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RP: It Is 12:29 PM on "Good Friday" in Puerto Vallarta, and Jesus Has Already DIED in Most of the World -- BUT NOT YET HERE!!!

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Muhammad meets Abraham, Moses, and Jesus in heaven -- and things seem right CHUMMY, no???

Praise the LORD!!!


1. Of course it's no secret that Muslims revere all the "Old Testament" prophets -- and Jesus, as a prophet, as well. They are downright RESPECTFUL of Jesus, although not too many Christians return the favor!!!

2. And it is TRUE that Muslims consider it IMMORAL to depict Muhammad pictorially, but this must have been produced my a Muslim BEFORE that went into effect -- and besides, I'm not certain which is who -- are you???

3. And this is NOT meant to be Muhammad's "after-death experience", but depiction of his dream in which he went first to heaven, then to hell, and then actually met Allah. I had HOPED to find a depiction of AFTER death, since as ALL "believers" know, not just Jesus, but also Muhammad ASCENDED PHYSICALLY INTO HEAVENHallelujah!!!


Jesus need not think he is some kind of FREAK for being the only one there IN BODY

And of course no one seems able to fix this physical heaven on a map, but no one ever lets THAT get in the way of their religion.

4. And of course SOME people think other people now living are CLOSE to being their political (if not religious) saviors, but I just found the best Obama "photoshop project" yet:

This pretty much sums up the TRUTHINESS that pollutes the US Government with Obama and Bill Clinton both being SQUARELY in the Republican camp (for different reasons -- and they are ALLOWED to give up anything they must to PROTECT the NSA/CIA narco-trafficking).


5. So, anyway, back to the Muslims -- and YES I AGREE: it is STRANGE to be discussing this on the most solemn day of the Christian Calendar, but something led me to do it. In my nearly 63 years, I have met many people of many faiths, including LOTS of Muslims (and I should say the the MOST loving, kind, and respectful peoples I've met were Sikhs, Bahais, and Buddhists). But in MY EXPERIENCE, I've never met a Muslim who wasn't truly nice to me -- and from all I saw, to everyone else as well.

Muslims (males) praying in Wilmington, North Carolina.

I got to know a lot of Muslims in Wilmington because there is one extended family that owns a LOT of "Mom and Pop" convenience stores, many of which I frequented. Those people were always really nice and often cut me price deals while I was homeless and begging money on the street to eat. I affectionately called them my "Arab Mafia" -- until they let me know they didn't like that (and they aren't actually mafia -- or at least not the bad kind).

And just as an aside, at TWO of those stores, when no one but one clerk and I were there, each store had a married young man who liked to drop the front of his pants to show his "happy trail", top-o-the-bush, and base of the shaft -- and they had THICK ONES!!!

Perhaps it surprises you that Muslims can be such teases (everyone in town knew I was gay), but there was a woman about 65 years old usually manning (womaning), the store on Market Street near the Domino's Pizza, who dressed modestly with nun-like headgear, and I used to FLIRT OUTRAGEOUSLY with her -- and she returned it in kind, because ALL KNEW it was just joking around.

And Melody Moezzi was a friend of mine in Atlanta.

You might have seen her on TV -- she has appeared on many television and radio programs, including CNN, NPR, MSNBC, BBC, PRI and Air America. But mostly she appears on CNN as well as writing for Kenan-Family-associated Huffington Post, and she got two of her three degrees at a big "Kenan school", Emory University in Atlanta.

But here's the kicker: I got to know her well because we BOTH attended a Bipolar Support Group at the Wesley Woods arm of Emory for a couple of years.

As you can SEE, we are both ACTIVISTS now!!!

And I think this is a GOOD TIME for me to make clear that although I don't seem to have ever had Bipolar Illness -- in the 1970's and 80's I had SOME KIND of mental health problem that exhibited much like Bipolar, and then having been mis-diagnosed and taking Lithium for most of 31 years, I am very WARY of diagnostic professionals -- but also cannot truly relate to the ILLNESS bipolar, since it was not mine.

