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RP: Whilest TRYING to Restrain My POTTY MOUTH, Some INTERESTING Things Have Come to My Attention:

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Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks in America

The Crime Statistics Bureau cited in Trump's tweet does not exist.

It falsely claimed that 81 percent of murders involving white people were…
Gene Morgan The only platform they have left is fear mongering for those who cant or won't lift a finger to Google anything.
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Scott Kenan

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Scott Kenan Gene Morgan: It is WORSE than that, because those anti-googlers aren't just lazy -- they REFUSE to acknowledge science, fact, reason, history, or love

As I type this, I sit 100 feet from the crepe myrtle planted by Woodrow Wilson's mother -- transplanted because the "Presbyterian Manse" which housed Woodrow's family while his Dad was Pastor of First Presbyterian here in Wilmington, NC was razed to make a garden. 

I actually joined that congregation when I was homeless here in 2011 -- and volunteered to maintain the Biblical Herb Garden at that site with that crepe myrtle transplanted at the very center of a Christian Cross of plantings. Meanwhile, CBS This Morning is going on about REMOVING much of Woodrow's legacy from Princeton University for his ABJECT RACISM

You see, Woodrow was in his formative years when his Dad was pastor here, and this congregation -- the church, steeple, and "Six Foot Kenan Cock" (a rooster weather vane atop Kenan Steeple -- tallest in town), with my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr.LED the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilmington_insurrection_of_1898) -- the only successful coup d-etat in US History, which removed black folk from many elected offices and very successful businesses -- killing uncounted hundreds of blacks, and taking Wilmington from majority black (and a mecca for educated professional blacks in the late 1800s), to majority WHITE CHRISTIANS, who to this day RULE via terrorism and VERY heavy involvement in hard-drug Narco-Trafficking -- in conjunction with my Kenan relatives who founded UNC Chapel Hill and control Exxon-Mobil, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, etc. as well as the Republican Party and many corrupted Clinton-Democrats as well. 

Yesterday, I finally got hold of the guy in Raleigh who is head of the DEA in this region -- as recommended to me by Rudy Renfer, second in charge of US Justice Department in this region -- but before THAT, both the Wilmington and Raleigh DEA offices PRETENDED I was talking to the people I had called (by re-directing my phone calls and sending me to people impersonating those I was calling)

This proving how corrupted our own Government actually is, and how dedicated to narco-trafficking our politicians in power are

It also proves how DAMAGING the info I have is to them. In any case, un-corrupted officials in our government are now listening to me and this whole town will soon be politically upside-down. I'll be writing more on this for my blog this morning, then send you a link to it, since I will include this thread. In the meantime, my blog can be found athttp://scottkenan.blogspot.com

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He's beating Pope Francis, Jennifer Lawrence and Barack Obama
The United States Media are now UNABASHEDLY NAZI -- my mother, first identified to me in 1990 as America's TOP LITERAL NAZI by Jewish business leaders in Atlanta, thinks she has won. 

She hasn't. 

You'll see.

During CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper, a conservative round-table of Republican buffoons dodged the sticky issue of ‘are all Muslims terrorists?’ to…

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3 hrsThe Daily Beast

Allegations are mounting that senior intelligence officials at Central Command not only skewed findings on the ISIS war to please D.C., but tried to hide what they did.

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NEW YORK (AP) — The U.S. government can keep secret various memos related to its legal justification for using drones to kill citizens suspected of terrorism overseas, a federal appeals court said in a

Institute for Southern Studies
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Last year North Carolina's Board of Elections changed the locations of many of its early voting sites across the state, adding more than a third of a million miles to the distance between black voters' homes and their polling places while affecting white voters' aggregate distance-to-poll hardly at all.

Last year North Carolina's Board of Elections changed the locations of many of its early voting sites across the state, adding more than a third of a million mi...
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How the Board of Elections shoved black voters away from the ballot box in 2014.

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Osk Fish Uneffinbelievable ... Making it a snowballs chance in hell for NC to ever elect another dem. NC is proving to be the ultimate test of ignorance !!!!
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Scott Kenan See, I KNEW that deep down you are INTELLIGENT, Osk Fish (and yer mama is kinda cute, too)!!!
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Osk Fish Thanks . The ole gal is holding steady even if she is in North Cackilacky !! 
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Scott Kenan UBER LOL!!!
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1. Three malware programs were found on my computer, today -- and successfully deleted.


