Sunday, December 5, 2021

RP: Is THIS WHY Donald Trump is Now BITTERLY COMPLAINING That Roman Catholics DON'T APPRECIATE HIM??? -- Pope Francis's Followers Sure Have NO USE for Trump/Republican Party Politics, TODAY -- HA!!!


NO, this is NOT about "Lesbian Refugees" -THAT KIND -- READ IT!!!

And although I no longer worship Jesus, I am TOTALLY INTO CHRISTMAS this year -- for the first time since 2016 -- and have gotten up my outside Christmas Lights, and bought NEW LIGHTS to restring the small tree that Gold Walker gave me when we came across it in her attic in 2016. The lights are burnt out -- but it is covered with GREAT, HAND-MADE ORNAMENTS.

Also, I REALLY AM no longer going to put up with Robert "Rob" James McKinney's Drug-Mafia THUG MANNER. If he wants to continue running tons of HARD DRUGS (and pot), from his apartment, then he can use his car and motorized bicycle to deliver them elsewhere. 

From NOW ON, I'm going to REPORT descriptions of cars, license-plates, drivers, etc., of ANYONE who shows up here and parks in our lot or the street out front and acts SUSPICIOUS. If they are NOT CRIMINALS, then it won't matter. If they ARE CRIMINALS then maybe they can be EMBARASSED into doing their business elsewhere.

Jon Deputy placed Drug Addicts and Drug Traffickers Rob McKinney and James "Aaron" Gallimore, Jr., in the front apartment:

And then Jonathan Deputy came to my apartment, threatened to BEAT ME UP (but only gave me a little shove), and told me he would EVICT ME IMMEDIATELY (without Legal Process), if I EVER BLOGGED ANY PHOTOS of others living here or if I mention WHO VISITS, and especially if I publish license-plate numbers.

Jon Deputy had FIRST placed Allie Ryan and her boyfriend Patrick Addington in the upstairs apartment -- with Allie's Lesbian friend -- who soon moved out, then Allie's ALLEGED SISTER, Katlyn Addington, moved in -- with her boyfriend, Jack.

This was the FIRST of other prescription speed tablets that I found dropped in our parking lot next to Allie's car.

What is SADDEST, is that Allie Ryan GRADUATED UNCW right after she moved in -- Winter 2017-2018 -- and had DISTINGUISHED HERSELF as a WRITER -- having been paid for three pieces in major National Magazines!!!

But since many of their packages were left at the base of their steps and in front of my door, I noticed that never-married Allie's last name is RYAN, and her younger sister's last name is ADDINGTON -- the SAME surname as Allie's BOYFRIEND. You get DIZZY trying to figure these things out. And the PACKAGES have come in nearly DAILY, FIVE packages delivered by three trucks this past Friday.

Gold Walker told me she gave them permission to repaint and to paper their apartment -- OVER A YEAR AGO -- but they should have a RETAIL SHOP with all the goods they keep having delivered. 

REMEMBER: Patrick Lee Stansbury -- back in the 1990s -- was getting lots of marijuana delivered via UPS, but went into a PANIC when one large box never arrived -- HA!!!

So, I APPRECIATE that the Wilmington Police, New Hanover County Deputies, and likely the FBI and CIA PROTECT THEIR HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING with the CHRISTIAN Politicians and Clergy of Wilmington -- but they can just KILL ME, if they can't handle my publishing the EVIDENCE OF THEIR CRIMES!!!

THAT is actually the job of the Wilmington Star News and the Port City Daily, as well as WECT-TV6 News -- but THEY ARE PART OF IT.

We are FORTUNATE TODAY -- in that Gov. Roy Cooper, Atty. Gen. Josh Stein, NC Health and Human Services Secretary Kody Kinsley -- and Chief District Court Judge J.H. Corpening -- ALL know that Drug Interdiction must INCREASE, but more importantly, we need REHABILITATION PROGRAMS for ADDICTS -- especially now that Drugs have become so STRONG, one cannot get off them WITHOUT HELP.

