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RP: Don't Look Now . . . BUT . . .

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I took this photo an hour ago -- it showing a stretch van logo-ed "The Perfect Painter" with Denise Wood's phone number on this side, but it can't be read due to the window screen I shot it through.

I had actually been in the kitchen for over an hour, organizing storage of food -- new roommate "Blondie" having brought a LOT of food with him, but he developed a low-grade fever late yesterday, and has remained in bed, mostly, today, so to improve both our spirits, I organized and put away his food -- after making space for it all on shelves in the kitchen peninsula that I was storing unimportant junk in.

Then I returned to my office/bedroom and saw this out front -- and Denise and her business partner, the Mexican Tony (Antonio) -- who had refused my "advances" when I met his nice, fun, and HOT self many months ago, now, about to pull away. The pick-up truck in photo belongs to someone else, but Denise carried a large barrel-shaped "ice-cooler" to her old blue Toyota Sienna, before they both pulled away.

It LOOKED LIKE she was moving out, but even with the box spring atop the stretch van, I couldn't be sure, and they took nothing from the back porch.

But just as I got through writing the first paragraph above, they both pulled back up here, and then I watched as they loaded several major furniture pieces and some huge bags of other belongings, and NOW, they have pulled away again, a few things I'm sure Denise will also want remain on her back porch.

So it looks OFFICIAL, that she is moving out. I take NO PLEASURE in this -- but I DO feel relief.

And "Blondie" is THRILLED to hear it -- but he STILL won't drop his towel!!!


Blondie actually does NOT have this "stupid, vacant look" on his face . . . 


RP: And a NEW DAY Hath DAWNED!!!

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It is IMPORTANT to take stock of where you are and what resources you have -- but THEN to put your sights and base your thoughts and actions on WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!!!

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Integrity, for those who are not familiar, is quite important. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. People who have a strong sense of integrity are sadly a rare breed. However, there are still some people left in this world with…

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Deborah Evans
"Everyone drives somebody crazy. I just have a bigger car.”

~ Carrie Fisher, American actress, writer & humorist, b. October 21, 1956,

THANKS to all who made my last posting go VIRAL -- although since International Hits were down, I ASSUME it is being found by people in WILMINGTON, NC, especially!!!

Having NO photo of Gold Walker, I use this illustration from a Lay's potato chip ad, because Gold is 68, tall and overweight, and wears her hair long like looks good on YOUNG girls, she not being particularly EMOTIONALLY mature (ditto for Denise Wood).

This morning, as I returned from the store and parked, I saw Gold Walker in front of her MAIN residence -- speaking with my friend Psychologist Ben who lives behind me. After I parked, I walked back to have a clear view of them, and called out "Good Morning" greetings, first to Gold, then to Ben. ONLY Ben returned them.

Knowing Gold Walker, she and Denise Wood, and similar Wilmington "Christians" thrive on gossip and secrets and lies -- and BLACKMAIL, like Gold telling me she would STOP selling and giving me pot if I blog about her doing that. I did NOT do that until after she listened to Denise's CRAP, then decided that after LOVING ME as a tenant, she would EVICT ME -- without asking me for my side of story -- or even reading what she claims is so offensive, just on Denise's word.

NEITHER Gold nor Denise has EVER attended ANY KIND of church service -- or Bible study, etc. -- while I have known them -- and while I have had five college level courses on the Bible and Comparative Religion, so I can run CIRCLES around them both on Christian Theology and Tradition.

Ben is NOT a fan of Christianity AT ALL (the way it manifests in Wilmington), and he and his wife moved here from California about eight years ago, his wife staying much to herself, as she is SHOCKED at the small-mindedness and HATRED of so many White Wilmingtonians. Gold claimed to me several times that she is just "not a very nice woman". 

And ONE fun possible complication, is that last night, I learned how COMPLICATED my new roommate, "Blondie's", life has recently become -- and discussed on the back porch while Denise Wood downstairs was smoking a tobacco cigarette beneath us, and could clearly hear our discussion (but the explaining parts happened BEFORE Denise stepped outside).

When his parked SUV was hit by the hit-and-run driver, and totaled (Blondie not hurt enough to need a doctor), but they cited him since he did NOT have his insurance card, they ALSO confiscated his prescribed Adderall, not citing him for it, but TAKING HIS MEDS, regardless.

Well, he has had a number of health issues -- was previously on heart meds, has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and some sort of nervous disorder (that the Adderall effectively controls), akin to Bipolar Illness.

