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RP: Let's Take a BREAK -- for a "Just Breaking" LAUGH -- Sent a Few Minutes Ago by My Brother, Mike:

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On Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina in 1963: Me, Julie in Jane's arm, and Mike, with Dad, William Scott Kenan, behind us.

It APPEARS that I ALWAYS was "somewhat separated" from the rest of them . . . 

My reply to Mike about this:

LOL!!! I don't know what anyone would see in those shoulders (Mike had complimented me on them and my handsomeness) -- but I was a good lookin' kid. I had the idea back then, that my legs had grown disproportionately -- by a LOT -- and I had very little upper body. It certainly didn't turn out that way, and I bet I WASN'T really that way, and without realizing I was doing it, pulled pants up like that as if my nipples were my waist -- proving my case.

I just read this from the photo -- and what I remember. It's been about 53 years since then.

Maybe this finally PROVES that, one way or another, I have ALWAYS been a "Mental Case".

Well, still I've paid my bills -- EXCEPT when Catholic Mom stepped in to "CLOBBER GAY ME AGAIN".

This photo and note are likely to appear on blog rather soon.

Thanks again -- and Love You!!!


Me and Dad, 1952, Norwood area of Cincinnati -- before (like me), it "went black".


RP: The "Good Old Days" Are Nothing but a DAZE, Now -- and the Democratic Saffo-Mafia Mayor and City Council of Wilmington CONTINUES to Screw the Citizens -- to Make MONEY for the Saffo Mafia -- and the Greek Orthodox Church!!!

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Randy Jones

"Once Upon a Time in the 70s"

This was Art Beach, the area where Gateway Plaza, Battery Park City, Brookfield Place , etc now stand. The west side of West Side Highway, which was elevated in those days. You can see it as elevated in the distance. At the end of the island you can even see Castle Clinton. This beach was only there for us that lived here in NYC for a brief moment in time before the construction . But what a moment!!

(Thank you to my dear friend Maria Benvenuti)

Just to clarify this TITLE, first, the Wilmington Star News, this morning, posted the following story:

I never HEARD of a city that required protesters to stand 15 FEET APART at ALL TIMES -- and march ONLY in SINGLE FILE!!!

Anne Russell was questioning Chapter 6, Section 13F of Wilmington City Code, which states members of a picket or similar protest must remain 15 feet apart during a march (later in the article it states the the Ordinance ALSO requires marchers to march SINGLE FILE -- 15 FEET APART). Organizers of Saturday's planned Wilmington Women's March, which Russell plans to attend, learned of the ordinance after applying for permits for the event.

The punishment for violating the ordinance is up to a Class 3 misdemeanor. Mayor Bill Saffo told Wolak (Cowardly Saffo spoke to City Attorney Wolak -- rather than Anne Russell -- OF COURSE), he has seen many protests in Wilmington without the ordinance being used.
"People have been gathered together shoulder to shoulder," Saffo said. 
"I've never seen anybody say you have to be (15) feet away from each other."

Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo

A few things to remember:

1. It is TRUE that the City of Wilmington enforces laws against POOR PEOPLE that it does NOT enforce against "Nice White Christians". Downtown cops routinely arrest "street people" for open containers of alcohol -- even I was once cited, but the charge was THROWN OUT IN COURT -- partly because I convinced the (unremembered) Judge that Wilmington Police had ALREADY been violating my Constitutional Rights OUTRAGEOUSLY with false charges, arrests, imprisonments, and nut-house commitments -- mostly through Democratic D.A. Ben David (and ALL NOW WIPED from my record -- because Ben David had NO EVIDENCE that I had committed any crimes).

Nice White people (and perhaps a few of "color"), crossing public streets with open beers to get to the neighborhood BBQ have NEVER been arrested. Now, I'm the first to AGREE that those nice people are NOT causing a problem and the SAME can't be said of drunk/drinking "street people", but the LAW is meant to be applied EQUALLY, so the Law needs to be better targeted.

And the time I was cited, a female cop picked up an empty container from several dozen near me in the grass, and smelling BEER, she claimed it had been mine and cited me. In a her word/my word Court case, I knew I had no chance and BLOGGED about it -- producing the DISMISSAL of charge.

