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RP: When My Kenan Family RULES THE WORLD!!! (We have controlled Standard Oil/Exxon-Mobil since 1913, now also Bank of America, Coca-Cola, the Republican Party, the Ku Klux Klan, the Episcopal Church USA, blackmailed homosexual Barack Obama -- and the Clintons)!!!

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Standard Oil, 1904 from Puck magazine

To begin much more mundanely, I learned this morning that my former roommate is living in a homeless shelter and expects to pick up the rest of his personal belongings today. "Testosteroni" is ecstatic, and hopes I have enough cigarette lighters to give him a bunch. 

Meanwhile, my neighbor downstairs and I are QUITTING cigarettes when current supplies run out. As I type this, we each have four cigs to our names. I figure I learned to put up with six heart medications, so I can quit despite "tension levels" remaining high (my politics, NOT domestic situation).

Revolutionary War General James Kenan and his home, now a museum:

Mary Lily Kenan married Henry Flagler at Liberty Hall.

Three Kenan brothers landed at Wilmington, North Carolina in the 1730s, and Thomas Kenan's branch soon came to prominence by clear-cutting Southeast North Carolina's virgin pine forests using three operations with at least 300 African slaves, each. The Kenan Family was the WORLD'S largest supplier of naval stores (pitch, turpentine, and tar), before the American Revolution, and co-founded UNC Chapel Hill in 1789 -- inventing the world's FIRST Public University (and named the Tar Heels sports teams after their first fortune). 

A few Kenan Involvements in US History:

Several blood Kenans (typically blood Kenans have DIFFERENT surnames, due to a VERY high percentage of Kenan men being homosexuals, while the women tend to be straight), were signers of the Articles of Confederation, the PRE-Constitution until the Constitution was passed and signed.

Arguably, the Kenans -- who had spread out across North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas -- with great ties to Virginia and Tennessee as well -- by elected position and economic position were the GREATEST FORCE for the South Seceding.

The Duplin Rifles (Kenansville, NC is in Duplin County), were the TOP sharpshooters in the Confederate Army, and were HALF-comprised of Kenans:

The ORIGINAL book, The Kenan Family, 1967, can be accessed online. In it, I am listed in the index as Scott DANIEL (rather than David), Kenan, but it is correct in the body of the book:

The ACTUAL (historic) Kenan Coat of Arms

The wealthy branch of the Kenan Family (coinciding with the 1967 release of the book), MADE UP this coat of arms -- still in widespread use -- ESPECIALLY by various Kenan Charities and Think Tanks, but it is just MODERN MARKETING and if you know the symbols and colors of Heraldry, you will NOT find a "higher" Coat of Arms!!!

The Kenans ALSO claim a long, distinguished, blue-blood line from Thomas's wife's blood, but Marie DeLamar -- best genealogist in the world, then, and hired by the Kenans to update the book, PROVED they do NOT have it, but they ACT LIKE IT NONETHELESS. This 1999 edition, published in hardcover by Mercer University Press is available for purchase several places online.

STRANGELY, my sister-in-law Gail (Godley) Kenan, and my nephews and niece DO have this line from North Carolina Royal Governor Johnston -- LOL!!!

William Rand Kenan, Sr. -- who as a member of Duplin Rifles was the ONLY Confederate credited with getting through Washington, DC defenses, and taking a clear shot at President Lincoln. He missed and killed his aide. Then this same Kenan eventually became head of the Customs House in Wilmington, NC -- the largest and wealthiest city in the state, still, but a Republican President REPLACED Kenan with a BLACK MAN and ALL HELL SOON BROKE OUT.

Wilmington, until then majority black and a "Cultural Oasis" with black folk owning about half the town's businesses and elected offices, white "Christians" didn't like this and William R. Kenan, Sr. -- an Elder then at First Presbyterian -- with that church in lead and most other white Christian churches part of it, they murdered or chased off hundreds and hundreds of blacks, stole or destroyed their businesses -- and their political offices.

This was the ONLY SUCCESSFUL Coup d'Etat in US History -- led by KENANS!!!

When the Edmund Pettus Bridge was the site of BLOODY SUNDAY in 1965, Selma, Alabama, was DOMINATED by the Kenan Family.

More recently with John Lewis and Bernie Sanders with his wife and daughter

The famous Dan Kenan House in Selma, Alabama

Then in 1990, after I had reported the HUGE narco-trafficking in Stone Mountain Park behind my home to Newt Gingrich's Congressional Office and CNN Headquarters in Atlanta as well, I was soon ARRESTED and the Magistrate on duty at Dekalb County suggested I call lawyer James Graham Kenan for help. He lived on Andrews Drive in the toniest section of Atlanta -- across from the Atlanta History Center, which he eventually majorly endowed.

But he had retired (due to Alzheimer's or similar), and had ONLY co-managed the Kenan Companies and Charities -- NOT practiced as a regular lawyer. He sent me to his wife's blood nephew, lawyer, best-selling author, race-car driver, and stunt pilot, Gregg Loomis, who sent me to HIS lawyer son, Kenan Loomis, but first told me that the wealthy Kenans "hate NO ONE more than they hate "niggers" -- except JEWS!!!" 