So, last night earlier, he used my phone to call the Police Evidence Lock-Up people -- he running out of some more he had had -- and they FOUND IT early yesterday, but told him he had to call the shift last night to be able to come get it.

Last night, it had DISAPPEARED, and of course Blondie was having a FIT -- since they promised to be able to return it to him last night.

REMEMBER, when Dustin Goldsmith had stashed several compressors, two bikes, and some bags of other things -- all stolen -- on the side of my house next to Oliver Carter III's house, Haston Lavern Caulder II ALERTED ME to it, and said he'd examined one of the bikes and it was worth over $5,000.00.

One of several photos I took of the stash before Police arrived and spent half an hour cataloging it before taking it to Evidence Impound.

Later, I called Impound -- Haston also telling me the cops would sell at least that one bike back to Criminals -- and Impound had the compressors and other goods -- but NEITHER BIKE had arrived there.

Evan Fish

Wilmington Police MURDERED Evan Fish in September 2011 (to protect my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA, and the Christian Politicians and Ministers and Churches who PROFIT from the hard-drug trade), and that was VERIFIED by Sheriff's Deputies also on the scene.

>>> BOTTOM LINE: Wilmington Police SOLD Blondie's prescribed ADDERALL, and HE is suffering for it, they NOTHING but God-Hating Christians, and the GOOD WILMINTONIANS are too afraid of their TERRORIST ACTIVITIES to DARE publicly call Wilmington Officials and Christian Ministers TO ACCOUNT!!!


Saturday, October 21, 2017

RP: Letter Just Sent to Landlady Gold Walker, Some Who Were Mentioned within It, and SEVERAL TOP Local Law Enforcement Officials!!! (It was BLOCKED by "Walker World", but I sent to them via Facebook):

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My new roommate (sadly straight), looks just like this, but is "skinnier" -- and I have NOT seen between his navel and his knees (so far, anyway) -- LOL!!!

>>> Gold: I am also sending you a mailed paper copy of this, and included your son Allen here -- since he and his lawyer girlfriend were so FRIENDLY to me the last time I saw him, he offered me a TOUR of Walker World (not yet taken)!!!

To: goldwalker

Cc: denisetheperfectpainter, oliver, allen, scott, emcmahon, officeofthechief, benjamin.r.david

Gold W. Walker
Gold Walker Properties, LLC
318 Orange Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

Dear Gold,

First of all, some practicalities: My new roommate who moved in last night is "Blondie", 29 years of age, born in Asheville, NC, but was raised in and lived until a few months ago in the Bradenton, Tampa, St. Pete area of Florida. He is a trained motor mechanic, who has also built a landscaping business, that he sold a few years ago -- it so successful he could do that. His former girlfriend of six years is a Real Estate Agent, and he moved here first (he has family in Hampstead), for her to soon follow him, but their relationship fell apart since then.

When you pull a “criminal search” for him, he has a Trespass conviction from junior high – for skateboarding with buddies too late in a mall parking lot -- and probably not yet showing, a charge of driving without insurance in NC. Although sitting off the highway in his older SUV, he was rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver whose plate he never saw. He did NOT have his insurance card, so was charged for that, only. He has hired a local attorney on his own to fight it, and they are getting a copy of his insurance card showing it was in force, so will get off. His vehicle had little worth and his insurance was minimal, so the vehicle was “totaled” without any compensation to him, but his relative here off-and-on allows him to use cars he buys and sells, while Blondie reconditions them for sale. Currently, he works for a minister, reconditioning cars for that church, but it is not enough work, and he hopes to soon find a full-time job in construction.

He has never been homeless.

As to your letter of yesterday, you took me by TOTAL SURPRISE, the last time I’d had a chance to speak with you, you LOVED ME. And I only “refused” to accept it by hand in the hope of getting more info on WHICH letter to a lawyer you made your claims against me from. MOST lawyers I have written to lately are high in the US Justice Dept., State Dept., and of course the FBI, which I’ve told you many times I now work with rather intimately, although I am NOT a paid or deputized employee – more a “Citizen Informant”. And I give TONS of info to the new FBI-led Special Task Force getting to the bottom of the Drug Trafficking here in Wilmington, my info HIGHLY RESPECTED by these Law Enforcement Officials, if NOT by you or some of your nearby tenants.

