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RP: Well, It's Not the Ides of March -- but I Had to DO AWAY WITH Julius Caesar, Nonetheless!!!

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Let them suck THIS!!!:

The "Six-Foot Kenan Cock" sits atop Kenan Steeple on First Presbyterian ChurchWilmington, North Carolina.

Let Julius Caesar suck that.


1. Here is the best thing of the day: while waiting for Julius Caesar to come back this evening for some free "rock and roll", not only has the water been off atop my hill for six hours, but ten minutes before he arrived the USA started bombing Syria and CNN could smell the ADVERTISING DOLLARS POURING IN!!!

2. But THAT wasn't what I had meant to write -- I had spent an hour reading the beginning of John Lahr's Tennessee Williams biography, and it is REALLY WELL WRITTEN (as well as researched, etc.), and is full of new detail that fleshes out long-ago situations that the reader can just STEP INTO -- easy as pie!!!

So I'm even more glad that Mr. Lahr has completed his effort, and hope he has OUTRAGEOUS success, which he deserves.

Lahr's job was to capture Williams -- mine to prove the murder and theft of estate (and to eventually MAKE PEACE with all involved, both DEAD and ALIVE.


4. Getting back to Julius Caesar, he arrived at the time this evening that he'd said he would -- and nicely dressed for the activities he had suggested (conversation and sex). As soon as he walked in the door, he announced that the "fucking cops" had just stopped him (a pedestrian), and STOLEN his 140 pesos (he actually owed me 100 pesos, that he had said he'd pay me tonight).

That was it. I very firmly and loudly told him to "get right back out that door" and to never let me see his face again. He obeyed, and as I followed him off my front porch, I hollered at him that cops don't stop pedestrians unless they are doing drugs in public or some other STUPID or ASS-HOLIC thing, so get out of my life and don't come back.

Actual photo (one of several I found on the internet), of former Puerto Vallarta MayorChava Gonzalez Resendiz (PRI Party) giving a full NAZI SALUTE!!!. Chava scheduled FOUR meetings with me in 2010, regarding my hoped-for 100th Birthday Celebration for Tennessee Williams in 2011, but STIFFED me by not showing even once.

And during his tenure, the local cops DID stop people illegally -- claiming reasons and demanding a bribe or they would arrest you. I was stopped nearly every night as I drove the main drag just past the Cruise-Ships Marina. I played stupid -- even pretending I didn't understand Englishonce -- and ALWAYS got let go, without paying.

But under the new Mayor Ramón Guerrero Martínez, there have been no more such problems.

And as "Julius Caesar" strode the concrete trail toward the end of my street, I yelled so all the neighbors could here (most understand at least simple English -- including all the sex words), "Suck someone else's cock from now on!!!" -- despite the fact that he'd never done that to me, although the reverse had been performed.

Soon, thereafter, I was on the phone with Testosteroni in New York to relay the humorous tale, and Testo was RIGHT when he then said, "You KNOW he's gonna be back."

He will be -- after a few days. Mexicans are the MOST PERSISTENT salespeople I have ever encountered, but what is ALSO true, is that he will remember this and NOT push me hard -- and he is NOT a dangerous guy.

If you don't mind those kinds of games, just TODAY, he got a tattoo on his forearm (I forget which one), in 2" Gothic letters, blackLAS VEGAS., so he's not so very hard to find.

Julio has simple Gothic letters on a less-fleshy arm (some nice hairs included).

5. No telling what TOMORROW brings -- but I expect to have some fun with that too.


Fox News's Forecast for Wednesday


RP: Once Again, the Yankee Rockefellers PUNK the Confederate Kenans!!!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Once Again, the Rockefellers PUNK the Kenans!!!