Undated photo of University of North Carolina governing board -- probably early 1970s -- showing James Graham Kenan seated in dark suit, his brother Frank Hawkins Kenan to the left of him, and Thomas S. Kenan III standing thick-haired behind him.

As a funny note, Frank Hawkins Kenan and his family had also lived in Atlanta when Tennessee Williams's close friend (whose son was TW's only Godson, Episcopal), Kate (Schweppe) Sharp Moldawer, eventually McNamara, grew up in Atlanta -- CLOSE personal friends of Frank and "Uncle Jimmy" Kenan and their families. THIS is where "Texas Kate" learned how to act like the richest woman on earth -- the gist of the character "Babe" in Tennessee Williams's last play, In Masks Outrageous and Obscure.

Babe was the wealthiest woman on earth, held in an unreal world of make believe by "Gideons" (Bible-thumpers), and married to a silent, tall black guy, "Mac", a homosexual. And THAT character, Mac, is said to be based on me. So Tennessee Williams's last play had MUCH TO DO WITH KENANS, no???

And for the RECORD, the only MAJOR GRANT Tennessee Williams ever received was from the Rockefeller Foundation -- so he's VERY "Standard Oil", no???

Texas Kate sat next to Tennessee when he got his Kennedy Center Honors in 1979 (before the honorees sat in the back balcony). Behind Tennessee's head is his mother, Edwina, who died a year later at age 99, then his sister Rose (who had had the SECOND pre-frontal lobotomy ever performed in the USA), and then his cousin Jim Williams, whom I knew back then.


Rex Tillerson, CEO of Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil

Lee Raymond, most previous CEO of Exxon-Mobil

Broken last night on MSNBC:

ExxonMobil execs among Trump cabinet considerations

 . . . and it is for SECRETARY OF STATE!!!

1. The Kenan Family (according to a recently retired Exxon-Mobil exec I had a long discussion with in a Carl's Jr. in Puerto Vallarta in January 2015), worked with BOTH the CIA and the Hillary Clinton State Department to put Enrique Pena Nieto into power as President of Mexico.

The two homosexual Presidents admire each other!!!

EVERYONE in Mexico knows that Pena Nieto -- despite his trophy wife and many children -- is GAY -- like President Obama (also well known in Mexico).

Obama gave AT LEAST one of Pena Nieto's former male lovers Political Asylum -- because Enrique had thrown him in JAIL for talking about their sex.

2. President Pena Nieto soon changed the Mexican Constitution so that the Kenans/Exxon-Mobil and others could AGAIN get Mexican Oil.

3. President Pena Nieto saw to it that the Kenans, Clintons and CIA, US State Department, Episcopal Church USA, and others got the HARD DRUGS flowing from or through Mexico!!! 

4. In summer of 2016, Candidate Donald Trump went to PAY HOMAGE to his BIGGEST financial supporters:

5. And then in the last couple of weeks, I have PULLED CONNECTIONS, getting letters into the hands of BOTH Donald Trump and Mike Pence (this letter to Pence links to the one I sent Mr. Trump):

6. The ONLY answer I have gotten so far, is that Donald Trump DELIBERATELY selected the birthplace of both ME and former Mexican President Vicente Fox's American grandfather -- Cincinnati, Ohio -- to START his "VICTORY TOUR" just last night -- LOL!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Vicente Fox (an exec working for my Kenan Family controlled Coca-Cola, before President of Mexico), is CHASTISED by an ANGRY Fox News NAZI BITCH, but he REFUSES to back down -- LOL!!!

He called both men "authoritarian" leaders who "impose their wills" upon their…

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Sandra Beckham
“Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within."

― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

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"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

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And now, to smoke my LAST CIGARETTE!!!


Senator John F. Kennedy, Gore Vidal, and Tennessee Williams shoot skeet at the "Standard Oil Playground", Palm Beach -- at a Kennedy Compound in 1958.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

RP: To Clear a Few Things Up (the confusion caused by BOTH my rash statements and NEW information)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Zuberandor Chessiex Gooooo. Trump !!!!!!!!
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Scott Kenan Well Zuberandor Chessiex -- CIA HATE-BOT that it is -- is CORRECT!!! 

Trump is nothing but GOO!!! In fact he's a BAD CUM SHOT -- LOL!!! Here is a photo I took of Quetzalcoatl's CUM SHOT -- made into a statue to honor the city of Colima, Mexico's origin as springing up from the sperm of the god "Quetzie" (as I like to call him). "Semilla" is Spanish for "seed":

People are saying it’s time to crack down on folks radicalized at their places of worship. Let’s start with Mike Pence. 

