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RP: My Legal Drug-Addict Friend in New York City "Channeled" Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), STRENUOUSLY, Yesterday -- LOL!!!

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Maria St. Just after she successfully helped plot the murder of Tennessee Williams.

Photo is from this EXCELLENT John Lahr article in THE NEW YORKERhttp://www.newyorker.com/archive/1994/12/19/1994_12_19_076_TNY_CARDS_000370469. John's bio of Tennessee Williams:

But LOOK, I also found one of the obituaries (a somewhat inaccurate one), for Maria St. Just -- and when I did, Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan's THE BREAKERS HOTEL, Palm Beach, Florida, was advertised ALL OVER THE PAGE!!!: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/obituary-maria-st-just-1396383.html.

>>> AN ADMISSION OF ERROR: Although Tennessee Williams told me several times that Maria married Peter Grenfel, the second and last Lord St. Just, who controlled the Grenfel Bank (originally founded as the UK branch of J.P. Morgan in 1838 under Edward Grenfel, Morgan later divested of it, and in 1990, it was acquired by Deutche Bank. It's extraordinary success -- and place in banking even after folded into Deutche Bank, is most impressivehttp://www.efinancialnews.com/story/2008-10-06/stars-of-morgan-grenfell-still-shine?ea9c8a2de0ee111045601ab04d673622).

Peter Grenfel was the second wealthiest man in Great Britain at the time, Tennessee also claimed Maria had had Peter Grenfel permanently committed to a mental institution TWO WEEKS after their marriage, and took over all of Peter's assets, but they had two daughters, Pulcharia and Natasha, so either he got home SOMETIMES, or there were connubial visits at the nuthouse!!!

At the memorial for Tennessee Williams, I met Maria St. Just for the one and only time. She was with her daughter Pulcharia (although it might have been Natasha), who was engaged to the architect of Andy Warhol's SECOND Factory, nearly completed, and Maria, Pulcharia, Jane Smith, and I took a taxi to get a tour of BOTH Factories by Warhol -- one highlight being the six-foot, mustachioed Romanian Princess, who took a shine to me. You can read about THAT, here: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.mx/2013/10/epilogue_22.html


1. I'm pretty certain that it was John Lahr in our email discussions when he read my memoir, who told me Maria had destroyed MANY of the letters between herself and Tennessee Williams before publishing the resthttp://www.amazon.com/Five-Oclock-Angel-Tennessee-1948-1982/dp/0394564278, and the reason she destroyed them was to support HER idea of the man she loved, but HATED for being gay, in an attempt to hide that fact.

This included all the letters in which Tennessee Williams mentioned ME, although we never had any sexual relationship. Strangely, a six-foot-ten resident of Vancouver, Canada (where Tennessee had just returned from when I met him), called SASQUATCH, is in the book. I remember tales of Sasquatch well -- LOL!!!

2. In 2009, when I got to know John Uecker (who murdered Tennessee Williams, probably by smothering him with a pillow), again -- in 1982 when I met John he was the HUNKIEST, brooding "Marlon Brando"-like person imaginable!!! -- Uecker told me MANY times that he thought Maria St. Just was the SMARTEST person he had ever met, and indeed, smarter than Tennessee Williams!!!

John Uecker praised her frequently, and also her stewardship until her death of Tennessee's rights for Sewanee. He even appeared to CHANNEL her at times, which was a little freaky.

3. The person who has been so generous with me whom I sometimes have called "Testosteroni" or "Testo", because he is on injections of Testosterone for his chronic Depression, ALSO often "channels" Maria St. Just, as well.

He is NOT in any way CURED of Depression by these injections (he remains clinically DEPRESSED, but happily high and "hard", due to use of a drug that is BANNED for this purpose in every country but the USA, last I checked), but lives as a near six-foot, bearded RECLUSE in Manhattan, his apartment so filthy he has to wear rubber gloves to occasionally wash dishes when the sink gets too full, or clean his bathroom, ENJOYS seeing the blood of mice caught in his traps when he is so over-run with them he has to cut the population back using traps, and needs a full day to prepare for the infrequent visits of his landlord -- fearing that he would be kicked out as a HEALTH HAZARD if the usual condition of things was observed.

He and I frequently FIGHT, verbally, and usually it is because I catch him in lies and attempts to get me to meet up with Puerto Vallarta's CIA-connected DRUG MAFIA, including Toro and Sonny, even though we have discussed and he KNOWS VERY WELL they are trying to harm me.

Yesterday, after Testo had FIRST emailed me after he read Jim Grissom's blog, and he made fun of Grissom quoting Tennessee Williams using words and expressions that ANYONE would know Williams would never use, he REVERSED HIMSELF and defended Grissom (who STILL has not replied to me answering MY questions (see: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/05/what-fresh-hell-is-this.html as well as this: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/05/i-respond-to-james-grissoms-response-to.html).

So here is part of his email that made me CUT OFF CONTACT with Testosteroni -- at least for a few days. Notice how MARIA-ST.-JUST-IMPERIOUS he is as he lies:

"I do NOT get hooked into subscribing to a site such as Spokeo." (I had pointed out to him that he shared with me info you CANNOT GET from Spokeo without a subscription.) 

"The page I directed you to, enables you to click to see the 3 Grissoms in Manhattan--only one of which is "James" age 52. Greenwich Street is a 'writerly, arty' locale." (That does not mean that OUR James Grissom lives there -- and Spokeo and other similar databases have MUCH inaccurate info on me, so NOT reliable unless confirmed elsewhere.)

Earlier you said you had picked the wrong Grissom, age 16 in 1982--when Jim clarified to you that he was 20 when he met TW. (BOLD-FACED lies, as I had never said that the Jim Grissom profiles that list his writing credits and his October 1956 birthdate, referred to the WRONG Jim Grissom, but that I HAD in my hurry done the math wrong, and that Grissom would have actually been 17 when he met Tennessee Williams, not 16 like I first miscalculated -- and I had already gone back and CORRECTED my blog on that as well!!!)

>>> OTHERWISE TODAY, I got and replied to Bob Breck's FIRST DRAFT of an agreement between us to END "The Chicago Legal Matter". Bob was clear and precise, but his first suggestion left ME entirely "in the legal lurch", as they say, so I've offered some suggestions for improvements.

I also went shopping and bought a lot of VEGETABLES to try to improve my diet.



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