Sunday, April 13, 2014

RP: The BEST Thing Putin Could Do in Ukraine (thanks to Fareed Zakaria, the ONLY journalist still employed by CNN)!!!

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Alison Fraser, currently touring in WICKED!!!

>>> FIRST THINGS FIRST: I just posted this on Alison's Facebook Page:

Alison: A quirky friend of mine wrote the first review of your CD on Amazon, today, (FIVE STARS!!!), and then I added a comment beneath that. I'd also like to say that Joseph saw you TWICE in IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE, Tennessee's play in which Babe was based on "Texas" Kate (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer -- later McNamara, and Mac was said to be based on me. 

I can't wait to get your disc here in Mexico, where I live in exile due to confronting those who murdered Tennessee Williams, but all that is GETTING RESOLVED NOW, so I'm actually CELEBRATING!!!

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By now, EVERY Democrat, Republican, and even HUMAN BEING knows about the Obama Administration working FOR REPUBLICANS to STOP THE SPREAD OF SOLAR POWER.

"WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration talks a lot about the need to develop renewable energy around the world to curb climate change. But right now, it's trying to kill India's effort to boost its domestic solar industry . . . "

Read more here (or simply google the subject to find all the tons of stories about this)

Mr. Zakaria's POINT, being that with the HUGE recent advances in Solar Technology for producing Energy -- and the much lower cost, now, of panels, etc. -- the FASTEST way to KILL the old "Carbon-Based Society", would be for Obama and Putin to get into such a SNIT-FIT, that Barry Bam-Bam's "tough new sanctions" got Putin pissed enough to CUT OFF natural gas flowing to Ukraine and through it to Europe.

It is SPRING now, so heat is not as necessary -- and GERMANY has taken a big LEAD in building solar power technology to REPLACE the carbon fuels it imports.

The factories, investors for more, and labor force to do this and GET PEOPLE BACK TO WORK, is already in place -- the NEW WORLD of reasonable use of God's resources is ready to BIRTH!!!

And this would be the easiest and best SPARK NOW.


And WHO CARES what becomes of that stupid little faggot (as I prefer to call him)???


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