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RP: A SERIOUS Humor Classic Should Merit at Least a Classic HUMMER or HUMVEE -- Wouldn't YOU Agree??????

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Major General William E. Rapp

>>> EMAIL JUST SENT GENERAL RAPP (and a few others to make certain he gets it):

Scott Kenan

2:40 PM (7 minutes ago)
to USArmyWarColle.USARMYPatrickmikeGerryJoelart.pope

Dear Major General Rapp:

First of all, congratulations on a stellar career in our United States Army -- and your position at the helm of the world's most advanced school for military training!!!

Reading up on you, I was very PLEASED to see that you attended at least three of the schools I placed ads in yearbooks for while working 1992 - 2010 for Patrick Stansbury of USMA (West Point), The US Army Command and General Staff College, and of course the Army War College.

I am writing today (auditioning, if you will), in the hope of securing a paying position at your school as a deeply knowledgeable writer. While, at 6' 11", I got a 4-F draft exemption in 1969, I have always wanted to serve my country OPENLY (or at least the last several years, since I got OVER my "leftover hippy" mentality of blaming military people for the decisions of politicians). Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., always told us to go ONLY to the CEO when you try to sell something (at least as expensive as advertising in your yearbook), which is how I got to know people like Gen. James "Spider" Marks, now commenting on CNN.

And my Kenan Family has produced many Patriots (as well as Scoundrels), beginning with Gen. James Kenan, who led the first armed resistance to the Crown over the STAMP ACT, eight years before those Yankee Bostonians got a round to that "Johnnie-Come-Lately" Tea Party they threw (Kenan, on the banks of the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC -- but Yankees winning the Civil War, they gave their own the credit -- I'm sure you know about victors re-writing history -- LOL!!!). 

General James Kenan

And then my fave Army Officer (now retired) Col. Dottie Newman, was Gen. Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer and sat around the kitchen table with the General and Alma Powell, deciding eventually it was NOT safe enough for him to run for President in 2008. And after she invited me to join her readers group in North Atlanta in 2010, an ACTIVE Army General at one of the meetings chased me right out of Dottie's house, claiming that my statements of fact were "NOT ALLOWED on private property!!!", although this was NOT Dottie's idea AT ALL, and she followed me out and said I would have to leave the USA to continue to live -- as Republicans (who had already tried to commit me to mental hospitals FIVE TIMES in 2010 in ONE MONTH in Stone Mountain, GA -- with Patrick Stansbury's help), planned to murder me -- and I was soon poisoned by a top political operative of Walmart Corporation, Amy Fortenberry. This was by FAR the closest I have ever come to death.

Retired Army Col. Dottie Newman (on right), is now a Docent at the High Museum (of Art), in Atlanta, Georgia!!!

Notice how different is the demeanor of Amy Fortenberry (now, still, in a coma from "high-tech" poisoning by Republicans when they discarded her after her feats!!!:

But I almost forgot to tell you that William Rand Kenan, Senior, a member of Duplin (a North Carolina county) Rifles, was the ONLY Confederate soldier credited with penetrating Washington, DC defenses, and taking a clear shot at President Lincoln, whom he missed, but killed his aide. Later, WRK, Sr., with the Pastor of First Presbyterian, Wilmington, fomented the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, the ONLY Coup d'Etat in US History -- and SEVERELY under-reported, due to the Kenan Family suppressing the information:

You see, all the Jim Crow Laws were passed across the South within TWO YEARS, after Southern Racists (then DEMOCRATS), saw how the Kenan Family got away with that -- and eventually how, under more modern laws, White People STILL can murder people like Trayvon Martin -- and STILL using the Kenan Coup as PROOF of PERMISSION by the US Government get away with it in Republican-controlled states. As you might have heard, the University of North Carolina, founded by the Kenan Family in 1789, is scandalized now for so many buildings and places named for TOP Confederates and Ku Klux Klansmen.

Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico with President Barack Husein Obama of the United States of America.

Click image to see fully.

Now, I think it is very TELLING that your boss, the US Commander-in-Chief (aka President), Barack Obama saw to it that YOU, skilled as the TOP Army lobbyist to the US Congress before you were appointed head of USAWC, are now, primarily, a WORDSMITH, and no doubt beholden to the US MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, as Gen./President Dwight Eisenhower called it. TONS of military get RICHER THAN GOD in similar positions (or soon after leaving them), no???