And here is KICKER NUMERO DOS: The guy who led that support group was a total CONTROL FREAK, so when he occasionally missed attending, we always had our BEST discussions -- AND -- his claimed MENTOR was the same Dekalb County Judge who was best friends with Lee Gosney, the employee of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. (my employer for 18 years), who always drank without problems at our parties -- but FAKED it as an Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous national speaker, ACTUALLY making deals with Republican Party politicians for distribution of the illegal drugs coming into Maxwell Air Force Base.

And it was Evan Fish, my friend in Wilmington and business-partner-designate in a Historical Walking Tour I had scripted -- he would handle sales and marketing -- who FIRST told me about Lee Gosney's REAL WORK, because for the two years Evan was the LARGEST cocaine distributor in Maine, he bought mostly from Mr. Gosney.

But Evan was not fated to survive his trying to straighten out his life. He simply KNEW TOO MUCH and had too many weaknesses that Wilmington Police and Sheriff Deputies were able to exploit to cause Evan to JUMP TO HIS DEATH from the top of the parking deck next to the downtown library on about September 3, 2011.

And the Wilmington Star News REFUSED to identify him until nearly two years later. I'd mention his name in the comments on the story and they ERASED THEM every time!!! Here is the STAR NEWS story , and here is the comments beneath it

Here is more on Evan, who gets a LOT of coverage in this blog -- which is dedicated to HIS MEMORY:

It is nearly 3:00 PM here -- the "WITCHING HOUR", so I'm gonna close for now and CELEBRATE my friend Evan . . . 



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RP: Time to CELEBRATE -- This Evening, Perhaps a Contemplative Dinner with Friends (Jews and wine included -- bring matzos and tabbouleh!!!) . . .

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Thank God for CBS News!!! CNN has flushed itself so far down the toilet, poor Martin Savage is now in a submersible trying to find his bosses!!!



David Baldacci released a new novel today -- THE TARGET, but not only is he a hunk (and straight), but he said some important things about writing (like he starts with CHARACTERS, not plot), and then I found this about his MOST WORTHY philanthropy with his wife, Michelle:

Click it to clear any interference from the right. (Note, too, that he says HALF the population of the United States is ILLITERATE -- does he mean Republicans or Democrats???)

* * *


White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Alyssa Mastromonaco is resigning, after working for Barack Obama for eight years.

GOD, I would love to be in her head . . . and her LOYALTY, especially, reminded me of ME when I worked for Tennessee Williams.

It is no secret that I have little trust for President Obama -- most of the problem being his being blackmailed over his homosexual past (and present -- if you include Reggie Love), to protect the Republican Party and CIA/NSA's massive drug importation business.

All news reports I have seen claim that George W. Bush handed off the "Opium Football" to Obama at his first Inauguration -- a SURPRISE to The Bammer -- as well as that Bush told him THEN they had the proof of his gay life and BLACK Christians, especially, would SKIN HIM ALIVE if they ever found out.

Obama doesn't actually have to COME OUT GAYhe could just tell his blackmailers to TAKE A FLYING LEAP -- and then be prepared for the worst (disclosures about his sexual past). Michelle has known about it for a long time, and the girls are old enough to have, or gain, perspective now.

Besides, Republicans are FOREVER getting caught in gay scandals -- and I've SEEN scans of the Police Citations of Newt Gingrich for soliciting sex with men in Atlanta parks right after he graduated college -- SOMEONE has some originals, no???

Deep down, I have always suspected Obama will find a way to right all this, but the jury is still out . . .

* * *


Ms. Mastromonaco spoke of the privilege of having met the Pope, so many Heads of State, and Nelson Mandela, and I had a similar experience while working for Tennessee Williams, so I thought it would be fun to paste in part of that time surrounding the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors. We begin, with sharing a cab from the Watergate Hotel to the State Department Dinner with Senor Who's-Afraid-of-Virginia-Woolf, himself, Mr. Edward Albee -- you might think of him and Tennessee as being two heads of stateAlbee looked about like this, then:

From my memoir: (In red is added by me, now -- and YES, this was as intimate as the conversation got.)

