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RP: A PERFECT Validation of My Claims of CORRUPTION by So Many in Law Enforcement and the Courts of Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Front of the Carolina Apartments -- which when my boyfriend in 1985, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson (then the most recent of Thomas S. Kenan III's long-term boyfriends), lived here and I dated him, that sign was covered with one saying "DEEP RIVER APARTMENTS" for the filming of this movie, then underway:

Click image to see fully.

Here is more, posted to the "unofficial site" by my neighbor Jenny, whom I have mentioned halfway down here

A good, and peaceful, night to you all!

(This view is from Jenny's window ON MY FLOOR!!!)

Jenny McCracken's photo.

>>> HERE IS WHAT JUST HAPPENED (as I walked past the unloading of inmates into the bottom of the New Hanover County Courthouse, a few minutes ago)!!!

I stopped and spoke with the Sheriff's Deputy in charge of the operation, first saying, "Well any day not with THEM is a GOOD DAY, Sir!!!"

He cracked up, so I told him I'm actually a "shirttail scion" of the wealthy Kenans, worked for Tennessee Williams, and now work with Generals Honore and Powell -- to BUST nearly every politician in this town (except Mayor Saffo), for narco-trafficking, and the BEST Court Quality evidence I have is against HIS BOSS, Ed McMahon, Sheriff -- and Ralph Evangelous (the Chief of Police), as well!!!

He looked me right in the eye and said he hopes I DO -- and even BLESSED ME, and wished me "Godspeed" (or similar).

HOW did these CROOKS come to believe they could CORRUPT WILMINGTON INDEFINITELY???

Oh WAIT -- they have ENDORSEMENTS from the "Christian" Churches.



We are in the midst of the greatest social movement in history, as people all around the world take action to create a more sustainable world.
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RP: After a Wild and Woolly 4th of July Weekend -- the PRACTICAL Work Continues!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

North Carolina Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry won election to HEAD the Episcopal Church, USA, very recently in an ENORMOUS landslide. He had already been performing same-sex marriages BEFORE his denomination approved of them, and that Church overwhelmingly approved Marriage Equality at the same confab.

The Episcopal Church (which in Mexico is PRIMARILY a narco-trafficking machine -- which I can more than prove in Court), and murdered Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard (as Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tennessee they would do and I ALSO have the proof of that), is ZOOMING ahead of most Christian Churches now in LOVE and INTELLIGENCE. Have they FINALLY gotten Jesus's MESSAGE???

Warning of threat to ‘human life itself’, Christian denomination commits to re-investing in clean energy following pope’s pastoral letter on the environment
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1. This morning, I see that SOMEONE (or ones), has been googling my name followed by Testosteroni's ACTUAL last name -- which could be either him looking at where in this blog it is listed (once, a couple of months ago -- and he's been FINE with that remaining there), or it COULD be my Special Forces Guy (whom I've decided to call "Opssey", as he is CLEARLY on a very SPECIAL Special Operation to mine me for info, no???

Given the SAVED RECORD of Testo's "psychological terrorism" of ME -- especially during my move to Wilmington which he pulled out ALL STOPS to talk me out of doing -- the US Government might need to talk to him for some kind of explanation. I HOPE so, to tell you the TRUTH. I APPRECIATE his financial support and his CONSISTENCY in it, but his seeming HATRED of me is mystifying to me.

But I prefer to remember that unsolicited, one of his FIRST gifts to me was a copy of 

So DESPITE his trying to PREVENT me in getting to the bottom of the corruption of the US Government, he is ALSO completely into UNDERSTANDING IT.

I guess between his years as a recluse and his addiction to unneeded Testosterone injections, his mind is a MESS (and full of "bipolar contradictions"). Having "been there/done that", I am both empathetic and sympathetic to his plight, now.

At 81, Testo is not likely this ripped.

