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RP: KUDOS to Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

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Guess where I am going tonight for a film shoot?#ghosttheater #ghostsigns #alisonstravels#annoyedcats

I'm not totally certain, but I believe I've read that Alison Fraser and her "Williams act", will be at the New Orleans Festival this year -- I HOPE so!!!

You can read my review on Amazon, which was voted "most helpful" (so far)!!!:


Wilmington riverfront voted best in US

But the funny thing is, that nearly all the local comments on this article TEAR WILMINGTON DOWNTOWN APART for all the RAMPANT DRUGS AND VIOLENCE -- LOL!!!

I don't know HOW they ended up winning "hands down", when just a few days ago, Wilmington was BEHIND Spokane, Washington. And while Wilmington DOES have some very good restaurants, if you want guaranteed warmth of weather and PEOPLE (and a closer beach), look what Puerto Vallarta has to offer!!!:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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In the category “Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Mexico”, 6 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta were considered to be among the best in Mexico.
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And then anyone still FOOL ENOUGH to live in North Carolina nowadays, has to put up with THIS:


Republican Governor Pat McCrory has worked diligently to suppress the vote in NC -- but he's been so RUTHLESS, I think even FOX NEWS reports on that.


Herbert "Holden" Thorp, a former holder of a Kenan Chair of Chemistry at UNC (and the literal godson of Betty Kenan, widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan and step-mother of Thomas S. Kenan III), was Chancellor (President) of UNC from 2008 - 2013, when Carol Folt (who ALSO tried to hide the scandal), took over.

This video of Holden Thorp introducing Thomas S. Kenan III discloses MUCH about the Kenans and their relationship to UNC. It is RARE in that it does not show Tom Kenan drinking one form of alcohol or another.

So while 75-year-old "Alky-Tom" was swillin' and schtupffing his twenty-some year old boyfriend (whom he does not socialize with in public -- although in the 1970s and 1980s, Tom Kenan was the TOAST of Gay North Carolina), much was going to HELL, due to the Republicans and Episcopal Church feeding him LIES!!!

And then at the beginning of this year, the Republicans, who first had set it all up, had now-resigned (and utterly disgraced)Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, attacking the school over this and the Board as well.

And as PLANNED by the Republican PartyGov. Pat McCrory, has jumped on that bandwagon, too, the PLAN being that they can fire most or all of the Board and replace them with BIBLE LITERALISTS who HATE actual education. 

Thank GodCarol Folt does NOT appear to be one of these men and women.

And SHAME on the wealthy Kenans and their WHITE SUPREMACIST Episcopal Church, that not only is HEAVILY into narco-trafficking -- but murdered Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard as well!!!

The Confederate Mace was Sewanee's (The University of the South's), SYMBOL OF POWER, until political correctness forced it to be retired in 2005.

Sewanee has the ONLY Episcopal Seminary to train Episcopal clergy in the "Old South".

I suppose "No one is PERFECT" -- as they say!!!

REBUKE anyone who belongs to a Political Party in the USAtoday.

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RP: Some Trouble from the Meyers and the Kenans, Today . . .

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My mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now of Raleigh, North Carolina.


Having not talked to Mom in about a week, I called her this evening and in the course of conversation (which I will slightly disguise -- only about the future), I mentioned how PLEASED I am that John Lahr, who wrote the recently released TENNESSEE WILLIAMS: MAD PILGRIMAGE OF THE FLESH, was confirmed this week to be a panelist at the 2015 New Orleans/Tennessee Williams Festival,, and that part of me wishes I had tackled the legal challenges before me (getting back my copyrights, suing entities in North Carolina and Georgia until they SCREAM), so I had some money to GO this coming year, but then I would need to convince all the Williams Scholars (and certain others, there), that I am civilized now (through a process of re-civilization), and completely support their efforts -- and would NOT make a public scene about Sewanee or the Episcopal Church -- or for that matter, the Republican Party or the CIA/FBI.

