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RP: Family says the DARNEDEST Things!!! ~ as Art Linkletter (a Canadian), would have said on House Party, his TV Show.

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>>> BUT WRITERS ARE THE FAMILY I FEEL MOST LONELY IN, because I stopped reading books about ten years ago as I used most of my spare time to write while working full time, and got out of the habit of it, and now feel STUPID when writers talk about all the great books they read!!!

Our "writers group" is ACTUALLY a readers group -- rarely writing. But when they DO write, most are quite good. It's a pity -- perhaps they are "heterosexuals" or some such, no???

1. But still, I can write!!!

2. Today, in writers group, Charles Quigley silently passed out a sheet of reasons why he feels we should move meetings to Los Mangos Library, and there was not a single reason that made sense, except that we could enjoy donuts and coffee while meeting. And that makes sense, since he is somewhat fat, and his over-sized jaw, which might be due to an industrial accident (although I think he could have replaced his missing two front bottom teeth so he could pronounce words without so much effort -- only I am tall enough to see down into his mouth -- he's tall, too). He sounds, usually, like he's talking with his mouth full.

No one reacted in any way to the handout, but a couple of people made mild joking references to Darrel (whose name I finally connected to the person), who had had to physically prevent Charles from attacking Colin last week after the meeting. Darrel is one of the calmest, most softly and intelligently spoken people in our group, and short (but reasonably Canadian, as well as Cree "Indian").

3. Otherwise, it was a great meeting with about five people reading, and Colin had bought that portable sound amplification gear I had seen at Costco, and it had even gone on sale before he got there!!! It works GREAT.

4. The retired publisher of the Edmonton, Alberta newspaper was back for a second week and with his wife. Last week, I made my TYPICAL ERROR of late, by assuming when he arrived with another similar "relaxed man" that they BOTH had to be gay -- FOR SURE!!!

The fact of the matter is that Canadian men -- and now also far more American men, for that matter -- no longer "BUCK UP" and act like someone's idea of a football-obsessed heterosexual man, to keep from being criticized by Christians and others.

Let me illustrate with a photo of a Canadian I know in Puerto Vallarta who is living the straight life, married to a Mexican woman of his own age, although his college photo looks like it is right out of After Dark magazine -- or meant to imitate their style (and he is NOT in our writers group):

After Dark magazine, was published as an entertainment and the arts publication during the 1970s, and gay guys at Denison subscribed as it appeared to use articles to publish lots of MAN SKIN without running into problems with the censors, then controlling American Press:

And actually nearly ALL men I have assumed to be gay who are not -- are Canadians!!! They are only relaxed as human beings -- the opposite of the more conservative make of "men" from the USA who have been brought up under the influence of BURGEONING CHRISTIANITY, superstition, ignorance, and anti-science, anti-logic, and hate, pretending to be love.

And even THAT is no longer working with American men more and more relaxed and FOOLING my gaydar -- especially the younger generations -- like my nephews!!!


My brother Mike, driving the motor home we rented to drive Dad two hours to Wilmington, North Carolina on the event of his 90th birthday in 2008.

1. I was COMPLETELY blocked from the planning of the event, and since we never even planned to sleep or even fixed a meal in this vehicle, I would have insisted we rent a luxury passenger van for the trip.

My mother, sitting in the back of this vehicle on that day, ran the show.

My father reminisced as we motored toward Wilmington and Burgaw, his town of birth.

But this photo illustrates the REAL PROBLEM:

Mike, that day -- with the "manly look" he was trained to have, and my younger sister Julie, who STILL refuses to tell me what happened to her rosary that she claimed literally "turned to gold" (metal parts only), when she visited Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia with both of my parents who visited it THREE TIMES.

You see, the Catholic Church declared the miracles at Medjugorgie TOTAL FAKES, yet Mom and Dad actually visited with Pope John Paul II in person on at least TWO of their trips there, and my next-door neighbors in Stone Mountain, Nedzad Pilzak (sp?) and his family, CAME from Medjugogie, and are the ONLY "Muslim Terrorists" I have ever knowingly known -- although they pretended to be Baptist converts.