At the taxi stand, we chanced on Edward Albee and decided to share a cab. Tennessee took the front seat as Albee and I climbed into the rear. My head pressed against the ceiling, and my knees angled over the hump at the center. The conjunction of friendliness and competition produced a halting cross-talk between the playwrights. Tennessee repeatedly pivoted, facing forward and then turning back to speak. Each time he faced forward, Albee looked at me as if he were sizing up prey.

“I insist they book me on Eastern,” Tennessee said, turning toward us again, “The food is better.”

“Hmmm . . . “ said Albee.

As Tennessee turned back in his seat, Albee‘s knee brushed mine. I drew in a breath. He did not know that the best friend of my first lover in college had dated him for several months— and had lived to tell. (Sjell was the name of Albee’s Scandinavian lover – and he had told my friend Jeff Work ALL ABOUT Albee as a lover.)

I returned a thin smile—Mona Lisa, the boss‘s boy.

Tennessee turned to the back again, and then he turned further and stared at me.

* * *

>>> BUT FEAR NOT!!! I have a more salacious story to tell from that State Department Dinner for the Kennedy Center Honors, Tennessee and I sitting opposite at the round Head Table for ten -- with a huge bouquet of lilies and mums creating a massive blockage in the center. And our table also included Audrey Hepburn as Mistress of Ceremonies (next to Tennessee), and I was flanked on the left by Juanita Kreps (who had been the Commencement Speaker when I graduated Denison University in 1973), on right, by the wife of the CEO of ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company, the primary financial sponsor -- which as a major block of the former Standard Oil was then controlled by my wealthy Kenan relatives, ENTIRELY unbeknownst to me then), her husband sat on the other side of Audrey, whose up-swept hair had a sort of crown of gilded leaves flying from thin wire standards.

Audrey Hepburn that night -- with Rob Wolders.

During the interval between the meal and the presentation of awards, I got up from the table and stretched discreetly, feeling the relief in my legs. Tennessee rushed over.

“She must have been drinking!” he said.

“Who, Audrey?”

“Maureen!” He rocked on his feet like a child.

“Maureen? I haven‘t seen. . . . Stapleton?”

“Shh!” His finger up, he pulled me further from the table.

“Maureen,” he said, “She came right up to the table—to Audrey.”


“Just now—a minute ago. She barged right in.” He could barely get it out. “She says— right there—right to Audrey . . . ‘You‘re the most goddamn elegant cunt in the place . . . so relax!‘”


“She did—I swear it.”

“Well . . . did she?”


“Did it relax her?”

“Oooo!” he howled. “I‘ll have to go back and see. She couldn‘t be more nervous. Those wires in her head are conducting something—very Bride of Frankenstein.”

“OK,” I said, “Keep an eye on her—and rescue her from that ARCO guy. I‘m headed for the loo.”

* * *

Now, don't eat or drink too much, tonight.



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RP: YOO-HOO!!! -- Come in, Earthlings!!! Someone Has a Question for You . . .

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Good news on the torture accountability front: Spain’s National Court is continuing its investigation into the alleged torture of men formerly detained at Guantánamo prison by U.S. officials, despite recent legislative restrictions stating that Spanish courts can only investigate human rights violations committed abroad if the suspects are present in Spain. 

In an order issued yesterday, Judge Pablo Ruz ruled that Spain’s obligations under international law to investigate any credible allegation of torture took precedence over the new restrictions, and renewed his request for information from the Obama Administration regarding any U.S.-based investigations into torture allegations.

Photo: Good news on the torture accountability front: Spain’s National Court is continuing its investigation into the alleged torture of men formerly detained at Guantánamo prison by U.S. officials, despite recent legislative restrictions stating that Spanish courts can only investigate human rights violations committed abroad if the suspects are present in Spain. In an order issued yesterday, Judge Pablo Ruz ruled that Spain’s obligations under international law to investigate any credible allegation of torture took precedence over the new restrictions, and renewed his request for information from the Obama Administration regarding any U.S.-based investigations into torture allegations.