Given Pope Francis's EXTREME ANGER at the situation and FAKE CHRISTIANS who are causing it, I think we have to call this a PROTESTANT PROBLEM, PRIMARILY. Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists hardly participate AT ALL!!!

EXCEPT Roman Catholic Thom Goolsby -- LOL!!!


Don’t Tell Me to Pray My Mental Illness (or Addiction), Away

A psychiatrist’s office was the last place I expected to hear this advice

Megan McGibney

Dec 2, 2019 · 4 min read

My new neighbor was a racist.

Jan Sebastian

Nov 16·3 min read

I had just driven from California to Florida. I had pulled into my new driveway, then a man approached us with his kids…


He, first of all, wanted to give me church references.

Next, he asked me what school my kids were going to go to, and I said, Lake Mary.

So this holy rolling Christian said, “Just look out for the (N-WORD).” Yes, he said this -- in front of his kids and mine!

Holy shit!

I just froze dead in my tracks. I was speechless!

My 15-year-old son heard that and turned and walked away. Welcome to the deep south. Bible belt country. He lived right next door . . . 



Friday, December 3, 2021

RP: A SURPRISE Letter to Mr. Kody Kinsley, North Carolina's NEW Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Who LIKE ME is GAY AS A GOOSE and from WILMINGTON -- the HEART of Christian/NAZI Trump Support, the HEART of Christian/NAZI Hard-Drug Trafficking -- and Trump Support by Democratic and Republican Politicians:


Kody Kinsley

Kody Kinsley

Office of the Secretary

2001 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-2000


Email -- which I won't post, but got from UNC Chapel Hill's School of Government, where he also teaches.

December 3, 2021

Dear Sect. Kinsley,

What a great surprise to learn about you and your new appointment -- CONGRATULATIONS!!! And BEST that you know -- or knew -- Wilmington, well.

I was THRILLED to see that you have been to Wilmington to meet with NAMI -- you must be WELL AWARE of North Carolina's REPUTATION, as seen in this meme, like I did, ALL OVER the internet and Facebook -- during Gov. McCrory's reign (who, like Trump, HE ALSO tried to deny he had lost to Cooper -- but gave up fairly quickly -- LOL)!!!

Of course I used to see this then as well -- and never understood it until a couple of years ago, I learned that the CHRISTIAN IDIOTS on the Boards of Governors and Trustees -- ALL approved by the Republican, devout Episcopalian Kenans -- re-dedicated Kenan Stadium to William Rand Kenan, Jr. (a TOTAL HOMO -- after his horsey wife died early without issue, he moved in with his lifelong Male Secretary Schuyler Beatty for the rest of his long life -- gone NAZI -- like Democratic D.A. Benjamin R. David, here in Wilmington), who had paid for it to honor his parents for being FIRST CAUSE to the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- which my grandfather participated in as a high-school student. His father had saved up and bought a slave pair and immediately granted them their FREEDOM -- but enlisted to fight for the Confederacy and his big toe was shot off at Malvern Hill.

Anyway, as OFTEN-LYING ROMAN CATHOLIC Rachell Maddow PROVED two years ago, but REFUSED to mention the Kenans -- Kenan lifelong employee Rex Tillerson signed the contract with Vladimir Putin as soon as Trump was declared victor in 2016, for Kenan Companies Exxon-Mobil and Bank of America to make HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS developing Russia's vast Oil Reserves, and then BEFORE EVEN MEETING HIM, Trump nominated Rex to State -- LOL!!!

But Obama's Russian Sanctions have prevented it from ACTIVATING -- the reason my Kenan Family with Trump and the Republicans -- and MANY Democrats as well -- planned the January 6 Christian Insurrection of the Capitol. My TOP Military Ally, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore', was hired to fix the Capitol's Security and COMPLAINED LIKE HELL that it was the DEMOCRATS who prevented funding the important parts of it. Email me for Russel's cell number -- or Patricia Sinatra's cell. Pat Sinatra sat me down for THREE HOURS to tell me how she engineered selling control of BankAmerica to Kenan-controlled NationsBank -- and NOW HATES THE KENANS for turning Bank of America NAZI!!!

