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RP: As the Dust Clears -- after the SHOOT-OUT in the Not-OK Corral!!!

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Boneless bananas ALSO make excellent smokeless guns!!!

>>> BEFORE PROCEEDING, at this Saturday's Puerto Vallarta Writers Group meeting, two people, Frank Meyer, DDS and Charles Quigley, presented their desire to move meetings to Los Mangos Library -- a perfectly adequate venue that is inconvenient for most, and not nearly as comfortable as Act II Theatre -- as well as a former meeting spot that BOTH of them were too happy to leave when that happened while I was temporarily in North Carolina two plus years ago.

The whole thing was more a power play, and was entirely based in illogic. Nevertheless, the two of them proceeded by bringing up the idea at the end of the meeting. For half a year they had been demanding we meet ANYWHERE -- except where Colin had found for us, first insisting that we stay at Boutique Theatre, two weeks after it mysteriously shut down and claiming it had NOT shut down, then at Pastor Rick's Paradise Community Center (outdoors without air conditioning -- and with a lot of noise), which ALSO shut down mysteriously a few weeks later!!!

The meeting Saturday erupted into a lot of arguing and name-calling, which I did not start, but joined in most heartily, even standing and yelling at Frank after catching him in one of his more obvious lies, "You are a GOD-DAMNED LIAR!!!" I wish you could have seen the hateful glares of Frank Meyer at me, Colin, and others through the whole event.

And one member sent the following info. I had gone outside to smoke a cigarette, and missed this, just hearing about it now: "I also want to thank
 Darrell for putting his body between Charles Quigley and Colin as
 Charles attempted to bully Colin across the bar outside the Red Room after
 the meeting. Darrell defused what could have easily become another nasty
 situation. And thanks to everyone in attendance who remained sane enough to
 help the group stay together."

IN FAIRNESS: here is the interview with Frank K. Meyer published a couple of weeks ago in a local English-language paper. The interviewer, who had expressed eagerness to interview ME, has NOT contacted me since I first blogged about Frank -- and she was a guest of President Reagan to the White House in December of 1981 -- just like I was!!!

I still possess my Invitation -- LOL!!!

Frank K. Meyer, DDS, and his most recent wife, Conchita


After the fact, I realized that Colin was correct in not bringing the location matter up -- because it would be inappropriate to sort of "legitimize" the equivalent of illegal behavior, although I now see he had email peculiarities, and might not have seen my suggestions beforehand.

It doesn't matter. That Frank and Charles brought the matter up at the end was best -- and I think Robin's stepping in as well as Colin's contribution to the discussion were perfect, Robin even bending over backwards to be "fair" to them -- a luxury one can afford when it is immediately clear those two had no real support.

My biggest concern afterward was that although I didn't START any yelling or name-calling, I jumped right in without reservation, and my vehemence came equally from letting off steam over my other difficulties -- the pressure of them now lessening as I go forward in my legal battle to overturn the LIBEL conviction in Chicago. 

What no one seems to understand, is that my parents, siblings, and many "friends" have acted to me EXACTLY as Charles (but more so Frank), treat me and others -- but I've persevered and am turning it around. You see, once you have a mental health diagnosis (Bipolar from 1978, when my mother didn't like my shrink who said I just needed to talk some things out and forced me to see a doctor who diagnosed me Bipolar and put me on Lithium, instead), people feel they have a right to control your life. My family constantly called authorities to tell them how sick I am and offering help in committing me beginning in 1978, and continuing until I recently put some moves on my lying mother and sisters -- although my brother is more a coward than liar.

And this was the problem I had with Ted Druch as well (Ted hates my politics -- or my being gay -- it has to be one or the other) -- he twice confronted me in front of his and Maria's writers group, demanding to know if I was back on my medication -- medication that my own therapist of eight years said I didn't need -- and I had gotten independent assessments of my mental health as well while in NC in 2011 and 12, and the diagnosis was just STRESS, which DOES come from dealing with all the crap of being 60+ years old and your 90+ parents are calling all over -- yes, they got Kelly Trainor, the US Consular agent, in on it here -- she sending me to John Mabrey (Mabry?) Crouch, a disgraced doctor who had once headed AmeriMed Hospital (or so he claimed), but who had married a woman who turned out to be the top Mexican exporter of cocaine to the USA, and he became locked into working for the CIA (he actually told me this). 

While I knew him in 2010, he was evicted from his office (where he slept on a cot behind a filthy blanket used as a curtain of separation), and sued by a Mexican woman after he pulled her taco stand apart with his truck because she refused to date him -- and he is now in hiding from Mexican authorities (but Kelly Trainor told me she still is in contact with him, but will tell me no more). Good news is that he WANTS me to write about him -- claiming that he is a featured character in two previous books on this area, and doesn't mind coming off as a rascal!!!

If you know anything about Ted Druch, you know he spent two years as a live-in disciple of Timothy Leary, so he's dropped so much LSD, no telling what's happened to his mind. That Leary compound was known to be totally infiltrated by the CIA -- but I have no reason to believe Ted was part of the CIA, except all the criticism of him on the internet for writing a novel instead of a memoir about it.

I have to give Ted a pass -- his life is really strange too. Maria Ruiz, his wife, gave good service by her writing workshops -- much needed by many, as I don't have to tell anyone, but she never had a BIT of joy, and seemed under Ted's thumb.

As Stanley mentioned to me, "My heart doctor recommends climbing stairs as GOOD EXERCISE."

I did NOT go to the Act II Stages party last night because the Saturday confrontation took so much out of me, and I needed a couple of days away from socializing. I was afraid if someone said something that hit a nerve and I might too quickly react, etc. I did not want to risk that, especially since I might be seen as representing our group.

If Frank and Charles remain in the group, I fear they will find something to make trouble over soon enough, but since Colin has decided NOT to enforce his having kicked Frank out a few months ago (and I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, too), we'll have more drama soon enough. 

Christians believe they are ordained by God to take things over and run them "biblically", and the logic and actions of NO ONE means anything as much as their "faith".

I had not picked up on anyone wanting to replace Colin, other than those two -- but I was GLAD he got a very strong vote of confidence.


It's time for SOME PEOPLE to grow UP!!!



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