And more importantly, I really hold nothing against any of the people likely to be there, including Thomas Keith, and certainly not Paul Willis, the actual DIRECTOR of the New Orleans Williams Festival who nearly a year ago asked me to join his LINKED-IN network. Ditto the folks at Provincetown and other Williams Festivals.

Deep down, we're ALL a bunch of rascals doing the best we can.

Anyway, over certain things I actually DO know, firsthand basically, Mom started in on her song she has sung since I was a baby, "Are you so SURE you know what you are talking about?" And Mom knows I know these things, but because they DO include vast culpability of both her beloved Republican Party, and the NAZI branch of her beloved Catholic Church, she has not given up, and tries to convince me I am insane, stupid, or whatever -- and if SHE knows first hand about such things (the ONLY reason a thinking person who knows what I do could have to dispute my reporting of simple FACT), that would PROVE her involvement. 

This was the first resistance she has put up to me in months, and I told her it was no time to start that now. I enumerated many of the reason I love her -- including that she was so mean and hateful to us (and never once hugged me that I remember, before I went off to college), that I got STRONG ENOUGH from dealing with HER crap, that I eventually felt no fear about the WORST of the US Corrupted Law Enforcement or Military Special Ops, etc.. Beatings, whippings, back-poundings, face slappings -- I've had to put up with it ALL, even more than my siblings, all younger.

But the good news was that while I firmly explained all that (subjects we usually avoid -- and I raised my voice a couple of times, until I caught it), she listened -- for about eight minutes, where before, she would hang up after 10 seconds or so. I closed, telling her if she EVER tries to resist me like that again I will do everything possible to put her in a prison cell where she really belongs for traitorous activities -- let alone all her child abuse.

Granted, she was forced to give her "retarded" uncle blow jobs when she was six -- the same year the Ku Klux Klan burned a cross on her yard because Grandpa ran as a Democrat for County Clerk and he was Catholic. And she was soon enough six feet tall, but born in 1923, so a FREAK and GIANT more than even 6' 11" me, for a woman in small town Indiana

I don't know about these things -- I'm not schooled in them -- but I DO know she's a sociopath, but I suspect it also split her into differing personalities, not all of which communicate with other ones. Google around for my account a few years ago about the time she seemed possessed and kept throwing herself back and forth in her kitchen chair -- screaming in agony and claiming that I had condemned her.

I, completely surprised by all that, tried to calm her down saying I have NO power to condemn ANYONE, and wouldn't condemn her if I did. After 10 minutes, she recovered and was far nicer that evening -- but the next morning, she was back to her old self, and neither she nor Dad (who had witnessed it), remembered it at all.

And I bet my bottom dollar she will NOT act like we ever had a problem when I speak with her next. She just glazes over the things she doesn't want to think about.


The thanks for this is completely to Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill. 

Essentially, this happened when Tom took over all Kenan companies and charities 20 years ago when his father, Frank Hawkins Kenan died. He also gives to the Episcopal Church to promote WHITE SUPREMACY via Sewanee, aka The University of the South -- who murdered playwright Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard -- and the Republican Party PAID FOR the three top conspirators' luxury livestyles until their deaths within a dozen years, via a top Republican legislator in the Tennessee State legislature (according to Skye Wyatt, one of the conspirators -- to BOTH me and John Uecker). 

TOTAL ASSHOLE (and my relative -- we even both dated Curtis "Robbie" Anderson of Burgaw High School faculty -- back in 1985:

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — More than 3,100 students — nearly half of them athletes — enrolled in classes they didn't have to show up for and received artificially...
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What a mess.

Everyone but me needs to take two aspirins and go to bed. You'll feel better in the morning.

Trust me -- I've been "through it", as they say -- LOL!!!



RP: Is Ken Wilcox My CONFESSOR???

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Dear Ken,

This morning, I awoke to find an email from Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, congratulating me on the eleventh anniversary of my new writing career. He got that info from LINKED-IN. I really wasn’t sure WHICH year I began writing – but I am MORE THAN CERTAIN that I began due to YOUR gentle persuations and encouragements, so I’m in the mood for KEN WILCOX SUPER APPRECIATION DAY, today!!! Mostly, this means you are getting this email about my life changes the last several years.