And because the phones to your new office had the massage-ing MESSAGE that they were too busy to answer phones this afternoon, I called the Office of UNC Chapel Hill's School of Government -- and not only did they give me your email address there, we were TOTALLY CRACKING UP -- because THEY ALL KNOW that Thomas S. Kenan III and his near relatives run all the HARD DRUGS -- worldwide -- with the Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Obama (because he's a blackmailed Homosexual -- no surprise to ANYONE, anymore), and Biden Families -- WHY Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Joe Manchin -- ALL devout Roman Catholics -- are pushing DONALD TRUMP'S AGENDA, rather than what Lyin' Biden claims he is for!!!

CNN and MSNBC have often reported over the last two weeks, that Exxon-Mobil's TOP LOBBYIST calls Manchin every day to be CERTAIN he does NOT support Voting Rights and Lowering the Burning of Carbon Fuels -- the KENANS DOUBLED-DOWN in controlling Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal (especially in Kentucky) -- while the Rockefellers PERSONALLY -- and their Charities -- GOT RID of Carbon Energy Stocks in the EARLY AUGHTS!!!

Before I get going, please let Gov. Roy Cooper know that I've had a REVERSAL of my opinion of him, recently. While in the PAST he friended all of the TOP DRUG TRAFFICKERS in Wilmington -- these two, Ryan Lee Burris (on right), and his fiancé Wes Taylor -- soon after that died of Drug Overdoses. Ryan was the Third Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of New Hanover County as well as Head of Cape Fear Equality -- which was used as a DRUG-SELLING ORG!!!

And when he put HYPER-DRUG-TRAFFICKING Susi Hamilton on his Cabinet (she lives half a block from the William Rand Kenan, Sr., House at 110 Nun Street here in Wilmington, that THEN was a HUGE DRUG-TRAFFICKING CENTER -- but is now sold and under renovation), and placed Deb Butler in her NC House Seat -- Deb partnered then with Republican Jonathan Deputy in Drug Trafficking -- but after her wife Anni Parra DIED OF AN OVERDOSE on December 28, 2018, Deb APPEARS to have straightened out, and she ALWAYS VOTES LIKE I WOULD.

So, NOW, I give them BOTH my FULL SUPPORT (Cooper's been doing a BANG-UP JOB, lately).

And A.G. Josh Stein CAN'T BE BEAT.

BTW: I went to Denison University on partial scholarship, had had the HIGHEST College Board Scores in my Pennsylvania high school -- in Math and Science -- then CHANGED MAJORS halfway through sophomore year, and BEFORE graduating in 1973, WON a US State Department Contest and my Art Prints were bought by our Government and hung in 30 US Embassies and Consulates around the world.

After graduation, I co-founded, with two other Denison Grads, but was FORCED OUT for being a HOMO and my partners were partnered with my NAZI MOTHER, and I got next to NO MONEY, Chuck Pritchard and Hilary Russell STILL OWN IT -- and LOOK WHO SHOPS THERE -- HA!!! 

And LATER, I was the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, and I can PROVE how the Episcopal Church/Sewanee, with the Republican Party and elements of the FBI and CIA, MURDERED Tennessee to STEAL HIS ESTATE from Harvard for the Episcopal Church -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis WARNED Tennessee would happen at Jean Babette Stein (her father Jules then owned MCA, including the NBC Networks), and George Plimpton's party on January 11, 1982.

A few years ago, Jean Stein committed CIA-ASSISTED SUICIDE -- and while it was BREAKING TV NEWS all across Europe, in the USA, NO TV Network covered it and only a few newspapers and magazines.

Here is my account of meeting Jackie Onassis:

My Political Blog -- on which THIS LETTER will be published -- has gotten OVER FIVE MILLION VIEWS SO FAR -- and is MOST POPULAR in New Hanover County Courthouse -- for OBVIOUS REASONS -- LOL!!!

And Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Manchin -- and Chuck Schumer and Thomas S. Kenan III and his relatives -- are SCARED TO DEATH OF ME -- but I THINK there might be HOPE for V.P. Kamala Harris -- DESPITE her record of jailing DARK-SKINNED PEOPLE in the past.

I sent these two Letters to them over the last few days, and BOTH of their Offices sent IMMEDIATE Received Notices, but these are the ONLY TWO OFFICES that send a SECOND R. N. -- when they ACTUALLY READ IT. I'll post them in the order they READ THEM, Harris reading HERS as soon as Government opened for business the next day -- while Biden sent HIS AFTER Harris sent hers:

Well, I just wanted to write to introduce myself, and HOPE that after you settle in, I can help you in a paid or volunteer situation -- my family STOLE all my wealth and sources of income, so I REALLY have a small stipend from them plus Social Security -- so don't need a lot of money.

My mother, who as Head of Skin Research Labs at Procter & Gamble right after WWII, was given Dr. Josef Mengele's MIND CONTROL research, which Mom developed with the Catholic Church and the CIA. Later, in her honor, they RENAMED IT "Project MK ULTRA" using Mom's two initials for her last names, Meyer and then Kenan.

AND I was FORCED to take Lithium Carbonate from 1978 - early 2009 on a FALSE DIAGNOSIS of Bipolar I -- Lithium is ILLEGAL to use except for a few weeks in NON-NAZI COUNTRIES -- including all developed countries and MOST under-developed countries!!!

It is a form of SOFT LOBOTOMY, and when my shrink took me OFF -- claiming in eight years she had NEVER seen a sign of Bipolar in me -- in early 2009, it took FIVE YEARS for my BRAIN to feel properly wired, again.

Since then, I have been diagnosed with Complex PTSD -- caused by my family's ABUSE OF ME -- and continuing with the ABUSE OF ME BY THE US GOVERNMENT!!!

I'm also a trained Practitioner in Science of Mind (aka Religious Science or Spiritual Psychology), and from its PRACTICE as well as smoking marijuana late at night on order of my Psychiatrist, I've REALLY CALMED DOWNrecently!!!

And the DRUG MAFIA is SO ENSCONCED in my apartment building -- but CLEANED OUT by WE CITIZENS, non-violently, from the rest of Spofford Circle, that DESPITE my recent altercation with Robert "Rob" James McKinney, Jr. -- see halfway down here: 

-- he is STILL MAKING HUGE DRUG DELIVERIES in our parking lot (7:00 PM tonight to a late model, dark blue Toyota Corolla or Civic, North Carolina plate # HBM 4645 -- often seen here), and Bill, one of the TWO GAY GUYS who have the apartment above me (but live in the TALLEST house on Topsail Island, John "Gray" Hunter, who inherited a FORTUNE), was here using SO MUCH ACETONE all afternoon, he had his fan blowing air in one window and out the deck door over MY DECK.

I had so much experience with Organic Solvents in Chemistry Classes, that I KNOW THEIR SMELL!!! This continued after dark when it was FAR TOO COOL to flush your air without nearly "freezing".

AND, his friend who always visits him here -- carrying satchels in and out of Gray and Bill's apartment -- used to show up with Trump and Confederate Flags all over his hepped-up pick-up truck, but now just a TRUMP window sticker -- HA!!!

Well, at least Drug Trafficking Rob McKinney got his GAS TURNED BACK ON, late this afternoon.

Since ONE of the criminal lawyers named John Eastman is back in the news -- and George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, etc. -- here is how the BALDWINS are TOTALLY into Hard Drug Trafficking with Kenan Advantage Group, Paul McCartney's wife Nancy Shevell, and DAME JILLIAN SACKLER -- but TODAY, I see that they are going to finally SUE THE SACKLER FAMILY MEMBERS, PERSONALLY for being the BIGGEST CAUSE of the Opioid Epidemic -- and that is GOOD, but the Kenan Family of Chapel Hill and their Allies are the REAL CAUSE OF IT!!!