I am doing that TODAY to expose the Mayor and MOST Wilmington Democrats (in power), and virtually ALL Republicans of being NARCO-TRAFFICKING COMPLICIT. 

2. In 2011, I marched many times with "OCCUPY" (something), and while we DID our best to march single file and 15 feet apart down Front Street several times, later, we "set up camp" (some might have slept overnight in bags/tents as well), on the corner of City Hall property at Princess and Third Streets. SOON we were told that we had to be 15 feet apart there, too, and that did NOT last long, since ALWAYS staying so far apart or BEING PUNISHED by the Democratic Party/City Council, it fell apart. 

3. During this time, local TV-3 and TV-6 interviewed me on camera several times -- and I was on the TV News five nights in a row -- and maybe a couple of other times as well. Even my Republican cousins in Castle Hayne told me they'd seen me!!!

But then in July of 2015, I ran into a TOP Producer of TV-6 on Front Street -- across from the main Port City Java -- and introduced myself and he replied that he knew ALL ABOUT who I am and my story, but that the PRESS, including all broadcast, paper, and electronic, had had a MEETING and decided that NO ONE of them would cover me or even mention me -- until OTHER PRESS had done so.

I was then SHOCKED to hear that -- and only LATER realized that AT LEAST TV-6 and TV-3 had ALREADY reported on me!!!

Did I mention his CHRISTIAN IDENTITY that was clear from decals and other such things on his belongings he carried???

I've dealt with ALL THESE THINGS -- especially when Republican Judge Sandra Ray (then Sandra Ray Criner), committed me to The Oaks Mental Ward on lying request of the woman I was renting a room from in her house (and had had no problem with):

Brenda McKnight (who worked for Verizon), was pushed into it by her CRACK DEALER:

Gerald Austin Wynn was soon convicted in South Carolina of FELONY DRUG DISTRIBUTION, but has now served his time, and lives in Virginia.

Republican Judge Sandra Ray was ENDORSED in the recent election (she won), by CHIEF District Court Judge Jay Corpening -- a Democrat -- and Jay's son Brad, who owns Boar's Head Deli downtown -- got off SCOT FREE after he was arrested for distributing or selling illegal drugs at a concert in Raleigh.

And then the Wilmington Star News ran a piece of FREE MARKETING to help get Boar's Head Deli back to HIGHER SALES!!!

Look ALL of this up -- it was in the NEWS, and DOCUMENTED BY THIS BLOG.

Of course Judge Ray-Criner in a LATER Restraining Order hearing (brought against me "Ex Parte" so that I had NOT been able to get my belongings from Brenda's house when I got OUT of The Oaks, then in the HEARING, after neither complainant was in Court when she called the case), Ray DISMISSED IT -- but ten minutes later had a Deputy find me on a public street and RETURN and get CONVICTED -- despite the LEGAL NEED of them to file AGAIN -- since the case was dismissed.

LATER, I petitioned the State Courts Authority -- since the courtroom was audio-video recorded -- but they TURNED ME DOWN, claiming there was NEVIDENCE of ANY of my claims. There was also NO COURT I COULD APPEAL TO.

4. ADDING to all this fun, Mayor Saffo has SERIOUSLY FRIENDED my downstairs neighbor "Miss Lucy" -- even invited her to work with him on a Habitat for Humanity home days ago for MLK Day (but she had to work at the restaurant where Mayor Saffo has breakfast with her most days).

Readers know that Miss Lucy is a now RETIRED International Drug Mule -- who some years ago had a capsule of cocaine break in her digestive system before getting to the USA, nearly killing her, so wisely she retired -- but STILL hangs with much the same crowd (I won't now name names). And she's such a ROBUST PERSON, she has had a BIG BLACK GUY (with "dreads") -- WOOF!!! -- over to do her two days ago -- and previously two weeks BEFORE her doctor allowed her to return to work after a HYSTERECTOMY!!!