While this article hides much truth of the founding of Standard Oil first by Henry Flagler, who then incorporated S.O. with J.D. Rockeffeller, and Flagler's father-in-lawHarkness as equal partners, eventually leaving the bulk of his and Harkness's portions to his last bride's, Mary Lily Kenan's, family, Rockefeller BOYCOTTED Flagler's marriage toMiss Kenan because he knew she had syphilis, soon to show tertiary symptoms. And she was eventually killed by Col. Robert Worth Bingham over a tiny $5,000,000.00 codicil to her will, which he used to buy the Louisville Courier Journal, and begin his media empire plus be President Wilson's Ambassador to the "The Court of St. James" (England).

Also germane, is that Bingham, who attended Duke Universityfounded partly by his own family, is alleged to have given Mary Lily the syphilis while they were in college in Raleigh, Mary Lily studying Music and Comportment at Peace College.

David Chandler's two books, one on Flagler, one on Bingham, together give the fairest account of Mary Lily's death.

The Rockefeller family is divesting some of its massive fortune from fossil fuels, the New York Times reported on Sunday. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the family's charitable arm, will announce the landmark move in a video conference on...
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But don't worry, like the Kenan Family, the Rockefellers own MORE Exxon-Mobil,Chevron, etc. stock PERSONALLY than do their Charities, and they are NOT promising to divest of the GREAT BULK of their Standard Oil money!!!

Mary Lily Kenan Flagler was the DRIVING FORCE that got Flagler to finally build the "Key West Extension", paving the way (after a devastating hurricane), for Tennessee Williams to eventually live there. Mary Lily had "been dating" -- as his steady -- Henry Flagler for TEN YEARS, waiting for the Florida Legislature to allow him to legally divorce his second wife for "permanent need of a mental illness commitment" (different wording), which really seems to have been all too real.



DON'T HARASS JOHN LAHR for the LIES about Tennessee's death and thedisposal of his Estate, seen in his new biography of TW -- at the Provincetown Williams Festival, this year -- it begins THIS WEEK, and at least a DOZEN recipients of emails of this blog are CONFIRMED to be going.

You can harass Thomas Keith and his Colombian boyfriend, Arturoinstead!!! (but nottoo much)

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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The town itself has always been important to the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival.
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MORE good news for Mexico and Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto -- ANOTHERaward!!!:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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President Peña Nieto yesterday became the first president of a Latin American country to be presented a Global Citizens Award by the Atlantic Council.
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And believe it or not, "Julius Caesar" returned this morning and completely cleaned up my back garden for only $30.00 USD -- a fair wage -- and he says he will return tonight to"watch some TV or listen to music" -- NO CHARGE FOR PARTY FAVORS!!!

We'll see . . .



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RP: After Reading the Last 100 Pages of John Lahr's Tennessee Williams Biography . . .

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

After Reading the Last 100 Pages of John Lahr's Tennessee Williams Biography . . .

After reading the end of John Lahr's book, I just wanted something simple and congratulatory to sayso here I found it:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

In New York, Enrique Peña Nieto to receive prestigious World Statesman award 

Guadalajara -
President Enrique Peña Nieto departed Mexico City this afternoon to attend next week's 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Peña Nieto has been named the Appeal of Conscience Foundation's 2014 World Statesman of the Year, and will be honored in the week ahead.

The U.S. based Appeal of Conscience was founded in 1965 by Rabbi Arthur Schneier, and describes itself as an "interfaith partnership of corporate and spiritual leaders from all faiths who join to promote peace, tolerance and ethnic conflict resolution."

The president is being recognized for his "commitment to liberty, human rights, peace, and religious and ethnic freedom, and for advancing democratic values internationally," according to Mexican press accounts today. Peña Nieto: respect for human rights is Mexico's focus.

Of course Barack Obama won the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE -- for reasons thatescape me now . . .

>>> GOOD NEWS FOR JOHN LAHR (and even Thomas Keith)!!!

