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RP: A Peaceful Day at Vallarta Botanical Gardens, Pictorially Presented:

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Only a FIVE DOLLAR ADMISSION, and an Award Winning Restaurant to boot!!!

Cocoa tree with nearly ripe pods.

Bromeliads, etc.

The Philippine Jade Plant has clusters of up to 90 flowers on stems up to three feet long!!!

A big ol' Somethin'-or-Other (four feet wide)

I bought one each of the blue Clockvine and Red/Gold unknown vine (and I just checked -- it's not labelled!!! -- later, the Garden's Director emailed me that it is Thunburgia mysorensis, native to India) -- proving I MUST be insane (I RENT a house).

I also bought a three-foot tree fern, for "Aunt Vi's Garden"!!!

Aunt Violet Venable descending in her elevator in Tennessee Williams' SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER.

After being introduced to Clift and introducing herself to him, Hepburn takes him outside to her deceased son Sebastian's garden, which resembles "the dawn of creation."

This garden set is hands down one of the greatest constructions in the history of film set design.

And Maria St. Just (nee Britneva, as she is credited in films), played a young woman gone LOCO in the mental hospital in SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMERShe should have remained there. 

Pictured above, soon after Tennessee Williams's death, in her Wilbury (used in two Merchant Ivory films), the second Paladian home ever built in England, which she got ownership of when after she managed to marry Peter Grenfell, the Lord St. Just -- the second wealthiest man in England at the time, because he controlled the Grenfell Bank -- and within TWO WEEKS Maria got Peter committed permanently to a mental hospital and got control of all his wealth -- WHY Tennessee Williams told me she so fascinated and SCARED him.

John Eastman is on far right.

Maria St. Just was the architect of Tennessee's murder, and partnered with Tennessee's last lawyer, John Eastman who also managed his brother-in-law Paul McCartney's business empire and without McCartney's knowledge, authorized John Lennon's murder as well ( But Maria's biggest ally was Sewanee and the Episcopal Church, who agreed to allow her to try to sanitize Tennessee's plays and legacy of homosexuality -- which she detested -- and they would KEEP his estate, as all knew he planned to change his will to leave control to Harvard.

But perhaps most peculiar to ME, is that James Venable, founder of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, was once Mayor of Stone Mountain, Georgia, and when I contracted for my house to be built there in 1987, "Wino Row" ran diagonally through my lot, and Venable had had TWO moonshine stills on the property, making it MOST attractive to me!!!

My house in Stone Mountain 1988 - 2010, showing "hangman's tree" that had been used for lynchings by the Klan -- not too many years ago.

And the WEALTHY Kenans were connected to the Klan-Venables too!!!

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Edward KrynRepublican candidate for US Senate from North Carolina LOST the primary this week to Thom Tillis. His email to me just now was really only its TITLE:

Re: Please remove me from your list.


Scott Kenan  

9:24 AM (6 minutes ago)
to Edward

Don't count on it, you fucking God-Hater!!!

Scott D. Kenan
Cyber-General, Five Star
House o' David

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