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RP: Whatever Happened to Ding-Dong Don Weise???

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Thomas Elliot Keith (who was hired by Don Weise to edit my memoir on Tennessee Williams), unknown, and Don Weise, 2005

Don Weise in 2012 in this interview at his Magnus Books You-Tube site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPn0jxEEdso


1. Don Weise, in late March 2009, publisher of Alyson Books, part of HERE Media, told my agent, Cynthia Zigmund, now here: http://www.secondcitypublishing.com/, that we essentially had a deal to publish my memoir, Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, first in hard cover, spring 2010, but took until the August 2009 signing to come up with the contract. The contract called for payment of half my advance on signing, but even by cancellation in January of 2010, I had not gotten a single penny, despite my agent's reminders and then protests.

>>> JUST NOW, I have discovered that ALL my photos of Cynthia have been scrubbed from my computer, and the many that were on the web a year ago have completely disappeared -- she must be the BIGGEST criminal here -- and lives in Chicago (then, but has moved way up the lake, now), of course!!!

When Alyson emailed me giving back my rights that January, a lawyer from HERE Media called me to promise they would make certain my book was NEVER published by anyone -- without giving reason for that (connection to Republicans and the Episcopal Church, I'm certain). Then they mailed back my photos and memorability-for-scanning (which I had sent in September 2009), but I saw they had never broken the seals of the individual envelopes. Although I had delivered final manuscript to Don in early December 2009, as galleys were to be produced later that month, I now do not believe they EVER intended to publish my book. The cover designer was never paid, either, but allows me to use that cover:

In a very mysterious maneuver, Alyson later cancelled publication of their entire list of 30 books that spring, and Don Weise took most of the authors to www.MagnusBooks.com, which he owned and whose website has DISAPPEARED the last month or so, and the link takes you to someone else's blog!!!

What is strange about THAT, is that Don Weise sold Magnus to them, and became part of Riverdale Avenue Bookshttp://riverdaleavebooks.com/, but WHY would he not direct his old website THERE -- criminal activities???

"Don Weise , Editorial Director of Riverdale/Magnus, has twenty years of publishing experience, the majority of which has been devoted to LGBT literature. He's served as Publisher of AlysonBooks and Senior Editor at Carroll & Graf Publishers and Cleis Press. Don was named by Publishers Weekly as an industry "Change Maker" and listed among Out Magazine's "100 Most Intriguing Gay Men and Lesbians" of the Year. Don also sits on the board of the Lambda Literary Foundation and is an author himself. He can be reached at don@RiverdaleAveBooks.com."

And here is SOME previous criminal activity on Don Weise's part WITH Edmund White, the one-time gay activist, memoirist, and Proust scholar -- the two of them bilking a half million dollars out of Carroll + Graf publishers, forcing them to be sold: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2011/05/normal-0-false-false-false-en-us-x-none.html

This was first told to me by John Uecker, who I allege murdered Tennessee Williams and who was contracted later by Sewanee (holder of all Williams' rights), to write the character Mac -- based on me, a silent, tall, observing black guy -- OUT of Tennessee's last play, In Mask Outrageous and Austere, because (according to Uecker), I cause TOO MUCH PANDEMONIUM!!!

I can see that for TODAY, but not back then -- or that character.

That is "Texas Kate" -- Kate (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, and later McNamara, front left, who was one of Tennessee's closest friends, and the inspiration for the character Babe in Masks -- the wealthiest woman in the world. Kate had grown up in Atlanta, knowing well the wealthiest of my Kenan relatives, who had inherited Henry Flagler's entire estate in 1913, then worth $11.5 billion-with-a-B, in 2014 dollars, so knew how to teach Kate.

Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), thought SHE was the model, but by then, and the whole time I worked for Mr. Williams, he avoided Maria's calls and was afraid of her, cancelling several trips to London to visit her -- ON MARIA'S DEMAND. And besides, Tennessee made CLEAR to Kate and me that it was she.

What is also interesting, is that I had been named in FIVE Wikipedia Articles, all having to do with Tennessee Williams -- until I was systematically REMOVED about two years ago -- except for the one on TW in general (I am told that I was removed by John Uecker, who created the page for In Masks . . .), and there, the text was CHANGED putting words in my mouth that had come from John Uecker -- and not only that, but the Murdock-owned New York Post ALSO changed the online content of an article in which Uecker, Dr. Larry Wright, and I were interviewed in 2010, TO PUT THE SAME OF UECKER'S WORDS IN MY MOUTH.


And just now I discovered that when I google Texas Kate's full name, the first page and more of listings do NOT include this blog. Four months ago, my blog began by coming in second -- behind Kate's obituary -- and then a few more on the first page.

The CIA/NSA has been erasing my footprint -- LOL!!!

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