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RP: A Few Kind Words about Ted Druch (and Maria Ruiz)

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In the 1960s, Ted Druch was a disciple of Timothy Leary for 1.5 years, living on the notorious Millbrook, Connecticut EstateRichard Nixon even declared Leary the most dangerous man on earth, and the CIA was known to have many times infiltrated the crowd living (in three groups that did NOT get along with each other -- but the estate was vast), on the estate.

Articles on this can be found all over the internet, but here is one: 

Timothy Leary’s liberation, and the CIA’s experiments! LSD’s amazing, psychedelic history

The U.S. psychedelic drug scene was kickstarted by spies and spooks, just as much as Timothy Leary and Jerry Garcia

I have no idea why Ted wrote a novel instead of a non-fiction book -- I guess he wanted to include a lot of fiction.


Since this is "AND" the Madmen of Millbrook, Ted is apparently including himself -- LOL!!!


1. Frankly, I had forgotten that Ted had been a disciple of Timothy Leary, although I heard that when I met him in 2010 at the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, always -- it seems to me now -- full of criminals and adventurers. One of the leaders back then was a yacht captain, who got into it with ME when I tried to expose his carrying drugs secreted in the boats he took to the USA (the owners unaware of the drugs going in their boats). That was via long distance from Wilmington, NC -- after I left Puerto Vallarta the first time.

Capt. Doug Danielson -- and his book:

Strip bar in Puerto Vallarta where "Fernando Merino" worked as a stripper/prostitute AFTER he had troubles with ME -- HA!!!

Jim Wilson of Oregon,

Another was Jim Wilson, who attended writers meetings sometimes in 2010. He not only helped me at first when I was homeless, but LATER forced me to lose much money and goods. He ran a philosophy discussion group at La Cuiza bar/art gallery, dedicated to promoting FORCE, as opposed to POWER, and hung out with the owners of the Boutique Theatre, who have recently had significant troubles.

Jim Wilson and his "boob-perfect" wife KimberlyBRAGGED to me several times that Jim was the largest importer of bales of pot into Oregon.

2. I need to stop right now and declare that I don't want to speculate much here about Ted Druch -- I have NOT done sufficient research, but more importantly, MY having been brought up by a mother who was the top NAZI in the USA -- then also greatly influenced by Tennessee Williams and his friends and associates, MIGHT BE LESS PECULIAR than what Ted Druch had to deal with, so I have a lot of empathy.

3. After his stint with Leary, Ted was a very successful rehabber of Victorian houses in San Francisco, so he at least had a legitimate way that he made enough money to not work now -- and selling books provides little food!!!

4. The FUNNY THING -- my entire life, actually -- is that guys who are CRAZED for women's breasts, are the ones who have ALWAYS put me down the most -- often becoming violent. I have NO IDEA why that is, but above is a present to them.

You see, I just spent twenty-five minutes getting my computer to work right -- the problem NOT being my computer, but that I COULD NOT BLOG!!! My connection was excellent, but my blog was taken down so I could not get into it, yet I WAS into it on another browser, and everything I had seen posted of this posting that I first found posted WAS GONE -- leaving only every OLDER posting, proving that the CIA or NSA does NOT want me posting about these people: DruchWilson"Captain Doug", etc.

But after 25 minutes of working work-arounds -- and a re-booting -- everything seems working FINE now, especially since I already got up the MOST DAMAGING INFORMATION.

5. And just because of this INTERNET SKIRMISH with those who manipulate Blogger/Google, I am going to remind my readers that while I worked for Tennessee Williams, three of his friends from his generation, including writer Gavin LambertLOVED TO TELL how they and others used the Dallas Cowboys as their CALL-BOY service, paying players for sexual services.

This was in the mid-1960s and before -- BEFORE football and other players made HUGE sums of money -- and IN FACT the Dallas football team had such a bad reputation for being "homosexual whores", that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were trotted out like a bunch of fancy sluts, to take everyone's mind off that -- those cheerleaders seen on posters on Denison University frat house walls -- and telling me NOT to talk to THOSE people. They were VERY anti-gay!!!

