Tuesday, November 25, 2014

RP: While I'm at It: Defining the Entrance and Exit of the "Human Soul" (includes a touch of salaciousness for spice!!!)!!!

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Carol Martinson-Zito with unknown male companion

Incredibly powerful picture. 

Please pass this along.
Incredibly powerful picture. (Scott asks, "WHY do you call this "comical"???)
Please pass this along.
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  • Scott Kenan Disgusting that it is "Comical Christians" who show this. Well, that is the spiritual sickness of conservative Christians!!!
  • Cathy Wildeboer Yup ,,,freedom of choice,,,,,,
  • Carol Martinson-zito Well look at my son today he was 1 ib 12 ounces at birth and running a big business today so Scott you are a pain and you need to be positive not rude just cause you are old no excuse
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  • Scott Kenan The pictured fetus is lucky if two ounces, you lying, God-hating nincompoop!!!
  • Carol Martinson-zito If you could read I said I lb 12 ounces
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  • Scott Kenan Stop playing ignorant bitch. The pictured fetus is far too young and undeveloped to survive with even today's best care. There is no comparison. Just like Catholics and Episcopalians prepare a host of unleavened bread, and through some magic it becomes the literal body of Jesus, God prepares host fetuses that are not people until viable, due to spirit entering it to organize the human flesh. When that organizing spirit (or soul), leaves, we pronounce them dead. End of lesson.
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  • Greg Worms Watch your mouth you bastard! For being a "writer" you are pretty ignorant yourself. Call my mom a bitch again, come say it to my face instead of behind a screen and see how far you get  Play nice or keep your opinions to yourself, fuck head. Mom, block this guy, he is a waste of space.


Well, he is, and here's his picture:

Greg Worms

DARE SAY, I could go for HIS worm!!!

hope it's bigger than that poor fetus . . .



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