So LOW on "female hormones" and BARELY RECOVERED, she shows how AWESOME her sexual appetites are -- and several times Lucy has told me it DOESN'T MATTER what CRIMES she commits -- or how sexually promiscuous she is -- since she believes in JESUS she is FORGIVEN BEFORE SHE SINS!!! 

She's the perfect MOLL of Drug Mafia Mayor Saffono???

5. I spoke with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan this morning:

Me and Mom, Memorial Day 2016 -- in her Raleigh home.

We did NOT get into National Politics, but I told her how PROUD I am of "Old Roomie", who started a full-time and continuing job, this morning (but also I am CONCERNED because it was through Miss Lucy that he found out about the job).

The guy hired Roomie "sight unseen" -- because he CLEARLY knew so much about the job. I just hope Saffo and Lucy DON'T get him immediately FIRED as REVENGE AGAINST ME!!!

And I pointed out to Mom that she DID get all her "marching orders" from a series of Roman Catholic Popes -- including Francis I -- and sometimes meeting Popes in Rome, one-on-one. Father Bob Kus now of St. Mary's Catholic helped her and others smuggle the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa from St. Mark's Catholic also in Wilmington right after the fall of apartheid -- which the Catholic Church felt was UNFAIR TO WHITE PEOPLE.

For the record, Bill Saffo was NOT the Mayor, then.

And finally, I reminded Mom that when Bill Saffo, Judges Chad Hogston and Sandra Ray Criner (especially them), were VIOLATING THE LAW AND CONSTITUTION with abandon to SHUT ME UP about their crimes, MOM was calling and LYING to them about my history and mental health -- false info they USED to justify -- but could NOT get a credentialed Psychiatrist to say I was mentally ill THEN CURRENTLY, anyway. And she and Dad had had SEVERAL meetings with Democratic Judge Linda Warren Hunter in Dekalb County Georgia Courts in 1990, to FORCE ME onto Lithium Carbonate to "soft lobotomize" me.

I told Mom this morning that by CATHOLIC/CHRISTIAN RULES, she will BURN IN HELL for ETERNITY -- and I HOPE she does, but KNOW there is no such thing -- and that ALL CHRISTIANS go with her, too.


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RP: Smilin' for the Cameras / My Search to REPLACE My "Donald Trump-like" Personality (it ain't a-WORKIN' like it should be)!!!

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John Lewis had something to say, today!!!

And in my LAST false arrest in Wilmington, early 2012, the Wilmington cops were SO NICE TO ME, we leaned against the cop car and smoked TWO cigarettes -- me un-cuffed -- while talking about Police Chief Ralph Evangelous smoking CRACK daily, in a house owned by an uncle of a friend of mine, and District Attorney Benjamin R. David's BOYFRIENDS I've known and his Narco-Trafficking with local Christian Republicans and his Republican brother, District Attorney Jon David, from across the Cape Fear River -- and other crimes.

My last New Hanover County Jail Mug Shot April 4, 2012. I KNEW I had actually won, but I am STILL working to UN-DO many Illegal and Unconstitutional actions by Ben David, some Republican Judges, and Mayor Bill Saffo who was aware of it all and did NOT stop City Detectives and others from VIOLATING MY RIGHTS.



Obama urged people “not to read too much into the timing” of his executive order.


My new piece on HuffPost about the "Bruce Sargeant" show at ClampArt is up. Some really lovely male images there, and quite a story—it's like going back into the world of E.M. Forster's "Maurice," as seen by the eyes of . . . well, I won't spoil it for you.

I was extremely excited to see the Bruce Sargeant show at ClampArt, a ground floor gallery at 247 West 29th Street, that will only be there until January...


Perry BrassI knew Mark Beard while he was in Art school and I was Tennessee Williams's last assistant in 1981 - 82. I got back in touch -- going to his Christmas Parties in 2009 and 2012. 

I can't wait to read/see this -- and get back in touch with him. Thanks!!!

Perry Brass Thank you, Scott. One of the great regrets of my life was that I did not get to meet Tennessee Williams. When I was about 26 or 27, he asked to meet me. He was appearing in one of his last plays, "Small Craft Warnings," at a small theatre in the East Village. The critics were savaging him, both as a playwright and actor. 