I intend to email this to you, then drop a hard copy in US Mail – it cracked me up that you were so emotional yesterday, that you pulled my T-Shirt front out of my pants, and stuck it way up against my bare chest – technically a Legal Assault – but too humorous for me to make a fuss over.

I got the impression that you had NOT read the letter you referred to (but that it was the one to Oliver Carter III), and that some nutcase had fed you out-of-context info from it – and INCOMPLETE INFO, as well. As has become entirely clear to me, Oliver simply acted twice, too hastily, in trying to pressure you to evict me, and I doubt he has a thing to do with this latest “emotional turmoil”. I will copy him and Denise Wood, who I suspect – but don’t know – was the perpetrator in this latest. I say that because when I stopped over the evening before, with expectation of immanent settlement with Spectrum Cable, so wanted to know exactly how much I owe you still, you could not talk, and Denise GLARED at me and forcefully said that the problem that the two of you and your handyman Ben were discussing would DEFINITELY be corrected -- FAST!!!

Funny, that I’ve had nothing but very friendly exchanges with Denise, Sa’ant “Sam” Celia, Steven and Maddy – and every one of your hired workers, especially Thomas, and Ben -- I having apologized for yelling at Ben about six weeks ago, and although he yelled as much and had “put up his dukes” and I thought he would hit me, he never apologized, but we get along well now. As you have said, Ben has a HUGE temper problem, probably why he works so well alone.

Here is more from that same letter to Oliver Carter that has ALSO been sent to the FBI. When the Sheriff’s Detectives interviewed me last weekend, they were particularly interested in info on Denise, and could not believe she had the 43 Felony Convictions (and 13 Misdemeanors as well), from her former career as an International Drug Mule – and that she NEVER lost her gun rights!!! They also asked about John Jay (because they examined her mailbox), that older heavyset black guy who had been Denise’s “sugar daddy”, paying her every bill, visiting from Georgia where he has a trucking company and lives with his wife, but “bedding” Denise when here – all of this according to Denise to me, several times.

Well Denise and Mr. Jay have since parted company, he taking his new Jeep SUV that Denise drove, and Denise's Painting/Drywall company seems to really be PROSPERING, now.

They also were interested in Sa’ant Samuel Celia, Jr.’s former LSD Lab that supplied Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Dr. Timothy Lear, and Leary’s former male lover, Theodore Druch, who was in my Writers Group in Puerto Vallarta, and took down a lot of specific info to investigate both Denise and “Sam”. As I’ve told you, Steven and Maddy have complained to me many times of the “low-life” coming around to both of their back doors at all hours of day and night to buy something. My letter to Mr. Carter was that he should be more concerned about the influence of these two than of MY influence, which has beautified your property, and of course I have ALWAYS paid rent early, etc.

Only an excerpt of my letter to Oliver (but I will provide you the full letter, if you ask me for it):

“And I told her (Gold Walker), that YOU (as I am), should be more concerned about Denise Wood ("Denise the Perfect Painter"), who is 6' 3", and has 43 Felony and 13 Misdemeanor Convictions as an International Drug Mule, and moved in with two six-shooters that she keeps by her bed (one, she told me she sold off since then).

Also, it is Denise who told me she knows Mayor Bill Saffo well -- and has seen his sexual interest in young men. Others tell me our Mayor is actually gay, but I know of no male lovers he might have taken. Denise USED to sell me marijuana in very small quantities, and has had a lot of people at her back-door day and night (but fewer of them lately), to buy whatever she sells.

And then my other downstairs neighbor, Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who BRAGGED TO ME he used to make the BEST LSD that he supplied to Jerry Garcia (of the Grateful Dead, and a personal friend of "Sam's"), Dr. Timothy Leary, and Leary's former male lover, Theodore Druch, who was a BIG problem to me in Puerto Vallarta -- he in my Writers Group there, and ALSO narco-trafficking in both Jalisco and Nayarit states.”

When Sam told me of his former LSD Lab, Denise was SHOCKED, telling us BOTH that there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on drug crimes of this magnitude, but San just shrugged that off, and is ALWAYS honest with me, best I can tell.

And as you know, I am NOT in favor of your trying to evict ANY of your current tenants in these two adjacent 4th Street properties. No one causes any real problems, and all pay rent on time and do NOT damage your property!!!

Now, to what I see in the future if you actually intend to end my renting from you with this notice:

1. You will soon receive – or might have already – the rent check from Benefits Management for $600.00 toward November rent, which, per diem rent being $33.33, covers all but $66.66 rent through 10/20. I will pay you the balance.

