credited near the top right of my original blog,, Mitch Bossanna was a HUGE Ron Paul for Prez supporter -- one of the biggest I never met, but who first contacted me before I left Wilmington.

Kenan Fountain in Kenan Plaza at Fifth and Market Streets

And this would be a good time AGAIN, to say of WHITE PEOPLE in Wilmington, few would help me when I panhandled -- except the Ron Paul supporters when the NC Republican Party had their convention in Wilmington (some people excepted -- especially Rev. Ernie Thompson and Lou and Linda Orlando of First PresbyterianSister Isaac of St. Mary's -- and many other Church Charities, especially First Baptist -- the one on Kenan Plaza.

Black folk ALWAYS searched to see if they didn't have a few coins, at least. And I rarely noticed Latinos (except at St. Mary's -- they attending the Spanish Masses).

Mitch Bossanna, who claimed to be of a Jewish mother and Italian father -- and raised Catholic -- and then living in Hampstead, NC, the town my parents' first house with the tidal creek, dock, and osprey nest was -- on Hughes Road -- about 18 miles north of Wilmington.

Mitch LATER, after I had been in Mexico a good while, sent a single note that he was in Latin America and OK. I never heard from him again.

Mitch's Facebook Page is still up: He has had 18 friends for years, now, including some PROMINENT Wilmington residents and businesses.

Will they now flee his Page???


I plumb forgot that in-between these two communications was a GREAT one -- about Mitch's research into Daliah Saper of Saper Law, discovering that not only did she, actually, go to a cut-rate Catholic Law School -- but had "whored on her back" to put herself through it.

Daliah Saper is frequently on Fox News -- and others.

I am in NO position to know if Mitch's allegations are entirely TRUE, but, his claims that Daliah's then-subordinate attorney, "Mr. Emerson", really DID graduate Duke University -- and really IS a SERIOUS BOTTOM BOY (like myself -- we traded stories -- and LAUGHS!!!), proved true.

>>> FOR MORE INFO ON ALL MY BIZARRE LEGAL TROUBLES please see my email sent to the Center for Justice and Accountability -- that the CIA/NSA never allowed them to receive:

NORTH CAROLINA                                                                          DISTRICT COURT #5


THE PEOPLE                       )
VS.                                          )                                                               MOTION TO DISMISS
SCOTT KENAN,                  )

Now comes Scott Kenan, defendant in this case representing himself pro se, and requests that the Court immediately dismiss the charge of cyberstalking (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-196.3. Cyberstalking) with prejudice for the following reasons:

1.                   Mr. Kenan’s blog, “The Weather Up Here,” having a URL of is clearly political in nature and thus the cyberstalking charge does not apply per section 14-196.3(e) which clearly states, “This section does not apply to any peaceable, nonviolent, or nonthreatening activity intended to express political views or to provide lawful information to others. This section shall not be construed to impair any constitutionally protected activity, including speech, protest, or assembly.”  Mr. Kenan’s blog contains hundreds of postings on the subject of politics and has received 400 - 1,000 hits daily. (At that time, AdSense and other trolls checked copyright infringements, etc, and registered as "blog hits" on Google Statistics -- which they corrected in late 2013. So REAL hits by individuals were about half the number then reported.)

2.                   Mr. Kenan’s blog, “The Weather Up Here,” having a URL of does not have “intent to abuse, annoy, threaten, terrify, harass, or embarrass” readers as it clearly states in all caps at the top of the webpage, “HUMOR IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT!!!” and further down the right side of the webpage, “When I say something about you, it may or may not be true about you, however, I always reveal something of myself.”  These statements are made on the right side of the blog and can be viewed easily and show that the blog is not to be taken as fact an there was no intention prima facie of intent to harm.