* * *

Mayor 'Kind Of Agreed' With White Supremacist Accused Of Killing 3 At Jewish Centers

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Marionville, Missouri Mayor Dan Clevenger said he "kind of agreed" with some of the beliefs of Frazier Glenn Cross, the 73-year-old accused of killing three people outside of a Jewish community center and retirement complex near Kansas City on Sunday.
In an interview with KSPR, Clevenger said Cross -- who also goes by the name Frazier Glenn Miller -- was "[v]ery fair and honest and never had a bit of problems out of him."
"He was always nice and friendly and respectful of elder people, you know, he respected his elders greatly. As long as they were the same color as him," Clevenger said.
"Kind of agreed with him on some things but, I don't like to express that too much," Clevenger told KSPR, which noted the mayor had expressed his views before:
That hasn't always been the case. Nearly a decade ago, Clevenger wrote a letter to the editor of the Aurora Advertiser.
"I am a friend of Frazier Miller helping to spread his warnings," wrote Clevenger. "The Jew-run medical industry has succeeded in destroying the United State's workforce."
The letter continued.
"Made a few Jews rich by killin' us off."
He also spoke of the "Jew-run government backed banking industry turned the U.S into the world's largest debtor nation."
Clevenger tried to distance himself from Cross, saying he doesn't believe what Cross would talk about.
"He had a lot of hate built up inside of him," Clevenger told CNN. "And every time he'd come down here, he'd go on about different races -- mainly Jews. He claims they're all bad, but I don't believe that."
Clevenger also told CNN he doesn't "think Marionville citizens really gave a lot of attention to that stuff."
After the shooting, Clevenger told the AP how Cross often distributed racist pamphletsin his town.
Read more at KSPR.

* * *

I've actually READ ONLINE that this is what Jesus would have done!!! For once, I tend to believe what I've read -- without further investigation . . .


* * *

* * *

Well BULLY FOR HER!!! In the end and seemingly against all odds, she EXCEEDED the original goal. That takes ONE TOUGH COOKIE!!!:


RP: Easter, the MOST Important Christian Celebration Now Suffers CONFUSION about Its Correct PAGAN ROOTS!!!

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This used to be the cry of Pagans against Christians putting "Christ" in Easter -- NOW followers of Ishtar are honing in to make THEIR case:

With a dispute like THIS, I must ask WHAT ON EARTH ARE EARTHLINGS COMING TO???


1. I've heard a LOT about East vs. West (and I certainly don't trust Mr. Putin), but I RARELY hear much about what Ukrainians want to do -- or if it is feasible to poll the country by sections and let some parts go one way, others another. But another concern I have -- almost never mentioned -- is that THREE different major news sources have reported that the MOST respected Rabbis in Ukraine have WARNED Jews to leave the country if the PRO-WEST side wins.

Several (not all -- nor a claim of majority), of the most powerful politicians and military leaders who SUPPORT greater ties to the West and less to Russia are DEDICATED anti-semitics who speak privately, at least, of EXTERMINATING JEWS.

WHY has this NOT been more in the news???

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 7:41 PM, CDT:

And I saw THREE reports in mainstream press a week ago that many top pro-WEST Ukraine politicians and military brass have been quietly talking EXTERMINATION OF JEWS, and all the most respected Rabbis in Ukraine told Jews to leave the country if pro WESTERNERS win out!!! Jews get stuck NO MATTER (the others are one kind of "Christian" or another, no???)!!!

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* * *

I've been feeling a lot like THISlately.

2. Every day, lately, some VERY COOL things happen that show me I am WINNING my goals of this blog -- the FIRST and most important is to let the TRUTH BE KNOWN about the murder of my former employer, playwright Tennessee Williams (and we can ALL thank God I no longer want the University of the South, aka Sewanee, to GIVE BACK the Williams estate, now worth nearly a BILLION DOLLARS, to Harvard University, from whom they stole it) -- and not only THAT, but I'm not into anyone being PUNISHED, not even -- in a semi-separate matter -- my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, said by many to be America's TOP NAZI (Yes, I can definitely CONFIRM this -- but she's also my MOM)

As I have PUBLICLY DECLARED, I'm NOT into anyone's punishment -- just the HEALING OF OUR SOCIETY.

