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RP: I'm Just so TARRRRED of Serious Writin' -- I'm Takin' a Little Break

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Mostly, just drop in some images -- if no one minds . . .

In celebration of Debbie Reynolds' 82nd birthday today, here's a scene with the actress from the beloved 1952 musical "Singin' in the Rain." Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

WOW!!! (and sent me by a Mexican -- I think . . . )
It's the last day of March, and the cherry blossoms are in bloom at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Courtesy: Muralee Photos

Appearing as 'Pharaoh/Elvis' in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at The Stephen Sondheim Theater.

  • Resa Dudley Resa Dudley You're sure rocking that jumpsuit!
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  • George Tannehill Boxers and a bulge ... nice.
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  • Scott Kenan TOTALLY, TOTALLY CoolYou guys STOLE my best bartender, Gary (not Tucker), in Key West in 1981, who stayed with Glenn Hughes for years -- and I soon ran off to work for Tennessee WilliamsWhat a FABULOUS LIFE it IS!!!
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  • Tony Booe Love a cute man that doesn't wear undies. Only problem is it natural or kosher? Hard to tell in that material.
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  • Jim Spencer go go go Randy... (How cool to perform at the Sondheim Theater.. I worked briefly with Sondheim in Laguna for a production of Company ..
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How to be Successful...

I just recorded a new video message called "How to be Successful." Check it out!

(This video might be a tetch "godly" for many -- except "African-Americans", who tend to be SLAVES to the Idol of Jesus -- but the Philosophy behind it is totally RIGHT ON!!!)

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From 1998 through, nearly, when I FLED to Mexico the first time from Stone Mountain, GA (2010), I had a part-time roommate, Allen Rosen, who spied both on ME and Tyler Perry for the CIA, contracting to do video work for Mr. Perry.

And then in 2011, in a FISH MARKET at Fifth and Castle Streets in Wilmington, North Carolina, I met the teacher who first INSPIRED Tyler to write plays -- and she PRODUCED HIS FIRST PLAY!!!

More in the above posting, which ALSO accounts info on my old Atlanta occasional-WONDER-SEX- partner from the oughts (2000 - 2009), Kyle -- who always pronounced it "Kye", presumably lazy about the "L". A full-sized American Black Male with hopes of MAKING IT BIG (without work), he eventually got caught in drug-trafficking in Wilmington and when I called mutual friends (antiques-store owners on Castle Street, Wilmington -- up the block from that Fish Market), he'd been missing for months, and presumed dead.


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