3.                   The state presented no state compelling interest to override a fundamental constitutional right protected by the first amendment of free speech.  Any such order which interferes with a constitutional right requires strict scrutiny and all protection, yet not even basic due process was performed.  Mr. Kenan’s blog, “The Weather Up Here,” having a URL of is protected under the first amendment by case law including “Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union,” 521 U.S. 844 (1997), a United States Supreme Court case, in which all nine Justices of the Court voted to strike down anti-indecency provisions of the Communications Decency Act (the CDA), finding they violated the freedom of speech provisions of the First Amendment. Also of note is “Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell,” 485 U.S. 46 (1988), the United States Supreme Court held, in a unanimous 8–0 decision (Justice Anthony Kennedy took no part in the consideration or decision of the case), that the First Amendment's free-speech guarantee prohibits awarding damages for emotional distress intentionally inflicted upon them.  Finally there is “Ashcroft v. American Civil Liberties Union,” 535 U.S. 564 (2002) (also called Ashcroft v. ACLU or Ashcroft v. American Civil Liberties Union) was a 2002 United States legal court case involving the American Civil Liberties Union and the United States government. The Supreme Court of the United States decided the case, which began in 1999, and found that, contra the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, "COPA's reliance on community standards to identify 'material that is harmful to minors' does not by itself render the statute substantially overbroad for purposes of the First Amendment" (majority opinion). This decision came just four weeks after Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, which dealt with a similar law, the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 (CPPA).

4.                   The Plaintiff has provided no evidence that the Defendant actually posted all of the alleged remarks being that Defendant’s email account, Facebook account, and even the blog itself, have been hacked on several occasions by political opponents, with substantial changes made to the material therein.

5.                   The Plaintiff has provided no evidence that the Defendant “knowingly made false statements” considering the fact that Defendant has been in and out of mental institutions twice during 2011 by force of the state.  A recent evaluation by a court appointed screener, Dr. Menke, on February 20, 2012 found that Defendant has mental illness consist with Bipolar Disorder and thus he did not make a false statement knowingly.  This report can be found on the before mentioned blog.

I declare and affirm under penalty of perjury that the statements made herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief.  I am representing myself pro se and seek all assistance possible in filing and serving this motion.

Scott Kenan, Defendant


RP: REAL POLICING Should Be SALUTED (and FOOLS, exposed)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

>>> JUST IN @ 10:45 AM, CDT:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
3 mins ·

Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and white evangelicals are the least supportive
Like · Comment · 
  • Scott Kenan "Now, 62 % white mainline Protestants support same-sex marriage. Among white mainline Protestant denominations, support ranges from 69% among Presbyterians to 53% among Baptists 50% among Church of Christ/Disciples.

    While the Catholic church officiall
    y opposes gay marriage, 61% of white Hispanic 60% of Hispanic and other non-white Catholics support its legalization.

    A majority of orthodox Christians (56%) also support gay marriage.

    On the other side of the debate, 75% of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 68% of Mormons and 66% of white evangelical Protestants oppose gay marriage.

    Some 58% of Hispanic Protestants and 54% of black Protestants also oppose it.

    Among white evangelical Protestant denominations, 72% of evangelical Baptists are the most opposed, while white evangelical Lutherans are nearly evenly divided."



Pope Francis attempts to deflate an Aztec soccer ball with his WRITING pencil.

SO FAR, the Mexican Government has sent the Pope TWO stern letters demanding he stop bad-mouthing Mexico and Mexicans (most of whom are Catholic -- but NOT white, like Francis whose blood is all Italian).

One other Latin American country has ALSO sent a letter of protest.

1. One of the BEST things about only getting CNN of the cable news providers, here in Puerto Vallarta, is that Chief Alexander of Dekalb County, Georgia is on so often now. I cannot imagine a more professional cop!!!

He's only been in office a couple of years, and I have no idea what he's done about the Stone Mountain Drug Ring (run by CIA, the Republican Party, and protected by CNN as well as the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Fox News). MOST of it is run from HQ in Gwinnett County -- by my former boss Patrick Stansbury of

Of course Patrick set it up with my parents, Newt Gingrich, and among others, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, whose apartment I visited TWICE in the early 1990s in Atlanta. I have disclosed these details many times in this blog.