2. My Proceeds from the Spectrum Truck incident are being delayed further by lawyer Brian M. Williams, who promised me the paperwork to sign and have notarized by end of yesterday, but not a PEEP from him yet. I CANNOT even LOOK for an apartment until that money has cleared in my account, still expected by end of October, and I might not be able to move until December 1 – or even later.

3. So you will LIKELY need to proceed with Eviction Action, and like with your former employer George Cutter of Carolina Apartments, even though you might get a ruling in your favor after I present all the evidence not only of your PROTECTION of Denise Wood, but of my actively working with the special FBI Task Force to RID Wilmington of Heroin (something you have CLAIMED you would like to see), I will appeal it to Jury Trial, likely six weeks later, paying you rents through the Court System until trial.

You should contact George Cutter to ask how well THAT turned out for him – LOL!!!

I'm sure you've seen the news of the MAJOR BUST of six TOP Wilmington Drug Mafia Bosses, and confiscation of a HUGE cache of Drugs, as reported about three days ago in the Wilmington Press. This is only a BEGINNING, with more to follow faster and faster, now that the HEAD of the Christian Drug Mafia (founded by my parents, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, and others in the 1980s and 90s), has been CUT OFF!!!

4. Of course, having no money to speak of – and no “good reference” from you -- I will need all my cash to move, so will NOT be able to pay you any more “owed moneys” from other things until I am settled and find more income. But then, I have asked you for some kind of accounting of just what I owe you three times the past couple of weeks, and you never get that together, so it appears that is NOT a priority for you, anyway.

Heck, under these circumstances, you might have to SUE ME to get it!!!

BEYOND ALL OF THIS, it is again important that you know that the FBI – and even local Law Enforcement – don’t give a RAT’S FANNY about “medicinal herb” use or small-time selling. Only those involved in LARGE-SCALE selling have anything to worry about. When I was homeless in 2011 and 12, I used to smoke joints with Danny Sinatra’s father-in-law, whose name I can’t remember but call “Confederate Dollar” (a retired Raleigh Police Officer), and Danny’s wife, Phoebe Dollar (a famous “Goth” movie star, Danny also being in the film industry here back then), on the Federal Court House property by the river – former Officer Dollar claiming CORRECTLY that the Feds don’t care (despite it all being recorded on their surveillance cameras), and Wilmington Police would not GO THERE.

So, unless you have suffered LEGAL PROBLEMS or BUSINESS LOSS from anything I have repeated in words spoken or written that your tenant “Sam” Celia, former tenant Neal Duffy, or current employee Thomas have told me (and I have also eye-witnessed, so can testify under Oath to in Court), I see no reason for you to proceed, but of course, you do have your Landlord Rights, and I have Court Testimony, and we can BATTLE IT ALL OUT!!!

Take a couple of days to decide, but the sooner you decide, the sooner we can ALL get back to the Peaceful Living that we have ALL enjoyed these last several months.

With All Sincerity,

Scott David Kenan

STRANGELY, only my copy to Allen Walker at Walker World back UNDELIVERABLE:

This is the mail system at host

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The mail system

<>: host[] said: 550
5.1.1 <> Recipient not found.

<> (in reply to RCPT TO command)


RP: Before Writing a Physical Letter for My Landlady, Gold Walker:

RE-PRINTED from here

The FIRST thing I did this morning, was to write to Brian M. Williams, lawyer for Spectrum Cable:

Good Morning Mr. Williams,

Perhaps it slipped your mind, but I did NOT receive your document to sign and notarize within the time parameters you had expected. I've searched my spam, deleted, and trash files of both of my email addresses and cannot find it there, either.

On a GOOD NOTE, I got my Spectrum Cable/Internet bill two days ago, and after five months of them holding my payments long enough to tack on late fees before depositing the checks, they DID NOT DO THAT, this time, and owner Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management was THRILLED

She's been fighting with Spectrum for MONTHS to get them to STOP screwing her clients with this trick, and my bill was the FIRST EVIDENCE that Spectrum is coming back to their senses.

Let's go ahead and get this done, so we will just have memories of each other, and no more entanglements.

Thanks for your attention.


Last night, I first met with my new roommate and DISCLOSED not only that Gold Walker had given me 30-days notice to vacate, but the history of bed bugs in this apartment, now under control but not entirely gone. Fortunately, my former roommate "Warden"/Warren never complained of them the 2.5 months he slept in the back bedroom, and when I stripped his bed to launder everything, I found NO EVIDENCE of them in it, and have since then sprayed it all down heavily as a preventive.