Anyway, the FIRST cool thing from yesterday was to have my old not only high school friend (senior year 1969, in Columbus, Ohio) -- who lived across the hall from me when we were freshmen at Denison University (and we used to argue politics, philosophy, and spirituality ALL THE TIME -- but always RESPECTFULLY), accepted my Facebook friendship request.

Jim Buchan is a serious person.

Jim, a Christian Fundamentalist, went on to get his degree at Bob Jones University, and has gone on to much success as a minister, editor, online presence -- and more -- based in Charlotte, North Carolina. To tell the truth, he accepted my "friendship" half a year ago when I first found him since 1970, but I turned it into something more like FIENDSHIP, by my obnoxious posts on his wall that showed my lingering ANGER over what I've unfairly suffered at the hands of Fundamentalists and Evangelicals (often in the name of Jesus).

So I wrote Jim a private FB message, telling him we have ALL got to find a way to live together respectfully (hopefully lovingly) in PEACE -- and I had ALWAYS believed he and I played for the same team (spiritual, not sexual), despite our differences.

I assume he must feel the same to give me a second chance, and I ended asking him to try to do something to REDUCE THE TEMPERATURE of all the gun lovers in his audience -- no group is more gun-crazed than those claiming that Jesus is Lord.

I think my ABSOLUTE IRE with Patrick Stansbury over his trying to corrupt the Christian Community on "Second Life" shows I'm NOT anti-Christian, per se, but anti-ASSHOLE and CRIMINAL

The SECOND cool thing that happened yesterday, was that I posted the story I posted on this blog yesterday, on Catherwood Travels' Facebook page and they LOVED IT. I then went on to add more, and some of that I will show and correct in a minute, but Catherwood Travels, named for my late friend Ed Catherwood's great-great-uncle, looks TOTALLY COOL (if a tetch expensive), but please REMEMBER, explorers back then had to TOUGH IT, but tough it in LUXURY. There was little to no other class of traveling -- except political and religious people escaping various problems in STEERAGE.

So if YOU, like me, ain't a "One or Five Percenter", you might need to adventurize independently.

Rob Jordan  Rob Jordan Seems funny to cross the border bringing weed SOUTH, haha. Plenty of good cheap weed to be had here, but I digress....
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  • Scott Kenan I was the most uptight TWIT back then imaginable, and Ed Catherwood grew POUNDS of pot in his very upscale Atlanta neighborhood, so we snuck it on the plane cross-country as well. Ed's neighbors, including the founder of The Pleasant Peasant and Peasant Restaurant Group who FAKED GOING STRAIGHT in the 1990s to get moreChristians to patronize their many iconic Atlanta restaurants -- all havingCLOTH NAPKINS and LIVE PIANISTS, also grew pot for Ed. He had a bedroom in his mammoth house that had one bedroom that was as packed as a tobacco-drying warehouse, but more pungent. Ed had been a Vice President of H&R Block, so TODAY, April 15, was always a Day of High Profit to Ed!!!
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What I need to CLARIFY here is that the gay lovers who founded The Pleasant Peasant in the 1970s and their WONDERFUL chain of INDIVIDUALIZED casual-yet-elegant restaurants did NOT actually grow pot for Ed Catherwood, like others of his neighbors. The one who FAKED turning straight, married, and produced children, was responding to the FACT that AIDS was claiming so many gays in MY GENERATION, and the Fundamentalists were getting NASTY about fags owning restaurants that got SO MUCH SUCCESS.

The DEATH OF MY GENERATION caused the DEATH OF AMERICAN CREATIVITY because so many in the Arts are/were gay. Thus GOOD ART, like John Waters' original movie


 . . . became BAD CULTURAL MEDIOCRITY like:

Even starring John Travolta the Scientologist-in-Drag -- and YES, in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2011, I MET one of Travolta's gay lovers.

Bully for THEM!!!

And don't forget: I've blogged about this at least half a dozen times, but in 2010 and at the request of the attorney for Natalie Wood's family, I contacted the detectives in Los Angeles to let them know that at Tennessee Williams' house in late December 1981, Gavin Lambert (he was QUITE the prolific writer on celebrities -- as well as screenplays for at least two of Tennessee's plays), told us he had seen Natalie a week before she was murdered, she PANICKED because she had seen her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walkin in the midst of gay sex, but they had not noticed her.