But here is the BEST write up on Mr. Alexander, from the American Psychological Association!!!:

When Cedric Alexander, PsyD, was on the Miami police force from 1981–92, his fellow officers were floored by his ability to bring calm to any tense situation, whether it was a violent conflict between two people or the aftermath of a suicide or accident.
"They said I had an incredible gift to talk to people," says Alexander, who adds he's always enjoyed working with people and helping them out. "God blesses us all with gifts; we just have to figure out what they are."


I could NOT find Dr. Alexander's email address -- but I DID just use another avenue to send him a message with link to this blog.

>>> ADDITIONALLY, if Chief Alexander is not already in contact with Gen. Russel Honore (whose cell number I have has an Atlanta area code), he should contact him. Gen. Honore told me he knows ALL ABOUT the Stone Mountain Drug Mafia

2. Although in Facebook postings like this one, a "Like" is sometimes an agreement with the EXPOSURE OF A CRIME, and other times as sympathy for criminals. Although my cousin is an Evangelical, I do NOT jump to any conclusion on what she means:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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Even after the city attorney told them it was a violation of church/state separation, the city council of little Cochran, Georgia, population 5,100, voted last week to fly the...
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  • Scott Kenan Let these people who hate in the name of Jesus go to hell as the Bible predicts happens to FALSE RELIGIONISTS!!! Too bad Bible predictions are so poor at coming true.
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  • Edward Duane Adams No offense, even that flag offends me. Is that lime green?
  • Scott Kenan Yes (???), it is modeled on Christian Crusader flags -- previous Christians raping, pillaging, and murdering for Jesus. I LOVE what Jesus taught -- but cannot imagine how so many people HATE (especially other races, religions, and sexual orientations) -- and they do it BOLD FACED and without shame. Such BLACK HEARTS!!!

3. MORE Georgia capers!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.
11 hrs ·

South American militaries have been sending soldiers to the U.S. for “ethics” and “human rights” training for years, but history shows that many of these alumni go on...
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4. More narco-trafficking Clinton capers!!!:

NEW YORK, April 23 (Reuters) - Hillary Clinton's family's charities are refiling at least five annual tax returns after a Reuters review found errors in how they reported...

5. AND:

Evidence shows how Morocco, which has been widely denounced for holding one of the last remaining colonial territories in the world, has sought to influence U.S....
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6. Getting back to "Bible Predictions", I am only aware of ONE scriptural prediction that listed even a SPECIFIC YEAR -- that came true. Read about it:

In 1481, Axayacatl's son Tizoc ruled briefly, but he was considered weak, so, possibly he was poisoned, and he was replaced by his younger brother Ahuitzol who had reorganized the army. The empire was at its largest during his reign. His successor was Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin (better known as Moctezuma II), who was tlatoani when the Spaniards arrived in 1519, the auspicious year predicted as the return of the Quetzalcoatl "Feathered Snake".

OK -- it was a case of Mistaken Identity that the native Mexicans mistook Cortez for Quetzalcoatl's return!!! The scripture actually said a "tall, white, bearded man" would be the form Quetzalcoatl would take!!!

7. And also interesting today, is that yesterday, Russians hit my blogs TWICE as much as Americans -- AGAIN!!! Problem being my HONESTY with Barack Obama.

I don't know for FACT, but I suspect Comcast to be blocking my blog in the USA -- AGAIN!!!

You see, the first person I dated for a while in Atlanta when I moved there in 1983, was Rife Huey, retired, but who once had served as Chief Protocol Officer to Admiral Zumwalt, and while we have occasionally stayed in touch, he has emailed me MANY TIMES to say that Comcast in Atlanta was BLOCKING MY BLOG!!!

About 1.5 years ago, he moved elsewhere, and has not sent any more of these warnings from where he is. Also, you should know that in this old posting, I misunderstood, and no one blocked me from deleting -- I was actually converting posts to drafts -- and only a total of 50 of those were allowed. Info on Rife, etc. is 2/3 the way down here:

WELL, I guess I might email Vladimir Putin next -- his Russian citizens FAR more interested in what the TRUTH is about Barack Obama than Americans are!!!