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RP: After the Winter Solstice . . .

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Or here is a photo Nephew Connor took a year ago while in Thailand:

>>> WHAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW is that I decided last night, the way to proceed from here with CNN, is to begin calling the executive offices -- probably Legal.

Back in 1990, when CNN was cooperating with then Congressman Newt Gingrich to protect the regional narco-trafficking (at least), besides delivering copies of my reports on the Stone Mountain Park distribution scheme -- that I even followed to the Krystal restaurant on Memorial Drive and WITNESSED a few dozen "low-lifes" come both inside and to the pick-up window, order, never pay, then get large bags, but not of food -- right after the truck I followed that left the Park and had delivered there. While there were other trucks involved and other less known logos, Sysco System (one of the giants in the industry of food to restaurants), and Inland Seafood trucks BOTH picked up drugs in the Park and delivered them -- and BOTH the companies were active on the waterfront in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2011 and 2012 as well.

DID write the corporate management of Krystal (perfect name for a drug nest, no???), to let them know exactly what I saw, and of course they replied that that was IMPOSSIBLE, but not wanting to piss me off too much, were also generous with coupons for free food and discounted items.

I have now in my physical possession, those letters to Krystal AND the summaries of what I witnessed in Stone Mountain Park, the several summaries that I delivered to Newt Gingrich's office and CNN as well.

And I have the email trail to back up my claims about Testosteroni, but I think that might have already settled out. He does NOT want to be taken to court!!!

You may have noticed this, but I'm just shaking off old business from BEFORE the Solstice, which tends to cause depression in some.

>>> BACK TO MY CNN POINT: In 1990, I DID try repeatedly to call Ted Turner (really -- you KNOW how I am), and his top deputy was ED Turner, and their secretaries used to pass me back and forth, because I wanted TED, so I'd tell Ed's secretary and she'd transfer me, then Ted's secretary after listening to the nature of the call, would say, "Oh! You need to speak to ED Turner," and transfer me instantly, and so it would go a few times in a row, until I finally hung up -- neither of them ever did first. HA!!!

But I'll try to be more reasonable this time. I need to speak with one of their better lawyers, and he or she will listen.

I'll call after Christmas (season?).


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VATICAN CITY (AP) — To the Catholic Church's "seven deadly sins," Pope Francis has added the "15 ailments of the Curia." Francis issued a blistering indictment of...
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And similarly, I recently heard from an old friend who has been pretty close in recent years, but he and I do NOT think alike, and he has tried to get me to be engaged with people he KNOWS harmed me in the past, and essentially for me to kiss Colin Hamilton's, Frank Meyer's, and Charles Quiggly's asses, so I had to be quite frank with him, and this is what I sent:

Thank you Gunga Din!!! I hope you can celebrate with me my victory in disclosing the heart of corruption in Vallarta, so I can move on to more important things.

I also hope you can celebrate my rebuilt relationship with my family -- especially Mom. I never expected that to ever heal -- but it has, or at least much progress has been made.

The last couple of months have been an actual ACCELERATION of progress for me, so I hope you can relax from worrying about my following a path you -- a very different kind of thinker -- would like to see me take. I gave up trying to get you to see things differently, so I hope you will give me the same respect.


Now, one more thing. Miraculously, blog hits keep going up this last week and a half, and FRANCE took the LEAD today in the weekly tally -- from the United States. I find that hard to believe, but am also grateful the USA has not slipped in numbers.

The Puerto Vallarta Writers Group and its members, perhaps The Silent Majority:

 . . . have remained entirely silent, but this old posting has been hit a LOT lately, so maybe they are getting an understanding from it of how I treat the silent, although it does not exactly apply:

So in the Spirit of this Graphic:

I shall commence publishing nude photos of various descriptions, to see how they clutter up Google searches of these people, but I shall start completely tastefully, with something from this:

That time Harvard and Yale took Naked Photos of all their Freshmen Students

12TH NOV, 2013
The Lost Nude Photographs of the American Elite

And add a little something extra -- just for SPICE!!!

Praise the Lord!!!


Even to American citizens -- fancy that.
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