Thursday, November 13, 2014

RP: Cirque du Soleil Permanent Theme Park for PUERTO VALLARTA, a Town Made Famous by Tennessee Williams and John Huston!!!

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I am beyond giddy -- and might have to put up my Christmas tree, today!!!

I can work on my letter to the CENTER FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS mananano???

>>> DIG THIS, Y'ALL!!!:

OY!!! Cirque du Soleil in PUERTO VALLARTA -- PERMANENTLY!!! Perhaps I can work with them to include some Tennessee Williams/John Hustonno???

Cirque du Soleil has announced it's opening a theme park in Nuevo Vallarta, just outside of Puerto Vallarta, that will feature entertainment.
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And perhaps the gentleman who owns the peninsula of land in Mismaloya where The Night of the Iguana was filmed can develop THAT back into the park John Huston gave the City. He was concerned enough to replace the hotel's roof within the last three years. 

I explored the property with a man who KNEW and worked for Huston, and reported all that on blog some months ago. Here is a link to that, should you care to take a gander: 


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