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RP: New York City Is Going MAD for Tennessee Williams!!!

RE-PRINTED from here:

‘An amazing achievement. By far the best full biography of Tennessee Williams ever published.’

Kenneth Holditch, co-editor, Library of America’s Plays of Tennessee Williams

Kenneth Holditch ALSO gave my memoir a RAVE REVIEW.


This Draping Wisteria Looks Like Purple Rain, Will Leave You Dazzled

Or see the wisteria blooming in front of the JUST BURNED DOWN Confederate "REBELS' REST" at Sewanee (aka The University of the South), which controls ALL THE RIGHTS to Tennessee Williams' work

1. A few last words of advice to me, and my response, from yesterday's business:

  • Denise Mac Lean Behave Scott.
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  • Jay Gollner Scott see a doctor stat (sic)
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  • Scott Kenan Jay Gollner: Thanks for your compassionate concern, but the Kenan family has a documented history of many having the strength or courage of ten men -- going back to Gen. James Kenan of the American Revolution, and I see doctors fairly frequently, as I've had a carcinoma removed and some lung and heart troubles now under control. On the other hand, many White Supremacists and Political Party Partisans of both parties want me to shut up, and with no credentials, declare me crazy rather than face the many ugly truths about our sick country. If you are one of those, GOOD LUCK!!! Patriots are uniting to save our country from fear-based "Christian" bull crap and greedy politicians on both sides of the isle.
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  • Scott Kenan That would be aisle.
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I look forward to hearing the stories of others. At age 28 in 1978, I was diagnosed bipolar I, and was on Lithium for 31 years, but was taken off in 2009 because I'd been symptom-free for years, then. My story is complicated by political matters, but I am fine now -- and acknowledge I probably WAS bipolar through 1992. I used spiritual quest to come to terms with my symptoms, which could be severe, but now they are like lambs. I SUPPORT scientific research into this, but also alternatives and do NOT recommend anyone go off meds unless they have a strong spiritual understanding (NOT religious!!!, although that might be OK as a second thing), and a strong support system.
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  • Nikki Bishop I feel like I'm finally cluing into the spiritual aspects of this disorder, but I'm afraid that my current medical team doesn't see things the same way that I do. Perhaps my best option then is to find assistance with a new medical team.....
  • Scott Kenan If you read the scientific literature, it is full of uncertainty. If you are mostly OK with any meds, I would suggest you stay with the same medical team, but explore spirituality carefully. In 2009, I met online a Canadian who lives with his wife, a psychologist, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He developed a HUGE collection of videos on bipolar and spirituality, but more from a Jungian perspective. I visited them for a week and helped him re-edit his book with many improvements (I used to work for playwright Tennessee Williams), and now he will be touring Europe, lecturing this fall. Here is his website. I just checked now, and he is actually now offering this book FREE (as well as for money on Amazon, etc.):
    The mission of bipolarORwakingUP is to introduce people to the spiritually heali...See More
    • Nikki Bishop Hm. I've heard of Sean and I've listened to all of his short films on Youtube. Thanks for pointing him out again. He is quite interesting and I like his spiritual take on things.
    • Scott Kenan I'm not saying he's for everyone -- one shoe does NOT fit ALL!!!

ALSO: Just like in "REAL LIFE", reading about anything and ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING, are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. To read something that feels right to you and then not ACT, will plunge one into DEPRESSION (and more meds).



"The Young Vic's production of A Streetcar Named Desire has become the fastest-selling in its history – presumably driven by the presence of Gillian Anderson, an actor who is doing some of the best work of her career but is rarely seen on stage."

NT Live to screen A Streetcar Named Desire with Gillian Anderson in theaters WORLDWIDE!!!

Theatre fans across the world will be able to watch the much-anticipated production, which is the fastest-selling in the Young Vic's history
Gillian Anderson as Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire
Gillian Anderson as Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire. Photograph: Johan Persson


"Mr. William Shuman inhabits Tennessee Williams, body and soul from the time he comes onstage. Tennessee Williams’ story, behind his writings, is a mesmerizing one you just cannot miss!"

