Saturday, April 19, 2014

RP: Good GOLLY, Miss Molly -- I Think I've Somehow Turned HALF-STRAIGHT!!!

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A Facebook comment I left under this photo on a friend's page:

"What is totally BIZARRE to me, is that in the last year I have come to more fully appreciate women -- and I am even JEALOUS of straight guys at times!!! My barometer, still, only points up at men . . ."


1. And then I left THIS comment on a Wilmington, North Carolina white, gay activist's page:

Ryan Lee Burris could stand to SMILE more.

  Scott Kenan The BEST thing for Wilmington would be ALL attending churches of ANY kind to accidentally poison each other most seriously.

I knew that William R. Kenan, JUNIOR, who built Carolina Apartments, Kenan Fountain and Plaza, etc. came to hate the small-mindedness of Wilmingtonians so much he left and NEVER WENT BACK (and in his memoirs mentions Wilmington in only ONE short paragraph). You might recall that John D. Rockefeller always said Henry Flagler (who founded Standard Oil and controlled nearly twice as much stock -- leaving all his to Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler of Wilmington), and that Flagler said of Kenan (who ran his development of Florida, 40% approx. ownership of the major US railroads then, etc. for Flagler and later for his sister and the Kenan Family who kept it all), that HE, Flagler, had NEVER met a better businessman than William R. Kenan, Jr. 

It's a shame that the hatred of Wilmingtonians eventually drove ALL the Kenans(including me in 2012), OUT of Wilmington (except for in gated "One-Percerter-Villes" like Figure Eight Island

Today, the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust has been the LARGEST private support of University Education in the World for 101 years. On the OTHER side of this story is that his FATHERWRK, SENIOR, with the pastor of First Presbyterian, caused the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, which caused all the Jim Crow Laws to be passed across the South within two years -- and it is THIS event that gave white, "Christians" FULL FAITH they can shoot, rape, etc. minorities without punishment. 

And another racist connection of Wilmington, NC is that Democrat President Woodrow Wilson's DAD was pastor of First Presbyterian, Wilmington, and Woodrow spent some formative years there. First thing he did as President??? RE-segregate the ENTIRE US GOVERNMENT, which had been integrated for many, many years then.

Have you lily white, gay Freedom Lovers gotten to see THIS movie yet???

HACKER PROBLEMS (NSA/CIA, I suppose), have destroyed the formatting in this posting, so I'll continue in a NEW ONE . . .


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