I wrote a poem for him, as a kind of consolation and my friend Arthur Bell gave it to him; Williams was so pleased that he asked to meet me. But I was too shy to do it—ah, those difficult years of my 20s.
LikeReply18 hrs
Scott Kenan Wow -- GREAT STORY! 

Did you know that Mark Beard's ("Bruce Sargeant" is a whole false style and personality that artist Mark Beard paints under -- one of about eight)great-grandfather was one of the three Joseph Smith dictated the Book of Mormon to

His family now owns the largest Mormon Bank and they've been estranged since Art School (paid for by Tennessee's close friend Vassilis Voglis).
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And of course, in the WORLD OF SCOTT KENAN there is far MORE to the story. Here in something of that:

In 1977 when I lived in Cape May. NJ and was still partners with Chuck and Hilary Pritchard in, I took two months, driving to the West Coast and eventually made it to Alaska (and back). On my way there, I stopped for a long weekend in Salt Lake City -- and PROMPTLY met the estranged mid-twenties daughter of one of the TWELVE top rulers of the Mormon Church. She told me her father (and others of the Twelve), owned all the liquor stores in town -- as well as the Gay Bars, most drug trafficking and many Houses of Ill Repute.

Of course, I discussed some of these things  -- not in the early 1980s when I knew Mark Beard (I'd had NO IDEA of them) -- but in 2009. And then in 2015 -- right here in Wilmington, North Carolina -- I lived in Carolina Apartments two doors from Jennifer McCracken, who sold me pot (who cares???), but also sold pain-killers (opiates), powder and other drugs, but not to me.

Jennifer McCracken ALSO claimed she was protected by her brother (of a different last name), one of the FEW Drug-Corrupted Deputies on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force. These Deputies are ALSO CIA Operatives, so Ed can't control them!!!

And of course Jenny McCracken was the ONLY person who knew how former star of BBC Radio and TV (and he also worked the same in the USA for a while -- in Florida), Colin Stuart Hamilton -- the Leader of our Puerto Vallarta Writers Group when I lived there had been MURDERED by Drug Mafia, how they were led to the body's burial place FIVE HOURS AWAY (between Guadalajara and Colima), and then that the CIA had this murderer RELEASED (they having recovered the body for Colin's London family).

There was a NEWS BLACKOUT in Puerto Vallarta about a TOP BBC PERSONALITY being murdered by Drug Mafia (the CIA) -- to NOT scare away tourists, and the English language papers PICKED UP THEIR INFO TO PUBLISH from THIS BLOG!!!

Jennifer McCracken was the LAST CHRISTIAN MAFIA PERSON to slash my car's tires -- two of them -- a year and a half ago -- and she also claimed I'd violated a Restraining Order right after that. I hired Bruce Mason as my lawyer, and in front of me, he got Anthony Humphrey (who had lived across the hall from me, but moved in panic across the river to Leland because Jenny kept telling me he wanted sex with me -- he didn't -- and I know and like his girlfriend -- and threats and around-the-clock phone calls and texts), that he had WITNESSED Jenny slashing my tires, and she even ADMITTED she did it to get revenge for my blogging about her.

And although I MET Jennifer McCracken drinking alcohol in Costello's (gay) Piano Bar on Princess Street (a gathering place of gay narco-traffickers and others -- often including Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris -- she claimed she was still a MORMON IN GOOD STANDING, under what she called the "Jack-Mormon Provision" (homo and drug/alcohol Mormons are "Jack Mormons), and that she got all HER orders from her Mormon mother -- and here is a photo of Mom's licence plate that I took -- verified by Jennifer to be her mother's:

And while I'm at it -- I added more detail so that Law Enforcement can IDENTIFY my one-time date in Caracas, Venezuela, whose Lebanese/Venezuelan family made certain he was BORN IN THE USA -- and in fact set up shop in an electronics store in the Miami, Florida area several years ago. 

His connection to RADICAL ISLAM With APOLOGIESRadicalized Middle-Easterners is actually likely -- he was FORCED to go straight and get engaged to a woman.

