Sunday, April 20, 2014

RIP: At 8:00 AM Today, Easter Sunday, My Father Made His Perfect Departure.

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William Scott Kenan 1918 - 2014 (photo from 2009)

I say "perfect", because his recent decline gave us all time to prepare, and he was ready too. I spoke with Mom for about 25 minutes, and learned that both she and my sister Jane were with him after Dad had had a very restless night -- and so was the Catholic priest, anointing Dad's head with sacred oil at the moment of his transition.

My father had never expressed any belief in religion to me -- in fact he called it "women's crap" -- but Mom told me in recent years he has told her he wouldn't have any other religion but Catholicism, and I believe he meant this in his late time. Dad was ALWAYS a "Catholic parent", with his only transgression being in 1956, when he took Jane and me to a White Castle for a treat and to let Mom have some peace right after Mom learned her own mother had died -- and it was Good Friday and meat was then STRICTLY VERBOTEN!!!

I feel I should tell you that I had actually planned to tell the story again, today, about how in the early oughts, Dad, forgetting I was watching FOX NEWS with him and Mom in their living room, got so angry at then North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms (probably the most hated Senator ever -- feared by his friends), that he forcefully declared to Mom that he was going to REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE (he did, with health and family issues being the modus operandi). Dad even yelled that he had PUT Helms in power, and he "sure as hell" could remove him.

You see, no matter what you, I, or anyone else thinks of my very complicated father, he always GRABBED LIFE BY THE BALLS AND LIVED IT. And probably the best gift he gave me (besides Kenan good health and longevity), is perseverance and endurance, what allowed me to survive all my political enemies (some now too stupid to even realize they have lost).

I am most grateful that my brother, two sisters, and my niece and nephews -- as well as I -- all got to have that honest adult conversation with Dad which so many are unable to have before a loved one passes. And I am ALSO glad for my strict Catholic upbringing and grade school education. I have many problems with that Church -- but it is where I got THE RIGHT VALUES.

I'm going to stop for now, but just to show you that like the Republicans who reportedly have decided NOT to stop trying to repeal national Romneycare, the white, "Christian" narco-traffickers in North Carolina (especially), are still at it -- spreading lies against me. I honestly got the email, then replied, as screen-captured below, ten minutes after learning of Dad's death. Well, at least former Republican candidate for Wilmington Mayor, Justin LaNasa, his tattoo-parlor/cyber cell buddies and Frank Delia of the Italian Market and Coffee House all stopped cat-calling me in front of crowds in Wilmington, claiming I had molested young boys -- LOL!!!

I DO have that to be grateful for.


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Later, I felt it appropriate to add this from Facebook:

  • Lena Ludwig Lapper RIP Uncle Bill. Hope you are well Scott. Much love to you.
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  • Scott Kenan Thanks Lena (my first cousin's daughter). The BIGGEST part of this actually miraculous occurrence, is that through it, I am on good terms with my immediate family -- that happening actually well BEFORE Dad died. And no history has changed, BUT we all had to graduate into some kind of multidimensional consciousness to live with our pasts and honor our presents and futures TOGETHER. GOD and FAMILY WIN!!!
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