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RP: Meanwhile, Here is Paradise (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) . . .

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Rivera del Rio (formerly Tara Sur, meaning South), is now owned by Candace, the Liza-Minnelli-pal daughter of iconic Puerto Vallarta artist "Silver" Maria Cortez(See CORRECTION at bottom of this posting.)

Googling, I can't find ANY EVIDENCE of paintings by Silver Maria Cortez, but that is no reason to be discouraged.

I met Silver one day in summer of 2010, as she lay on her bed inarticulate, yet trying to say something -- her skin the color of tarnished silver.

TODAY, her house has been all gussied up, and is a Bed and Breakfast, and when I dropped a printed copy of, because Candace had only a Windows 95 computer in 2010 -- and things have not improved, I got a tour yesterday, but lacking my camera, I'll show you some wonders . . .


!! OMG, 'Tennessee Williams Saved My 

Life': A John Waters interview put to 

animation !!

NOW BACK to Rivera del Rio (Rivera is a family name derived from the Spanish word for river -- making it a tetch peculiar. I preferred Silver's "Tara Sur") Has all the historyFABULOUS PHOTOSbooking information, etc. I'm in no mood to write much, so I'll post a link to Silver's obit, then conclude with a few photos from the Internet:

"Silver" Maria Cortez

The main salon.

Looks like a kitchen to me!!!

A "Horizontal Activities" room.

The outdoor pool is on the third of five levels.

The indoor pool, to the side of the Main Salon.

Another bedroom (there are a few that are more humble and affordable).

And there is even a YOU-TUBE video:

And HERE we learn that Silver actually left the property to her GRANDSON ALEX (son of Candace), whom I met in 2010 -- and MAN is he HOT!!! But he claimed (then, at least), to be STRAIGHT.



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