Saturday, November 8, 2014

RP: Bernie Marcus CLARIFIES His Standing, and the RACE WAR in the United States is ON!!!

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Photo posted today of his hometown of ChinquapinNorth Carolina, now famous in his books, by Randall Kenan,, who for years has taught English at UNC, Chapel Hill as well as at the Sewanee Writers Conference, which is funded by Mr. Tennessee Williams, via the Walter Dakin Fund, named for Tenn's grandfather -- and he left it to Harvard University.

Sewanee and the Episcopal Church with help of the FBI and CIA -- conspirators Jackie Onassis had warned Tennessee and me about at a party in early 1982 -- admitting to me and John Uecker that it was a top Republican legislator for the state of Tennessee, who kept them in luxury until their deaths -- and I knew them in that luxury in Atlanta, as well as having lived in Tennessee's house with them before that.

Although I am not blood-related to Randall Kenan, he told me much about the behind-the-scenes scene at Sewannee, and I am forever indebted to him!!!


TITLE TO MY EMAIL TO 500 OF THIS POSTINGCORE 500: REPORT all suspicious white, evangelical churches -- many are now armories, in NC because Sen. Thom Goolsby sponsored the bill to make that Law, and Evan Fish's church in Ohio sent me an application for the National Rifle Association -- BEWARE!!!

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    Within an hour of my posting this, Bernie Marcus BLOCKED ME from his former friendship and membership in his discussion group -- both on FacebookPROVING he is also part of the planning for the RACE WAR before the next election -- so my mother's dreams with the last three Catholic Popes, but not including Francis that I can prove, for TOTAL NAZI TAKE-OVER of the USA are going FORWARD

    Fasten yer seat-belts!!!



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