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RP: Patrick Stansbury and Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, Georgia Were BACK IN THE NEWS (albeit in June 2013)!!!

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Patrick Stansbury in photo sent to me by Linked-In this morning -- SUGGESTING I link to Patrick!!!

Well, he's lost a lot of both weight and beard, and looks right frisky, no???

My most previous photo of Patrick is frowhen he was BOOKED on 11/17/2010, for Possession of Marijuana with INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE (not just sell, which means -- it was A WHOLE LOT!!!) 

Long-Time Readers will recall that it was while working for Patrick Stansbury in the early 1990s, that TWO of his other employees took me to meet former Nixon AideJohn Ehrlichman, the FIRST time. Ehrlichamn working also with my parents and Newt Gingrich to set up the Stone Mountain Narco-Trafficking ring. Later, Bill Clinton sent a large contingent of CIA (about 24 cars -- the time I counted in 2010, still, but in October of 2012, when I was last there, only about a third as many -- all still parking near the Police Station.


In the early days after Patrick and the late Walter Moore, originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, who always claimed he had personally known MANY top executives of Sun Oil Company (SUNOCO -- the company BOTH my father and brother spend nearly their entire careers working for, and Walter sold Sun Shipping MANY full-page ad spaces every year, after moving to Atlanta to work with Patrick -- until the shrinking Sun Oil had no more tankers), Patrick treated all his employees who got commission checks that week, Friday lunch at the Blue Ribbon Grill in Tucker, GA.

Former Congressman John Linder (Republican)

Most Fridays, then Georgia Congressman John Linder was also there, working the crowd of sympaticos -- perhaps we were part of a group, unknowingly, that reserved that same large room every week. In any case, he always had a lot to talk with Patrick Stansbury about, and they often exchanged thick envelopes, but only ONE TIME was an envelope open, and I could clearly see it was STUFFED with American Currency!!!

ADDED EVEN LATER: I forgot to mention that Patrick Stansbury and Walter Moore DESTROYED the Smith's business, then stole ALL their valuable assets and connections, and then FORCED all the US Service Academies and War Colleges that CCI had contracts with, to sign contracts with Pentagon Publishing, Inc. -- BECAUSE Walter and Patrick used CCI keys to go in after hours and STOLE all the AD COPY for all the PAID-FOR SPACE in the books (unlike "real" adverting, advertisers had to pay within 30 days of making agreement to buy -- at BOTH companies), and told the Military (also Merchant Marine), Schools that if they did NOT sign contracts with Pentagon Publishing, the advertisers would NOT get refunds from a bottom-up, failed CCI, and the books would not have income or advertisers, since Patrick would NOT release the ad copy he and Walter had STOLEN (both companies collect fees from advertisers WAY in advance, but only pay when delivering ad copy on the publications' printing deadline).

So considering how this would REFLECT on the reputations of these schools, which included West Point, the Air Force, Naval, and Coast Guard Academies, Army War College, and many other War Colleges (Here is Patrick's CURRENT client list ), EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM signed contracts with Patrick Stansbury and Pentagon Publishing, Inc. 

Or was that "God's House of Prayer"??? -- see later.

AND part of this peculiar strategy ALSO stole Atlanta CBS affiliate's VHF broadcast TV-5, that FOX then got, relegating CBS Atlanta to a UHF frequeancy, but this is too complicated to explain here.

And previous to that was this:

This taken January 1, 2005 when he was busted for LESS than an ounce of marijuana.

As my readers KNOW, I have no problem with marijuana (unless it is UBER-seedy), but one's skirmishes with the LAW should be noted.

But FOR THE RECORD, I DID, today, respond by sending an invite to Patrick to join me in LINKED-INand I sent an invite to "Ted" Daniel, one of Patrick Stansbury's chief co-strategists, who is LEGALLY Troy Emory Daniel.

I'll let y'all know what happens next . . .