Robert Wagner with Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood SWORE TO GAVIN that if they found out she KNEW, they would MURDER HER -- and they (or one of them) did -- off Catalina Island.

Those of us working behind the scene got the investigation RE-OPENED, which it remains today -- not enough evidence to prosecute, but too much known to drop the case. (Christopher Walkin was ALSO in the 2007 "Abominable Hairspray".)

So you see, while I certainly am GAY, I'm not a "stupid faggot" (like our current President).

* * *

>>> SO BACK TO THE DISCUSSION OF EASTER (I'm lazy now, so will paste in part of a Facebook thread with plenty of references so ANYONE who has TIME can sort it out for his or her self:

  • Dianne Thompson Christians stole all the pagans traditions.
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  • Scott Kenan Isn't this FUNNY!!! Although raised Catholic, since beginning to study Metaphysics in 1978, I've ALWAYS been taught that Easter is named for the northern European goddess Eostre. I'm not hear to argue and admit Easter ALSO close to Ishtar's name. I'd just never heard that before in all these years . . .
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    Ēostre or Ostara (NorthumbrianOld English: Ēostre; West Saxon Old English: Ēastr...See More

  • Dianne Thompson Scott Kenan -- me too.
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  • Scott Kenan Thanks Diane -- and I mean no insult to anyone, but they can't both be true. I think I'll write about this as part of today's blog posting, but it will take some time. If anyone else cares to chime in with either knowledge or speculation (speculation is only fun if COLORFUL -- I used to work for playwright Tennessee Williams, so know about DRAMA, at least -- LOL!!!), I might include it in my blog post, and then I'll post a link in this thread to my blog. Should anyone care to see what THAT is, here's a link now: Thanks!!!


  • Scott Kenan Here is an interesting image I just found:

    Scott Kenan's photo.
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  • Mary Zaher It depends on who your talking to also Scott different pagans believe in different things.

    The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals, observed by many...See More

  • Scott Kenan Different Christians believe different things too!!! The Catholic Church I was raised in taught the Old Testament was ALLEGORICAL and that Scientific Evolution was the BEST we understand of human and physical development. Not sure most "Cat-Lickers" believe that TODAY -- LOL!!!
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  • Mary Zaher Hathor from ancient Egypt, Demeter from Mycenae, Astarte from ancient Greece, Ashtoreth from ancient Israel. There is no one set of beliefs set in stone for all pagans, wiccans, witches, druids and so on. I was raised Catholic so yes I understand and see how they too all have different beliefs.

    � The name " Easter " originated with the names of an ancient Goddess and God.

  • Scott Kenan I don't argue any of that, but SOMEONE first thought to call the feast of Yeshua-bar-Joseph's (a fine enough Hebrew prophet) "resurrection" EASTER, and I DOUBT it was a Committee of Elders (how you would get it named after many) -- some say it was Constantine who SPREAD Christianinty through the Roman Empire for political reasons, remaining Pagan, himself (despite his virulent Christian mother), to the day he died.
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  • Mary Zaher Here's another good site also if you are interested. And Ohh yes I firmly believe in science and I see a lot of biology going on  In fact I am getting rdy to start planting outside. I held off and good thing because we had a nasty frost!!
    The Witches' Voice offers the latest (updated daily) in news and networking for the Modern Witch, Wiccan and Pagan Community.

  • Scott Kenan OK -- I need to complete my blog post and then post a link to it here.

  • Mary Zaher Ugh Constantine yep know all about him and wouldn't allow him to watch my dog let alone take anything he put together seriously.

  • Scott Kenan THANK YOU -- sort of set the tone for today's "Christian" Fundamentalists, if ya ask me!!!
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In 1st Chronicles in the "Old Testament", where the line from Adam to Noah is listed with all living hundreds and hundreds of years, many scholars claim those actually represent AGES. I can tell you this for FACTMahalalel, aka "The Prince of Peace" (pictured above and looking right like "Jesus of Nazareth") follows Kenan (Cainan in some translations), which means "The Sadness" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness" -- depending on WHICH bible scholars you ask.