I think you need someone like ME at your side to help you have some BALANCE. And if you got too annoyed at me, you could have me shot up with cane-toad juice and thrown in the brig for ETERNITY, no???

To sweeten the deal, I would LAY OFF CRITICIZING Patrick Stansbury DESPITE his and my differences (he and his people are EFFECTIVE at what they do!!!) -- and the fact that I saw him exchanging packets of money with now retired Georgia Republican Congressman John Linder some years ago, this having to do with Patrick's distributing all the illegal drugs brought in to Maxwell AFB in Alabama, where we had three legitimate advertising contracts. Congressman Linder really DID threaten my life, as did Patrick's employees Lee Gosney (now probably deceased -- or back in prison for a THIRD conviction of working with a Meth Lab), and Michael Massicott, Patrick's Executive Vice President. And I really DID meet dozens of US Marines (typically at restaurants along the I-85 corridor through Georgia and Alabama), who swore to me that they had had to guard US Air Force planes in foreign countries being loaded up with illegal drugs to fly into the USA.

Also, I might be able to give TOTALLY DISCRETE "material relief" to stressed male officers-with-needs, and get info that would be of help to My Country -- like Mata Hari, or similar!!!

Mata Hari

I would really appreciate the favor of a serious reply -- preferably not by drone, missile, or similar -- which would VIOLATE Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto (and all Mexicans'), NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.

Thank you -- and thank you for having a sense of humor about all this as well. I've found that can REALLY drive home THE POINTS.

Scott David Kenan

An internationally unique name, so easy to get the "goods" on me from NSA and CIA!!!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"At your service!!!" Rome, Italy 2001.


RP: A Tale in Three Emails, Including to Commander Major General William E. Rapp of USAWC (and NO tail has been violated)!!!

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Believe it or notJustin LaNasa is having MORE troubles!!!

Having spent more than I expected on the first two, I will save the last (to Commander Rapp), for the next posting -- especially since I still have to write it -- and Major General Rapp LAST held the position of "Chief Army Legislative Liaison" (LOBBYIST TO CONGRESS for the Army), so I have to sharpen my wordsmithery skills, first, no???


Greetings Rafael:

I apologize that more pressing matters have prevented me from removing as much of you and yours from my blog as quickly as I would like to, but all HAS been removed from postings in July, and I will complete the project at my earliest convenience -- whether or not you help out. But it WOULD go a lot faster if you just sent me links to at least my most offensive postings, and then I could quickly take those out.

That was what Jamie Lee Sutherland did -- although in the end, he double-crossed me. I doubt any of you would bother suing me since "on the books", I already owe Jamie over a half million dollars with income of $14,000.00 +/- per year from SSI Disability -- which SUPPOSEDLY can't be touched, although Jamie's lawyers DID manage to get about $700.00 of that money from me. And of course your claiming you checked with "every psychiatrist (you) know" and they calling me insane, is NOT the way to set me up as "consciously liable for my actions" -- a better strategy next time, no???

I've got a bone to pick this morning with the Commander of the US Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, PA -- a school I represented in ad sales 1993 - 2010. And it MIGHT be a fun email that I soon write -- STAY TUNED!!!

Also, the Tennessee Williams estate-funded Sewanee Writers Conference including my NOT-blood-relative Randall Kenan teaching,, began this week,, and things are HEATING UP with an announcement today of a major TENNESSEE WILLIAMS FILM FESTIVAL in NYC, coordinated with the release of John Lahr's TENNESSEE WILLIAMS: MAD PILGRIMAGE OF THE FLESH on Sept.26, so my plate is quite full at the moment.

Not surprising, is that the ENTIRE TOP STAFF of John Lahr's Georges Borchardt Literary Agency is LECTURING at Sewanee's Conference that is going on now: GeorgesAnne, and Valerie -- all surnamed BORCHARDT

But "those in the know", know that NOT ONLY do the Borchardts represent John Lahr, but they ALSO represent the BULK of Tennessee Williams' RIGHTS that Sewanee and the Episcopal Church STOLE from Harvard University after murdering Tennessee Williams with help of the Republican Party and CIA.


