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RP: Guess Whom-All I Ran into Whilest Getting and Delivering the Rest of the RENT MONEY!!!

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Kathleen Kincade (Monica Lewinsky's friend whose family founded Bain Capital in El Salvador for Mitt Romney), in an older photo. Here, before she gave up her career in -- REALLY -- "Needleless Acupuncture" (which ALWAYS cracks "Testosteroni" UP!!!)

BUT, before getting into all of that, my letter to Rob Reiner and David Frum was delivered to Rob's office at 11:56 AM, and it ALWAYS FEELS BETTER after a physical letter is delivered -- it at least as special as a "Hallmark Moment"no???

So, returning from Bank of America on Third Street, I fund that Kathleen was parking in front of the Temple (which she declared a long time ago -- although Reform -- is "as fluffy as Episcopalian!!!"):

Temple of Israel is the oldest Jewish House of Worship in North Carolina -- built in 1895.

I assume Kathleen is still working as a "Private Chef", hiring herself out for special occasions and parties, but had no time to ask about that before a car pulled up behind me and I had to drive on. I told her all about how I'm now in touch with Rob Reiner et al -- and WHY -- and that I'd been contacted by Mitt Romney's gay cousin Bill Romney's "widow", Douglas, who'd wanted to date ME -- but ended up just harassing me by emails and phone calls -- until I wrote Mitt at, and it promptly STOPPED.

Bill Romney and Douglas Romney (who tool Bill's surname at legal marriage).

Kathleen was just THRILLED to hear it all, and said she might even look at THIS BLOG -- which will give her a heart attack, since I promised not to publish her real name. But I'd promised that to Jamie Lee Sutherland, went back on it, and he NEVER suffered a consequence of my publishing about his CRIMES -- but he still got a BOGUS CONVICTION of me of LIBEL, despite never legally serving me and trying me IN ABSENTIA in Chicago with help of Wilmington, NC D.A. Benjamin R. David (and Daliah Saper also of Fox News):

And then once coming and once going, as Gold Walker was out for a while -- so I was in my apartment -- I ran into both Sa'ant "Sam" Celia (in a good mood as always), and Denise Wood of "Denise the Perfect Painter", just in from a few days in Georgia -- and looking like CAT BARF

And speaking with her for a couple of minutes, it turns out that the older van she had told me she BOUGHT, she is only RENTING, and it too old for a REAL rental agency to have (by about ten years).

NONE of Denise's stories add up -- except that she's a SEX ADDICT!!!

THEN, at Gold's House, her son Allen Walker, his lawyer girlfriend who pays ALL his bills, and the three children they have between them, proved ALL to be a ton of fun, and I told the most important parts of my Political Story to them all (disguising some in language so as not to upset the children), which SCARED the lawyer a bit, but ENERGIZED Allen, he then inviting me out to Walker World where he promised to take me out on the river and show me around.

They can even roll out a GRAND PIANO on a floating barge -- at Walker World -- MERCY!!!

But then, as we were concluding this SUPER-FRIENDLY meeting -- Gold lying back on a divan eating seedless grapes and loving it all -- like CLEOPATRA:

Cleopatra, sans divansailing a vessel on the available water.

Allen suggested he could show me a couple of SWAMP ACRES, and I replied, "I just ADORE cottonmouths -- I've dealt with them before, in the wilds."

And THAT cracked him up, but if he is TRUE MAFIA, it was a SMART THREAT ON MY LIFE.

Only TIME will tell, but I betcha I take him up on his offer soon, then I can FIRST HAND REPORT on the Famous and Infamous WALKER WORLD.

I'm so tired and recovering from my recent TENSION, that I'm lazy in bringing this up to Testosteroni's expectation of my "jelly-bean (colored), writing". But I DO KNOW THIS, I never HANDLED any kind of snake -- unlike the former husband of Republican Judge Sandra Ray, formerly Criner. AND her husband not only diddled the vagina of a young girl in Thalian Hall, and Police intimidated the girl's father into NOT pressing charges against a GOOD CHRISTIAN, but when he posted his SNAKE-HANDLIN' PHOTO on his Facebook page and I BLOGGED ABOUT IT, Judge Sandra had to DIVORCE HIS PECKER!!! 

Sherman Lee Criner

Only a few years beforeSandra Ray and Sherman Lee Criner had RULED the Republican Party in New Hanover County.