I now live in Puerto Vallarta, perched atop a hill overlooking Zona Romantica (Old Town, Gay Town, etc.), from 20 stories above sea level, which I have a perfect panoramic view of. My political blogs get 600 – 700 hits per day, as well as being emailed to 500. I’ve become a bit of a town character, although mostly, I write or think.

You might have heard that on the advice of Col. Dottie Newman (who had served as Gen. Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer), I fled Georgia in spring 2010, after five attempts were made to commit me in one month – by the Republican Party. I sold everything, including my nearly paid-off house, at fire-sale prices, then had ALL my wealth removed quickly by a high member of the Mexican Drug Mafia who was pretending to be my husband-to-be. He had to leave to hide from the Law, and I was penniless in Puerto Vallarta for another four months, before my mother sprang the dough for me to drive to North Carolina.

I DID learn excellent panhandling skills in Mexico, which I employed for 16 months in Wilmington, NC where I (with an apartment for only three months), again was homeless, sleeping mostly on the side porch of a Catholic Church, in the columbarium next to Kenan Chapel of First Presbyterian (might as well sleep with your dead relatives, no???), and at Mercy House Homeless Shelter, then housing for homophobic-but-horny Drug Mafia, primarily.

But after I was jailed five times on eight false charges (dropped after the DA made a deal that if I left the state for a year he would drop them – but his assistants admitted to my attorney he had NO evidence of any of them – I just knew too much about the narco-trafficking in that town, first set up with the help of my parents), two false mental hospital commitments that the head doctor immediately released me from, and over this time I was also poisoned five times, held hostage in Mexico five times by SERIOUS Drug Mafia – until I out-smarted them and escaped – I now give TONS of info to the Mexican Military, rather than politicians, whom I trust less. You see, when I got that deal made in Wilmington, I made a BEE-LINE for Mexico again, where I have remained the last 2.5 years – currently being a big THORN in the local Writers Group.

The next challenge is to get all my copyrights back after Jamie Lee Sutherland, an executive of Wells Fargo Advisors Chicago who has a house here, and sued with help of Daliah Saper of Saper Law, LLC – and a minor talking head on Fox News, sued me for LIBEL without ever legally serving me, then tried me in absentia in Chicago, which was both illegal and unconstitutional. You see, Jamie had told me of his own narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo here in Vallarta (and others confirmed it – and as you might know, my Kenan relatives bought Bank of America about 12 years ago from Frank Sinatra’s heirs, whom I have recently met -- 2011), as well as that he had seen Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse when Obama was a Senator (Man’s Country), and few people know that the real problem with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, said to be a radical Muslim or similar, was that he ran a gay call boy service ONLY for married black POWERFUL men, and Obama was one of his clients.

This info is how the CIA with the Bush/Cheneys blackmailed Obama into protecting the CIA drug-running operation. I really don’t believe Obama would support it otherwise.

Anyway, I had blogged about both things, and then when Jamie got upset, I agreed and removed all he found offensive – but they proceeded with the lawsuit anyway, and although only asking for $50,000.00, without proving any damages at all, he was awarded $500,000,00, copyright to my Williams memoir, copyright to all my blog posts, including in future, and copyright to all my emails into the future on related subjects.

Obviously, since Jamie said he knew I was getting over being homeless and he was NOT looking for money but got a half million, then all these copyrights, forcing my book to get UN-PUBLISHED on Amazon, where it had sold for two years, this was to SHUT ME UP – and Alyson Books’ head lawyer called me in 2010, right after they emailed me to return my rights to me after they cancelled publication in hard cover, to say they would INSURE that neither that book – nor any other thing I ever write -- gets published. They were working with Sewanee and the Episcopal Church, whom I can prove in a court of law, murdered Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard.

