Monday, May 5, 2014

RP: Whoda Thunk It -- a close friend of Ronald Reagan's top Senate ally Paul Laxalt DEBRIEFED ME, today (without sex)!!!

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Republican Senator Paul Laxalt (Nevada) with President Reagan


1. First of all, it is Cinco de Mayo, a merely minor regional holiday in part of Mexico, that has a nice ring to its name, so tequila marketers made a BIG DEAL of it in the United States, but it is NO BIG DEAL HERE, really. Banco Azteca was open today, so, no big deal. That said, I recommend you ALWAYS buy tequila that is 100% agave.

Blanco (aka plata) is freshly distilled and retains flavor of agave.

Reposada (means "rested") is MY fave, and is aged in barrels up to a year. Aging in charred barrels adds a smoky flavor.

Añejo (means "aged" at least a year -- extra añejo is aged over three years), and is similar to a whiskey.

Tequila is meant to be sipped and should be sniffed frequently as well. If you LIKE salt and lime with it, fine, but that is ONLY meant for BAD tequila to make it easier to take.

2. It would have been WELL KNOWN to anyone tapping my cell phone or private emails (many do for differing reasons -- including my protection), that I was on my way to Mailboxes, Etc. about noon today, and from half a block away, I saw a gentleman with a "shit-eating grin" stare at me as I approached. He looked so like my friend John Mark Lee from Atlanta mid-1980s (who seemed to literally DISAPPEAR FROM EARTH in the late 1990s, that I almost freaked out.

As I neared him, he stretched out his hand to shake, and (as is so often with me), I launched right into politics after determining he was NOT John Lee, which was then obvious, but him so friendly, I had to ask. In any case, as I told him some highlights of my adventures in the USA and Mexico the last four years, he kept smiling more and more -- and seemed to know all about it.

After five or so minutes, he had to go, and it was only then that I asked about HIM, and he said he was Sen. Paul Laxalt's very close friend and frequent drinking buddy from when Laxalt was in the US Senate. When I got home, I had to look Laxalt (of course I knew the name, but remembered nothing of him).

>>> BOTTOM LINE: Sen. Laxalt was the Republican today's fools think Ronald Reagan was: ALWAYS honest and loyal, and a TRUE aisle-straddler. He was Reagan's closest Senate confidant, and if you look at his record, appears to be a TRUE REPUBLICAN (to my way of thinking). He was NOT into ReaganCheney, or Bush BULL SHIT (narco-trafficking -- like Clinton and Obama joined Bush/Cheney in)!!!

Senator Laxalt is still alive, and I have no idea if the guy I met still stays in touch with him now that Laxalt is long-retired.

For ME, this meant that some REPUBLICANS are interested in my quest -- and THIS ONE seriously encouraged me to KEEP IT UP!!!




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