1. First, I have to say I LOVE reading TENNESSEE WILLIAMS: MAD PILGRIMAGE OF THE FLESH because it is so well written and the part I've read so far (which includes when I worked for Mr. Williams and got to know many people in Lahr's book), rings TOTALLY TRUEabout Tennessee's creative work, his friends, and what happened up until I left his employ right after A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND opened at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, late in April, 1982. After that is another story.

But Mr. Lahr seems to have gotten the "arts stuff" right -- and has shown I was WRONG on a couple of things -- other things we simply disagree on in public, if not in actual knowing.

2. The first two people mentioned that I knew fairly well, Dotson Rader and Robert Carroll, are perfectly described and reported about, actually making me MORE sympathetic to Robert than I was before I learned a lot more about him, here (turns out he was ALWAYS like he was when I met him). And Dotson Rader is quoted about Tennessee's having had aGREAT opportunity to have stepped in to prevent Rose's lobotomy -- which was the point Thomas Keith had put into my book in place of my quoting Tennessee's quite different words.

I think I simply have to accept that, now, and APOLOGIZE to Thomas for my words about this. Also, is the fact that the parents, not the brother, get the LEGAL say in any case.

3. Lahr states that the estate was worth $5,000,000.00 when Tennessee died, yet Tennessee showed me his accountants' annual statement of his net worth in early 1982, and it was between 10 and 11 million dollars. In the last year he could have spent it down that much -- or the accounting could have been different, but Lahr's going on to state the income to the estate in later years does NOT square at all with the Sewanee alumni, all lawyers from Birmingham, AL who contacted me in 2008 or 09 to say the estate was THEN worth nearly $1/3 billion -- my speculation that it has grown now to nearly a billion is just that -- speculation -- but they DID say Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander (former Archbishop of Atlanta, now head of Sewanee's Theology Department, was using it to COVER UP the fact that alumni donations had fallen SEVERELY when Sewanee retired their Symbol of Episcopal Church Power, the CONFEDERATE MACE, in 2005:

3. And readers are sure to recall that not only Donna Pierce (Sewanee's Head Legal Council), but Bishop Alexander and a couple of his subordinate Bishops all threatened to sue me for LIBEL in 2010, when I first began blogging about this and Sewanee's murder of Tennessee Williams and theft of his estate. They never DID directly sue me -- only LATERthrough Jamie Lee Sutherland via Daliah Saper, a Fox News minor TALKING HEAD and her law firm, Saper Law, LLC, Chicago -- and THAT only by NOT serving me legally, and then trying me IN ABSENTIA

This legal battle to be reversed, soon, now. You see, I was sued for claiming things that hadNOTHING to do with Tennessee Williams (rather Jamie Sutherland and Barack Obama), but they were STILL awarded my copyright to my Williams memoirALL my blog postsever, and emails on related subjects until my death (plus half a million dollarsfrom a person just coming off homelessness) -- STRANGEno???

And BOTH Tennessee's Will and the Codicil stipulate that all the money proceeds from the estate are to be used to support struggling writers -- something Lahr doesn't mention at all!!! The closest thing to this that Sewanee does is the Sewanee Writers Conference, whose fees begin well over $1,000.00:

4. I was shocked to see that Lahr claims Williams' Will was written so many years before his death -- and the Codicil to it was signed in 1980 -- before I met Mr. Williams. In Tennessee's circle, it was said he had signed a whole new Will (to totally replace a former Will), a few years before I met Tennessee in 1981, and then in January of 1982,Jackie Kennedy Onassis URGED him, urgently, to draw up and sign a codicil that gave Harvard control over the rights and decisions over how to spend the proceeds -- leaving Sewanee with some benefit as well as actual ownership of much of it. She warned him thatSewanee, the Episcopal Church, and Republican Party planned to murder him before he changed his will -- or change it all to their favor if they had to.

