Tuesday, November 4, 2014

RP: Whilest Americans Decide an Election, Mexico Moves Ahead!!!

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bushmills distiller

Jose Cuervo just bought Old Bushmills' Irish Whiskey -- the oldest distillery in the world, 1608.

Mexico just signed the contract with a Chinese company to begin building high-speed passenger rail in Mexico -- something the USA can't seem to do. Where is Cornelius Vanderbilt (CNN's Anderson Cooper is an heir), Or the Kenan Family who inherited the Florida East Coast Railroad and others??? Or perhaps the Winbornes (private joke)???

And the Mexican Feds gets serious about cleaning out Puerto Vallarta of Drug Mafia.


1. I apologize for over-reacting to Steve Bakunas. I have his cell number, if he hasn't changed it since moving to New York, but thought it silly to call someone who emails after THREE YEARS, almost, to FINALLY say he doesn't read my emails -- including the ones with the personal note in title so he knew I was warning about the threats of Anna Berry in 2011.

While I think this was another instance of "PTSD", I do not consider that an excuse for my behavior -- but the experience is one for me to learn from. I don't back away from my claim of his reputation -- or that no one knew of any guys (or gals), that he was schtupfing. It is harder having a May (August, actually), November romance when the woman is older. A couple mentioned that they think Linda Lavin is now into real retirement, so let's remember her:

Linda Lavin and Steve Bakunas at the gate to their front yard of SEVENTEEN YEARS, in Wilmington. I actually knocked on this door when Steve failed to respond to my emails about Anna Berry's threat. 

They signed an agreement for their Red Barn Studio Theater to be run the next three years by the Thalian Association, the most prestigious theater organization in Wilmington.

Meanwhile, they closed on a 21-acre estate just north of New York City, where they now live.

Thalian Association has signed a three-year lease to use the Red Barn Studio Theater on S. 3rd St.

Of the two, I prefer the house.

Interior of  the restored antebellum Thalian Hall, Wilmington, 

2. I had hoped to get going on contacting the HQ of the Episcopal Church or finding a lawyer to overturn the illegal and unconstitutional conviction in absentia of me in Chicago for LIBEL, today, but had to wait on the cable company to install, and TelMex internet service, which I'm changing from, was out in all of Puerto Vallarta for 24 hours, just ended.

I guess I'll watch election returns tonight, but not until a bunch of polls close. If I get pissed off, I'll just attack Steve Bakunas again, no???

3. It is raining in Puerto Vallarta after rainy season ended about a week ago, due to a hurricane off the coast. I awoke FREEZING from a nap and put on a long-sleeved shirt over my t-shirt, then checked the thermometer: 80 degrees Fahrenheit!!!

I'm a long way from home.

I once had a house in Georgia . . .

But after I sold it, they stripped it bare:

I sold it and fled to Puerto Vallarta -- after Republicans tried to commit me to a mental hospital (with help of my family), five times in one month in 2010. It was Gerry Flynn of www.pentagon-usa.com and Col. Dottie Newman, Gen. Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer recently retired, who both told me the Republicans planned to kill me.



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