They were ALSO working with my mother, who really was Cheney/Hannity/Boeher’s advisor and liaison with the last three Catholic Popes, the packing of the Supreme Court with Nazi-style Catholics, was probably my Mom’s idea. As you see, I’ve had a lot of complications, but I have NEVER lost my sense of humor or knowledge that God and Its Laws always WIN.

So now, I will find a pro bono attorney to overturn that LIBEL conviction, then sue the CRAP out of many authorities in Wilmington, NC and Dekalb County, GA. I don’t want the money, but these people only understand financial pain, so I’ll give most away, and with luck, prevent others from having their rights so SERIOUSLY abused in the now NAZI States of America.

PARTIALLY kidding!!!

I see you are in St. Augustine – a beautiful and historic city. Did you know my Kenan relatives inherited Henry Flagler’s entire estate, and were previously almost as wealthy already – first by clear-cutting S.E. North Carolina’s virgin pine forests? They founded UNC Chapel Hill and named the teams Tar Heels in honor of their first fortune – Kenans were the world’s largest suppliers of naval stores before the American Revolution – later going on to ensure the South seceded from the Union, then causing the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, the ONLY time in US history we had a coup d’ etat – and THAT inspired all Jim Crow laws being passed across the South within two years. Later, inspired whites to believe they could murder people like Trayvon Martin with impunity. YES, that is part of my family’s legacy!!!

Today, the wealthy Kenans (some of whom I know), are the biggest financial support of the Episcopal Church, and one of the biggest of the Republican Party, so I like to give them a HARD TIME – LOL!!!

But one Kenan heir surnamed Lewis, founded your Flagler College, which I am proud to say has excellent standards, and like my own alma mater, Denison University, insures that if you can get accepted, they will FIND the financial resources for you to attend. And the Kenan Charitable Trusts have been the largest private support of University Education in the WORLD for 101 years now. Jimmy Soni, who made Huffington Post into what it is today, is a star Board member at the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke. Emory University is one of the TOP Kenan schools.

I DO try to balance what I say about my relatives.

I believe I’ve told you that I first met Thomas S. Kenan III (now in charge of the Kenan companies and charities), due to in 1985, by chance, dating his old long-term boyfriend – and we made love in Carolina Apartments that had been built by a Kenan and then had their sign covered to show “Deep River Apartments”, as David Lynch was then filming BLUE VELVET there. Spooky – LOL!!!

Well, let me wrap this. My blog (where this missive will likely be published), is or – for better graphics. I have re-published my Williams memoir (and no one could stop me – despite the Court decision, due to a peculiarity of Google’s rules) – and I MUST thank Google for its assistance. They have managed to keep me published despite the US Government’s harassment of them for doing so. Book: .

So to wrap, let me say that I first came across Roy Rogers Oldenkamp on Facebook about six years ago – assuming he was related to Roy Rogers. Don’t know if I told you, but Roy and Dale Evans often visited the house next door in Cincinnati when I was 2.5 – 6, Roy’s cousin living there. They dressed in costume and entertained/encouraged all the neighborhood kids. Well, his parents just liked the name – but turned out he lives in Tennessee Williams’ old apartment in WeHo, and he and a friend who lives in Gavin Lambert’s old apartment there even have a number of Tennessee’s original paintings!!! He had agreed to speak at the 100th Birthday Celebration I had tried to plan for 2011 for TW in Puerto Vallarta that could not happen.

And this Saturday night, I have a ticket to see in person someone YOU turned me on to: Del Shores, who is showing his film SOUTHERN BAPTIST SISSIES for its INTERNATIONAL SCREENING PREMIERE, right here in Puerto Vallarta, in the intimate theater where we meet as writers. SORDID LIVES remains my favorite movie.

Also, so glad I gave you this painting:

But THIS is the one I’ve been having the most fun with lately:

Click image to engorge.

Well, Ciao for now – and En Avant!!!




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RP: A RE-PRINT: Smut in Jesusland: Why Red-State Conservatives Are the Biggest Porn Hounds

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The “Bible Belt” is the Porn Belt: Surprised?