>>>THIS JUST IN @ 6:03 PM, CDT: 

According to TWO readers who have emailed, congratulating me for telling the TRUTH about the NFL (and similar)Roger Staubach was the TEAM CAPTAIN during the PEAK of the GAY WHORING.

That doesn't mean Staubach was part of it. 

Email me with names of Dallas Cowboys YOU know were selling it to guys, and I'll post them if I get enough!!!

* * *

Maria Ruiz

6. And I DO want to say that Maria Ruiz always struck me as a very well intended person -- and a helpful teacher. I don't remember her ever reading (and Ted Druch's readings were mostly "long-winded"), but I liked her, although she always seemed very down-trodden as a woman, by Ted, and that in THIS day and age she is posting his cheese-cake You-Tube promo videos, is BEYOND PATHETIC!!!

I doubt any other women, today, in Writers Group would stoop to such a thing.


No WONDER I'm a writernow!!!


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RP: Sadly, THOUSANDS OF MEN Are Slated to Die of This -- THIS YEAR (but I will die "otherly" -- I expect)!!!

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Well, I guess we can't ALL be enthused about it . . .

But here is today's most ALARMING development:

The END OF THEATER is here!!!

>>> BREAKING NEWS!!!TWO real estate professionals in Wilmington, North Carolina asked to join my LINKED-IN network within HOURS of my last blogging. Both white and in their "Middle Age", one female, one male.

GUESS I've been adequately entertaining the HOMETOWN TROOPS!!!

Well, haven't heard much about THIS ONE in a while!!!

And I take this as a SIGN FROM GOD that I need to make Charles an HONORARY NORTH CAROLINIAN post haste -- so I hereby DO!!!

And I also realize that the most succinct definition of a North Carolinian is "a rascal", and googling for an image, only "Rascal Flatts" comes up:

Well, it's stamped "NRA approved", so Charles should like that!!!

>>> WHILE I AM NEVER KNOWN TO BE STUBBORN, I have JUST DISCOVERED a personality problem that I believe will be easy (easy-ish), to correct. In the disappointment of finding that the neighborhood kids have stolen a bunch of lights off my NEW Christmas lights on the front porch (this is the THIRD string they have ruined in nearly two years -- they being specialty lights with no replacement bulbs but the four they came with).

And no one around who spoke English, so I got frustrated and hollered like a BANSHEE at them all -- even slamming the metal gate of the fencing around my front porch, for emphasis.

But I certainly then felt like a FOOLkids being kids, and me acting more childish than they!!!

Now, I have realized all this yelling and anti-social behavior on my part is left-over programming from my mother, who raised us constantly yelling at us kids about our ABJECT WORTHLESSNESS (not ALL Catholic homes are like this -- and we had daily beatings and those pastel swastikas rimming our plates). 

And being relaxed, recently, from resolving how to proceed on several LEGAL FRONTS, I am no longer in a hurry, but my guard has been down, so I easily FLEW OFF THE HANDLE at both writers group and the Mexican kids, yesterday (actually, I was yelling at the parents -- not the kids).

And in RECENT MONTHS, Mom and I are getting along just SWELL, so I need to adjust my "Mom-influenced parts" to act swell TOO -- that's all!!!

>>> NOW ANOTHER WRITERS GROUP MATTER, not previously discussed, is that Leader Colin sent out a sort of marketing thang in the weekly email, this past week, from Ted, a member who with his wife Maria, has moved to an undisclosed location (even Ted's Facebook page shows him STILL in Puerto Vallarta)Ted and Maria have led writing classes, and Ted is the person who in front of "class", once demanded to know if I was "back on my psychiatric medications" -- and who even hollered unpleasantly about the same in the town of Chacala as I entered the restaurant where he and his wife and two others were eating -- BEFORE I EVEN NOTICED THEM!!!

Ted has published a new crime novel about his serial hero and private dickNick Gold(OK, his name is "Joe Gold", but I've changed it for "literary purposes"), a Jewish guy with a FETISH for gals in (or out of) tight sweaters. And come to think of it, that sounds EXACTLY like Allen Rosen of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (and my part-time roommate of about 12 years)!!!

Allen and Linda Rosen, circa 2004.