To begin with, I OVERSTATED the following, yesterday:

And you will FIND OUT how I SHOULD be able to find a local attorney to take on the City of Wilmington, lawyer David Nash, District Attorney Ben David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and Mayor Bill Saffo for DRUG TRAFFICKING and PROSTITUTION RINGS and WHITE SUPREMACY -- when I decide to DO IT.

What I found a good path to is finding a local lawyer to go after lawyer David Nash -- and that necessarily will bring the microscope to Judge Chad Hogston, and Prosecutor "Miss Coca Leaf", real-named Lindsey Roberson, now an attorney in private practice in Wilmington. Also, will scrutinize District Attorney Ben David -- and even my first Public Defender, Emily Zvejniecks, whom I am of divided mind about. Emily was fairly GREEN then, and seemed bamboozled by the OFFENCE, which included Judge Hogston.


It is ALSO TRUE -- as my Readers will recall -- that in 1990 when I was held for 15 weeks without charge in Dekalb County, Georgia, after I FOOLISHLY reported the major narco-trafficking then through Stone Mountain Park behind my home to Newt Gingrich's Congressional Office and to CNN HQ in Atlanta, I was ALSO assigned a Defender at the END OF THE ALPHABET. In BOTH cases, I was "tried" at the very end of the day when the Courtroom had cleared so virtually NO WITNESSES of people waiting for trials.

Emily did NOT assign me that way, but SOMEONE DID -- for the purpose of NO Witnesses. So I give Emily the benefit of the doubt -- at least for now.

But let's get to the immediate situation in which my former roommate is NOT in jail, now, and I DO NOT KNOW if he has contacted his Probation Officer or not. It was CLEAR that the P.O. who NEVER GOT either my or roomie's many voicemails asking for his help -- or the ones in which I TOLD HIM I would have to charge the guy and then that I DID charge the guy.

This HAS to be TOP LEVEL HACKING of the Probation Department's Voicemail System. I had the SAME problem in 2012 with Benefits Management's voicemail system -- and even interference -- SEVERE -- with my US MAIL through the downtown Wilmington Post Office in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016.

And Teri Motsinger ALSO had at least one of MY checks (only mine), mailed to Bank of America on Third Street returned to her as UNKNOWN ADDRESS!!!

And this morning -- like ALL of recent weeks -- I often lose my internet connection PRECISELY when I go to ADD to this blog (I lost it FOUR TIMES in the last hour), when I try to get to my own-domain email via Outlook and GoDaddy (and also my email, but differently -- NOT wasting as much time), but FACEBOOK is the WORST!!!

For years, now, I get notices of comments, messages, etc., and after I view them, the SAME ONES pop back up and I have duplicate email messages sent me by Facebook as well. 

THIS MORNING, THIS, also happened, and the one that previously happened concerned my FAVE Spiritual Teacher, Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz's "widow", Wayne Gibson -- a KNOWN person with a large following, but NOT as famous as my good friend John Lahr!!!

Scott Kenan to John Lahr

3 hrs
Hi John Lahr: I just a minute ago got a request to friend you from a "John Lahr" using your same profile photo. I quickly checked and I am STILL your FB Friend, so someone is trying to impersonate you. I had this exact same thing happen with another friend a couple of months ago. I don't know what there is to do about it, but here is the Timeline page of that entity. I did NOT friend it, and if like the other one, it will probably disappear in a couple of days:…

Scott Kenan And now, checking again the page is "no longer available". Go figure!!!
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Scott Kenan This is a screen capture of the email of the request. When I went to capture it, the photo had disappeared as the site is no longer there.

Scott Kenan's photo.
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Grace Hunsberger Gehret · Friends with John Lahr
This has happened to a number of my friends. Probably should change Facebook password?
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Scott Kenan Grace: It was not necessarily a Facebook password breach. ANYONE could save then use ANY photo from Facebook or elsewhere, then ANY name, and open a Facebook profile. It was just some kind of CHEAP TRICK, and I don't understand its purpose.
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Additionally, for about three MONTHS NOW, it takes my computer up to four minutes to either SAVE an image or USE an image on my computer by pasting it in (for nearly the whole time, the box to do this shows "not responding", but it eventually DOES if I have patience) -- although occasionally it is nearly an instantaneous process, as it SHOULD BE (especially when the internet is not needed to paste into Word from my computer).

Two weeks ago, on warning that my hard drive was 98% full, I REMOVED about 350 GB of saved things to an external hard drive, and defragged. It has NOT HELPED!!!

MORE high-order HACKING!!!

And I JUST ran into this image -- which I offer to my niece Taylor and nephews Connor and Max:

This is getting LONG, so let me finish what is important. Former roommate had said SEVERAL TIMES (while actually seeming sober), that he should just violate his probation with a TECHNICALITY (as opposed to actual crime), and serve the 45 days in jail and NOT have another nine months or so on Probation. 

It APPEARS he is doing this, but I don't know that yet. He is STILL not in jail -- and I have heard from no one else about this.
Trolling Pence continues... Most excellent.

Neighbors of Vice President-Elect Mike Pence are coming out in solidarity against…