Friday, January 30, 2015

RP: The Email Activity Today Is Getting Friskier -- and FRISKIER!!! -- LATE SURPRISE: Sergio Salazar Has Been SNIFFING MY FARTS, and with GOOD Results!!!

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According to FACEBOOK, not only is THIS Sergio Salazar's PROFILE PICTUREbut he studied at Harvard University!!!

Maybe he IS a medical doctor after all, no???

>>> LATE BREAKING: ANOTHER Email Volley from Senor Salazar (after the one below this):







On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 1:29 PM, Vallarta Daily News <> wrote:

Yes, we get it. When you fart even your ass says “Tennessee Williams” you bring that up everywhere. Listen. Just have the Senate Intelligence Committee contact us about how the US Government has control over Mexican media, we want to be sure to tell the right people to fuck off, including you.


Thank you Sergio for your medical opinion!!!

What are your qualifications and when did you and I interact in person for you to diagnose me??? This is what ALL who hate God have claimed about me since 1978, but several LICENSED psychiatrists in Wilmington, NC -- and in Atlanta, Georgia as well -- have diagnosed me mentally fit, but suffering stress brought on my assholes telling lies to hide their crimes.

On your behalf, I have sent all of this to my regular list of 500, as well as the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Atlanta's Mayor Reed and City Council, and Mexican Army and Marines top officers --  so they can see what the US Government in partnership with Mexican Drug Mafias has done to Puerto Vallarta, FIRST put on the map by my former employer, Tennessee Williams (an American playwright of the Twentieth Century -- LOOK HIM UP!!!

We are awaiting you physician's license number -- OR -- you will be deeply investigated -- comprende???

Cincinnatus Retorno

Sent from my iPad

On 30/01/2015, at 11:53, "Vallarta Daily News" <> wrote:
Scott, all I can say is that I hope you find a doctor who can better treat your mental illnesses and find the right combination of medications that will allow you to live in a world with less delusion. I don’t know what else to say, your own website admits you have mental issues and claim you have conquered those, but you apparently have not and we wish you the best.

Thank you,
Sergio Salazar


Hi Fred,

I have no idea how you got on this list -- could you tell me how long you have been on it, and if longer than two weeks, WHY you waited until now to complain, please???

The good news is that I will take you off IMMEDIATELY, but only if you identify yourself with enough info for me to search you out online as an actual person -- and write a short paragraph of FICTION, on a funny reason you might have been put on for. (It is NOT a writing contest, but one of creative imagination.)


Scott David Kenan (a worldwide unique name!!!)

On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 11:56 AM, fred <> wrote:

Can you please remove me off the mailing list. I don't know you or this group. Regards Fred


RP: Vallarta Daily News FORCES ME to Throw Down ANOTHER Gauntlet!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

>>> SUPER-LOL DEVELOPMENT!!!: When I first emailed this to my list of 500, EN ROUTE, the email reply from Senor Sergio Salazar was ENTIRELY ERASED, and the graphics at bottom were enormously distorted, that part ONLY on my iPad Mini, but NOT on my Windows 7 computers.

So I sent it again to all from my alternative email address -- and it seems NOT to have been tampered with by the CIANSA, or Drug Mafias!!!

"Where there is a WILL -- there is a WAY" ~ traditional Gringo saying.


President Obama’s Approval Rating Has Improved By 22 Points Since The GOP Took Congress
more from Jason Easley
Wednesday, January, 28th, 2015, 3:28 pm


>>> EMAIL JUST SENT TO VALLARTA DAILY NEWS (and their replyone minute later)!!!

>>>THIS JUST IN @ 11:03 PM, CST:

Vallarta Daily News 

9:46 AM (1 hour ago)
to mescoopeditorial60mTeameditorinfoDELColinCharlottechacRobertoStanleyPatrick

Scott, thank you for your email and your open threat to slander and libel
everyone on this list
 in an attempt to ruin publications who do not meet
your demands, also blackmail. Please remove our publication from your
threats and blackmail list, we simply are not interested. Besides we are the
only publication in Puerto Vallarta serving the English community that has
covered this story (TRUE, but without follow-up, etc.) and the other missing people in our area that you fail to
mention. Any more threats from you will be taken seriously and any
connections, or lack of, with US Senators have no power in Mexico's judicial
system. As a Mexican national and journalist who understands the threats we
face every day for reporting news in Mexico, I take your threat very serious
and will handle this with 
proper authorities. A foreigner threating a
Mexican national isn't something taken lightly in Mexico's judicial system.

(Readers will kindly remember that I was taken to Court in Estado Nayarit, already --and WONby telling them I had voice-recorded it all -- LOL!!!

Let me clarify, we have no interest in hearing from you again, and I am sure
I speak for everyone else you have just threatened.

Thank you,
Sergio Salazar

* * *


Updates on missing PV City Councilman (Humberto Gomez Arevalo), who disappeared allegedly at gun pointover two weeks ago)


Humberto Gomez Arevalo

Where are they??? (The updates to this story.) Do you realize that you are being COMPLICIT with the CIA, Republican, Party, Mexican Drug Thugs when you PROMOTE DRUG ADDICTION of both children and adultsworldwide, by what the Catholic Church of my youth would call a "Mortal Sin of Omission"???

There are plenty of Catholics here in Mexico who can explain this to you in detail, but I promise you, on the GRAVES OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, JOHN HUSTON, and ELIZABETH TAYLOR, that I will eventually destroy your publication, and put your principals and writers in prison if possible if you do not begin reporting this story in detailwith immediate effect!!!

