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RP: The Challenge: Get Bank of America Back on Its Feet -- to CELEBRATE and ASSIST What is BEST in AMERICA!!!

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THIS is the doing of the GREEDY KENANS -- and not the Sinatras. 

Yes, I believe I can contribute to a TURN AROUND for BoA, the Kenans getting their wings clipped a bit.

Details soon or later.


Time to build a BANK that AMERICA can be PROUD OF -- AGAIN!!!

Bank of America

Contrary to the History Channel's "America, The Story of US" the bank of Massachusetts did not become the Bank of America, the Bank of America was formerly The Bank of Italy, based in San Francisco. Having nothing to do with Massachusetts.

It was founded in San Francisco in 1904 by Amadeo Giannini. It grew by a branch strategy to become The Bank of America, the world's largest commercial bank with 493 branches in California and assets of $45 billion in 1945.


June 24, 2010
An episode on Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery. The 
narrator says that Julio (or Ernest) went to the bank in Modesto to take out a 
loan, the bank on the picture accompanying this statement was a picture of The Bank of Italy.

Infor Source:; TV documentary 
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After an earthquake destroyed the bank in 1907, the bank was running from a plank in the street. The word “bank” came from the Italian word “banca”, which means “a bench or counter.” His “bank” services was an instant success and quickly became popular. 

In 1928, Giannini changed the name to Bank of America and several branches were soon opened. By 1929, the bank was strong enough to withstand the Great Depression stock crash.   Bank of America would soon become one of the largest financial institutions in the world, but due to poor management, had to receive a government bailout in 2008. 

An ad for the Bank of America

"We Need the Bridge"

"We'll take the bonds," Giannini said to Strauss as he finished his plea. "We need the bridge." Bank of America bought $6 million worth of bonds, allowing Strauss' enterprise to get underway. Without Giannini's assistance, it is doubtful that the Golden Gate Bridge would ever have been built.

Wells Fargo Bank which handless nearly ALL money transfers of narco-traffickers I have met or been held captive by = Bushiness:

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