Teodoro Gomez Merino, an Army Colonel in Colombia

Col. Gomez Merino probably REALLY IS the top cocaine supplier (with the CIA), to the United States, and the actual father of "Fernando Merino", whom I last saw alive in summer of 2012 in Puerto Vallarta, working as a dancer and male prostitute (punishment for failing with me), here:

REMEMBER: Fernando's Mexican "Godfather", "Hector-the-Engineer", had planted the booby trap in the Chunnel between Britain and France -- to collapse as a FAKE MUSLIM Terrorist attack -- when the REAL TERRORISTS is the US GOVERNMENT -- under ReaganBushes, Cheney, and Clintons -- with the blackmailed homosexual Obama part of it too!!! 

The booby-trap was FOUND and eliminated in spring of 2010 -- before it could be detonated -- but Fernando wanted to be SURE I knew how powerful his Mexican Godfather Hector is -- and to MAKE CERTAIN I understood that by signing the following contract to sell $7 BILLION (USD) in Jalisco State property to American Rich People, I had JOINED THE CIA FOR LIFE!!!

ignored it, (and still have it in my physical possession), and post link to the scanned contract so that REAL Law Enforcement can see the legal names of those who ALSO were part of it (including Hector's):

3. I found this comment -- and I responded to it -- on the following blog posting, this morninghttp://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2015/02/rp-as-gods-punishment-for-my-profligate.html


Ted Malone said...
The Dictionary of North Carolina Biography entry on Owen Hill Kenan, M.D. (written by Thomas S. Kenan III) says Dr. Kenan graduated from UNC in 1894. However, if you will check the 1894 Hellenian, the yearbook, the only Kenan listed in the senior class is William R. Kenan, Jr.. Owen is nowhere to be found, in any class, at UNC that year.

(Signed) E. T. Malone, Jr., currently working on a book about the Dromgoole Legend

(and whose mother was a Winborne)

Scott Kenan said...
Thank you Ted Malone!!! You are the FIRST person with CONFIRMABLE identity to comment on blog in over a yearMOST make up identities to hide behind and call me "mentally ill" -- LOL!!!

I will bring your comments forward -- and re-post at least much of this posting -- as it is germane to current events. I suspect that you have read enough of my blog to know that Stanley Winborne III was in my writers' group, Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, while I lived there, and he and I got on great. 

He told me he is related to Betty (Price) KenanFrank Hawkins Kenan's widow, and had done business with Thomas S. Kenan III before he retired. He also said he HATES the politics of his three children, one recently being 2nd in charge of the US State Department in Afghanistan, and the US Special Ops guy (on leave from the Middle East), whom I met this past July 4 in Wilmington -- and who debriefed me in my built-by-William Rand Kenan, Junior Carolina Apartment (from which I was illegally evicted but it worked out for the best) -- said that THIS Winborne had to be in charge of shipping all the heroin back to the USA for our NAZI Government.

It will be FUN sending this to Stanley via "back-door message", as due to his family's ties, he CANNOT "Friend" me on Facebook -- but we're still pals NONETHELESS!!!

Stanley Winborne carrying Tennessee Williams on an unidentified Mexican Beach, followed by me, he, and now murdered Colin Stuart Hamilton (former star of BBC -- especially radio), in that order, with others of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, July 2014:


Stanley is usually not this grumpy.

completely agree with this -- and would consider voting for him over Hillary Clinton -- the ACTUAL Bush Family candidate -- her husband and she expanding Bush/Cheney narco-trafficking in Mexico so much that ALL Mexicans HATE the Clintons more than Republicans now

I believe ALL readers will remember that Barbara Bush first VEHEMENTY said she did NOT want Jeb to run. That was because she, Cheney, and my mother's people had decided, irrevocably, that Hillary Clinton was to win this NEXT election.

But Americans believe what the CIA feeds them and refuse to remember that Barbara Bush loves Bill so much that BOTH George W. and Jeb Bush have expressed ENVY of that!!!

Ohio Governor John Kasich may be the only GOP presidential candidate who hasn’t gone completely insane in the wake of the Paris massacre; too bad he…


misspelled this -- and Fernando handed it BACK to me -- in 2010.

What . . . you say Scott is FINALLY becoming EFFECTIVE???