Please contact Senators Richard Burr and Diane Feinstein on the US Senate Intelligence Committee, if you need clarity about my own political power. They have secure email and phone numbers listed on the US Senate website, for your convenience.

Please be certain to check the list being open-copied on this email.

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta


Now, the truth is, I get multiple text messages on my cell phone after EVERY posting I post that has to do with narco-corruption in Puerto VallartaThey begin with this one (that only today did I plop into Google Translate to see what it means, and they are immediately followed usually by one or two more texts, promoting studying the Zodiac, eating more broccoli and asparagus, and one of today, promotes drinking more water).

Today, FOUR came in in total, more than ever before, so I MUST BE PISSING THEM OFF, NO???


LOL!!! Hackers are currently not allowing me to post Jack Stein's head with a normal orientation.

Wilmington, North Carolina Risk Manager Jack Stein PROVES my phone calls to him were channeled through the NSA!!!

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According to Public Defender Jeff Adachi, The detective arrested Tillotson for refusing to let her client be questioned without the presence of his attorney.
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Well, I don't have one of those "fishy-smelling things", but this might be helpful to straight guys who wish the gals smelled a little better!!!

Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow to suggest a Must-Do Thing that we didn't even know was a Thing People Get Done.
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Congratulations to Alison Fraser!!! I only hope this will improve her sales -- I LOVE this recording and wrote one of the first reviews!!! Alison Fraser, as Mrs. Gorse-Bracken in IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE, Tennessee's last full-length play (unfinished -- but finished nonetheless, by a bunch of ignorant fools), was mentioned in most reviews as one of the FEW high spots of the production!!!

Very nice news-"Tennessee Williams:Words and Music" made the top ten of the year! @allisonbklyn
Very nice news-"Tennessee Williams:Words and Music" made the top ten of the year! @allisonbklyn
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By getting the DAMNED CIANSA, and Episcopal Church-Republican Party NAZI assholes OFF MY CASE!!!


Model Rayna Terror went to see Magnus Irvin, a man who creates molds of anuses for a living. Watch her get her buttonhole bronzed.
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

RP: At the Risk of "Too much; Too Fast", I Announce that the SO-CALLED "Last Judgement" Has ALREADY been COMPLETED!!!

RE-PRINTED from here


Tim Shaw

Sorry -- Jesus won't allow me to excuse those who persecute him.


On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 2:02 PM, Timothy Shaw <> wrote:

Hey Scott,
Hope you are well. I do have a favor to ask of you. Is it possible tom remove my email address from your list? I try to utilize my work email address for work purposes.
Thank you in advance for you attention to this and may God bless you.

On Jan 29, 2015, at 1:28 PM, Scott Kenan  wrote:

* * *

1. Wailing, Gnashing of Teeth:

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"Tell me why you are worthy of this life you have been given, Representative?" - Aaron Gardner,
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2. Collapse of Lucifer's "Christian Hatred Machines":

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A small-town editor fired for his anti-gay commentary has launched a private news venture and is asking for $100,000. Guess how much he's received?
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  • Scott Kenan I'll break the tension. With almost no time left in his campaign, he's gotten only a little over $4,000 US!!!
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Affectionate dogs, Rome 2nd Century AD ... Antinous would have known of the ancient Asia Minor myth of the "haralez" ... the kindly spirits who take the form of dogs to lick the wounds of warriors on battlefields and guard them and guide them to safety. Even today, Armenians speak of the "perpetual lickers" who restore life to the dead. More at the Antinous the Gay God Blog:

Antinous teria sabido da antiga Ásia Menor mito do " haralez " ... os espíritos amados que tomam a forma de cães a lamber as feridas de guerreiros em campos de batalha e guardá-los e orientá-los para a segurança. Ainda hoje, os armênios falam dos " lambe perpétuas " que restaurar a vida aos mortos.

Antínoo se habría enterado del antiguo mito de Asia Menor del " haralez " ... los espíritus queridos que toman la forma de perros para lamer las heridas de los guerreros en campos de batalla y guardan ellos y guiarlos a la seguridad. Incluso hoy en día , los armenios hablan de los " lame perpetuos " que restauran la vida a los muertos .
Affectionate dogs, Rome 2nd Century AD ... Antinous would have known of the ancient Asia Minor myth of the "haralez" ... the kindly spirits who take the form of...
See More
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Texas, where you may need to shoot someone at any moment...
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5. I get CLEAR with an asshole who pretends to be Progressive -- and is editor or publisher of a periodical based in Eastern North Carolina!!!

Some great Will Rogers wisdom from a long time ago. Interesting that it still applies today, eh?
Some great Will Rogers wisdom from a long time ago. Interesting that it still applies today, eh?
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  • Kevin-Michael Wolfer We need a few more of him today. There are so fewwho knows who they are?
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  • Scott Kenan We who love and serve God know. If YOU don't know, then God must have judged you "Wanting"Sorry, I told you in my blog many times that the so-called "Last Judgement" would be over by now. You will get your assignment of what you must do, soon enough -- so pay attention (but not to me).
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The Pretribulation Rapture

 . . . is also a BOOK!!!

But if YOU DO feel like you are "rapturizin' whilest you simultaneously suffer non-sense from those passing as they go the other way claiming love of Jesus (or others)", then YOU TOO, -- unlike them, who were judged "Wanting", are God-Certified PARTY PEOPLE!!!

Like in this painting of Betty (Price) Kenan and "ants-in-pants" Frank Hawkins Kenan!!!

''Tis a pity -- but if you've understood my blogyou are having a party now.