- See more at:

According to a new study, the more you say you literally believe in the Bible, the more you watch porn. At least that’s the inevitable fact-based conclusion drawn from the biggest study of internet Google porn searches by region. Here’s some excerpts from a brilliant article by Valerie Tarico first published in Alternet that proves the point. 


Seamus McCaffery, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, Suspended Over Porn Scandal

Justice Seamus P. McCaffery in this 2011 file photo. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

* * *

Smut in Jesusland: “The honest truth is that we all have our failings, Christian or not, liberal or conservative. None of us live up to our best intentions or deepest values. What’s shameful is not the fact that people find sex arousing and seek it out, even when they feel compelled to do so on the sneak. The problem is hypocrisy and the way that it distorts public policies and parenting, causing real harm to real people. For over a decade, conservatives forced abstinence-only education on young people, insisting that hormone-ravaged teens could ‘just say no’ when they themselves can’t.

Smut in Jesusland: Why Red-State Conservatives Are the Biggest Porn Hounds

studies consistently demonstrate that people in [red-state] conservative religious [regions] search for adult materials online far more often than people in blue states.
Ever since Freud first started publishing his theories, psychologists have had a fascination with what he called “defense mechanisms“:

  • Denial means simply refusing to acknowledge that some event or pattern is real.
  • Repression involves pushing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to the far recesses of the subconscious mind.
  • Reaction formation is saying or doing the opposite of what you really want but won’t allow yourself to express.
  • Projection means assuming that others share the impulses, feelings, and vices that you find unacceptable in yourself…

In October, two Toronto researchers, Cara MacInnis and Gordon Hodson, published a study in which they used Google Trends to analyze porn searches. Individual search records are protected by privacy laws, but it is possible to compare the popularity of search terms across various regions or states, which is what they did.

Specifically, MacInnis and Hodson linked state level information from Gallup polls asking about religious and political attitudes together with a variety of sex and porn-related search terms… their findings are in keeping with information from other sources: Business professor Benjamin Edelman at Harvard found that states with more traditional views of sex and gender have higher rates of paid porn subscriptions—meaning people who are willing to put porn on a credit card…

…One can almost picture a group of Values Voters at the convention after a night on the town:

Projection: Godless liberals are destroying this country—feminazi sluts demanding sex with no consequences and faggots pushing their gay agenda on our children.

Repression: What?

Reaction formation: This town is full of trashy dancers who wag their big tits and tight asses at honest businessmen. We should lock them up and throw away the key.

Repression: What?

Denial: Real Christians, through prayer, have the power to resist temptation. Only righteous men in public office can stop the moral decay of this sex-obsessed country.

Repression: Did you say something?

The honest truth is that we all have our failings, Christian or not, liberal or conservative. 

None of us live up to our best intentions or deepest values. What’s shameful is not the fact that people find sex arousing and seek it out, even when they feel compelled to do so on the sneak. The problem is hypocrisy and the way that it distorts public policies and parenting, causing real harm to real people. For over a decade, conservatives forced abstinence-only education on young people, insisting that hormone-ravaged teens could “just say no” when they themselves can’t.

This epic public health fail contributed to the United States having the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the developed world, with devastating economic consequences for young mothers and their offspring. Some thrive despite the odds; many do not. We can do better.

Denying young people information about their bodies doesn’t stop them from having sex. We know that. What it does is create a fog zone, a “haze of misperceptions, magical thinking and ambivalence” that puts teens at risk for sexually transmitted infections and surprise pregnancy. Teens are notorious risk takers. The army sends recruiters into high schools because at age 17 or 18 kids think bad things happen only to other people. Or they simply don’t think. Cognitive scientists tell us that the frontal lobe doesn’t develop fully until the early 20s.

Add to that a conservative, paternalistic “virginity code” that traces back to ancient times, layering shame, denial and secrecy around sexual exploration. Religious and cultural codes prizing virginity may once have helped to ensure that children were born only when parents could provide for them. But in today’s world, an antiquated purity myth can actually have the opposite effect

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