Thomas Keith, a Mr. Mancilla, and the former publisher of Alyson BooksDon Weise -- who NEVER meant to publish my book.

Thomas and Don have LONG worked in tandem!!! If you click the image to blow it up, you see this is time-stamped 2005.

And we will SEE if Thomas Elliot Keith (former editor of all things Williams for New Directions Press), and John Uecker (who MURDERED Tennessee Williams for them -- probably by smothering him with a pillow), were CORRECT when they both told me in fall of 2009, that the Episcopal Church has all the evidence of married John Lahr having a lot of sexual affairs with men -- and will use that to BLACKMAIL him to cover their crimes.

-- and JUST NOW I see that Georges Borchardt Agency DOES NOT list John Lahr's Williams bio on their main listing of upcoming releases -- WHAT'S UP WITH THAT??? (It can be found buried on Lahr's own page).

Perhaps there's been some INTERNAL DISCORD!!!

All best,

"Hello?!?!? What's THAT?!?!?"

>>> MY REPLY TO HANK THOMAS (kept simple):

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I always wonder what's up when a person ends a question with a period, rather than a question mark. and googling your name and address, I see you are running for New Hanover County Commissioner on the Republican ticket -- LOL!!! Nice try for a FAST ONE!!!

Lies, lies, lies -- that seems all the Republicans (and many Democrats -- especially in Wilmington, NC like where you are), are up to -- and I see ALSO that you were on radio with Curtis Wright very recently. Curtis has the HONOR of being the very first North Carolina media person I got into a KNOCK-DOWN, DRAGGED-OUT verbal fight with back in 2011, when I lived (mostly homeless) in Wilmington. Please be sure to give him my REGARDS!!!

Also, in the news of ILM this week, I see the Secretary of the New Hanover County Commissioners, Sheila Schult, has RESIGNED at the Commissioners' request (I THANK Scott Spickey for all the ILM news he sends out of town -- and even the country!!!:, and then on Facebook feed of my "pal", Justin LaNasa, the common Tattoo Parlorist who ran Republican for Mayor of Wilmington in 2011 and got a third of the vote, is now in NEW trouble -- and not just from letting Brian Berger (the JAILED Commissioner of New Hanover County), stay at his retreat in western NC where he was captured by the Law surrounded by Justin's collection of minor and MAJOR weapons, apparently for the upcoming, Republican-sponsored RACE WAR!!!

Details can be found 1/3 the way down here:

I still don't know what all happened, but here is the action from Facebook:

To the star news
I am very tired of seeing false statements being printed about me so keep it up and I will sue the star news you the writer and your editor for defamation of character among other things .I suggest you proof your articles before you print them any more false statements and my lawyer will be contacting all involved. try me  ! Justin LaNasa

LikeLike ·  · Share
Well, I suppose I could have just said "sorry" -- but that doesn't seem it would have been enough.


On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 2:03 PM, Hank Thomas wrote:


Do you mind removing me for (sic) your email list since I’m not a public official. 


Hank Thomas

>>> ADDED NOTE: Mr. Thomas wrote back saying he LOST the primary -- but according to WWAY TV-3, he's STILL CAMPAIGNING (for other Republicans).

Well SOMEONE has to re-claim the TRUE Kenan Heritage, no???

Liberty Hall"The Ancestral Home of the Kenans" is in Kenansville, North Carolina and open to the public most days.


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RP: Jack Stein, Risk Manager for Wilmington, NC, PROVES That My Phone is COMPLETELY CONTROLLED by the NSA!!! (a re-print)

Originally published here

ORIGINAL TitleThe SMOKING GUN That ALL My Calls Are DIRECTED DIRECTLY through NSA Computers!!! (And other things as well -- including my INTACT sense of humor!!!)


1. I just got off the phone with Bank of America, after a VERY illuminating conversation -- but I'll get to that after a few briefer things.

2. Among the top ten search words used to find this blog via Google in the last 24 hours, "214-414-1036 NSA" was chief among them. Not recognizing the number, but intrigued that I must have blogged about it, I found THIS posting: , which I will copy the important part here:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some After-Thoughts on Today's ACTIONS!!!



I will call him shortly (although he ALWAYS envied that I am tall)!!!