NOTHING is worse in my book than a "Jew gone bad" -- and I say that as an "Honorary Jew", which Jonathan Reiner of the Hollywood Reiners made me in early 2010, when I FIRST blogged that my parents had been revealed in 1990, to be America's Top NAZIS -- by two top Atlanta business leaders who were Jewish.

Here are two screen captures from Ted's You-Tube promo -- posted by his WIFEMaria Ruiz -- MODERN wives would be TOO ASHAMED to post a thing like this!!!:

Well, Ted is also working on an historical novel, KING DAVID'S HARP -- which ONE wag in writers group likes to call King David's TRUMPET -- although judging by the Gold promo, perhaps it should be STRUMPET!!!

>>> WELL ALL THE STORIES TO SCORE HAVE ARRIVED, -- SHOCKING TO SEE that 32 of about 70 submitted were NOT scored by more than two, when FIVE agreed to score EACH!!! -- so I'd better go and get to them. I leave you with an ALTERNATIVE NICK GOLD, a friend of mine from Facebook:

Nick Gold, PR and Media Director for Eau Palm Beach resort, and Bram Majtlis, of the Lake Worth (Florida) Playhouse actually MET at the Hague (its a European thing -- look it up), exactly 24 years ago today -- although they are not legally married.


Nick -- I don't actually know you, but I've BORROWED you and Bram for "literary purposes" on my blog, today. It should be OK -- I'm from Atlanta, my family founded UNC Chapel Hill, and later inherited Henry Flagler's entire estate. Also, I was Tennessee Williams's last assistant:…/well-i-guess-we-ca…
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RP: Well, I AM Calming Down (in fits and spurts)!!!

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But I wasn't sure about the new "Butt Plug Christmas Tree" in Paris:

But last night, for the sake of JesusGov. Chris Christie flew over and sat on it.




Yesterday, after I came to find the graphic that IS that posting, and its significance, I realized how FUNDAMENTALLY the fight with AIDS in the 1980s, especially, had affected me. The US Government was doing next to nothing, Christian Leaders were thanking God for bringing this painful retribution on homos and black Haitians, and while nice people even sometimes helped, they did NOTHING to purge the Christian religions or the Republican Party (especially), of those who hate and wish slow painful deaths on gays and certain minorities, in the Name of Jesus, of course.

But then, I had to consider that while a great number of those people are still alive, they and much has changed the last 30 years, so it is more important to find understanding NOW, than to try to assign blame, etc. for the past.

The realization of this, caused my anger to dissipate about like the air in the Paris Butt Plug overnight, last night. But wouldn't you know it, something at Puerto Vallarta Writers Group TRIPPED ME UP this morning -- LOL!!!

Too few are scoring the stories they promised to, in deciding what to include in this year's anthology, and it all was being argued from many points of view, today -- long after decisions should have been made and responsibilities taken, CHIEF among them being the correction of errors that each applicant should have done BEFORE submitting.

So I quite literally cussed them ALL out for being a bunch of spoiled White Americans (mostly), ACTIVELY in a culture of "FEED ME, BURP ME, CHANGE MY DIAPER" -- and most of them are old enough to be retired with plenty of time to do this before submitting.

But the bottom line, is that I and two others volunteered to read and score the entries that only two of the "promising five" have bothered with the commitments they made, TIME now being of the essence. I do NOT yet know how many that will be -- and am waiting to get them by email, shortly -- AI YAI!!!

But Charles (sometimes called in this blog "The Jaw"), is in charge of getting all the scores together, and while I can't help but like him, he has carried an NRA (National Rifle Association) tote to group, claimed that Muslims are fundamentally trying to convert or murder everyone on earth (I know some do, but I've known MANY very kind and loving Muslims, so I judge on DEEDS not WORDS of the yackers -- and GOD KNOWS I know many Christians who are at least that Evil), and I have even supported Charles's recent two-week trip to Wyoming to shoot antelope -- NOT my thing, but I am not against hunting the non-endangered for FOOD, even though not needed for that, really.

A scene from THE MISSION

But here's the kicker: Charles (a football player sized 68-or-so-years old white man, whom I have no lust for), at one point (when everyone was paying attention), raised his arm and invited me to sniff his pit to calm down -- like those two old "Indians" offered their penises to the priest played by Jeremy Irons in the movie THE MISSION (1986), when HE was in great distress -- a practice of Naive Americans who knew what science has recently proven -- human semen is CHOCK FULL of natural mood enhancers.