Not only did they have an illegal Chop Shop in their backyard behind an illegally high privacy fence so it was ILLEGAL for the city code inspector to see it by City Ordinance (I did invite him into my upper story so he could see it -- but he said he would NEVER be allowed to report it, as Stone Mountain City Council protected the family, and by law, he could not know about it from standing on the ground as the fence was too high -- Republicans make regulations that DISALLOW anyone to see their NAZI activities).

In any case, when the family moved out, removing their several satellite communications dishes, Comcast and BellSouth BOTH had to completely re-wire our neighborhood, because the Pilzaks had made a MESS of THEIR wiring on two streets!!!

My parents ALWAYS spent time in meetings with the Pilzaks when they came to visit me, and just NOW, I've discovered that my previous blogging of them with photos of them has DISAPPEARED FROM MY BLOG, presumably deleted by the CIA, which they worked for.


When Mike was very young, he was always, smiling, laughing, and singing, and we all called him "Mama's Happy Boy" -- until the day I realized I was too old to play doctors in third grade, and Mike was about four years old. My sister Jane and I had been playing with neighbors for a few years, and Jane invited Mike to join us for the first time, Mike, immediately wanted to play with ME, which totally freaked me out and made me feel like a SICK PERVERT, so refusing that, I quit, permanently, on the spot.

Later, Mike, a great high school athlete, was swamped with both male and female classmates falling in love with him and trying to have sex with him. My mother, who told me about this, said that was why Mike and his girlfriend had slit their wrists -- because both were saving themselves for marriage -- but even Mom made fun of Mike because the cowards had barely scratched their skin and did not need even stitches. My mother is NOT a "pussy" at all!!!

And then in 1981 while I lived in Key West, Mike called and in a still small voice, asked, "Ya know how they say cocaine makes ya queer?" That is the only time Mike has admitted having sex with a guy to me.

I have no idea if Mike is more gay or more straight -- but he's still, basically, a coward.

And that is HIS problem, not mine.

>>> TODAY, I SAW SOMETHING REMINISCENT OF MY FAMILY, except that instead of calling me "Nigger", most of them DO still believe I am insane -- because they refuse to examine their hearts, honestly, and instead continue to worship my mother's Catholic Swastikas.

That is not true ONLY for Jane, although Mike pretends he is no longer a Catholic OR a Nazi. And I have to assume it's because Mike is a total FAGGOT, or homosexual with absolutely NO self respect, like President Obama:

And as students of History all know, with the exception of Adolph Hitler, every single member of the Nazi High Command was proven to have a boyfriend or boyfriends secreted away.

NAZISM can be described as the organized self-hatred of Christian Homosexuals. -- and the cunts who claim to love them -- and even the total WHORES who marry them (Gail Ann Godley-Kenan, excepted).

I guess that I discovered after trying to call my brother three times this weekend and EVERY call went straight to his cell's voice-mail (except one after half a ring), that Mike has now BLOCKED ME -- and unlike Jane and Julie, he NEVER sends me an email.

Anyway, in this short video, I am like the black guy NOW (since I've learned to laugh at hate), and the white woman is my Catholic Nazi Family calling me MENTALLY ILL and, really, NOT FIT TO LIVE!!!:

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To the person posting this, Roy Rogers OldenkampThanks Roy, watching this, I relived the last five years of my relationship with my family -- except they kept calling me BIPOLAR, HATEFUL, etc., trying desperately to get me permanently committed to a mental hospital -- despite my getting several psychiatric evaluations of suffering stress, not bipolar, although in their defense, a couple of evaluations where my parents first met behind closed doors with the evaluator, I WAS judged bipolar by them only, but only under those circumstances.

This, the natural outcome of my parents having first been confirmed by key Jewish business leaders in Atlanta in 1990, as America's Top NAZIs, and of course their close relationship to the last three Catholic Popes and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, John Bonhner co-strategist Coach Lou Holtz, who lived across the street from us working for Mom in the late 60s, etc. But I've begun a PRACTICAL approach to pushing them all back, as blogged about here:…/email-just-sent-to… . Also, I just paid for a full pass ticket to the 2015 The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, so will finally get to meet an old email friend, John Lahr, in person -- as well as John Waters, who will be speaking -- and Gen. Russell Honore, who ably served after Katrina. I consider MYSELF the winner!!!

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Black guys starts his car while a white mom is in the parking lot and this is what happens next
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And NOW, I can say "Amen."


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