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RP: Getting Real with my TOTALLY NAZI Immediate Family!!!

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My nephew Connor Michael Kenan, previously known as the GAY DARTH VADER de ThailandVietnam, and Cambodia

>>> HERE 'TIS:

1. It is now TOO LATE for my siblings to apologize, offer amends, or pretend they give a shit about me at all. Both my brother, Michael William Kenan, and my sister Jane Ann Kenan told me several times that they CANNOT call me in Mexico because their cell phone service does not allow them to. I believe both are on Verizon, which I used to use to call Mexico from the USA frequently on my own cell phone a few years ago. I believe Testosteroni calls me from New York, now, on Verizon cellular.

2. The reason Connor's photo graces the top, is that this is his NEW ONE from LINKED-IN, he having recently gotten a new job as the HEAD CONSULTANT for Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc., What is ODD to me is that both my brother Mike and my mother, last told me NOTHING important was new in the family last we spoke, but AFTER Connor got his job.

Hateful but true: Mike refuses to tell me what company he is now in oil-refinery-accounting for -- even after TWO YEARS!!!

(OK, I can't blame him for this one.)

In any case, long-term readers will recall that after I blogged about Connor and his best friend being caught in the act in second grade when the teacher left the class and they went to the front, Connor's buddy dropped his drawers and Connor went down on him to demonstrate felatio to the class.

The poor teacher was so shocked she didn't know what to do, so locked Connor in a mop closet -- but not for long, and my brother and his wife Gail (Godley) Kenan, went in and they all had a big LAUGH about what kids will do at that age. Our whole FAMILY used to laugh about it, but when I blogged about it in 2010, Mike accused me of causing Connor's engagement to be BROKEN OFF!!!

You see, the girl lived next door to Bebe Rebozo's old house on Key Biscayne, Florida -- Bebe being recently proven to have been Nixon's long-term male lover -- and her parents had hosted Mike and Gail there -- even taking them out on MORE than one yacht. But Republicans don't like that shit.

Three Fags in the White House.

3. My sister Jane, using some lame excuses, was the FIRST to gladly call for the Republican Party, the Stone Mountain Police to report that I was in IMMEDIATE NEED of mental hospital commitment -- minutes after Patrick Stansbury of FIRED ME after 18 years, because he suspected I would report my witnessing him many times exchanging large packets of cash with now-retired Georgia Republican Congressman John Linder -- money from the illegal drugs brought in by the US Military to Maxwell AFB in Alabama, primarily. 
Jane has never apologized for this to me -- in fact she has doubled down and told me was was PROUD to pass on what Allen Rosen (now of Tuscaloosa, AL), had told her -- even though NEITHER OF THEM had had direct contact with me in five days.

4. My sister Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy -- according to Stone Mountain Police -- had called them the FIFTH time in that one month I was harassed because police tried to commit me, saying I needed commitment IMMEDIATELY. Julie, however, denies this. The Police paper record of such calls will eventually tell the truth.

5. My brother, Michael William Kenan, a star athlete in high school, cut his wrists with his girlfriend, and my mother who told me about this, said it was because the guys on BOTH the football and basketball team, but women as well, were throwing themselves at Mike -- and he didn't want to have sex, yet.

In 1981, Mike called me from Detroit, where he was working as a Sun Oil auditor, to say "Ya know how they say that cocaine makes ya queer -- well, it happened last night." Mike has NEVER been himself, and is prone to angry outbursts like our mother. I have in very recent years become like this too, but at least I know where my anger comes from, so I can heal myself (by the Grace of God).

Greg Lernihan

6. And then looking at my mother's Meyer side of the family, Greg Lernihan, who married my first cousin Marybeth Meyer, founded, which spies for the CIA and NSA.

Susan Grant with George Meyer

7. Susan Grant, who was the third ever woman to graduate the US Air Force Academy (and I sold ad space in her yearbook, via, stayed on for EIGHT MORE YEARS, "christianizing" it for the Republican Party. Later, she became the first female full pilot of 747s to Asia for United Airlines.

Susan also originated the "Outer-Space Aliens" sub-genre of romance novels (inspired by my cousin George, no doubt), and has sold TONS of them!!!

About 2008: Me (very fat from years of taking Lithium), Janet "Jan" (Meyer) Opperman (since remarried to an American Airlines full pilot surnamed Larsen, but whose marriage to Kim Opperman, a Jew, caused my mother to murder her father with the US Veterans Hospital in lower Mississippi, and her sister Karen Meyer, actually married with different surname.

8. I've simply had it with my lyinghating siblings -- and nearly the ENTIRE Meyer Family, so now DIVORCE MYSELF FROM THEM.

I do NOT feel that way about my mother.


Connor is a "Monkey Man".


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