>>>  >>>  >>> 2. Jack Stein ("Risk Manager" for the City of Wilmington, North Carolina), told me my phone call to him came in on this number: (214) 414-1036I just googled it and it is associated with TONS OF TROUBLE!!! It APPEARS it must be used (in my case), as an NSA/CIA re-ROUTING device, no???

SEVERAL of my USA friends have reported my number showing CORRECTLY -- but other times showing either zeros, or strange US phone numbers that were mysterious. Since the calls WENT THROUGH (not all do), I was grateful for that and never collected the "bad" numbers before.


I blame this SQUARELY on the God-Hating Christians -- and TODAY for the first time, I INCLUDE those who really do follow Jesus's TEACHINGS: BECAUSE you allowed all the IMPOSTERS to remain in Christian Churches and NEVER DENOUNCED THEM IN CHURCH!!!


And even Pope Francis I is NOTHING but better Public RelationsWHAT has he done to compensate all the children MOLESTED BY CATHOLIC CLERGY, the molesters protected for YEARS and YEARS by the Catholic Church (with help of Republican Politicians -- in the USA).

Even Huffington Post, for most of the last year one of Pope Pancho's biggest fans, has in recent days begun QUESTIONING the truth of Francis's words/actions -- including his being in bed with the WORST politicians in Argentina, through MUCH of his career there.


Last night, I BLEW UP before Puerto Vallarta (gay) Men's Chorus rehearsal -- the one that REFUSES to speak its sexuality in its name -- so you KNOW those people are SELF-LOATHING!!!

I actually felt very bad about that -- and admittedly, I have been stressed by the last two weeks's AVALANCHE of events and news -- mostly good, but some not. But today, when I think of some of the "Old Men" there, THROWBACKS to the bitchy BOYS IN THE BAND, I am GLAD it happened. The only truly GOOD thing I got from it was to be able to speak to Carl Timothy honestly about his client Jed Clampon's illegal and unconstitutional suing of me -- and MY part in accidentally (then -- 2010), keeping Fernando Merino and the Colombian Cocaine Cartel -- with help of Mexicans -- from muscling in on his real estate business.

More here, 1/3 the way down:

5. After speaking at length with INTAKE at the American Civil Liberties Union, Chicago, yesterday, when I then emailed her (copying another address there as well), I asked in RED, that she reply simply to let me know she had gotten it -- she ALREADY confirmed that no one at the ACLU had received ANY of my previous emails to them. She still has NOT, more than 24 hours later.

So I just tried to call them, and after TWO calls did nothing at all, I did the battery trick to clear any hacking, and THEN the call seemed to go through -- only to get a Spanish recording that their number, (312)220-9740, is NOT a working number!!!

So I just checked their website, and found:

SO, the number in my phone's memory was CHANGED by CIA/NSA hackers -- because it was CORRECT and I used my directory directly to reach them a few days ago.

I just called the CORRECT number, and got a Spanish recording that the number is not in service, and even noticed the English on my phone's screen: "WRONG NUMBER".

That said, I told the woman in INTAKE how to find my letter to her on my blog -- and if she checked yesterday's posting, she can see what I had to add to the first attempt to reach them.

* * *


This past Friday and Saturday, my BoA account online showed a ZERO BALANCE, but checking it TODAY, I found this:

Click image to see amounts.

As you can see, BoA has used SOME kind of logic or illogic to add MANY more charges, including their $100.00 FEE to ME for DOING SO!!!

My initial and greatest concern was that the medical lab might not be paid, but I have been assured they WILL BE, because BoA approved the charge at the time. I also learned that I can KEEP my account as long as this RED BALANCE is paid in full within 180 days -- not that AYE will ever pay it.

But BEST was that I have a VERY LONG (25 minutes???), conversation with BoA's rep, and she was TOTALLY DIFFERENT than the ones I spoke with last Friday: COMPLETELY friendly, helpful, and courteous, she only had me on hold very briefly, once, and when I began, I told her to PLEASE be sure the call was recorded for those who need to know at BoA to listen, later.

I will not belabor this blog with details that are an other REITERATION of many of my points, but SHE thanked ME, as we completed the call, saying she was SURE the bank would find my information HIGHLY HELPFUL AND ILLUMINATING.

So for NOW, I like Bank of America, again -- on SURFACE, they only complied with papers LOOKING legitimate.


