Monday, April 7, 2014

RP: The Roman Catholic Church (the US Supreme Court Arch-Diocese) Now RULES the United States of America -- but not for JESUS!!!

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Crack-Smokin' Chief of Police, Ralph Evangelous in WORMWOOD, North Carolina, is somber while speaking with Democrat City Councilperson Charlie Rivenback.

My title will not be dealt with herein -- just follow the news (but don't bother with TV -- especially CNN!!!).

Charlie Rivenbark at "One-Percenter's Ball" with party favors, Ashley and Diane.

>>> THE BLOG POST I HAD EXPECTED TO WRITE FIRST TODAY (before Nannerl Keohane was kind enough to write ):

1. Strange, last night, that about an hour after I posted and emailed out , four email copies sent to addresses at Charlie Rivenbark's place of business:

 . . . were RETURNED TO ME.

BUT, just now SEARCHING, I find I have included SIX addresses there for many, many months now:

 "" ,
 bill maus ,
 "" ,
 "" ,
 Steve Hall ,

And this morning, NONE of these came back when I sent the earlier posting, so Charlie must have been home about 8:00 PM his time, and MANUALLY tried to keep them from others in his office.

He missed two.

2. This morning when I turned on the TV (to CNN), John King was delivering some kind of report, but when he finished EGO-TITS had a MILK-FREE conniption.

Chris Cuomo of the dedicated One-Percenters, the Dem. Cuomos

John (a King), REFUSED to acknowledge the struttin' Cuomo, who became FLABBERGASTED until Ms. Kate Bolduan (with her delightful Raleigh, NC smile -- she worked there in TV for a while), suggested that she would talk to Chris about that during break.

CNN's REGULAR PEOPLE are pushing back against the ones FORCED ON THEM by their NAZI/Catholic/Republican TIME/Warner bosses -- Hoo-RAY!!!

3. I heard from Benefits Management in Wilmington, NC this morning, and my rep had just received an ATTEMPT by the Chicago Wells Fargo/Emanuel/Obama Drug Mafia that does so much business here in Puerto Vallarta, to STEAL MY GOVERNMENT BENEFITS!!!

Lawyer Rishi Nair

ASSUME this was ALSO by Mr. Rishi Nair -- like he had contacted Bank of America, although BoA insisted THREE TIMES that CEO LAW in Chicago (with the disconnected phone in an abandoned building in Chicago that automatically transferred to ANOTHER lawyer who never heard of me and was PISSED that he kept getting so many calls), had sent them the paper -- and that that DISCONNECTED-BUT-FORWARDED phone number was CORRECT!!!

More on Thomas S. Kenan III and Patricia Sinatra controlled Bank of America's ABJECT LIES AND HEATHENISTIC RUDENESS, here:

and here:

4. And now for some BETTER NEWS TODAY!!! This from my friend, best-selling author, and father of Internet Interactive Advertising, J.G. Sandom:

J.G. Sandom.jpg

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A Dios, for now!!!



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