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RP: Letter I Dreamt I Wrote Last Night (proof that I've lost my MIND???)

When asleep, I take on THIS identity (and so should you).

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 7:09 PM, CDT (8:09 PM, initiator's time)Someone at Charlie Rivenbark's REAL ESTATE OFFICE just BLOCKED all four addresses that I have been RELIGIOUSLY emailing every single blog post to for about a year, now.

THIS PROVES THEY READ IT (have read it)!!!

I thank them.

* * *

Hi Skeeter,

I’ve been procrastinating – and perhaps you’ve been sleeping in after our psycho-fun night, last night (which given when I dreamt this, actually would have been the night before, I think).

You have always seemed to me to be a very sincere person (if young – sorry, but much perspective comes with age), and since you remind me of myself in so many ways, I only want the BEST for you, but only you can grab it.

Sincere and overworked sex-gods, like you and me, are the EASIEST to manipulate because being sincere, we are naturally trusting of others – in other words we assume others are at least more like us than not. ALSO, youth was invented by God to be spent in experimentation, I tried every imaginable recreational drug that doesn’t have to be injected (except snortable heroin), and hope you have too. I only smoke pot now (of the illegals or prescription drugs -- and THIS JUST IN: current street price in Puerto Vallarta is $38.43 USD per a right generous ounce).

But in 2011, you sex-sociated with some very questionable people. The party I refer to was actually at “The George” on Riverwalk in Wormwood, North Carolina and in 2011 – billed as a party for or by the org you now should think of "heading", as they say. 

The most “questionable” thing about that party was that James Mooser (or similar), kept paying at the bar from a HUGE roll of large-denomination bills for various food and beverages. Any non-profit (which I assume your sex-therapy org is), KNOWS that all finances must be properly accounted for, and ANY bar or restaurant I ever was a manager of EXTENDS CREDIT until it (a private party), is over and the bill must be paid – using a CHECK indicates it is LEGAL and keeps an org from LATER INVESTIGATIONS.

>>> BEST NEWS: Private Parties ALWAYS tip at least 22% (except Christian ladies of all races, who tip HALF of that with petty complaints or tight-pursed lips -- upper, that is)

And WHERE did all his cash come from, anyway???

The George is known as a fave spot for sea-faring, illegal drug importers to hang out, and at THAT TIME Moose-Boy's wait music on cell phone was “Fly Me to the Moon”, and the MLK Day Parade was less important for you guys to support than sleeping off your trademark "black-n'-blue" hangovers.

As I said, you were YOUNG and unmindful of the things that can haunt you or even destroy your life later. And it is not EASY being in sex-politics, which I would expect you to have a bright future in. I DO like your two surrogates, but think about CHARLIE Rivenbark, (a Dem and not a Redenbaugh -- similar name but less-densely populating Wormwood), who told ME to go to hell and never call him again when I tried to tell him about the drug corruption of Wormwoodian Republicans – but MAINTAINED by Dems Ben David, Ralph Evangelous (who smoked crack regularly in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine – at least in 2011), and Ed McMahon (I hear a GOOD Dem is running to beat the sheriff in primaries – thank God). Bill Saffo is part of it too – but better him than anyone else, so I am NEUTRAL toward Wormwood's Mayor.

And that Redenbaugh gal was first elected as a Republican -- until she learned better. People who go through such significant changes are usually more mature (afterward). But look what I found for the SECOND time just now: the Democrats leave BLANK the slate of candidates (this was blank two weeks ago, also – making me wonder if ALL Dems in W-Wood are too high on drugs to even CARE to appear professional). If this is not blank to you too, please let me know: .

Enough of the crap. Carry on and keep your nose clean (unless you like lickin’ "that which be unwiped”, as they say – LOL!!!)

The news about the Clintons’ and Obama’s crimes in support of Big Banks, Wall Street, and Bush/Cheney narco-trafficking will eventually come out, so BEWARE giving any of them too much sex-support, but of COURSE as a Dem "Moll” (or at least one in the making), you HAVE to give them lip-service now (but nothing deeper).

I leave you with something I posted on someone else’s thread this morning – it gives you an idea how EVERYONE in You-Know-Where has their heads up their arses. My public defender, Jennifer Harjo (an actual person -- not just "Dream Stuff"), is a REAL Republican, was the only politician (elected or appointed), who seemed NOT corrupt to me – and even though assistant D.A.s told her early on that Ben David did not have a SHRED of evidence to support the charges against me, she REFUSED to demand he drop the cases, and thought the deal that he’d drop them if I stayed out of North Carolina for a YEAR (which he did), was FAIR.

That was the HEIGHT of unfairness that I had to remove myself from New Hanover County corruption – and I was not the criminal. But this is how inside-out thinking easily becomes in a town as corrupted by narco-trafficking as Wilmington -- and I don't hold that against Jen AT ALL (really). 

I recommend to keep sanity and perspective that you (or anyone), get OUT to a different culture for a week at least once per year. If you can’t afford international travel, then to the US desert, mountains (out West -- father away than Southern Appalachians), etc. Hitch-hike, if you have to. I’ve hitch-hiked all over the Eastern US in my youth.

All bats,

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Steven Reid Harbin And as you point out Scott, "All things come to he who waits" Or something like that...
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Scott Kenan Oh goody -- that means the lying US Press will CONFRONT Barack Obama with his profligate gay past, how the Bush-Cheneys blackmailed him to support CIA and US military worldwide narco-trafficking, and Bill Clinton for expanding CIA narco-trafficking in Mexico where I live  -- even MORE than either Bush President, who actually profited the most. 

I had lunch yesterday with a retired BBC newscaster, a retired Texas Superior Court Judge and her husband, a retired top Texas lawyer, and a friend who did business with and knew personally my wealthy Kenan relatives who today still control more stock in Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Coca-Cola, BOUGHT Bank of America from Frank Sinatra's heirs, and built Kenan Advantage Group into the largest trucking firm in the USA -- on track to be the largest in Mexico and Canada soon as well. 

We ALL lament how the US Press is more controlled by the CIA-NSA than the press in most other countries are (government-controlled), and how FUNNY it is to fly internationally now, since airline employees have known Obama is gay since mid-2012. Our Beloved Country will NEVER be healed as long as Americans believe so many lying politicians and press (and religious leaders), although Dems are generally better than REDS.
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Robert Tedeschi Thank you

Believe it or not, I've been CAUGHT by my sister Julie!!!

Pity her.


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