Sunday, April 13, 2014

RP: I Can't Think of a THING Worth Blogging About Right Now . . .

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1. Has anyone else had troubles changing passwords to escape the Heart Bleed whatchamacallit??? As is now well documented, President Obama and the NSA KNEW about Heart Bleed two years ago, and the President told the NSA to use the flaw to spy on Americans and others.

NICE GUY, no???

2. Did you know that President Obama OVER-RODE the Republican decision to DEPORT spouses of US Service-members who were in the USA illegally, saying he would be more KIND. When the figures came in, he had actually INCREASED deportations of this nature -- as he continues to INCREASE deportations overall.

Have you noticed ANY praise from Republicans for Obama's HUGE campaign to deport people??? ANSWER: No, to them he's just another "uppity nigger".

SAD, when one must turn to JEB Bush for kindness toward illegal entrants, no???

3. BUT Americans refuse to listen to the SERIOUS (not Jet, etc.), black press in America -- they have ALL and very CONSISTENTLY criticized Barack Obama's saying one thing, then doing the Republican thing on most issues -- unless the People FORCE his hand -- this CONTINUING since about second day of Obama's presidency. 

I find it PATHETIC that Republicans criticize the President for ALL THE WRONG THINGS (his race and the fact he REFUSES to look down at their feet when speaking to them directly, etc.), and the Democrats like him for what he SAYS, but refuse to see how opposite so many of his actions have been.

At least Michelle consistently supports him!!!

Women often have differing opinions -- just like MEN!!!

4. I posted Colin Hamilton's LINKED-IN profile because while I KNEW he had a career as a serious journalist, I had NO IDEA he had so much extraordinary experience -- and so DIVERSE, as well!!!


5. Yesterday at writers group, I read chapter 3 of my memoir, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, to a GREAT RESPONSE. I've calmed down enough to read my stuff without hurrying, although I was TEMPTED to speed up when during the first page of it there was tons of "room noise", but that soon fell quiet.

Among other responses, Candace handed me a note from her Shakespeare Book of Birthdays, and for mine (June 16), this quote from TITUS ANDRONICUS, which I have on DVD, starring my Dad's old Wilmington AA non-drinking buddy, Anthony Hopkins, as well as Jessica Lange:

Titus (1999) Poster

"All the water in the ocean can nary turn the swan's black legs to white." -- make of that what you will, Democrats and Republicans!!!

BIGGEST SURPRISE: TWO members of our writers group have experienced Anthony Hopkins DRUNK (a while back)!!!

And for MINUTIA FREAKS, June 17, 2 BC is thought by scholars to be Jesus's actual birthday. I was just a tetch FASTER (and I've also seen June 15 or 16, listed in "minority" scholar reports).

6. As I now move on to a LESS political life, I will next read my memoir, which I haven't read through in three years. You can read it here for FREE, although somehow its formatting got stretched with too much space between lines: .

7. And for a little appreciation of nature, today, check this out -- the images are EXTRAORDINARY (I'll paste a couple of them in below the link so you understand)!!!:

How totally COOL!!! There is a tree half-tunnel the road goes through in Conchas Chinas when you drive steeply down it toward the beach (just south of Puerto Vallarta), the east side being a stone wall that eventually becomes about three stories high. At night, the not-so-bright street lamps cast shadows that triple the effect -- and in rainy season all the tree frogs are calling for mates -- VERY gothic, and where my car was broken into and my passport stolen and very close to where the CIA interviewed me, recording everything for 45 minutes, convincing me they really WERE from 60 MINUTES (all this in 2010). Well, the trees and all that are still there, but I've scared off the CIA and they don't mess with ME anymore -- LOL!!!
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