WHERE did Daliah Saper of FOX NEWS and the Rahm Emanuel/Barack Obama Chicago DRUG MAFIA come up with the figure of $582.81???

Their in-house lawyer (now fled), the Kenan University at Duke, Durham, NC, graduate Emerson Oertel -- and separately, Jed Clampon HIMSELF, told me more than a YEAR ago, that the suit was NOT about money, they KNOWING I had just gotten over being homeless and only had SSI Disability income, really, so NOT to worry about the $50,000.00 they sued me for -- as they EXPECTED that money would NOT be part of the final settlement.

This PROVES they knew all along that they had NO LEGAL STANDING to take a PENNY from me -- before making CERTAIN they were NOT taking my Disability Pension!!!

And so, WITHOUT having legally served me, I was tried and convicted of LIBEL in absentia -- me allowed to present NO DEFENSE and they offering NO PROOF!!!

And Jed Clampon (an executive of Windy City Wazoos, Chicago -- a MAJOR competitor of Kenan/Sinatra-owned Bank of America, who had SEEN Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse when Barry Bam-Bam was a Senator), was awarded A HALF MILLION DOLLARS, copyright ownership of my critically acclaimed memoir of working for Tennessee Williams -- and ALL content on my blog, as well as ALL emails I may EVER write on this subject!!!

And LOOK what they turned a FINE Hebrew Prophet into"

That is the circle of stars (for States) of the ORIGINAL flag of the Confederacy, the "Stars and Bars", said, actually, to NOT to be for slavery, so much as "Integrity of Contracts".

In 2009, I bought a four-foot by three-foot (overall), framed Stars and Bars flag, that I hoped to one day present to Thomas S. Kenan III. It was originally $350.00 USD, but when the famous distress-or/creator died, the price jumped to $500.00 FIRM.

I still bought it, eventually, but had to sell it through an antiques dealer when I lived in Wilmington, North Carolina -- to BUY SOME FOOD (and such).

So much for THAT idea, no???



RP: I Hope This Pleases SOMEONE (nearly anyone will do)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

>>> ADDED @ 1:12 PM, CDT: My GMAIL was just shut down for an unspecified period of time -- this the FIRST TIME I've been denied email by the NSA/CIA in over half a year -- and this after I emailed the LEAST number of emails (only five coming back blocked, when 100 is their published threshold to shut down email).

I guess I hit a NERVE, no???


1."Roberto Alvarez" is gonna get HIS pleasurable comeuppance if he continues to tease me sexually (calls it his "unicorn's horn"!!!).

2. NO, I will NOT take Skip Watkins, Republican candidate for New Hanover County (Wilmington), NC Commissioner off my email list. I WILL TAKE OFF NO POLITICIANS OR PUBLIC FIGURES!!!

3. David A. Helverson is the LAST Wells Fargo executive I will remove. To get any more removed, Wells Fargo, Jamie Lee Sutherland, or Saper Law must COMPENSATE ME FIRST.

4. BIZARRE that the US Army War College thanks me for removing them and simultaneously commits a MAJOR grammar error. I wasn't aware I had removed them, and if the attachment they sent, "SMIME.p7s", which is labeled "unclassified" is for me to read, SEND THE TEXT IN THE BODY OF AN EMAIL. Does someone think I TRUST the US Government -- LOL!!!

* * *

>>> EMAIL SENT TO AN OLD FRIEND THIS MORNING. I will add clarity and comments (in red -- and similarly indicated), as well as links, so that it is more understandable. Please parden my "Southern Religiosity" -- it's a lot of FUN:


I wanted you to know right away, that I decided this morning to "scrub" you, the Czech doctor Andatti Wagner-Gooch, and his employer, Opaciti, out of my blog (or rather, correct the names). Our relationship was like a slow-motion train wreck, but whatever you have gone through, you are promoting your artwork again, the objective sign of greater spiritual health and a life back on track, and I have never meant to harm you -- just tell my story.

I accept half the blame, but do not demand you acknowledge anything. I've always told the truth about our dealings, but when we met in 1991, I had recently completed "punishment" for trying to report the major narcotics operation in Stone Mountain Park, and on trumped up charges of Trespass, had been stuck in jail for a total of 15 weeks until I filed Writ of Habeus Corpus, forced a trial and pleaded nolo contendere. I then was on house-arrest probation for a year, and forced to take a drug meant to give me chemical lobotomy. 