RP: SHOCK!!! Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Formerly America's TOP NAZI (and my mother), Has LOST Much of Her Mental Abilities (and I had NOT noticed that before today)!!! / Other Important Matters:

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Newly obtained photo of Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt, this morning, from his sister's Facebook page. Skye was the father of two infants who abandoned them in Indiana, and was soon part-time lover of Tennessee Williams, who painted his portrait as well, and Skye with Gary Tucker were KEY PLAYERS in the murder of Tennessee Williams, Skye telling me in Bulldogs Atlanta bar in 1990, that a TOP Republican Legislator in Tennessee paid for his and Gary's luxury lifestyle in Atlanta (and Skye in Chattanooga, TN after Gary's death of AIDS late 1989).

Skye and Gary manipulated people with sex, Gary being quite ugly, but having a 9.5 inch "Fun Stick". From my memoir, these two chapters tell how they BOTH tried to seduce me (hardly the only times, but the only ones I reported in my memoir):

Here Gary clearly had un-diagnosed Kaposi Sarcoma -- AIDS was then still called "GRID" (gay-related immune deficiency)

Here Skye tried to get me into his bed -- in the room next to Tennessee Williams's bedroom, which I had just come from (no, I had sex with NONE of them in that crowd -- THANK GOD!!!)

Schuyler Wyatt in Indiana holding his first daughter. Skye never waited for his wife to deliver their second daughter, but fled leaving his wife with an infant and pregnancy and NO MONEY.

Skye Wyatt after arriving in Key West in his "seductive" pose -- LOL!!! I never fell for it but Tennessee Williams did.

In the process of writing this blog today, I learned from Skye's daughter Mary Wyatt that today would have been Skye's birthday. Here is my FAVE photo of Mary Wyatt from a year or so ago:


1. My physical letter to Rob Reiner and David Frum (already received electronically), is in a truck in Los Angeles this morning -- "Out for Delivery"!!!

Jonathan Reiner and I stayed in touch regularly for some years as he graduated high school and then moved to Southern California, here seen with his collie in Cali.

And this letter REALLY has gone VIRAL, and if you haven't read it yet, please do so now. It is DENSE with facts, but has a gentle beginning, so you might not be able to read it all at once (I can barely do that myself -- and I wrote it) 

2. It was a HUGE SHOCK yesterday, when Meredith at Benefits Management, Inc., informed me she would NOT pay any more rent at my apartment for "Warden" -- that only surprising because I'd asked her to call or email me as soon as they decided if Warden would remain here through October, they KNOWING I needed to know ASAP so I could financially plan.

But owner Teri Motsinger STOPPED answering my emails and voice-mails specifically to her half a year ago, so I now go there in person to communicate. They are ALL "self-proclaimed CHRISTIANS" there, and except the big muscular guy who works there, the rest of them act like Drug-Trafficking Christians, so COMMON in Wilmington, NC.

When Teri once told me she had started the business "because I just want to HELP PEOPLE," I KNEW she was nothing but what this mug from Christian University of North Texas implies:

BUT, now that I am over this SHOCK -- and my landlady Gold Walker and others in the neighborhood are CELEBRATING that Warren is soon leaving (and "Testosteroni" has this morning sent me the RENT MONEY ONLY), I'm VERY glad of it -- DESPITE their ignorant, hateful way of handling things.

SO HATEFUL that even today, Warren has heard NOTHING from Meredith -- or anyone else at Benefits Management -- about WHERE he is moving, and for what he can afford, it is LIKELY a Crack House, with roommate in two bedrooms. He will NOT have a washer and dryer in the apartment -- nor a TV for his OWN PRIVATE USE.

When he got up, dressed, and was about to head out this morning, I greeted him, "Good Morning!!!" and he replied -- after some hesitation -- "I GUESS so," and then went out the door to declare to any others he spoke with, "Another day in POVERTY!!!"

Warren, a proclaiming born-again Christian, lives literally in HELL!!!

And it was such a psychological relief to get Old Testo's help this morning, that I am still "decompressing" from a long period of tension over all of this. I could STILL use some financial help, since Spectrum Cable continues to delay my Settlement WITHOUT EXPLANATION, and anyone caring enough to do that, can send it via either PAY PAL or VENMO, using my "" email address to get my account.

Even a few dollars would help (or email me at that address to discuss making me a LOAN until I get settlement).


Me and Mom on Memorial Day 2016, the LAST TIME I saw any of my family members (even though I've been to Raleigh since then, only two hours away).