>>> AND TRUTH BE TOLD, I had actually told a couple of friends this morning that it is TIME for me to make some PEACE with Patrick -- regardless his previous crimes against ME. I don't ask for an apology or even an acknowedgement of that from him -- I'm letting both my sisters and my Mom off the hook without either too, so WHY NOT PATRICK???

The BOTTOM LINE TRUTH for me, is that Patrick -- over the twenty years I worked for him, 1990 - 2010, first for two years at Collegiate Concepts, Inc. in Tucker, Georgia (which he ran for Eileen and Russell Smith), then under him at his own company for 18 years -- taught me MORE about sales, marketing, creative not-exactly-the-truthing, and physical and psychological bullying and intimidation (not all of which I use), than anyone else I ever met.

But googling his name to see what else he might have been doing in recent years, I only learned that he gave the Republican Party $1,000.00 in 2012 to help defeat Barack Obama -- AND, this little number, that changed the purpose of my activities right now:


Click the link or the text just below to see the ORIGINAL SOURCE, which is more easily read.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

SecondLife God’s House of Prayer (HOP) Meeting On Public Stream unethical practices using 501 c3 non-profit

A public streamed meeting at HOP on the game of Secondlife has come to me by concerned Christian. Aparently the sim was owned by a male, with a avitar by the nic name “Patrick Christian” whos real name is Patrick Stansbury of Snellville GA, owner of Pentegon Publishing inc, The only reason that I found his personal information important is because he requests that all donations to HOP church be sent to an address that is the address to his publishing company, and because in this meeting he suggests that his company make a tax deductable donation to this "God’s House of Prayer" and that "staff" (which includes Patrick, Brett, Loki) should be paid for their time there.Also his suggestions of getting other SL ministries hooked up with him kind of makes him look like he is wanting to rule the christian world, some of the avitars nic names that are talking with him are Brett Bailey, and Loki. Meeting doesn't start until about 4:00, so skip forward to save your ears from the nasal whistling.

URL to audio recording of HOUSE OF PRAYER including Patrick Stansbury's voice, which I know WELL!!!:

The Senior Pastor of Hop has stated many times that Patrick Christian does not own or have direct role in HOP. During this meeting, Patrick was directly involved in forming of the 501 c3 and is also a main member on its board of directors. Patrick Christian, Brett Bailey, and Loki also disuss how HOP wants to take over and control Christian ministry on Second Life along with making a nice profit and also discussed how their personal businesses could receive tax rightoffs when they donated to this non-profit HOP. It's unethical when a person that is on a board of directors of a non-profit organization to benifit in their personal businesses. . HOP requesting donations, see the address in picture below,

A google search for the same address shows this


Patrick Stansbury's Publish Company,

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brett Bailey sends a public notice
Patrick claims to be a ordained Pastor in real life and in SecondLife, He is ACTIVLY proclaiming to be a PASTOR, odained by God and man, yes, Patrick has a very shady past, and yes if one repents, one can be forgiven, but, lets take a look at just some of the things Patrick is still involved with PUBLICLY, TODAY, (only God knows what is still going on privatly) as well as the "appearance of" evil, there is no way a holy God would ordain a person that hasn't repented, turned away.

CLICK to see larger, and on left side you see "Patrick Christian" (actually Stansbury), owns this SLAVERY SITE!!!





The Non-Profit Corporation God's House Of Prayer- The REAL LIFE CHURCH, In Patrick's private Resident. Called by Patrick... The HIDDEN Church.... sounds like a cult... Because It seems only Patrick knows all the secrets. First Here is the arrogant Notecard send out publicly titled "Hidden Church" (your living room is a good place to hide something), Anywho, here Patrick makes light of serious ministry that happens in rl and sl, funny how this in patrick eyes doesn't apply to himself as he called himself a Pastor for a very long time before he so called got ordained...something that no one has ever seen documentation.

The Corporation's Address....    Officers ..none?  Filing History...  Reports....none?  Google Search of God's House Of Prayer physical address....Patrick's place of residence... not really a "real life church" after all.

Closer look...

Double check... yes it's a residence.....with taxes

And Patrick is the Owner.....