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin with Dame Jillian Sackler at John Eastman of Eastman & Eastman Attorneys in NYC's party, recently.


Thursday, December 2, 2021

RP: I'm TOTALLY OVER Christian Drug Mafia Bullying ME -- Do YOU Give a S*H*I*T about How They Bully YOU???



Bidens To Attend Kennedy Center Honors After Trumps Snubbed Them (V.P. Harris and Doug Imhof will ALSO attend -- which means that Speaker Pelosi won't be ALLOWED TO -- LOL!!!)!!!

Joe and Jill Biden are set to go to the annual gala celebrating the arts, which Donald and Melania Trump avoided following outcry.

Andre Ellington
12/02/2021 01:35pm EST


Remember the year that Newt Gingrich attended with his third serial Roman Catholic wife, Callista -- who is SO HOLY Trump made her AMBASSADOR to the HOLY SEE!!!

I had PLANNED to write Kody Kinsley today -- like me, he lived in Wilmington a long time and likely knows the BEST GAYS HERE -- like Shane Fernando 

-- but I FORGOT to call Kody's new office in Raleigh to find out how to EMAIL HIM -- before they closed, today.

That time I went with Tennessee Williams to the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors and a Reagan White House Party:

SADLYNancy's lover Frank Sinatra was NOT THERE and I NEVER MET HIM -- despite his heirs selling their BankAmerica to my Kenan Family's NationsBank -- and they NOW HATE the Kenans for turning Bank of America NAZI!!!

Fox News host Tucker Carlson defends Chris Cuomo after CNN suspension: 'What a thing to be fired for'

Yahoo Entertainment

December 1, 2021, 5:22 AM

Alec Baldwin isn't doing so well, EITHER!!!

And NEITHER ARE Jeffrey Epstein's TWO BEST FRIENDSStory Cowles and Frank Hawkins Kenan II:

This story TOTALLY REMINDS ME of my dealings with the NAZI/Christian FBI and CIA -- and the LOCAL GOVERNMENTS in and around Wilmington, North Carolina!!!:

Drug Addicts and Traffickers James "Aaron" Gallimore and Robert "Rob" James McKinney, Jr. were placed in Apartment One here in January 2018 -- by Republican MEGA DRUG TRAFFICKER Jonathan Deputy!!!

And Rob DID stay away last night after our altercation:

But another day has passed, and he STILL HAS NO GAS SERVICE. Drug Dealers have stopped by TWICE, today, that I observed, and Rob is so STUPID, he ALSO told me he is going to replace his TOILET on his own -- but his toilet is FINE -- it is that his sewer line gets CLOGGED with DRUG PARAPHENALIA and other trash flushed down it.

I told Gold Walker about THIS TOO!!!

And all of the years Rob has lived here, he leaves his doors UNLOCKED (and often even partially open), when he goes OUT -- so that other drug traffickers can ENTER to get DRUGS. He also used to keep a rolling trash bin with plastic milk-crate atop it under an always-cracked-open living room window -- and I have WITNESSED DRUG NUTS COMING AND GOING that way -- while he is OUT.

Today, I took THESE TWO PHOTOS of his kitchen window, that is above the outdoor porch entrance to my and the other apartments -- so you don't have to climb up to get in through the window:

This has looked like this for MONTHS, now, and NEITHER Gold Walker's Apartment Manager Tom Purdy nor her Yardman have done a THING ABOUT IT -- yet they have BOTH seen it many times.

Tom Purdy lives on Allen Walker's -- where EVERYONE says they are the LARGEST import port of HARD DRUGS on the LOWER CAPE FEAR -- so you can draw your OWN CONCLUSIONS!!!

Gold Walker would have a FIT -- if she saw it.

This posting is ALSO getting TONS OF HITS the last several days:

From Denison University.