Essentially, what Mom said that was so alarming, is that she thought I had "DISMISSED" my claim against Spectrum Cable for knocking me out of a crosswalk with a big truck -- that she has previously CHEERED ME FOR PURSUING -- so would NOT get any settlement from Spectrum!!! 

On the surface, it might seem easy to confuse that with my dismissing my charge of "Communicating Threats" against David Alan Young -- because District Attorney Ben David and Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo (BOTH "Christians", and at least Ben David a HUGE NARCO-TRAFFICKER with his church and others), were TOTALLY HOSTILE to prosecuting a CLEAR HATE CRIME, but they are so FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT (and Mom should have encouraged me NOT TO dismiss something so clearly in my favor, something she had UNDERSTOOD -- before today).

So since I have not talked at any length with ANY of my siblings in over a year, I assume they find out about me FROM MOM, since NONE of them read my blog except on rare occasion, my brother, Michael William Kenan even BRAGGING that he does NOT read it. 

They don't understand AT ALL:


Thursday, September 21, 2017

RP: As Fox News Online BEGINS to Prepare Their Readers for the FALL OF DONALD TRUMP!!!

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From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s groupHillary Clinton continues refusing to come to terms with the fact that her party turned its back on the working class. She’s a corporatist’s wet dream!!!

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp: If you haven't seen this, Fox News online is beginning, today, to prepare their readers for THE FALL OF DONALD TRUMP!!! 

And I am now working directly sending MY info to Rob Reiner, whose executive secretary is a BLAST!!!, and David Frum -- who LOVE all the FACTS about the crimes of my Kenan Family and others of BOTH PARTIES, that I am sending them:

The Donald Trump I know is a smart guy who often thinks a few steps ahead of those whose will he is trying to bend.

Scott Kenan shared Ron Paul's post.
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Interesting take from Ron Paul!!!

Ron Paul
4 hrs

South Koreans realize that they would suffer greatly from another war on the North. Today, their president called for peace during his speech at the UN.

North Korea's neighbor wants peace, and the United States, located 6,000 miles away threatens war.

During the first war in North Korea, the U.S. killed approximately 30% of the North Korean population. A few days ago, President Trump threatened all 25 million with total destruction.
Following up this morning, Trump announced yet another increase in sanctions, that only hurt the civilians in North Korea.
By contrast, South Korea this morning pledged $8 million in aid for their neighbors in the North.
There's a big disconnect here.
More below:

Ron Paul Liberty Report

Founding Partner Dan McLamb is recognized as one of the top professional liability defense litigators in North Carolina. In addition, he represents clients in civil litigation including commercial litigation, personal injury, and tort liability claims.

After asking my "Old Benefactor" for some financial help for the end of this month -- or a LOAN until Spectrum Cable settles for hitting me with this truck on February 13, 2017, RIGHT AFTER I let Mayor Bill Saffo know I was coming to his office ON FOOT to demand the release of the FULL POLICE REPORT (which Saffo STILL refuses to do), because Wilmington Police MURDERED my friend Evan Fish in September 2011 -- Evan knew ALL ABOUT my old boss Patrick Lee Stansbury supplying the Christian Churches, Clergy, and Politicians of BOTH PARTIES with hard drugs -- for YEARS -- and with the help of my immediate Kenan Family (parents and siblings), and the wealthy ones on Chapel Hill and Durham, including Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan. 

Betty (Price) Kenan in center in Chinese silk brocade, Tom Kenan on right with cocktail.

Anyway, I called Dan McLamb's direct number at work, and had to leave a message, which I did in an ENTIRELY PROFESSIONAL MANNER, letting him know that his subordinate lawyer, Brian M. Williams, is not only DRAGGING OUT making me a Settlement Offer, but for a MONTH, now, REFUSES to answer my calls and emails.

I also "nut-shelled" whom I'm related to (my family co-founded UNC Chapel Hill where Mr. McLamb and his law-partner wifeBarbara "Bonnie" B. Weyher, both got their degrees), as well as my current work with Rob Reiner and David Frum ( 

I have asked Mr. McLamb to get back with me on WHAT is holding things up -- and asked him to try to expedite the Settlement, as well.

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The big news surrounding Paul Manafort being wiretapped under secret FISA surveillance both during and after the 2016 election affects a lot more people than…

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In so many ways it's a different worldAmazing.

A group of students in Kansas have staged a sit-in to highlight what they called a pervasive culture of discrimination against LGBT students.