Winner of 2013 New York International Fringe Festival “Overall Excellence Award for Solo Performance”‘En Avant! An Evening with Tennessee Williams’ is a highly personal one-man play that explores the family dynamic, the seminal work, the most important lovers and the demons that shaped the development of the man considered by many to be America’s greatest playwright.
Written and performed by William Shuman, En Avant!… provides a unique view into the heart and mind of this admittedly “wounded man”.
Tennessee Williams was American Theatre for much of the 20th century. And though many of his master works continue to be produced, the legacy of the man himself is slowly being lost.
A profound understanding of the human condition lives in the dialogue of his characters and in the verses of his poetry and it is through examining the life that produced this dialogue and these verses that we can fully appreciate the great gift that was Tennessee Williams.
‘En Avant! An Evening with Tennessee Williams’ is Mr. Shuman’s attempt to insure that this brilliant but admittedly “wounded” man is remembered by all those who treasure the lyric beauty of his writing.

3. And a NEW YORK CITY film festival of the movies of Tennessee Williams' plays was just announced, coordinated with the release of John Lahr's biography Sept. 22.

The Internet is SO CLOGGED with all things Tennessee Williams, I can't even find the announcement, now.




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RP: Did Puerto Vallarta City Shut Down Paradise Community Center "Gringo Market" to Chase Out the CIA??? Answer this first:

RE-PRINT from here:




Pastor Claims Gay People Are Possessed By “Fart Demons” That Can Drive Pigs To Suicide

Just when we thought we’d heard it all, this guy opened his mouth.
Bert Farias (pictured), founder of Holy Fire Ministries, claims to know the “raw, naked truth” about why people are gay: They are possessed by “fart demons.” Yes, fart demons.
Oh, but it gets better.
Farias also claims that in choosing to be gay, a person chooses to engage in “unclean demonic practices.” Once that happens, they become possessed by “putrid-smelling” demons so stinky they can drive pigs to suicide.
In an interview with Charisma magazine, Farias begged gay people to “not get upset with me” as he explained his groundbreaking new theory.
“[You] will see that I am actually trying to help you,” he assured them.


In Push To Protect Big Coal, Alabama Officials Say New EPA Regulations Violate God's Will

Pushing back against new Environmental Protection Agency standards limiting carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, Alabama officials gathered Monday to argue that the new federal policy flouted the Almighty's will by regulating a God-given resource.
“Who has the right to take what God's given a state?" Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC) member-elect Chip Beeker asked during a news conference held in the offices of the Alabama Coal Association on Monday, according to

3. And about my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Indiana, originally:

Mom at Meyer Family Reunion, 2009.


  • Scott Kenan OK, now I feel better. My mother is a Hoosier (Brookville), so I know how Indiana Sings (old book of songs we sang in 1950s -- Like "When Arnold put the paper on the wall, he spilled a pot of paste upon us all. We all stuck together -- like birds of a feather -- when Arnold put the paper on the waa-ah-all!!!" That is the soul of Indiana for me!
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  • Denise Mac Lean wow. Where did you take your first breath Scott?
  • Scott Kenan Cincinnati, Ohio, 2:15 AM EDT, June 16, 1951, Good Samaritan Hospital -- where my Mom had been head nurse, but later head of Proctor & Gamble's Skin Research Labs. My Mom was forced to "oralize" her"retarded" uncle at age six repeatedly -- the same year the Ku Klux Klan burned a cross on their yard because Grandpa ran for County Clerk and was Catholic. Later, Mom raised us with small pastel swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings, and after we lived across the street from Coach Lou Holtz (asst. coach at Ohio State then -- late 1960s), she got him his dream job for helping her so much -- coach at Notre Dame. 

  • As the press frequently reports, Holtz is now John Boehner's closest personal friend and co-strategist for Republicans. I caught Mom on secure comm with them last fall at the exact time Republicans negotiated re-opening government with Obama. That's my Mom -- get her out of the wallpaper paste and she and the last three Catholic Popes (where Mom got HER marching orders -- she visited them in Rome many times too) ride HIGH in the USA and especially the Supreme Court, which they deliberately packed with NAZI-style Catholics. There are plenty of good Catholics too.

4. So WHAT IS IT about Paradise Community Center and the CIA???

Pastor Ric Lehman runs the Center, mostly for his NO RULES "Christian" church, but runs the "Gringo Market" Saturdays, as well as other activities all week long.