Dekalb County Court Database was CHANGED 2.5 years ago to REMOVE my conviction by CORRUPTED Democrat Judge Linda Warren Hunter (I still have original paperwork that she signed with my nolo CONVICTION, and prescribed punishment -- Judge Hunter now on Dekalb SUPERIOR Court) from 1990, and ALSO to show that American Express, who had gotten a $25,000.00 judgement against me in August 2010 in absentia, now shows DISMISSED, and it has been a long while since I blogged about how when I confronted Christal Presley (good friends with Sean Hannity and his wife who helped in getting me the bogus publishing contract), about her LIES and her false Atlanta newspaper feature story, then book and fake non-profit to help those with PTSD, so within TWENTY MINUTES of my confronting Christal, AMEX robo-called me, cutting my credit limit by $24,000.00, leaving $243.00 available, and THAT in 2010 when I still had a PERFECT credit record for twenty years (since 1990) -- and in Georgia, robo-calls by banks are illegal on Sunday and after 9:00 PM, BOTH of which applied. Christal just wanted to show me what kind of forces I was up against.

Click to read the full thing. This screen capture on Sept. 9, 2012 shows the AMEX case open, because if that record had not been later changed, you could follow the link and see I was CONVICTED on August 26, 2010, but had NOT yet been served nor penalty paid.

And in a screen capture I just made, you can see the AMEX matter is DISMISSEDBACK-DATED to August 26, 2010!!!

Me, Christal Presley, her boyfriend Sunil Vishnu-something-long, who ALSO confronted Christal with her lies, and was forced to give up his mid-level Coca-Cola executive job, and flee home to India, and their "mentoree", whom the social agency took away from them since they ignored him for long periods of time.

An earlier account of Christal and American Express

PROOF POSITIVE that CNN co-operates with the NAZIs in the US Government -- I contacted CNN several times to explain how easily Christal Presley could be proven to be a LIAR about her father's PTSD, but they told me to go to HELL!!! Their online story ran AT THE TOP of CNN online for two or three days:

Then, CNN DOUBLED-DOWN on their traitorous lies and ran an excerpt!!!:

* * *

None of this had anything to do with you, Rafael, but in 1991, feeling like the biggest failure that ever lived (I was working as a fund-raiser for the Fraternal Order of Police, a sorry plight too), and taking a drug that reinforced my feelings of failure, your tales of all the high-falutin people you knew and/or gossiped about made me think you might be my path back to some kind of connection with "movers and shakers", so I overlooked some things, like your racism. My point is not to "put you down" further, but my goal in modifying my blog will be to make you unrecognizable, but allow what I experienced to remain. I think it is an important lesson to me -- I mean I had to be in bad shape to participate too.

We are BOTH past that time -- and I hope we both learn our lessons from it. I will also remove all photos of you and images of your work.

If you want to respond with accusations toward me, it will not change my course of action. I'm not doing this because of what you do or don't deserve, I'm doing it because I don't want to harm someone who did not materially harm me. This is different than what happened with Mark LaFont, a boyfriend who even admitted he was given a piece of paper saying he should date me -- and years later I discovered he had lived adjacent to my cousin who married a Jew and he had some involvement in her troubles too, my mother eventually killing my uncle because he allowed that marriage -- and with help of the US Veterans Hospital in Mississippi -- double-dose Lithium, which my mother's previous notes show she KNEW caused chemically induced diabetes, which he died of. It is also different from my partners in Cape May, NJ, one of whose mothers actually believed she had arranged a marriage between me and her daughter via my mother. Those people I have the fondest memories of because of our five years as business partners, and most of that time as roommates, made for far more good than bad.

Details of how my mother murdered her brother -- and how I reported this to CNN:

Anyway, carry on with your life and you shall be free from my bringing up the unfortunate parts of the past of YOUR life. I had meant to write short and then write separately for blog, but I ran on -- probably because this really is to YOU more than the public -- so I will include this on blog and perhaps more elucidation -- after I figure out what fake names to give you and yours. I will copy a few here as witnesses to my intention.

And thank you for not answering my last -- your silence made THIS much easier -- LOL!!!


>>> AND NOW, I must get to SCRUBBING THE BLOG!!!