2. With all the super hot not-just-white-people, but blacks and others as well -- here in Wilmington, I QUICKLY got over my lust for my apartment neighbor, as recently reported. In fact, the poor overworked guy flopped on my sofa last night just to relax -- away from his several girlfriends, and Jenny, who told him LIES about me (and I disclosed to him her lies to ME about HIM, too)!!!

Anyway, he loves to write, too, and wants my opinion on his writing, as well as being interested in sharing some prepared Costco foods (portions being TOO LARGE for a single person), and in watching some movies here.

You see, I SORT OF screwed up -- due to the sensitivity I have to good audio/video equipment -- and when a 49" LG Ultra-HD TV was on sale for the 4th at $719.00 at Target (and I first googled its reviews -- all five stars -- and its typical price -- ON SALE at Best Buy for $1,099.00), I simply couldn't resist -- knowing I'd LUST for the better picture all too soon, and be stuck with an inferior TV.

The 49" TV looks as large as my mid-50 inches TVs of the last twenty years -- in this small apartment -- and the picture is to DIE FOR!!!

I had actually planned to use my very small TV, which I'd bought as a monitor for an old box computer, but can use it as a second screen for my laptop -- the way I LIKE to write -- one screen for writing, one for research.

BUT, I thought I had CAREFULLY checked finances and it was possible, but soon after purchasing, discovered that was NOT the case, so today, I empty my "cushion" at Benefits Management, and STILL don't have enough money to fix my car's cracked or broken windshield and side window -- necessary to get it inspected -- and then the costs of inspection, registration, etc.

And I haven't begun to shop for food yet -- except for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cereal, and YES -- I have ALREADY boiled up a pound and a half of PEANUTS!!!

Checking an old NC Inspection sheet from 2012, I see they DO check tire tread, so I likely will have to replace ONE tire, the one with the very slow leak.

2. The LAST posting,, has zoomed to the most-hit of the week, and the second most hit of the week is this: -- ALSO pretty amazing considering these are my two most recent posts, all the others of the last week having had FAR LONGER to rack up hits!!!

3. Neither Ryan Burris (on behalf Cape Fear Equality -- regarding my WEEK AGO inquiry about WHEN and WHERE they meet, since their calendar on-line is ENTIRELY BLANK), nor Carolyn Foland,, have had a THING to do with me or responded to personal messages. Carolyn had INSISTED she wants to video-record my story as SOON as I arrived in town!!!

Carolyn and Ryan, together

BOTH seen consumed with juvenile behavior -- Ryan goofing in clown noses, etc., and Carolyn posts to Facebook using animated cutsy-images that I associate with Snoopy-loving junior-high girls when I was that age in the late 1960s!!!

NOT exactly "Leadership", no???


This is a STUNNING slap in the face of the UBER-racist Kenan Family that helped found UNC and today continue as the school's LARGEST financial and political influence!!!
But not everyone on the Chapel Hill campus believes it's an act of vandalism.
"They've made a major improvement to the statue,"
UNC student Nikhil Umesh told WTVD, the local 
ABC station."

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No wonder Party Politics is such a MESS today -- Andrew Jackson, the FOUNDING SAINT of the Democratic Party was a war-mongering, Native American slaughterer, and slave-owning persecutor of minorities -- known for profiting from his government's land-confiscatory policies. His personal style is best compared to George W. Bush's and Sara Palin's!!! Fascinating read:

American history has come full circle.
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Scott Kenan shared a link.
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Here's your chance to have a gay old time at quite the unexpected location -- the Vatican. A new tour from the LGBT-friendly travel company Quikky offers visitors a look at the homoerotic history i
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My senior year at Denison University, class of '73, THREE of the eight Fraternity Presidents were closeted gay -- and always ran out the back of the Kismet gay bar in Columbus, Ohio -- as soon as they spotted me entering!!! My roommate, Steve Fretwell, President of Interfraterity Council and STRAIGHT, and I used to LAUGH OUR BUTTS OFF about that -- HA!!!

I was a closeted 18-year-old in the midst of pledging the biggest 'bro' fraternity on campus. Now what?
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