And they meet at Paradise Community Center

Salvador Fuentes (who pretended to be my fourth Kenan cousin in 2010, when he and Luis Melgoza -- seen on right, set me up to believe that Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, NC had sent them with a woman who impersonated a 60 MINUTES producer and recorded my story for 45 minutes.

They ALL turned out to be CIA AGENTS, Luis, a disgraced Mexican lawyer who claims to have been the PRI Party top lawyer under former Presidente Salinas, but following his business card info, I found his ACTUAL head office to be a bungalow near CIA Headquarters in Virginia.

So, this might have something to do with the PARADISE GRINGO MARKET now being shut down. I'll also let my friend Peter Hardy explain it as he has a bagel business there. I met Peter when he still looked like an updated gay clone in 2010, which should not be surprising, seeing his pic from end of college days -- but this might be standard Canadian Heterosexual Style:

I met Peter in early 2010, when he used the computers at Costa Real Estate owned by my friend Anibal Rivero, a not handsome short guy -- who loved to surround himself with the HOTTEST YOUNG GAYS:

It was in Costa Real Estate offices that I also met "Fernando Merino", the son of Columbia's top cocaine exporter, and godson of "Hector the Engineer", Fernando signing me to a contract to sell gringos $7 billion in Mexican real estate, that Fernando ALSO claimed made me part of the CIA for LIFE!!!

I ignored it.


I frequently saw Anibal driving around with his young Mexican boyfriend -- whom everyone else knew was Drug Mafia. Anibal has and had less sense than even me -- as recently as a few years ago. He told me how his Jewish family had been one of the wealthiest in Mexico until they had nearly all their money tricked out of them. He now lives in Cancun selling real estate -- and partying with hot boys.

And just to plug some CORRUPTED DEMOCRATS -- because I usually go after Republicans, but both can be the WORST, consider current US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O:

From her office in nearby Nuevo Vallarta, when my Mom wanted her to recommend a doctor to try to get me back on Lithium Carbonate in 2010, Kelly recommended Dr. John Mabry Crouch, an American who inadvertently married a woman who later revealed she was THEN (THIRTY-five years ago???), the TOP cocaine importer to the USA, which RUINED his life!!!

Kelly Trainor is a Bill Clinton appointee.

READ MORE halfway down here:

ALSO INCLUDES the details of "psychic" Jean Dixon who predicted the deaths of many of J. Edgar Hoover's victims -- and later was revealed to NOT be a psychic, but a PR person on Hoover's payroll, paid to TERRORIZE JFK and others before Hoover murdered them.

Jeane Dixon, predictin'.

Be sure to read what Jeane Dixon claimed on her guilty deathbed about who the REAL Communists in the US Government are!!!

But back to PARADISE COMMUNITY CENTER'S GRINGO MARKET, its mysterious sudden shut-down might be quite like a SIMILAR mysterious recent shut-down of

The Boutique Theatre's Canadian owner was BEST FRIENDS with Jim Wilson of Oregon, who bragged to me many times of being Oregon's TOP IMPORTER of bales of marijuana -- at least a few years ago.

And Peter Hardy was raised by his Mom, "Birdy", a card-carrying Canadian Communist -- and he turned out actually OK!!! We only differ in that he thinks current Israeli Politicians are THE BEST!!!

What's up with the Saturday market at Paradise Comm. Ctr? Closed?
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  • Peter Hardy The city wants 50 pesos per vendor extra per week and the market needs 20 vendors min to pay the rent and we have only had 15 so Sid feels it is better to wait till November. There are talks going on to re open sooner but nothing yet.
  • Harold Sokolove The city figured out a way to take some of the profits...
  • Brenda Retzlaff de Rivera How can the city get a cut if it is held on private property? Just curious, it seems very odd but nothing surprises me here.
  • Peter Hardy They said that because Charlotte's market (on city land) has to pay 50 pesos per vendor that we have to as well. Sid said that we are on private land but they said it does not mater... They just see one market paying and figure that all must pay... Stupid politics.

We heard SIMILAR excuses for the closing of the Boutique Theatre over a month ago.


Sunset in Puerto Vallarta -- just a few minutes ago.

Sleep TIGHT Americanos -- no TELLING what tomorrow brings!!!