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RP: Thomas S. Kenan III's TOP Surrogate in the Educational Field FINALLY Sends Me a REPLY!!!

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Nannerl Keohane speaks at Harvard University

Nann is an old goat (HA-HA, just kidding),  but she IS a member of Harvard Corporation, what Harvard calls its Trustees.

She wrote a note to me this morning, and I have kindly replied:

Dear Dr. Keohane:

Thank you for your note -- and the evidence that you have been reading at least some of my emails -- perhaps even the ones I sent to you personally. As you should recall, I first contacted you and added you to my emailing list when I was attempting to get Dr. Faust, President of Harvard, to respond to me. She never has -- nor have any other Harvard Trustees (like you), all but two of whom I found email addresses for and none of them have blocked me.

Robert Reich was another of particular interest -- a man who served many Republicans and became Bill Clinton's ties to Wall Street and Big Banks -- until Rahm Emanuel came in, educated only as a ballet dancer with nary a course in finance or such, but ties to the Israeli Drug Mafia as well as his brother Ari being a TOP agent in Hollywood, Rahm Emanuel REALLY got that unknown Arkansas governor-cum-President on board with many "One-Percenters", as well as the CIA/US Military/Bush-Cheney Drug Mafia -- in partnership with corrupted elements in the Episcopal Church centered in Atlanta and Sewanee, the VERY BUNCH so many of my wealthy Kenan relatives have given or endowed about $100,000,000.00 over the last 90 years (but you have to consult old and new editions of the book THE KENAN FAMILY as well as the Internet to find that). It is hardly a secret that THIS corrupted bunch of Episcopalians (with some top Republican politicians), conspired and murdered Tennessee Williams -- then tricked Harvard out of getting his estate.

This was EXACTLY what Jackie Kennedy Onassis told Tennessee Williams and me they would attempt to do -- at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party in Tennessee's honor on January 11, 1982.

You might also recall that it was Bill Clinton who later sent a fairly massive force of CIA to Stone Mountain, GA to protect the drug mafia there -- the one I documented in 1990 when my parents with Newt Gingrich and former Nixon aide John Ehrlichman, set it up -- and I was illegally jailed on "trespass" charges, having to file Habeus Corpus, this in Judge Linda Warren Hunter's DeKalb County Court, Sheriff Jarvis being my "illegal detainer without trial" for FIFTEEN WEEKS TOTAL for simple trespass, then after I felt forced to plead Nolo, all sat undisturbed on DeKalb County database online for YEARS AND YEARS -- until just over a year ago when ALL RECORD OF THAT ARREST/DETENTION/CONVICTION was wiped off -- and I DO retain scans of before and after -- as well as the original paperwork SIGNED by Judge Hunter!!!

You are of particular interest to me because according to many "wikis", you are the closest person to Thomas S. Kenan III, and IN FACT, while you were President of Duke University, my distant Kenan relatives pretty much BOUGHT the university, and I suspect that you have advised President Drew Gilpin Faust to ignore me but NOT Tom Kenan or the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust (controlled by Tom), and its many millions of dollars given to Harvard.

But please think about this: Nancy Armstrong, Harvard's Legal Department receptionist who retired in 2011, had CONFIRMED TO ME that what I said about how the Episcopal Church and specifically the SOUTHERN branch centered around the Atlanta Diocese and their only seminary being Sewanee, had tricked the lawyers of Harvard in a way that no one there could make sense of. They had all left the University since, but then I tried contacting current lawyers at Harvard and was ignored, so I went to Dr. Faust (and have ALSO been ignored, although her secretary claimed Dr. Faust had READ my personal ones to her and would respond if appropriate).

It seems to me that this old world of RICH BIGOTS, MURDERERS, and THIEVES is crumbling quickly now, and when it is time for Thomas S. Kenan III's many crimes against the US Constitution and certain parts of society, to be considered, I hope we will be able to put YOU on the witness stand.

Remember: Today, Tom Kenan at 74 years of age, is clearly a "functional alcoholic" with a twenty-something year old boyfriend he is NOT proud of.

And Tom Kenan does NOT take "current squeeze" to the various Society Functions like Tom took Curtis "Robbie" Anderson in the early 1980s, and of course I LATER dated Robbie (1985). It is SO SAD to see people like you and Tom Kenan who have ACHIEVED SO MUCH GOOD, now allied with the NAZI Republican FAKE Christians for the enslavement of most -- and for the privilege of the few.

Let's stay in touch while this continues to unfold at a quickening pace.

All best,
Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 8:06 AM, Nannerl O. Keohane <> wrote:

Please take my name off your list; I wish you well in your endeavors, but I would ask you to stop the mailings. (emphasis, or underlining, is HERS, not mine)

Nan Keohane

Perhaps Dr. Drew Gilpin Faust, President of Harvard University, would like to throw that big ol' BOOK at me, no???

Well, let me provide a target:

Scott David Kenan doing his patented "Ichabod Crane Dance".


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