And knowing all of that -- and that if all works well we might find another apartment together -- he still was eager to move in, so we drove to Leland and picked up all his stuff. We would both prefer to stay here, and we'll just have to see how things develop.

The whole situation of rentals in this building of Gold's is HIGHLY COMPLICATED, but all of we three tenants have gotten along very well for months now, so Gold can't claim I don't get along with them -- or any of her staff, all of whom I have ALSO gotten along with well.

But before I write my letter, some other news items:

Scott Kenan
18 mins

BUT, Trump has until Thursday to CHANGE HIS NON-EXISTENT MIND, so I am not COUNTING ON IT, and I knew all of JFK's sisters and their husbands, but Jackie Kennedy Onassis, better!!!

President Donald Trump said Saturday he intends to allow the release of classified government documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy "subject to the receipt of further information."

The Star News that helped cover up the murder of my friend Evan Fish by Wilmington Police (as verified by County Sheriff's Detectives), in Sept. 2011 -- and had City Desk Head and CIA Agent in 2012, Kevin Maurer (author of No Easy Day on Osama Bin Laden's unnecessary assassination), also supports Donald Trump, and here links to SUPPORT docs of Mr. Adams, but NOT of the other side

My parents set up the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington with Nixon Aide John EhrlichmanFather Bob Kus (now of St. Mary's Catholic) -- both of whom I knew or know pretty well, and PPD, originally owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal familiesthe last two selling out after 9/11

MOST people know most of this in Wilmington, but the Star News is just a NAZI ORGAN(Bless their hearts!!!)

A dean feared a lecture by Adams had the 'risk of offending students'

Kevin Maurer at his City Desk at the Wilmington Star News, with Shelby, an assistant.

Kevin Maurer interviewed me from his Star News desk in summer 2012, claiming to be writing a feature article for the paper on how District Attorney Benjamin R. David had SCREWED ME, but when this book was announced to be soon released, Kevin immediately DROPPED ME, but when I DID catch him from Mexico by phonehe admitted being with the CIA!!! 

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A student group at Cleveland State University hung posters last week telling members of the LGBTQ community to commit suicide. Then the president of university said the posters were protected by free speech laws.

University president allowed posters telling LGBTQ folks to kill themselves to be hung on campus at Cleveland State.

David Alan Young ( me outside Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue, and SWORE he would get his gun, hunt me down on Wilmington streets and SHOOT ME DEAD because the Bible commands that Christians MURDER every Liberal and Faggot!!!

D.A. Ben David -- the Democrat CLOSET HOMO -- with Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo -- REFUSED to prosecute this HATE CRIME, so this CHRISTIAN TERRORIST has been APPROVED AND ENCOURAGED BY BEN DAVID and FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (where Ben David and Judge Lindsey McKee Luther are both ELDERS, and that church  is COMPLETELY endowed by my wealthy Kenan relatives who put Donald Trump into power).
WOW!!! This is Elizabeth Taylor during the filming of Tennessee Williams's Suddenly Last Summer!!! 

I've known some of her closest friends and her agentZev Buffman, but not her -- and she HATED being called Liz. Below is a photo taken at the same time as one I often use in my blog:

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor
Sandra Beckham
3 hrs
"What is cunt but machine-fucking! — It’s all alike. Pay ’em money to cut off the world’s cock. Pay money, money, money to them that will take spunk out of mankind, and leave ’em all little twiddling machines.”

― D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley's Lover:
Scott Kenan Her "ghost" jumped into my car while I drove through a town an hour north of Puerto Vallarta through my open window in 2013, and she rubbed her luscious breasts all over my face (not blocking my view since it was her ghost)

I LOVED IT, but it did NOT "raise my barometer"

Don Galleryher closest friend since grade school to her death, led our Puerto Vallarta Writers Group when I belonged in 2010, but his health went down and he passed since then. Here is Don with my good friend Ginger Tindall:

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, hat and sunglasses

>>> GOOD RESULTS from the NAZI/Christian Republicans -- is ALREADY helping Middle Class North Carolinians slip further toward POVERTY!!! 

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When New Hanover County resident Deborah Conard got a notice letting her know that she (sic) and her husband's premium was going from $1,009 to $2,245 per month, she was alarmed.

"I don't mind paying for health insurance, but what I do mind is when my health insurance is more than our mortgage."