Jane Smith and Vassilis Voglis, Tennessee's most trusted/visited friends in New York during that time, BOTH told me that Tennessee had delayed as usual, and never signed that Codicil until fall of 1982, which is when his condition HAD become deteriorated, making it easier toOVERTURN the Codicil -- and Nancy Armstrong, head admin in Harvard's Legal Department until she retired in summer 2012, CONFIRMED to me that that was ALSOHarvard's understanding at the time -- although ALL lawyers then working for Harvard had left by the time I spoke with Nancy -- and President Drew Griffin Faust is NOT interested in this AT ALL!!!

5. John Uecker told me a story of the chain of events the morning after Tennessee Williams died, that considerably conflicts with Lahr's reporting. John did not say what time he "found" Williams dead, but the impression I got was that it was early -- like 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. He claimed he first called Vassilis Voglis, who rushed over in his running suit, taking about half an hour to get there, and they conversed for about an hour before John called Police or others.

In fact, Vasillis told me that he decided to change into some of Tennessee's clothes to greet the press and law enforcement in better than a running outfit, but Uecker warned him not to, as Tennessee had crab lice.

apologize, but this image is correctly oriented in my computer, butGoogle Chrome insists on ONLY inserting it sideways, here.

This is from a privately published (in mid-1980s), book by Mark Beard, who was Vasilis Voglis' "boyfriend" who put Mark through Art school. The last copy of this book to sell sold for $30,000.00 at Sotheby Auction. Mark is also known for develping Abercrombie & Fitch'smildly homoerotic theme -- and painting giant murals at several flagship stores in Asia and Europe, even holding the WORLD RECORD for largest ever oil-on-canvas painting.

Mark Beard is the great-grandson of one of the THREE that Joseph Smith dictated THE BOOK OF MORMON to, and today, his family owns the largest Mormon Bank. He knows aLOT about these times, and Vasillis told him all ABOUT the day Tennessee Died and what John Uecker was like then -- AND JOHN LAHR KNOWS THAT, but did NOT, apparently, interview him.

But additionally complicating things is that Mark Beard threw a book launch party inNOVEMBER of 2009 for SORDID TRUTHS by Aiden Shaw -- for his friend Don Weise, and Don was the Publisher at Alyson Books who CANCELLED my contract to publish WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, and at both of Mr. Beard's Christmas Parties (2009 and 2012), that I attended, Mark disappeared to bed long before the party ended -- due to his Xanaxaddiction.

6. John Uecker told me in 2009 that after Vasillis arrived they called "authorities" and JohnHIMSELF made up the strangle-on-a-bottle-top cause of death and the Coroner agreed to it, to keep the scandal press from seizing on drugs as the cause, and then six months later, that being proved impossible, the Coroner quietly changed the cause of death to "sudden intolerance to Seconal".

I was unaware of ANY report of Seconal showing up in toxicology reports -- I've NEVER seen this before, and if it is TRUEJohn never murdered Tennessee. But complicating things (deliberately???), is that the samples of blood were sent to lab under a FALSE NAME of aDRUG ADDICT, and THAT is a CRIME in New York!!! Who KNOWS if the right results were attached to Mr. Williams blood samples. Of all these people actually there, only John Uecker survives.

7. But what John Lahr ALSO doesn't mention is that Uecker later became James Purdy'sliterary assistant who inherited Purdy's ENTIRE ESTATE in 2009, but Purdy's family,suspecting fowl play, tied Uecker up in lawsuits, although he now seems to have come into all of it.

And Lahr reports a little shrine to James Purdy (an author I only heard Tennessee mention once or twice), was found on Tennessee's night table when he was found dead -- howSELF-SERVING might that be???

8. But the BOTTOM LINE on this is Lahr's JOKE of trying to get away with calling the Last Will and Testament of 1980 the CODICIL -- and NOT recognizing the Codicil signed in 1982, as documented as real MANY places.

John Uecker claimed to me that Thomas Elliot Keith had told him they would keep Lahr to the Sewanee Line of Lies by blackmailing him since they had the proof of Lahr's gay life -- despite his long marriage to a woman -- and I guess that worked!!!