Bruce Mason and I planned to have Anthony testify in the hearing on whether I had broken the Restraining Order, but Judge Chad Hogston DISMISSED the case because Ms. McCracken did NOT SHOW. She had expected Judge Lindsey Luther to have that Court, and she KNEW that Judge Luther had violated my rights a month before -- and would again -- she very HIGH in the CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA -- in fact she's an ELDER at the Kenan Cathedral of White Supremacy and Narco-TraffickingFirst Presbyterian -- where D.A. Ben David and many other TOP WILMINGTON CRIMINALS attend and are church officers.

Evan and Lindsey Luther

And I found that Evan Luther -- close friends with then Assistant D.A. Alex Nicely (NOW, in private practice with my old attorney Bruce Mason), liked posting about Christians SHOOTING EVERYONE ELSE UP FOR JESUS -- and amassing Christian Arsenals -- somewhat made EASY by former Republican (but resigned in DISGRACE)NC State Senator, Thom Goolsby (a Roman Catholic).

While an NC State Senator, Thom Goolsby SPONSORED the law that now allows concealed carry in CHURCHES (I wouldn't ENTER a church that allowed guns in the church!!!)!!!

I began blogging -- including these HATEFUL PRESBYTERIAN postings -- and Evan Luther STOPPED posting them, and REMOVED the most offensive ones. His WIFE still remains an ELDER and a JUDGE!!!

But getting back to the GOOD OLD DAYS, here is a photo of Mark Beard when I first knew him in the 1980s:

Mark Beard in white shirt on left, with Vassilis Voglis (his clandestine lover who paid for Mark's Art School), with hand on his shoulder from behind -- his LIVED-WITH and CLAIMED lover in plaid, Georg Osterman of the Ridiculous Theatre.

You can see how HEALTHY and VIGOROUS Tennessee Williams was -- then and until I left his employ at the end of April 1982. Jane Smith is the woman in center, with "Black-Eyed Susan" (whom I got back in touch with at Mark Beard's 2009 and 2012 Christmas Parties in Manhattan), in red and with the others was also from The Ridiculous Theatre.

From my memoir about this

And Mark Beard as I knew him in 2012:

One of the two owners of Abercrombie & Fitch -- who had Mark Beard DESIGN all their interiors and paint HUGE paintings in many of their flagship stores -- then paid Mark $9,000,000.00 each for several HUGE paintings -- so BIG that Mark is in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, now, for the "largest oil on canvas paintings in history", Mark's partner Jim Manfredi, and Mark Beard.

An image from Mark Beard's privately-published, in edition of only 25 books, book on Tennessee Williams, one of which LAST sold recently at Sotheby's Auction for $30,000.00.

And ALL I HAVE TO SHOW is my memoir that local D.A. Ben David helped Chicago Obama/Emauel/Clinton/El Chapo Guzman MAFIA steal the copyright to.

That with Saper Law of Chicago -- Daliah Saper ALSO then being a Fox News talking head, and Jamie Lee Sutherland. Banging me from ALL SIDES to protect their Narco-Trafficking.

Last June, in Cousin's Italian Deli on Third Street, Ben David PROMISED ME he would get that false LIBEL conviction in Chicago that he contributed to OVERTURNED. Ben KNOWS I will never give up on this since my FINANCES are tied up INDEFINITELY until I do.

So Ben had BETTER GET CRACKIN' -- or I'll have HIM prosecuted for FEDERAL CRIMES (interstate), which will LIKELY take down many of his REPUBLICAN ALLIES including his brother Jon, Judge Chad Hogston, and Wilmington attorney David Nash, who brought the FALSE CHARGES against me in Wilmington in 2011.

My (Republican) Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo FORCED Ben David to wipe ALL CHARGES AND CONVICTIONS from my record here in Wilmington -- and he'd better do the SAME in Chicago . . .

 . . . or his ASS IS GRASS (legally, only)!!!


District Attorneys Jon and Ben David DON'T SMOKE TOBACCO -- but I KNOW they snort cocaine from WITNESSES!!!

Or perhaps we should just put the David Brothers OUT TO PASTURE!!!


Really -- I've never TRIED this (myself).