I didn't do it, but LOVED that Charles was so smart and ballsy.

Anyway, it did NOT stop there, because at lunch for eight of us, we all got to bragging about all the times we have all bribed cops in the USA, other countries -- and especially Mexico. Perhaps writers are fundamentally criminals.

But Charles told a great story of having gotten all the necessary paperwork together to marry his second wife, a Catholic Mexican -- in the Catholic Church. It had not occurred to him that he would need to PROVE HE'S CATHOLIC (which he never was -- nor is he now), for the interviewing nun who could issue his Marriage Licence, he had to have a Catholic Baptismal Certificate.

So remembering his successes bribing cops, he pulled out a 500 peso note, slipped it under the pile of papers and slid it back to the nun. She immediately issued his Marriage License.

Now, some might think that means he is not actually married -- but I DISAGREE. Marriage is between two people -- and God, if you will. The Church is just there to push the paper, and the equivalent of $37.03 USD is what it took to LUBRICATE THE WHEEL.

That's all (and I might make Charles an "Honorary North Carolinian" for that)!!!


We are still, of course, waiting for the Senate Intelligence Committee Report to be released to the public. It's been forever since it was finished, and forever since the CIA managed to respond, an...
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RP: If You Can Comprehend the Full Meaning of These Words, Then You Understand the DEPTH of My Anger, Which I AM Releasing:

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RP: Signs That America REALLY IS Evolving (slowly, but surely)!!!

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In GEORGIA, no less, my old state that is SOLID Republican in statewide elections!!!

Great news! We’re leading by THREE points in a new poll released by 11Alive this morning. But we can't slow down now. We’ve got 20 days left to win this. Help us keep up the momentum, contribute now:

Many don't know this, but former Indiana Senator (Republican) Richard Lugar, a Trustee Emeritus of my alma mater, Denison University (where he founded a "balanced" Political School), used his PAC to give Michelle Nunn the seed money to start her campaign.

Not quite sure what to make of this -- but they have a SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

2. Michael Thomas Ford of Houston was annoyed with my crack against Christians that I posted under this image, and erased it, then wrote me:

  • Michael Thomas Ford
    Michael Thomas Ford
    Scott, my sister posted that photo as a joke because I'm currently taking the Praxis. She happens to be a math teacher. Please don't post comments like that on my page again.
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan
    Hey Michael -- thanks, and you are right, although I had to google just now to see what "praxis" is, algebra and logic actually are the same, and typically only Republicans diss algebra. 
  • And also true is that God seems to have given Christians a sense of self-importance to replace their lack of sense of humor. But I LOVE Texas!!! First spent time there with my then boss, playwright Tennessee Williams in Houston and on a ranch near Boerne in 1982. 
  • My relatives, who founded UNC Chapel Hill, established in Texas LONG before they inherited more of Standard Oil from Henry Flagler than Rockefeller ever owned -- they ensured that Texas and many other states seceded from the union. 
  • And a week from tonight, I will meet Del Shores here in Puerto Vallarta where I live in political exile after Gen. Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer told me the CIA and Republicans would kill me if I stayed in the USA -- I know how my parents assisted them with narco-trafficking, info I freely give the Mexican military, now. 
  • Del wrote the play/movie SORDID LIVES, set in Texas, but PERFECT about some of my trailer-trash, near relatives. I hope your praxis goes well!!!

Wouldn't you know -- Michael Thomas Ford is a PROLIFIC writer!!!


While I worked for Tennessee Williams (1981 - 82), his favorite writer was Joan Didion -- we even sharing a book of hers, which is discussed (not continually), in these two continuous chapters:


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The president must force Congress to vote on his military powers.
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A federal judge has slammed both the state GOP and NOM, allowing them to appeal the North Carolina marriage ruling but making clear it's merely an "academic"...
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And FINALLY, bringing it all back to NORTH CAROLINA!!!

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — LIVING in a purple state can be exhausting, but it’s never boring. What we lack in entertainment value — it would be hard to beat our southern neighbor, where Representative Mark...
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